Sunday, May 16, 2010

don't know why (poem)

tonight i am not feeling so high,

there are countless tears ,in night 's eye,

i am staring at moon,moon staring at me,

we both are together but feeling lonely ,

we live so far but ,how strange ,

we bear mostly the same pain,

we walking along ,at the bank of stream,

and share each other our soundless scream,

the wind has got some sorrowful phrase,

because i can listen the trees cries,

you should not ask me my friend 'why?

some time we just want sit and cry,

it is not necessarily has reason behind,

though ,emotions has nothing to do with mind,


  1. Hey Baili, what a mournful and reflective piece, very beautiful though.

  2. Shabana, I agree. What a wonderful poem. I could feel the angst. You're very good at expressing emotions.

    I hope you are well.

  3. very pretty pic with the moon!! its good to differentiate emotions and mind :-) i hope all is well with you. smiles!

  4. Beautifully written. But I think emotions have everything to do with the mind, yes?


  5. I really hope everything's going well with you.

    God bless
    Every Thought Counts

  6. Hi Shabana. Beautifully expressed as ever.

    Sometimes we feel bad and can't work out why. We can't find a reason in our conscious mind. But usually there is a good reason deep in our unconscious, even if it's buried pain going back to childhood.

    That's the thing about depression. Life can be good in the here and now, and yet we can't feel it because of pain we're still feeling from the past.

    You are a very lyrical writer. Normally I don't like verse - but I love your's.

    Hope things are going well for you at work and with the family.

    Bearfriend xx

  7. my dear dear fellows i am really thankful for your kind concern for my happiness, but believe me i am fine just some miss being with baili and thats all,she pulls me towards her magical worlds but now my conscious is all about my new responsibilities so cannot let my self out of me ,wishing all of you love ,happiness and peace in lives take care friends,

  8. Hi, just blog hopping. Have a nice day and wishes you all the best in everything you do

  9. Very reflective. New to this blog. I like what I see so far. Great graffics as well.


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