Thursday, May 27, 2010

its hot

hello dear friends over here miss summer is really really hot,every
morning sun wake up in very bad mood like he had great fight with his wife,it seems some one has boiled the air and spread it all over as we can be protected from the all kinds of germs ,personally i dont think that any kind of germ can dare to live in such hot pot of earth,but i know some mosquitoes who never give up even in such super hot season,
in such situations mostly We try to find some soft corner in the heart of sky as he may sprinkle some drops of his love and kindness but it seems that by the time like humans sky also has hard kind of heart which does not melt easily with our requesting eyes,i am lucky that i can float over the icy mountains while my body is stuck in busy and hot routine of life,

summer never forget to bring me a gift of headache,it stays as long the
season on its peak,but bright side the pic is that it sets me free in evening, which is my most favorite part of the day so i can have some breathing moments,right now i am writing without thinking but i hope you guys will not be board much,wishing all of you a very very lovely and cool life take care ,god bless you all.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

don't know why (poem)

tonight i am not feeling so high,

there are countless tears ,in night 's eye,

i am staring at moon,moon staring at me,

we both are together but feeling lonely ,

we live so far but ,how strange ,

we bear mostly the same pain,

we walking along ,at the bank of stream,

and share each other our soundless scream,

the wind has got some sorrowful phrase,

because i can listen the trees cries,

you should not ask me my friend 'why?

some time we just want sit and cry,

it is not necessarily has reason behind,

though ,emotions has nothing to do with mind,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shell Of a Heart (poem)

she tied her heart with a flying kite,

which took it on the extreme height ,

where sky grabbed it and turned in star,

i can feel the glitter in my soul so for,

wind plucked it from there threw into the stream,

she suddenly stopped flowing her silver dream,

she made it clam safe in her frozen chest,

to get it back sun tried its best,

one drop of my tear made melt it down,

waves brought it up to the green ground ,

flowers absorbed its fragrance ,when they get along,

like autumn steal spring' s cheerful song,

then a butterfly came and opened it with wings,

a light flowed out and sprinkled colors on every thing,

i looked in empty shell which had cracked but smiling walls,

may be taking is joy,but giving is more then all.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

i want to paint poem

i want to paint this moment,

but can i paint it completely,

i can paint the chair,
i can paint the lady,

but how can i paint,
the feel of her heart,

peace of her mind,

smooth flow her breath,

deep silence of her eyes,
which reminds winter night,

a graceful smile on her lips,

which cannot be seen with eas,

and never be apart from, slight wetness of her eyes,
i think i should avoid the lady,

and i should avoid the chair,

if i cannot paint original,trying is unfair,
i will try to paint joy of tree,

as it met the breeze and felt so happy,

i am painting the branches, dancing around,

try and listen with your eyes happy songs and naughty sound.
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