Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Stuff Of My Life


We have not returned to same point of extreme heat again since heavy thunderstorm came on last week Thursday morning  and for this i am thankful to Creator indeed!

Weather is still hot but it is less bothering for some reason and for people like me who grab reasons for being happy anyway like  children running after butterflies can be really satisfied with this little drop of temps which have fallen from fifty to forty. 

I wait for summer solstice day desperately every year since i came here in southern part of my country . I count for it when June starts and often words slip from my mouth 

"okay just few days more and winters will start "  Hubby laughs on my self delusional behavior in these particular days. But isn't it better to make yourself feel good what is going to happen sooner or okay little later .This affects my senses positively to little extent and i day dream about cooler days consciously or unconsciously .

I found my new read    The Brain Story Of You (written by David Eagleman  published in 2015)  really interesting .It is not much heavy with complex technical terms but loaded with amazing advanced knowledge about how exactly our brain works. This is exciting to get into the most wonderful and mysterious thing in your head and see how it is making you what you are. 

The new thing thing to learn that surprised me  was that according to long and constant on going research the  unconscious part of our brain play far more important role in shaping us than our conscious self .Author referred to very first psychologist Freud ( i mentioned once i watched drama based on his professional struggle on Netflix)who pointed out that man's conscious  part is like  only tip of an ice berg we can see from above ,the far bigger and more active part is under the surface of water which we cannot see but it controls our conscious part mostly.

Three days back when my book marked page of this book was taking too long to open i  googled meanwhile for the book  "The Sapiens  A Brief History Of Humankind " by Yuval Noah Harari published in 2011 .My eldest son recommended this to me long ago but i was unable to find it's audible version . I found it's pdf gladly that day and it was so easy to download it. Once i started to read it i was captivated by the journey of mankind  that he made through out the millennia .I found it so irresistible as i forgot counting time .I would sit for hours and forgot to do things of my routine .Thanks to (though no thanks actually)  that there was some piece of work being done in our colony and in it's surroundings .New gas pipes are being installed and so as the electric transformers so for most of our day time our gas and electricity supply was suspended. Hubby and me mostly relied on bakery bread and fruits like melons and mangoes which have peak season now days though both my sons took this opportunity for eating their favorite fast foods like pizza and burgers.I was not cooking  So this way i got plenty of time  from each day for reading :)

I felt so happy to get back to my most favorite hobby for while though long reading from direct laptop screen  seems to hurt eyes little bit.Yet Joy is pure and mine ! I have read 92 pages from total 368 pages .I wonder where are the other 75 pages that book has according to google and why they are not visible here ?

Author has shared everything about the beginning of  human existence on earth which goes back to 2.5 million years .He has written specially about era when sapiens (wise man) started to appear and how they finished other weaker human species and more than half of animal species existing on planet  before them between 70,000 years to 30,000 years ago.Story is astonishing ,sad and heartbreaking sometimes but it is story of Us and worth reading .I was surprised to learn that dwarfs that we used to see in movies existed in reality long ago then human came to being.

Author has written that research and so many findings of fossils show that sapiens developed their brain because they invented fire which helped them to eat soft foods rather than meat only.Because of this new adoption their teeth became  shorter in many thousands of years.After stomach human brain is second  biggest energy consumer so when due to soft food sapiens got their intestine and teeth shrunk ,their brain grew well and bigger than other species who were eating hard meat until than.

This change based the Cognitive Revolution .According to authors this revolution happened between the era of 70,000 to 30,000 years when sapiens cleared earth from other species who were stronger than them physically but weaker mentally .Researchers are not sure what made Cognitive Revolution possible but mostly agree that it was result of genetic mutation that occurred in past so many times and gave the existence of life so much variety that led them towards different ways and habitats of life.

From the roots of this cognitive revolution sprouted stem of wisdom and sprouted branches of  language ,social cooperation, art and   myth .

Invention of myth was in order to create strong social circle ,a huge community who can stand together in the times of needs .This is how religion and other different religious ,social and political ideas born.All was to keep power in hands specially men power .

Okay that was really short summery of my recent reading from Sapiens. I am really enjoying this.I think this is nice to learn that we all living things have come to exist from one single source.

The Divine energy who is responsible to make this all happen is part of us. He produced us and then unfolding our layers of possibilities gradually . I don't think it is for nothing. We the supreme specie of this planet has made his long journey  through millions of years.From the tiny single gene to as wisest specie we have proved what we can do and how deadly we can be when act s thoughtless creature to clear our path from enemies and how enlightened we can be if stand like lighthouse of kindness and knowledge for others.

I think there is still time to understand the core point of the game we are stuck into.Survival is task but it is not the only task i believe.If it was we had no need for wisdom and enlightenment we experience today. There is something else something above the mere physical existence.I can say this because wisdom is required for spiritual survival.And this is why we are given this spiritual light .

Once we get this most important point of this game we can play fairly and fearlessly because when players rise above physical grounds victory is for everyone !  

love you all precious people !


  1. The book you're reading sounds very good and thought-provoking!

  2. I love your positive attitude. Have a great day today.

  3. I like how you 'grab reasons for being happy' I try to do that too, not always possible.

  4. I am glad it has cooled down for you.

    The book you are reading sounds interesting.

  5. Much research has been done to discover how our brain works. I find the information fascinating. Much of it fir in with my teaching.

  6. Any time I find it hot now I always think of you, Baili. It reminds me not to complain.

  7. I'm not happy and satisfied with only surviving.
    There's goto to be more than that.

  8. It can be interesting to learn of the progression of humans. Seems like an interesting book.

  9. Sound an interesting book you are reading Baili.

  10. Dearest Baili, oh how I have missed visiting today is a real treat!😊
    Yes, how little we consciously use our brain...just imagine how it would be if we had full control of our entire brain! We could probably achieve absolutely anything...even my lifelong obsession, time travel!😉 But, of course, there could be a less positive aspect...the world's criminals would have a field day!😱
    Once again, you have me totally engrossed and thinking "out of the box" my dear and inspirational friend. Thank you so much! 😊😊

    I do hope you are having a fabulous day!

    Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Pleased that your weather/temperatures have cooled a little.
    That sounds an interesting book to read ...

    All the best Jan

  12. Thank you, Baili, for the summery of the part of the book you read online. It is a miraculous and mysterious ascension for us to be here. From a star-dust in space, from a living cell miraculously fertilized on this planet, we have progressed slow but steady. To learn how brain works is intriguing. I hope humans won’t regress as we are nearing the top of civilization. Thank you for another food for thought. Take care.


  13. Those temperatures sound horrendous. I do hope they break soon. And hooray for the welcome distraction of reading. Thank you for introducing me to a book and an author I did not know. Stay safe dear friend.

  14. Hi Baili :) Good for you for continuing to expand your knowledge and curiosity with reading. That is something I used to enjoy so much, but lack the time these days. I hope your weather becomes more tolerable! xx

  15. Always like to read about what u are reading. I also like your explanation for our creation - through divine energy, etc. Hope you don't get too hot in the coming days. i am enjoying a bit of a cool down here but central and northern california are going into extreme temps soon. We already had ours a week ago and probably more will be on the way at some point.

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  17. Agree to that.... wisdom is required for spiritual survival.

  18. Sounds like a really interesting book! I love reading. It's a wonderful way to learn things and expand the mind.

  19. I'm the same! I always hope that solstice will bring cooling temperatures and it is always the opposite.

  20. O bom e o mau tempo mexem com a nossa forma de ver a vida. Ainda bem que ocupa o seu tempo com boas leituras. Parabéns.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

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  22. Hello, Baili
    We are starting our summer season here, it will be hot and humid this week. I hope your weather cools off. Your book sounds interesting thank for the summary. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week ahead.

  23. The book sounds very interesting! Big Hugs!

  24. Gosto das suas leituras, Baili, que abordam temas sempre tão interessantes e enriquecedores, que nos fazem refletir...
    Mais uma excelente escolha literária, pelo que me apercebi!
    Um beijinho! Votos de um feliz domingo, com saúde e tranquilidade!

  25. After reading several posts of yours about Eagleman's book, I'm going to order it and read it in the near future, Baili. It sounds fascinating! I'm so glad that you read Sapiens. I thought it was excellent. People in my Grandmother MacDonald's generation thought you couldn't learn anything new after you were thirty years old. She proved that wrong! Now we know that one can learn throughout life. Happy learning, Baili! You are a true seeker of knowledge! Hugs to you!


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