Monday, August 31, 2020

Back , Six Miles Walk And Jenny !


    Hello  precious  fellows !

Hope  and pray  that  all is going great in your  beautiful worlds and Lord  forbid  if it's  not you know how to fix it with insight and patience  because you know it is somehow to better you .

I am sorry for long absence .I missed you all TERRIBLY believe me.Actually  most of it happened because we could not take along my laptop.It was hubby's idea. He thought my younger son's laptop will be enough for both of us but it could not . I would make him sit for studies for two hours after break fast .Latter he would play or watch his stuff after or before lunch .Evenings were for outing and than on return my younger son would play movies or dramas for all .

We resisted earlier his combine movie watch before but we enjoyed it a lot latter when  we saw he had  sensible taste . I loved "Snowend" most. 

We arrived home today morning .It was 9 am .We cleaned house .Most of cleaning did my both sons  under hubby's supervision. I unpacked stuff but could not finish it as i had to make lunch too . After lunch we laid down as we all were quite tired .After more than one month rest i think it will take time to  feel comfortable in busy routine of daily life.

We  spent amazing times together  during trip.Visited all favorite spots a,d brought so many happy memories along by the grace of Lord! 

Meanwhile news about Beirut blast put us under silent sad few days though we tried to move on with acceptance of situations that wired world offer today!

I tried to visit all of you occasionally too. News about my dear friend  Jenny's  hubby 's health made my heart heavy ! All of you live in my prayers and thoughts friends but my heartfelt prayers for her husband ,may he get back his normal healthy life as soon as possible ,amen! Tons of strength and love to you my friend ,i am sure all will turn into good by the grace of Lord! Few images ,glimpse of what i will miss most about Islamabad.  

yes i will miss our not so regular but often long and very long walks  in largest park of Islamabad .not just in parks but we also walked on long beautiful  roads of Islamabad laced with lush grass beds ,flowery plants and soothing trees . I say the whole city is like a lovely park so walks are serene  and fulfilling . Will you believe that  we had walked for miles few times ,once we walked from lake view point to Abpara market which was almost Six Miles :) yes i was both  surprised and proud (for family who joined me inevitably :) when heard from son who was monitoring it through google  app thing . I am gonna miss those exquisite walks  for sure 

i will miss the capital city ,it's magical beauty , peaceful  environment and  beautiful (most of the year) weather 

 this pretty  small  shelter  saves people from sudden rain often ,we too stood there for sometime until rain slowed down once ,image is taken on different day 

F nine or Fatima Jinnah park is largest park  there ,the whole sector is  arranged as park so people can walk ,children's play area and youngster's gym is also part of it . 

benches for  people are  placed in park though not in abundance ,may to encourage people for walk instead of  sit and gossip , my most favorite place was from where i could see the hills that would  remind me hills of my home town ,they both are same actually ,foothills of  Himalayan 

Okay  that is all for now ,almost evening here .Will start to visit you from tomorrow hopefully. 

Keep taking good care friends!
God Bless You All!



  1. Such a beautiful, peaceful place.

    "I loved "Snowend" most."

    Is that the movie about the American spy?

    1. Yes it is dear Sandi

      I didn't know about actual real man who still lives in Russia.

      Long ago I watched another movie with my eldest son which was about soldier who doesn't believe in was also based on real character and incidents. I was relieved to know that such people do exist I forgot it's name right now

    2. Dear Sandi I want answer another question you asked in prior to the the previous post

      Yes Ma Zahra, both son died young .one in traffic accident and other who got injured in another accident a year later but his Wounds worsened by the time inspite of treatment. He died within months.
      Her third youngest son also suffered with tb disease for some years. But thankfully recovered and is father of four now

  2. It is good to see you blogging again Baili. I am so glad that you had such a nice trip. There is no rush in getting blogs up.

    Take care!

  3. I know you are all happy to be back home. It looks like you had a good time on vacation. The explosion in Beirut is devastating. So much damage. It is so sad.

  4. Dear Baili, it's wonderful that you and your family got to have this delightful vacation together. The park is lovely as is the grotto-like structure for coming in out of the rain! Good to have you back. I hope you give yourself plenty of time to resume some kind of daily schedule. Be good to yourself. Peace.

  5. Your family time on vacation sounds great, Baili. Time together with our children is so important. Islamabad sounds beautiful.

  6. Welcome home! Wonderful photos from your vacation! Sorry about Jenny's hubby.

  7. Good to see that you are back. I like your photos of roads and no cars.

  8. Those huge parks are really inviting.
    Have a great week

  9. Lovely post Baili and welcome back to your home.
    Photos are interesting and it's pleasing you had a good rest, time and walks whilst away..
    Take care.

  10. I'm glad you had a good vacation! Now, back to real life, eh? Take care and be safe!

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  12. Welcome back - lovely to see and read this post.
    Your family time on vacation/holiday just sounds wonderful, and I like your photographs.

    Many good wishes for this new month of September.

    All the best Jan

  13. Love the photos and the boys have grown so much since i started following you - love your outfit. Your culture's clothing is so much more colorful and beautiful that ours, although it could be because I'm never out of my jeans and But like I said love your outfit and that first photo of you and family on your walk. Glad for you that u are back in your home and taking time to get back in the groove.

  14. Welcome back, Baili. It’s nice that you were able to spend time together and not having a computer along is not such a bad thing. Thank you for your comments on my recent posts as well. Looking forward tomreading more about your time away in future posts.

  15. It sounds like a lovely trip spent with your family, Baili. The buildings look so old, and it sounds like you saw many different places while you were there. I like the picture of your family walking together, that's so nice. I'm glad you're back safe, Baili, and I'm wishing you beautiful September days.


  16. It looks so lovely and I can see how enjoyable the walks are.

  17. It's always good to get home, isn't it, Baili? As much as I love traveling, coming home fills my heart. The Beirut explosion was horrific, and it made me so angry. It didn't need to happen. People killed and injured ~ just tragic!

    It reminded me of the Halifax Explosion in Nova Scotia in 1917. I had often imagined it, because most Nova Scotians grow up learning about it; but the blast in Beirut really put it into perspective. My grandmother heard the Halifax explosion from 168 kilometers away. Did you see the video of the beautiful bride being knocked over by the blast in Beirut? OMG. It's shocking!

    Walking is always good for the soul!


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