Monday, August 31, 2020

Back , Six Miles Walk And Jenny !


    Hello  precious  fellows !

Hope  and pray  that  all is going great in your  beautiful worlds and Lord  forbid  if it's  not you know how to fix it with insight and patience  because you know it is somehow to better you .

I am sorry for long absence .I missed you all TERRIBLY believe me.Actually  most of it happened because we could not take along my laptop.It was hubby's idea. He thought my younger son's laptop will be enough for both of us but it could not . I would make him sit for studies for two hours after break fast .Latter he would play or watch his stuff after or before lunch .Evenings were for outing and than on return my younger son would play movies or dramas for all .

We resisted earlier his combine movie watch before but we enjoyed it a lot latter when  we saw he had  sensible taste . I loved "Snowend" most. 

We arrived home today morning .It was 9 am .We cleaned house .Most of cleaning did my both sons  under hubby's supervision. I unpacked stuff but could not finish it as i had to make lunch too . After lunch we laid down as we all were quite tired .After more than one month rest i think it will take time to  feel comfortable in busy routine of daily life.

We  spent amazing times together  during trip.Visited all favorite spots a,d brought so many happy memories along by the grace of Lord! 

Meanwhile news about Beirut blast put us under silent sad few days though we tried to move on with acceptance of situations that wired world offer today!

I tried to visit all of you occasionally too. News about my dear friend  Jenny's  hubby 's health made my heart heavy ! All of you live in my prayers and thoughts friends but my heartfelt prayers for her husband ,may he get back his normal healthy life as soon as possible ,amen! Tons of strength and love to you my friend ,i am sure all will turn into good by the grace of Lord! Few images ,glimpse of what i will miss most about Islamabad.  

yes i will miss our not so regular but often long and very long walks  in largest park of Islamabad .not just in parks but we also walked on long beautiful  roads of Islamabad laced with lush grass beds ,flowery plants and soothing trees . I say the whole city is like a lovely park so walks are serene  and fulfilling . Will you believe that  we had walked for miles few times ,once we walked from lake view point to Abpara market which was almost Six Miles :) yes i was both  surprised and proud (for family who joined me inevitably :) when heard from son who was monitoring it through google  app thing . I am gonna miss those exquisite walks  for sure 

i will miss the capital city ,it's magical beauty , peaceful  environment and  beautiful (most of the year) weather 

 this pretty  small  shelter  saves people from sudden rain often ,we too stood there for sometime until rain slowed down once ,image is taken on different day 

F nine or Fatima Jinnah park is largest park  there ,the whole sector is  arranged as park so people can walk ,children's play area and youngster's gym is also part of it . 

benches for  people are  placed in park though not in abundance ,may to encourage people for walk instead of  sit and gossip , my most favorite place was from where i could see the hills that would  remind me hills of my home town ,they both are same actually ,foothills of  Himalayan 

Okay  that is all for now ,almost evening here .Will start to visit you from tomorrow hopefully. 

Keep taking good care friends!
God Bless You All!


Monday, August 17, 2020

Teary Smiles With Gratitude

Hello  dear friends 

It's not easy to stay away from all of you for while believe me. Missing you guys so much and i really find it difficult to  not sharing my heart with you all,it is therapeutic. 
After returning from my native village hubby got stomachache that was joined by loose motion later. It was worrying for us obviously. I realized that it was food poisoning. Actually we celebrated  Eid in village where meat of sacrificed animals was in abundance. I was sure that my sister in law mixed the beef with mutton mistakingly and served which was prohibited to him. I was sure because he mentioned his doubt while having a bite that it was not mutton but my sister in law insisted that it was. 
Anyway that small portion of meal not just troubled hubby's stomach but it cost us more than 40,000. Actually when doctor knew about hubby's hepatitis history from which he has survived few years back he wanted to be sure that disease was not active again so he recommended us few tests that were expensive. 
We received results today which are all Clear by the Grace of God! Hubby  is doing fine now. 
We are going to book our seats for returning home. Probably 13 days more here. Sharing some of the happy moments below but detail later due to too much business :(

On  7th of august my eldest son celebrated his birthday with his friends ,it was peaceful to not see him alone on his special day !

                          we miss him beyond limit and waiting for moment when he will e before our eyes !

in the Centaurs mall Islamabad before opening of lockdown ,we visit here often as kids love fast food there though it is always packed with people since lockdown is opened since 10th of August
visited one of my school friend ,on left is her younger sister who was our junior in school 

visited one of my cousin Nano ,most naughty one in childhood ,in the middle with pink dress ,her two daughters are on right ,little girl is granddaughter holding her mom's dress 

visited one of my mom's cousin whom i liked always ,she was on who used  call me with twisted names formed out by my original name,it was annoying than but i still knew it was her love ,beside her on left is her youngest daughter whom i met after six years ,she was so excited and invited me her own house though we could not go until now due to run for hospitals ,lets see 

piece of my soul ,my beautiful village !

these both images took my elder son from balcony of apartment we live 

view is enchanting specially when it rains almost everyday :)

Precious  friends stay blessed with lovely hearts ,deepest faith and strongest  hope !
all of you are in my heart and prayer !

See you soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Updating Friends About My Trip And Stay

Hey  Lovely  People !

Hope  all  is  going amazing  in your  beautiful  world . I know i  am being  disappeared  for  long time . We spent one and a half week in a house of hubby's previous  student who is govt employee in  central government home ministry and help us in renting house during summer vacation visit. This trip was not planned and we left abruptly to avoid crazy heat so he could not do it. He was already left for same city we live to spend Eid with his family and we lived in his house meanwhile. We tried to rent flat on urgent bases but when owner were informed that we will rent for only  a month they would increase rent fee or doubled it. we visited many places which was expensive as each day we were blowing lots of money in taxi fare .Still what we found was not satisfying  specially my son did not approve it for various reasons. He booked large room in quite a guest   house of Islamabad and when he informed us we were not happy with such high rental fee.It happened just one day before Eid so we left for village in hurry so we can get back to the guest house after week.It was all good with us there but unfortunately we forgot to take device along through which we could connect to our eldest son on Eid day :((( We could not talk to him or see him but thankfully we could hear him when he called through sim card instead f whatsaap !

believe it or not MISSING YOU ALL SO MUCH! while enjoying less hot days in beautiful green capital city and while having pleasant times in my native village and specially meeting precious people whom i loved and love until now for their kindness and  affection they showed to me always!

Ma Zuhra ,one who was our neighbors in my childhood days, one of the most loving lady i knew ,her two sons died in young age but her spirit remained high because her heart is ocean of love for all she have around .she is active and smart with astonishing memory though she has entered one hundred 11th year of her life ,it was Great pleasure to see her again ,reel of previous life reversed before my eyes when i met her    

Our eldest son celebrated Eid with his friends just one day before us so we were lucky to have little chat with him before he left  with friends ,he sent this photo when i asked him to do so 

mixed glimpse of some places we visited ,Saidpur village Islamabad

Centaurs Mall Islamabad , it was packed with masked people  though dining areas were prohibited to provide seats for customers which was annoying and beyond my comprehension 

Centaurs  Mall  from outside 

My lovely native village ,i captured this panoramic view from hill top ,it was soothing ,soul filling and enchanting moment for me 

various tiny blooms grabbed my attention when i went to visit cemetery to visit my Parents tombs  

one of my nephew pet birds ,i absolutely loved these feathery pleasures yet i felt for their imprisonment 

while parks were closed we enjoyed long  drives each evening almost ,i loved tranquility and lush views that Islamabad 's road offer  

  '' Haro'' stream that flow through my native village ,we visited her some famous points ,we visited there early to avoid crowd ,we saw so many vehicles coming when we were leaving ,it was peaceful and beautiful environment there 

kids were attempting to cross it but they could not locate thin water to do so,each time they would step further water was getting deeper and flow was dangerously strong so we kept calling them back so they might try 

                                    on left daughter of my brother and on right my brother's wife 

i am writing this post while sitting in guest house room,it is situated on seventh floor ,view is commanding and beautiful .
i will be visiting you soon dear friends!
Stay blessed with faith that gives you wings of hope so you can fly in the sky of peace :)
Glod Bless You All

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