Monday, June 28, 2021

Sudden Shopping After Sudden Rain

We had sudden thunderstorm and rain for a while night before tomorrow .This was bonus indeed which privileged us to make quick tour  to Sukkur next morning .Quick because despite of mother Nature's kindness we knew summers days are not for long comfortable market stroll .So we left at 12: 20 little after breakfast and returned at 5:15 almost.We could have return earlier if we would have found the microwave safe cooking pot soon as we expected . I mentioned in previous post about gas problem we are having due to some road construction work near our colony.This problem is still here so we decided to bring microwave safe cooking pan so we can eat homemade food. When my eldest son gifted me oven  and microwave  an year ago i was like what would i do with them as i hardly used them though i saw my mother heating food in microwave when she lived in Islamabad but i never used this stuff personally. But my eldest son trusted me with this as he knew i can google about anything i want so i did. I used to bake cake once in while before but only using stove and using sand filled pots .I was happy when i could bake my first cake in electric oven successfully and joy doubled when it was appreciated and eaten away instantly.  

Baking became normal and joyous for me after that but when we encountered with gas issue i had to use oven for making traditional food .As i mentioned living in hot part of land make us use less cheese so having pizza often is out of question for me and hubby particularly .We both had stomach issues in past and try to keep our meals as simple as possible. When i googled about cooking traditional  food in oven there was no such great help.So i pondered little bit about how it can work and i was happily surprised to see  when i saw my first dish of Biryani was out of oven and front of my eyes and looked perfectly fine.My younger son who is really hard to make happy and  hardly praise any thing mostly  prefers market food.When he appreciated that biryani was most delicious dish he ever had i sighed  with gratitude.

I had no microwave safe cooker so i thought it would be nice to have one so i can learn cooking in microwave too.I asked hubby to buy one but he did not find here in Khairpur city of ours.Rain gave us chance to buy it from Sukkur but i was so disappointed that among so many shops i can found this ware in one shop only.According to owner he had many from other places but one from Turkey is success because ladies who bought others returned with complain that they cracked during cooking. He said he has only one piece left but he asked 2500 rupees for this one pan.Hubby thought he was taking advantage so we visited other shops again who had such pans but with no guarantee that they won't crack which should be mentioned with word printed on their back ,but nothing like this so we went back to that shop and bought this pan .I was scared despite of it had guarantee mentioned on it but it worked today thankfully. When my both sons expressed their likening it was great satisfaction to my heart.

We took advantage of  day chilled  with rainy after effects and did some due shopping too. We bought some dresses for both boys for Eid al adha  which is a month away almost.We also bought some dishes for  personal use as we  were lacking them but waiting for cooler weather to shop.

on left first row is microwave safe cooker .i am glad it worked fine.and other plates and dishes for daily use .i chose light color once again not different than my dinner set bought year ago almost 

I am fine and trying to read as much as possible as i am finding  my both books so compelling. I have put The Brain story of you by David Eagleman on hold and trying to finish " The Sapiens" which i liked so much.
I will talk about its next chapters  in next post hopefully .
Till than keep sowing smiles  in hearts around you with heart filled with faith and hope so you can harvest more smiles and joy in days ahead precious friends!
Wishing you all health ,peace happiness forever amen! 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Stuff Of My Life


We have not returned to same point of extreme heat again since heavy thunderstorm came on last week Thursday morning  and for this i am thankful to Creator indeed!

Weather is still hot but it is less bothering for some reason and for people like me who grab reasons for being happy anyway like  children running after butterflies can be really satisfied with this little drop of temps which have fallen from fifty to forty. 

I wait for summer solstice day desperately every year since i came here in southern part of my country . I count for it when June starts and often words slip from my mouth 

"okay just few days more and winters will start "  Hubby laughs on my self delusional behavior in these particular days. But isn't it better to make yourself feel good what is going to happen sooner or okay little later .This affects my senses positively to little extent and i day dream about cooler days consciously or unconsciously .

I found my new read    The Brain Story Of You (written by David Eagleman  published in 2015)  really interesting .It is not much heavy with complex technical terms but loaded with amazing advanced knowledge about how exactly our brain works. This is exciting to get into the most wonderful and mysterious thing in your head and see how it is making you what you are. 

The new thing thing to learn that surprised me  was that according to long and constant on going research the  unconscious part of our brain play far more important role in shaping us than our conscious self .Author referred to very first psychologist Freud ( i mentioned once i watched drama based on his professional struggle on Netflix)who pointed out that man's conscious  part is like  only tip of an ice berg we can see from above ,the far bigger and more active part is under the surface of water which we cannot see but it controls our conscious part mostly.

Three days back when my book marked page of this book was taking too long to open i  googled meanwhile for the book  "The Sapiens  A Brief History Of Humankind " by Yuval Noah Harari published in 2011 .My eldest son recommended this to me long ago but i was unable to find it's audible version . I found it's pdf gladly that day and it was so easy to download it. Once i started to read it i was captivated by the journey of mankind  that he made through out the millennia .I found it so irresistible as i forgot counting time .I would sit for hours and forgot to do things of my routine .Thanks to (though no thanks actually)  that there was some piece of work being done in our colony and in it's surroundings .New gas pipes are being installed and so as the electric transformers so for most of our day time our gas and electricity supply was suspended. Hubby and me mostly relied on bakery bread and fruits like melons and mangoes which have peak season now days though both my sons took this opportunity for eating their favorite fast foods like pizza and burgers.I was not cooking  So this way i got plenty of time  from each day for reading :)

I felt so happy to get back to my most favorite hobby for while though long reading from direct laptop screen  seems to hurt eyes little bit.Yet Joy is pure and mine ! I have read 92 pages from total 368 pages .I wonder where are the other 75 pages that book has according to google and why they are not visible here ?

Author has shared everything about the beginning of  human existence on earth which goes back to 2.5 million years .He has written specially about era when sapiens (wise man) started to appear and how they finished other weaker human species and more than half of animal species existing on planet  before them between 70,000 years to 30,000 years ago.Story is astonishing ,sad and heartbreaking sometimes but it is story of Us and worth reading .I was surprised to learn that dwarfs that we used to see in movies existed in reality long ago then human came to being.

Author has written that research and so many findings of fossils show that sapiens developed their brain because they invented fire which helped them to eat soft foods rather than meat only.Because of this new adoption their teeth became  shorter in many thousands of years.After stomach human brain is second  biggest energy consumer so when due to soft food sapiens got their intestine and teeth shrunk ,their brain grew well and bigger than other species who were eating hard meat until than.

This change based the Cognitive Revolution .According to authors this revolution happened between the era of 70,000 to 30,000 years when sapiens cleared earth from other species who were stronger than them physically but weaker mentally .Researchers are not sure what made Cognitive Revolution possible but mostly agree that it was result of genetic mutation that occurred in past so many times and gave the existence of life so much variety that led them towards different ways and habitats of life.

From the roots of this cognitive revolution sprouted stem of wisdom and sprouted branches of  language ,social cooperation, art and   myth .

Invention of myth was in order to create strong social circle ,a huge community who can stand together in the times of needs .This is how religion and other different religious ,social and political ideas born.All was to keep power in hands specially men power .

Okay that was really short summery of my recent reading from Sapiens. I am really enjoying this.I think this is nice to learn that we all living things have come to exist from one single source.

The Divine energy who is responsible to make this all happen is part of us. He produced us and then unfolding our layers of possibilities gradually . I don't think it is for nothing. We the supreme specie of this planet has made his long journey  through millions of years.From the tiny single gene to as wisest specie we have proved what we can do and how deadly we can be when act s thoughtless creature to clear our path from enemies and how enlightened we can be if stand like lighthouse of kindness and knowledge for others.

I think there is still time to understand the core point of the game we are stuck into.Survival is task but it is not the only task i believe.If it was we had no need for wisdom and enlightenment we experience today. There is something else something above the mere physical existence.I can say this because wisdom is required for spiritual survival.And this is why we are given this spiritual light .

Once we get this most important point of this game we can play fairly and fearlessly because when players rise above physical grounds victory is for everyone !  

love you all precious people !

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Oh It Rained Here Finally ! poem

 Can  you believe it 

It rained in the morning today 

like In  the deepest  darkness

after so long  

light made it's way 

Lightening and thunder spoke  loud

thankfully though  

this time came genuine clouds

they promised and kept their word 

within while with heavy spray 

they showered  and washed my world 

since ages  this burning  earth 

bathed  ecstatically  

took finally  a new fresh birth !

when stopped storm's  hovering wrath

views changed  gratefully their  old dusty cloths   

ground looked like praying hands 

who's prayers  were answered at last 

he received it with deepest gratitude 

through his tears and smiles lot!

like a bird free from cage 

my soul  took flight so high and high

from above when gazed below 

it's real,  it is raining oh my! 

how magical to see from there 

falling down countless soothing pearls 

fascinating ,determined   troops  

entrancing in heart of land 

to liberate it from  ruthless heat 

and sooth it from scorching pain 

let me fly in the endless sky 

to reveal my immense joy !

nothing lasts here forever 

so i know heat will be here 

but this day ,this moment is mine 

and this truth is most divine :)

yes it it rained here today after many months wait and my heart is  absolutely mad with happiness and gratefulness ,we were sleeping in front yard when around 5 am  we woke up with huge noise of thunder storm .winds gusts were really strong that we thought our tree gone fall upon us as they both were bending too much ,when we took our chaarpae(traditional bed ) inside veranda heavy rain started suddenly alongwith strong winds which continued for almost two hours ,such heavy rain is rare here so i was really really happy and grateful for this generosity of nature as everything here including us was literally starving  for rain ,i hope and pray may creator  continue this kindness in future too amen!

i missed this sight terribly !

our temperature dropped too and it seems that after quite time i feel my spirit in my body. I know where you guys live weather is opposite .Rains pour joy into our days like sun fill your day with pleasure and sooth.I wish you find your weather as lovely and supportive as i found ours after months and may you not have to wait for this as long amen!
stay blessed with with faith and hope precious friends !
see you soon! God bless you all! 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Stuff Of My Life


Summer is on it's peak . Heat  seems to dominate  my senses sometimes during daytime specially.When i stand to cook in my kitchen sweat bursts out of my body like fountain .My eyeglasses get wet  with sweat and i clean it many times to see through.My feverish state is failed to disappeared .A wind storm came two days ago and air seems to cool down just slightly thankfully.I am so grateful for this helpful mechanism of nature for man .For some reason It reminds me scene from some movie where criminal 's head is out into water for while during investigation and then it is taken out to let him realize that he still has chance to breath if behave. Hope my analogy did not disgust you .But summer is really playing with men ruthlessly .

I am one of those who become more alert (excited ) when challenge is before. I really like challenges that make me realize how important is self growth for people. I was really dumb (still am most probably). All i learnt to better my understanding for life is only because challenges made me do this ,otherwise i might have been busy in amusing myself with entertainment .Entertainment must be part of life if in approach but not whole life because it makes one lazy. Abundance of constant entertainment do no good to us but makes our abilities dull and rusty.

Step by step challenges confronted me in my life and made me step out of my comfort zone.It was tough and annoying in the start but when i began to accept it and looked forward to utilize my energy and time for better things i was astonished to know that real victory is not having what you want t the moment but real victory is  "winning your own will and turning it towards what really matters".

I am happy i found this secret behind actual success. Extreme heat is really challenging for me.So i am trying to survive through it with my only weapon my "will power" .Will power comes after you set your motive and your interest nurtures it strongly meanwhile.My interest in life seems larger than life itself so i am fighting my battle with highest point of my will power.

I take glass of lemon water before entering in the kitchen.It strengthens me to stay strong and pay attention for what i do .Still when i come from kitchen i feel dizzy and fainting so i take one more glass of lemon water.What a relief brings this tiny little gift from heavens is inexplicable! We are loaded with blessings by Creator from toe to top .If many lives are given us to do nothing and just pay thanks for how He has blessed us ,they will not be enough. But we the humans are ungrateful creatures mostly so always complain instead of paying gratitude!

My eldest son called yesterday.We talked for more than two hours.Hubby was absent because he went to market to fix juicer so my son kept talking until his father came back.He could talk to him for more than half hour.My son told that he has got job in London so he is starting it in next month .He said he would leave for London once visa process is completed in September probably. He said if is possible he will visit to us before leaving for London. All we can do is hope that things go smooth and world make it's way out of this pandemic so along with my son all loved one can meet each other personally ,amen!

Two of my sister in laws have got into arguments and to each party is trying to involve us as they are visiting us often with pile of complains against each other. When listen carefully there is nothing to argue about just foolishness .We tried to point out this and made them cool down thankfully.I never had any interest in family politics as i think relationships are most precious thing to nurture with love and affection instead of poisoning family environment with politics and hatter which is only result of ignorance and selfishness.Relationships beautify our life and we should grow mutual understanding by being sympathetic and learn to give other benefit of doubt and forgive .It can happen when we learn to put ourselves into other shoes when they made mistake.

Summer heat , feverish state and unaccepted family visits made my learning process little slow.But i managed to finish last hundred pages of Brain and Personality by William Hanna Thomson finally.In these pages author repeated previous analysis and concluded that If our brain is left to it he keeps repeating his mechanical way of routine learning which brings no betterment in future or ever.But if we set goals for our brain and support it with our will power it makes our brain Grow and create more capability to learn.Our interests vary and make us set targets .Our brain follow this struggle throughout the life.But once we are retired and leave our brain side by adopting no new skills our brain started to decay because it is designed to work like any other machine.So never let your interest die in anything that attracts you or even not .Just remember that   machine that is holding complete charge of your body need this business ,specially one that requires more attention from your brain. 

I have started new book Story Of You By David Eagleman and it sounds promising since i had started first page and visitors arrived .I am also listening Philosophical Essays by Bertrand Russel.But i have to repeat it mostly because of that dimness of senses brought by heat.


    our summer garden ,hubby  bathes the whole garden after each strike of storm, today it looked more lovely and reminded me cool days of winters when i could look at it with more clarity of my mind.

Stay blessed with undefeated Hope which grows in the fields of Faith only dear Friends!

According to law of  attraction and science our thoughts ,feelings and actions bring related results always ,we cannot skip circle that Nature has set for us ,so  stay always fill with positive energy and goodness no matter what ,everything will return to you magically sooner or later !

Blessings to all of you! see you soon!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

History Of America

 I am listening |" Philosophical Essays "by Bertrand Russell .I did not choose it deliberately as on one extremely hot day  i made quick scroll for audio book  while standing in kitchen and when did not find any other attractive option i clicked on this one. But i am glad i found it as it deals with really important topics of human life such as Ethics ,nature of truth and  falsehood and concept of right and wrong. I am on the first chapter right now and i am enjoying it so much already. According to very first conclusion by author about human action which one is right and which one is wrong ,he says that because it is hard to decide about who is right and who is wrong as everyone had different standards for right and wrong and it is possible that what is right for one is wrong for other so we can conclude that Action that leads to least probability of bad result as whole  is good and action that contains more probability of bad result for all is bad . I completely agree to this conclusion by author. But i wonder this conclusion includes the concept of "greater good" .

Idea about greater good came into mind as hubby and me are watching History Of America on YouTube channel  since few days. It is hosted by one of very brilliant Pakistani  YouTuber  Faisal Warraich in Urdu language. Hubby is happy to find source where he can learn part of history he did not know .And i am happy for him :) 

I can do lots of my stuff like reading and blogging but when hubby is home in evenings specially i am more comfortable to just be with him and find joy in what makes both of us happy. So i am more happy than him that he found something which is of his great interest as he is not into books like he was some years ago.

Back to idea of "greater Good " that came into my mind when i was watching History Of America . I know if see things closely they seem different than when we see them as whole in a panoramic view. I know if i was part of those tribes who were burnt and exiled during era when European settlers tried to  create homeland for themselves i could have not thought like this,but may be someone who would have come far later than me and looked at things as established   before him already might have thought like this in favor .

What is that thought ? 

Well it is that if see carefully Nature is ruthless teacher .She provides us method to grow and thrive . Her guidance is flawless  and with every  necessary detail.Naturalists know how nature  has taught us through her powerful ,vibrant, ultimate  happenings  and features  that survival is right of deserving only.One who plays good and by rules deserves the victory. And rules of Nature are crucial . She is a perfect teacher. Perfect teacher teaches in best way and then does not allow cheating at all. Here cheating comes in term of  sympathetic  offer for help if student needs during exam later.

Nature has no sympathy for those students who did not pay attention when they were being taught .If they fail to survive the exam, according to Nature they deserve this failure .She has many more to teach .So if see carefully in the class room of  Nature  students who learnt well and most are victorious until now.They deserve it as it is result of their long hard work. 

Nature shows us in her every aspect that Balance provides base for strong and stable construction. Best students  missed this part few centuries ago probably. They focused on physical victory and immediate undisturbed settlement . Spiritual joy and free of guilt conscience liberate us from inner darkness .And such freedom is real light and actual victory .

They forgot this haste and cruelty will travel along their many generations and can make them feel embarrassed for what their ancestors did in order to make their homeland long ago. But may be this was need of time or way of Nature to move things further as we humans cannot escape from what she has stored for us already like game that goes under various stages during being played.  

 If see from Nature's point of view despite of all the mess Best students  has made in past they  have succeeded to give this world a civilized shape finally. They are learning to be  more patient and more precise and we can see this after ww second .Unlike past they have acknowledged that nature has created every human with equal rights of life. Though they aim best for themselves  which is their right but  some good for others too ,not just bad like in past, which is healthy sign indeed.

I wish brighter student keep learning well and more and help others to do same. I wish they bring spiritual glory to people's life so they can learn the real meaning of life and can make their existence successful .

I could not say things in details due to lack of time as it is 6 :8 evening.I have to get up for walk and then tea time for me and hubby :)

Health ,Peace and Happiness to all of you precious friends! 

please keep being kind to yourself and all around you as this is only thing we leave behind !

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Rain And Swing Nostalgia


Life is beautiful even it is not raining here. Forgive me if  you find me more hysterical about rain today as i am missing nature's shower terribly.

Actually i am feeling bit feverish so being over sensitive about favorite thing is not illogical completely . Is this mean that fever like other hangovers gather our thought to one central point ?

Last night my eldest son called and talked about for an hour .His call was unexpected so our joy overflew with surprise.When i asked him about his plans for  holidays he smiled and told that next ten days weather forecast  is rain ,rain and rain  so he can't say if he finds time within breaks (if rain takes any) to do something.Though he registered for swimming on Saturday. He also told despite of rains weather is nicer than cold snowy winter.My younger son came back from gym and he also could spent some time in video chat with his elder brother .It was so good to be altogether though through technology only!

Rain mentioned by my eldest son dragged me to the nostalgia when rains were so often in my native village.As children we would sing rain songs and run from fields to up on hills by making rail. When i was in my early teens going out  and wander with friends was option was cut   off .Mom fixed us rope swing in take tree .I would finish my home work and then swing was my most favorite place to wave with breeze.View  beautiful scenes before eyes ,listen song of birds and humming of stream .When it would rain i would not leave the swing until it gets heavier. Dark roaring clouds and horrifying lightening would not make me afraid enough to leave swing and run inside .Sometimes mom would come out and drag me inside while explaining how badly sick i can be if won't go in.

I would love to read my digests stories while swinging gently .When i grew bit older then that cup of tea would accompany me while swinging.

My love for rain and swing never faded .I still want swing in my house .Hubby offer me to buy one available in market but i want  similar to one i had as child. a rope swing !

                                                               image Pinterest 

If i continued to talk about my childhood post will turn into book .

i was strolling for some images for post today and i saw this ,how i forgot smile or i knew i won't be here next year :(

i know you have seen my native home yard many times before but it is not just a view ,these hills beard my constant watch over for years ,they are part of me ,when i  step into my native house front yard all memories belong to this jump into my mind like someone removes the curtain and sun rush into eyes and light brightens our being at once 

things are change to some extent but i still  find smell of my parents ,warmth of their love and their divine presence for us 

so many rainy days ,we played,swung and sat there still ,just looking at shower in the valley and how views embracing the drops ,those were magical sights ,enchanting moments ,spell is still over my soul

where my youngest son is stepping in photo there was garden before ,my sister in law removed it when my mom and sister left this house because of their unbearable behavior ,now this is roof top of two rooms that they made below the house ,rooms have their door opening in the street.where my younger son is standing there was take tree which had swing ,most lovely gift from my most special mother!

yes swing was right here ,with each move feeling  on top of the world was so obvious as below were fields ,stream and row of gardens of small town across the stream , mom made her dream come true by buying this piece of land ,she had house of her dreams though not perfect one but is there anything perfect in this world ?

few glimpse of our last trip to beautiful lush Islamabad ,Park 

                                                                    gorgeous drives 

                                                  Murree trip and lush hills and  roads 

though i am not on chair lift but i feel often i am flying over the land ,looking below enjoying views ,i don't know how long i will keep feeling this ,i remember when i was little i used to have dream about flying .I wonder when little girl inside me will grow enough to stop feeling this way though i don't mind but is this embarrassing ?

Keep being kind to yourself and all around you dear People !

stay blessed with wings of hope that will help you fly higher no matter how tough storm is !


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