Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Updating Friends About My Trip And Stay

Hey  Lovely  People !

Hope  all  is  going amazing  in your  beautiful  world . I know i  am being  disappeared  for  long time . We spent one and a half week in a house of hubby's previous  student who is govt employee in  central government home ministry and help us in renting house during summer vacation visit. This trip was not planned and we left abruptly to avoid crazy heat so he could not do it. He was already left for same city we live to spend Eid with his family and we lived in his house meanwhile. We tried to rent flat on urgent bases but when owner were informed that we will rent for only  a month they would increase rent fee or doubled it. we visited many places which was expensive as each day we were blowing lots of money in taxi fare .Still what we found was not satisfying  specially my son did not approve it for various reasons. He booked large room in quite a guest   house of Islamabad and when he informed us we were not happy with such high rental fee.It happened just one day before Eid so we left for village in hurry so we can get back to the guest house after week.It was all good with us there but unfortunately we forgot to take device along through which we could connect to our eldest son on Eid day :((( We could not talk to him or see him but thankfully we could hear him when he called through sim card instead f whatsaap !

believe it or not MISSING YOU ALL SO MUCH! while enjoying less hot days in beautiful green capital city and while having pleasant times in my native village and specially meeting precious people whom i loved and love until now for their kindness and  affection they showed to me always!

Ma Zuhra ,one who was our neighbors in my childhood days, one of the most loving lady i knew ,her two sons died in young age but her spirit remained high because her heart is ocean of love for all she have around .she is active and smart with astonishing memory though she has entered one hundred 11th year of her life ,it was Great pleasure to see her again ,reel of previous life reversed before my eyes when i met her    

Our eldest son celebrated Eid with his friends just one day before us so we were lucky to have little chat with him before he left  with friends ,he sent this photo when i asked him to do so 

mixed glimpse of some places we visited ,Saidpur village Islamabad

Centaurs Mall Islamabad , it was packed with masked people  though dining areas were prohibited to provide seats for customers which was annoying and beyond my comprehension 

Centaurs  Mall  from outside 

My lovely native village ,i captured this panoramic view from hill top ,it was soothing ,soul filling and enchanting moment for me 

various tiny blooms grabbed my attention when i went to visit cemetery to visit my Parents tombs  

one of my nephew pet birds ,i absolutely loved these feathery pleasures yet i felt for their imprisonment 

while parks were closed we enjoyed long  drives each evening almost ,i loved tranquility and lush views that Islamabad 's road offer  

  '' Haro'' stream that flow through my native village ,we visited her some famous points ,we visited there early to avoid crowd ,we saw so many vehicles coming when we were leaving ,it was peaceful and beautiful environment there 

kids were attempting to cross it but they could not locate thin water to do so,each time they would step further water was getting deeper and flow was dangerously strong so we kept calling them back so they might try 

                                    on left daughter of my brother and on right my brother's wife 

i am writing this post while sitting in guest house room,it is situated on seventh floor ,view is commanding and beautiful .
i will be visiting you soon dear friends!
Stay blessed with faith that gives you wings of hope so you can fly in the sky of peace :)
Glod Bless You All


  1. Hi Baili - It is good to see you posting. It seems like you are having a nice trip.

    I know what it is like to forget an important piece of equipment and then not be able to do something with electronics. I am glad to hear that you were at least able to talk to your son.

    Happy and safe travels!

  2. Beautiful view! I feel like I traveled there myself. 😊

  3. Welcome back so glad you had a nice holiday. Enjoyed your lovely photos today.

  4. I am glad to read that even though you had some problems getting a nice place to stay, it all turned out well. That is a lovely picture of you with your old friend. Your son is very handsome.

  5. It's pleasing to know you are all ok in your country.
    Lovely photo of you and the lady, at 111 years of age, oh my doing well then.
    All the photos are lovely and good to see.
    Take care and be safe.

  6. Enjoy the remainder of your vacation, Baili.

    You home village looks beautiful.

  7. I'm so happy you are having a good vacation. One thing that surprised me is how modern your home village looks. I did not expect to see all those new buildings.

  8. Such beautiful scenery and photos! Have fun and stay safe!

  9. Hello Baili your pictures are interesting, happy Eid. Visiting of families was cancelled in some parts of the UK due to lockdown/coronavirus precautions. we used to join celebrations at my place of work with our friends and eat wonderful foods but this year we couldn't as we are working from home. I hope your son is safe and know you must be missing him. The lady of 111 who you visited is beautiful, what a lovely picture, take care Baili. Betty x

  10. So pleased you are having a good vacation.
    It was lovely to read your post and see your photographs.

    Take care, stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  11. Keeping in touch with the family is one of the pleasures that are now denied to must of us.

  12. It was great reading you and seeing all the photos. I love the look of your village from childhood and that beautiful older woman, wow 111 years old, sounds like such a lovely person. REally enjoyed reading about what you've been doing.

  13. These pictures are amazing! You have a very beautiful family!
    Wonderful Post! Have a great day!

  14. I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos. I'm glad you were able to get away to a cooler spot and you were able to visit too.

  15. Thank you for the update, baili. I was beginning to worry ... I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty in finding reasonable accommodations. Costs can quickly get out of hand when you must pay for everything - rooms, food, drink - everything. Your photos are wonderful! Your native village looks like a serene and beautiful place; no wonder you have such good memories of living there. Please take care while you are in crowded places, and enjoy your time in a cooler place :)

  16. Thanks Baili for posting while you and your family are on vacation. It was wonderful to see all the photos, especially that first one of you and your neighbor. Sorry, to read about the expenses, but getting away and being together might have been worth the costs, which sadly some others take advantage of people. Continue to enjoy and appreciate your time away, as you are doing.

  17. Dear Baili, I am so glad for you that you got to visit where you grew up and also the place where your parents are buried. Thank you for sharing all the photographs. So much loveliness. You have the gift of finding beauty and goodness where ever you are.

    And thank you, too, for sharing your photograph of Ma Zuhra. To be 111--Wow! I just love the expression you used with regard to your visit with her: reel of previous life reversed. I've never thought of that before and it's so true.

    Take care. Stay safe. Peace.

  18. I liked seeing your photos of your family and the village and Islamabad and hearing how you finally found a place to stay, and how the area is more cool, which was nice for celebrating Eid.

  19. Que bom você teve umas boas férias juntamente com a sua linda família. Obrigada pela partilha das fotografias.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  20. This post gives me happiness .

  21. That is heartbreaking about Ma Zuhra's sons. How old were they?

  22. Hey, Lovely Baili! I'm so glad to see you back. I had been checking and getting worried. I enjoyed your news and all your lovely photos. Those budgie birds are so cute, and I especially enjoyed your village pictures and friends and the kids playing in the river. Terry was quite sick recently and for longer than I had ever known him to be sick. We thought it was Covid-19, but thankfully it wasn't. He was terribly dizzy and had body aches. And then I got the body aches, but it turned out to only be a bad fibromyalgia flare. All is good now, though. Please take care! Hugs to you!

  23. Beautiful place with the river. It' so nice to see a place nice and green and just quiet and peaceful. The story of Ma Zuhra is very sad indeed. Glad that God gave her strength to keep going. Glad you all got to have some vacation. Take care and have a wonderful week.

  24. Hi Baili!!! :) So nice to read an update. I hope that you are happy right now and in a good place that isn't expensive! I love that photo of you and Ma Zuhra! Wonderful! The photos are great, and what a beautiful view of the Haro!! :)

  25. Thank you for beautiful photos, Baili.
    Enjoy your traveling!

  26. Lovely views from your travels :-)

  27. Thinking of you and hoping you are very busy, my friend! Hugs and love to you!


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