Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

So here we step into the new year. There must be so many who did not enjoy last year as much as they expected but  friends this is called life  abstract and unpredictable,  After giving our best we have to rest leave on destiny.

What we need to realize is the fact that time given as life to us is really short on this millions years old  earth which is floating in space like a obedient baby ball,and first home to us.We should take some time out from our rushy life and look at its beauty and uncountable blessings.

What we have to realize is that  we are looking at the only half empty glass and ignoring the half which still is  filled.

What we have to realize that happiness is the treasure which increases when you distribute it around you.If you have blessings then kindly share them with  others who deserve it but don't decide  that they deserve only when they please you too in return, but stay free of  such  prejudices and discrimination,Such pure love of humanity will bring you true joy and peace of mind and soul.

Being alive and having realization of blessings one have is essence of life,so don't just pass your time live your life with its true meaning and make your last breath's moment so proud and beautiful.

Love life ,love everything around you and love yourself,May god bless your each moment of coming life with great joy love and peace amen.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Being Santa

Though he was just 13 years old but it was just his physical age , Mentally he was far mature then his age  as time revealed life"s quite dark side to him which made his mind broad and deep before reaching the correct time to reveal it.;People say that time is a best teacher but it is a fact that this teacher teaches sometime lots of stuff before time .He did not see his father since his mind tried ti trace out memories he found only his mother living with him in a stinky  little room which was home to them

He was old  enough to realize that his mother was not a girl.She was a woman with slight curve in her left leg,.Sometime her walk seemed very funny and he did not mind when children in the street laugh at her, She was not beautiful and he rarely saw her combing her hair or wearing nice  clothes.She hardly had two pair of clothes which due to wear all the time seemed part of her weak waving body now Her eyes were black or may be brown but a strange emptiness and wired look made them more unpleasant and sick.There were few times when he saw a slight light in his mother's eyes when she has money in her hand or fortunately get something nice to eat  and for both of these she and bobby had to do lots of hard work during the whole day.

He used to collect  the pieces of papers old bottles and other stuff from trash and sell it,he also sometime of the day cleaned the wind screen and windows of stopped cars on signals to get tiny amount of money,but more of earning what made him do this was a  inside vision of cars and touch of this fantasy world.People inside the cars never got his sympathy but hate and jealousy,their perfumed atmosphere and smiling faces were like those fast running vehicles on the road who often crushes street dogs and cats under their speedy tires and never even take a single look to what have they done to those poor souls,Still the touch of these huge cars give him a timely pleasure  that he is atleast able to grab their touch for while though.Once from a trash he found a broken toy gun and kept it  under his pillow,every night before sleeping he used to play with it and used to shoot all these car owners in his imagination  after watching all these cars left for him a  wide smile took place on his dry lips.

Everyday used to bring  same questions for them that How will they survive? and what will they eat ?What if it rained today  how will they be able to safe from dripping water out of their cracked roof?  .His mother used to do various kind of low jobs like cleaning ,mopping and washing clothes  in rich people's houses but due to her leg defect  it was hard for her to do much about it  so in result they were fighting for living every day,One day when he was  cleaning a window of a car a man sitting inside the car with wired look and black glasses gave him a hundred rupees note with a smile bobby was not ready for this surprise and before he could understand it signal got green and man drove away .He  was very happy without any hard work suddenly he got enough money and now he was able to eat something nice and tasty ,but he wanted to celebrate his joy with his mother so he anyway passed remaining day with desperate heart.In evening when he got home and told whole thing to his mother she also was happy and prayed for the stranger.she said to bobby that if he sees same man again he must thank him warmly.

After few days that same kind man come to bobby and took him to hotel near and told him that he feels really sorry for bobby and want to offer him a job from which he can earn well and live a better life,bobby was very excited to hear this  ,finally his dreams were about come true,he thanked that man and asked about his job,man told him that he will tell him in few days ,and these few days were longer then his all previous days .he did not tell his mother as he wanted to give her surprise after getting job,Finally day came when the kind man meet him took him to an old building where in a big room few other men were waiting for them.

It was the time when bobby felt  little frightened.his sharp mind observed that this place and these people have something wrong.Those men gave him great meal to eat and cold drinks ,sweets and cakes for her mother too .Later they gave him twenty notes of one thousand in a envelope and told him that he will get such envelopes every week if he will sell popcorn in a certain school in break time.It was unbelievable for bobby such a good job in school and with such  offer of huge amount of money,he found himself luckiest boy on earth that time,yet  among all his happiness there was strange little disturbances in a corner of his heart.But he threw away all his concerns and said yes to them for job.

After it he straight ran to home and told whole story   to his mother she kissed his forehead many times and said so many prays for those kind men,She was crying with the happiness and was prasing and thanking her god for his mercy.Bobby started his job and became really happy .Their life also became better and now they were not living under poverty line they were almost a middle class now,He and his mother live in a better area.they were able to eat and wear well and now bobby felt a wish rising inside his heart,he wanted to study and to be an officer on day.In break time when kids with same uniform surrounded him he wanted to be one of them.He started liking them as they were his friends for years.his heart and face both were getting gentleness,by looking at him one can not say that he was the same bobby.

It was the end of third month of his job when same men called him in same old building and asked him to do something really  unimaginable . .They showed him a suitcase which was filled with money may be few lac or more then it,then they told him that this money can change his life forever ,he can live his dream life can live in a  big house and have a car or whatever he want,.All he has to do is to take a bomb hidden in his popcorn cart and leave it inside the school in break time and come out.Suddenly the whole world of dreams fell down like a cracked roof over his head.Everything was clear before his eyes now but it was too late ,he knew that those who spent lots of money on him will not let him go easily,So he showed that he is agreed to their plan and remain normal.That night he slept with his mother as he was feeling quite low and it was hard to even imagine the destruction of this terrible plan.

Next day when he was going to the school with cart.His feet and hands were shaking.He was imagining the time after few moments when the bomb will blost  and hundreds of his fellows and friends will turn into the pieces,police will collect their body parts and he heard the loud cries of  their mothers.Then he thought that how luxurious and comfortable his life will be after sometime.he was  imagining himself driving a big shinny car and looking out of its window so proudly and carelessly at the other poor boys cleaning windows of his car.

When he reached at school's building he was calm and no one could have even a clue that inside his little heart how big secret is hidden and dangerous he is going to be.Bobby after parking his cart looked at the play ground which was quite big and was aout to be filled with children who were in classes studying that time,he looked at the boundary wall which was recently broken to alter  the more area in building and there he heard that soon construction work will start.meanwhile suitcase filled with money and cries of mothers were encountering with eachother inside his mind.Then he heard the break time bell and children from all classes ran towards the ground and his cart.

There was only few moments left when those men will press the button of remote control ,bobby thought and he could not think more then it ,suddenly cries of children won the war inside him,he started shouting Bomb Go away I Have a Bomb in my cart he was shouting and running madly towards the broken wall ,children and teachers were very afraid and ran away from his cart many ran out of the building,.Bobby knew that time was short so he ran fast more then all and reached away from school between that ground where no one was around,he was tired but he knew what he just did he saved his many friends though he could heard the cries of his own mother but it is ok mom you will be smiling when you will know how many mothers could remained smiling because of your son while he thought people in the school and around heard great blast and saw huge explosion and Bobby 's body suddenly turn into a Santa who delivered gifts of life and smiles all over,  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Human Rights Day

Today just like all previous  Sundays  i had quite a busy day,due to cold weather it seems hard to leave the bed early in the morning but it is a fact that every day now when i wake up early for my job i feel quite fresh and exciting because it gives me a new challenge for the day which makes me feel active and alive.

At my wide front yard neem tree blocks the sunlight therefore when winter starts we cut most of neem's branches to get enough sunlight ,Having break fast in front yard under the warm rain of sun rays are the best part of our winter spent in our home.I .my hubby and kids enjoy each other's company and share our whole week's stories over hot cup of tea,Time cannot be stopped so it passes hurriedly with no care of anyone's feeling.In such times we miss my eldest son who lives in another city due to his job yet thanks to technology that we can talk to him and  see him through web cam.

In such times i also think when i will be too old and all my kids will have inshallah their own families ,how lonely i will feel then,some times it fears me as much that i make wish to be with my God before reaching such situations.I pray then that may God bless my hubby with long healthy life so we can have each other for long in such times when time snatches all kind of worldly relationship back and one is left behind only with his own shadow.

Inspite of  all my boring thoughts i also have something interesting to share.Last Saturday at my school Mikaza  Royal Academy our principle celebrated  Humans Rights Day.her daughter who assists her in school related works and is a brilliant girl supervised the Spelling Contest in which other schools also took part.Along with contest there was other nice thought provoking stuff  displayed by all participants.

There was a dramatic composition presented by Superior Science College in which they showed that how corrupt government officers exploit the rights of youth who  seek for job after studies but unfortunately such corrupt officers instead of giving them their rights and jobs on merit demand money or source for the job,The positive end of this short play gave relief that if one fight for his right and never give up finally he achieve success.But what inspired me most was a tablo presented by our own students.They displayed a really touching performance regarding the Peshawar Army Public school.For a while it took me to the real incedent and made me cry a lot.This song was writen by Major IMran which was a tribute to those innocent children who were martyred  in the terrorist attack.
                                             The  principal of my school and her husband

The meaning of lyrics was really inspirational.It was the voice of a child who wants to take revenge from terrorists in his own way he say that though those terrorists killed my innocent brothers  who deserved a long beautiful life with their family and bloom like a flower which did not start spreading  its fragrance yet but i have a way to give my soul peace and take revenge from those rascals and this is best revenge ever,i will teach their children so they will be better human beings then their elders and will have enlighten souls which will be positive change for society.

here i am sharing a video  of this beautiful tablo  with hope that you guys will enjoy it.god bless you all.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Fresh Air

Thank God that after repairing my p.c is back and i am able to write again .Almost two weeks back on Saturday night when i just sat before my computer to write my post  suddenly heard little  voice  like a blast inside the C.P.U and my p.c went out of order ,

At that time i felt disturbed as i was quite excited about sharing my stuff about Culture day celebrations at my school where all participants put great effort to make it great successful fun  day and all watchers had lots of fun.I saw my Mame in really a different mood while this wonderful day i discovered soft and pleasant side of her personality and it was happy feeling for me.

I have another Great news to share, my dear son got top position in the whole province in his scholarship  test for masters ,being mother of such intelligent and hard worker son i feel really proud of him and really grateful to my creator who blessed me with such blessing.when he heard about my p.c problem he promised  to bring me a laptop on his next visit,i really appreciate his love and care for his family ,may Allah bless him with great and ever lasting peace ,joy,health and success amen,

 Winter season is on its peak and i am enjoying each moment of it as who knows that i will be here to enjoy next year it again,though you may call my way of thinking extreme optimistic but really that me ,i find those fool who try to avoid thinking about death or leaving this world makes them scared and disappointed.In my imagination i love visiting my grave once a day ,so here i will have to come any way sooner or latter so why can't  be i happy and content whatever i have in this moment,i find my attitude a blessing it keeps me away from so many problems and issues which seem to make people sick made and historical.

I read somewhere that whatever you do ,do it with great love devotion and passion and it will bring you two kind of pleasures first   there will be no chance for failure  and second you will live each moment with the great sense of  achievement and self respect .Thanks for reading have a blessed life.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Judgement Sunday

Day is running like a fast moving train and since morning i am floating like  a boat in a stormy ocean  of  business which is  treating me like a string though still i am enjoying its wild treatment by remembering this famous quote that God tests our capabilities according to our strength ,he never put burden on our shoulders which we are not able to carry

Since morning when i started my house chores things were randomly wandering in my mind while hands were busy in routine works like cleaning, cooking ,washing utensils and laundry until then my son called and informed that he is about to leave for his some kind of test and need my prays.we talked for quite a while and i wished him best of luck for his task.After this chat i felt better and more energetic,in my mind things took a pattern.

I remembered the time when my eldest son born and i took him in my arms ,i never thought  that one day that little baby will be as mature and  only friend of mine.He is the first person who told me lot of things about me which i found true and could relate to them easily.he told me that i am really a simple person who relate herself to everything and person such an easy way which is hard to trust and acceptable for people of today as when you relate yourself so honestly to others it becomes other's responsibility too that they respond to your emotions  with equal respect and honesty  and this thing fears them that they will not be able to carry such burden so they keep themselves away from you and in result you stay alone,

When he got scholarship he said  ami its all because of your great attention and care ,when he got job he said ami you are the reason that i am successful today, He always encouraged me for self grooming and everything that makes me happy such as to get more study,blogging and job.Instead of his father who always advises to be a diplomatic to achieve success in all kind of relationship my son always said me that i should not lose  my inner innocence and to always be myself .I feel myself so blessed to have such caring son.

While working house chore i remembered my school principal who was very first person after my mom who loved me and in my whole school time always gave me especial attention.She was inspired by my love and devotion for study and writing skills.She gave me great confidence by offering writing short plays , funny acts  and poetry for different occasions in school.It was her effort that i was able to write for Radio Pakistan,latter  after marriage and after many years when i went especially went to meet her She was promoted to be a head of many school ,she took no time to recognize me and offered government job with just my matriculation but then i could not manage to live away from my husband's city.But her love and affection is still in depth of my heart as a strength of confidence.

Meanwhile i remembered  my boss the principal of  my school where i teach now,she is nice Filipino lady who owns and supervise the school,i liked and respect her as she is successful career woman and wonderful mother to me.though few of my colleagues complains that she has no care and respect for her staff but still i think she has benefit of doubt such as may be her carelessness about her staff is due to her less socialization as like me even more then me she is stranger to people around her and cannot relate well to them,i often found her nice and kind and that is why inspite of being new employee of her i put some education related suggestion   before her which though did not seem to accept yet her attitude was encouraging,personally i think she need to think more widely and listen  to her staff patiently  as betterment is always needed everywhere.

It is almost dark outside and i missed my evening prayer too.Now i have to end this post and rejoin my chores again preparation of dinner and ironing are the remaining is beautiful and really short with no prediction of death warrant so everyone please be happy and spread happiness god bless.            

Sunday, November 22, 2015

A peaceful Good Bye

Hey friends hope and pray that all is going wonderful in your amazing worlds and if there is some thing little is out of control you got guts to handle it  well.Here in my ears coming winter is singing cool breezy songs which we used to enjoy with hot cup of tea or coffee ,

Today's sundry did not start like normal sundrys ,instead of  getting up at almost 9 am we had to awake   early in the morning at 7 am and started getting ready for small journey which we were making to attend the funeral of   12 years old grand daughter of my sister in law  who died yesterday.Since her early age she suffered from blood cancer and after every one month blood was given to her for survival.I was expecting her family especially her mother much crying as usually in our culture people do.

But when i met her mother she seemed quite normal with positive thought as she told us that they were already informed by doctors that  child  will hardly manage to live after 12 or maximum 15,years. Inspite of being aware of this fact and being belong to a middle class family her parents tried hard to support their child and anyhow managed to purchase blood for her every month.

The attitude of her mother inspired  me alot because usually we dont see  such  broad way of thinking here ,often at such occasions people cry aloud and complain loudly to God that why did he do this to them and they go on and on with this unpleasant and negative way of thinking.

In our society i felt the exhibition of  emotions just to show others that how  sad they are feeling right now.I am not criticizing   the true sense of loss or sadness of close relations,but the overflowing of extra show off  of other relatives who  though dont have a single tear in eyes yet make loud noise to register their fake cries.

Ignorance is the base of all such nonsense and such nonsense is spread all around us in various shapes  now a days ,it has taken over the souls of people who spend all their lives to make others realize that how high status of life they occupied or how highly educated they are.
.Education in here is just having degrees in hand which  is way to get a job and that's all.Real awareness does not even touch their mind and soul. True awareness and know ledge which enlightens the heart and soul and brings revolutionary positive change in life and take us away from all such low standard thinking
.Then we able to think just for ourselves not in selfish way but in a way that it is important that what is our own value in our life and we have to make satisfy just ourselves not others.We dont have to put ourselves front of others for judgement but we should judge ourselves by our own.God bless you all    

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris We Love You

whenever i think about this huge universe i realize that world existing on earth is really  a tiny piece of  this whole huge on this wonderful planet is a blessed experience as it is full of countless beautiful natural phenomenon  which not only fulfill our physical needs but deliver peace to our soul's desires. 

being human  i can feel the blessing spread around me which showered our creator upon us, i  really really cant understand that why we all people live this beautiful peacefully and why cant we people share this earth happily ,since the beginning time has proven that no matter how hard we try we cannot live forever and no matter how crucially we crush others for our timely benefits we cannot prevent ourselves  from horrible damage  and destructive result.

Last night heard in news about terrorists's  attack on world's most beautiful and famous city  Paris which always fascinated  me as a city of love and fashion.I saw it only in movies and it always attracted me towards it .I wished to visit it at least once   in life time.that news shocked me as it was my own homeland and as people belong to it were belong to me and so close to my heart.

I cried  because the pain of loosing our love ones hurts a lot.whatever is happening is condemn able ,today  almost we all know the new strategy owned by new leadership of the world who is playing like a puppet in the hands of world's strong business men ,They are ordering everything according to their own advantages. World has appeared for them just their market where they create situations to sell their stuff  well. Humanity has no meaning for them and their love ,life and religion is just one thing Money ,And to achieve this end they can cross the all limits of humanity and act like a bloody monster  who can crush everything under his huge powerful feet to secure his lust of power and position .

They brainwash  innocent minds and use them to  kill innocent people ,though some do such terror for the sake of  money or luxurious life,and at other hand some do it for the sake of heaven, though they dont deserve even God's hell but even worse then that.

I  am just a housewife who just started a teaching job to explore my inner energies and to make
myself happy with this revelation but when such accidents  encounter i become very sad ,though try not to lose hope in humanity and faith in creator and rules of nature but it hurts a lot as if heart will stop for while and as if i will not be interested  in taking  one more breath ,It happens when i replace them who were suddenly dragged out of their joyful worlds and were shot without knowing that what did they do to deserve it.

Don't know i will be able to see pairs my dream city or not but my heart wishes best for it and my prays  ask for peace and happiness from god amen.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

convocation and memories

hey dear friends ,hope and pray that all is going smooth and nice in your beautiful worlds,last week i went Karachi to attend my son;s   convocation  and had blast of pleasure and enjoyed each single moment of that two days which i spent with my son ,after two days me and my son had to rejoin their jobs so we got back to our town ,yes my both younger kids also visited their elder bro joy party but at return we got little dis heart ,wanted to be together forever but life has different plans and place chosen for us ,we can just wait for that moment when we all will be at on place and be a complete happy family,these emotions created a little poem sharing with you all,have a lovely safe life god bless you all.

Trees are shy and air is bold ,
coming winter's day is cold; 

Touched my cheek when a sun ray,
gave  me the sense of my mom's kiss;
before leaving for the school got every day,

There were the days ,when all were close, 
Hearts of our's like blooming rose,

How joyful  was atmosphere,
When we used to everything share,

When kept my head in mama's lap,
All my miseries  took some gap,

Having my little sister's hand ,
flying like a butterfly on the land,

When i see my yard;s neem tree,
Comes in mind my happy family ,

Though all is well and everything is right ,
present is pleasant and future is bright ,

But still whenever i feel tired  low,
Memories give me strength and glow,

Memories like a butterfly,
Takes my heart so high and high,

So everybody please take good care ,
keep your life so nice and fair,

Monday, October 19, 2015

The most important book

He was an ideal for many people who adored and respected him for his highly strong character.His position in his family and society was acknowledged  highly respected due to his well presented personality and social work .His dress was always neat and which symbolized the purity and cleanliness of his character,

In  his addressing and speeches he was eloquent and fundamental .Religion was his most favorite topic and he always used to define for others that how can one make his God happy by performing   his religious duties  in correct manner and serve humanity ,His library was packed with lots of books mostly religious ones.

So he was living a perfect life among the society and family ,in family and especially in his home everyone has certain respect and kind of fear for him and felt forced to show these both feelings when mostly he is around.He used to take special treatment in the manners of meal  and decision making due to his position.

yet inside the family there were people who were aware of the darkest side of his personality and those were the women of his house ,his sister and daughters in laws his own sisters and daughters who been facing constant sexual harassment from him.Though his own wife knew everything  but covered it always as she was forced by his strong status in family and society .

But as we know that each evil has a time limit and God has his own plans to reveal and dishonor it one day.So at one night his youngest daughter shouted and ran from her room and came to her mother in law ,told her that his father in law got on her bed and tel her to shut her mouth and even if she will shout no one will trust her and she will be insulted by all.

Instead of helping her mother in law told her to keep quite as if thing goes out of family the honor of family will be destroy ,the poor girl ran to her relatives who live in neighbor she slept their as his husband was at night duty.Next day she told her husband everything who became so angry and destructive   ,first he called his eldest brother who listened and advised him to keep his mouth shut as it is good for the honor of their family i have beard it and you should also do the same  said the eldest one ,that time the husband of victim remain silent but later ,late night he attacked  on his father with knife and almost killed him .

.BUT that shameless man survived the time when i heard it i got disappointed but now i think life for him is a better punishment rather then life ,because he has become like a roadside dog now,dropping from the very high place on the ground hurt how hard i can see from his dirty looking face ,i know him little closely as he is kind of from my in laws,i never felt respect for him when people followed him madly  ,his stinky dirt can be felt easily through his dirty eyes and time proved me right.

I am glad that he finally got what he really deserved ,he rad all the book but he ignored the most important book in the whole universe THE BOOK OF NATURE  which delivers us the count less messages of our creator and we dont have time to look ,read and understand ,.Nature's book has laws and among its all laws there is one very openly displayed that we reap what we sow.

thanks for taking time and reading dear friends ,take good care stay calm and focused ,God bless you all.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

holiday with baili

hey friends ,hope and pray that changing mood of the weather is affecting your mood too and the hot look of burning summer has changed in peaceful gentle look with positive smile which encourages whoever receives  it  ,after completing first month of my job delivered me sense of achievement joy.

 Joining it in begging seemed  as i  got on suddenly on a fast running train full of voices and faces and scenes through windows are changing very quickly, before  i can focus on one other replace it hurriedly ,yet inspite of all kind of hurdles i enjoyed this ride ,though missed spending time with family  and being away from house chores ,

Holiday made me feel getting off this fast moving train and sitting by the peaceful lake surrounded by lots of flowering plants, with empty head which can not think but can only feel ,can feel the glitter of  soft and slightly cold touch of  fragrant breeze,heart touching song like sounds of birds and slowly crawling over the surface of lake the golden rays of sun.

valley is looking like a glass full of all colors of life and i am taking a sip after sip with the sense of gratefulness for my creator who not only bless me with his blessings but above all the sense of realization of these blessings,

 i saw after looong time baili again ,she was running through the fields happy and free of all kinds of  fears as bird fly in the deep blue sky with its all cheerfulness and sense of freedom ,as it is about to discover the other side of universe and truth is is being its strength like air for wings,

she swing and her shiny bright eyes reveled the true meaning of life,being with her again is making me strong  and may be in my remaining breathes i wll be able to explore myself one day,
stay calm and focused guys dont wait for happy moment make your moments happy by putting you own effort ,god bless you all.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

rules of simple life

hey friends ,

hope and pray that you guys are enjoying whatever  life has chosen you to  do ,me either following the same idea that whatever we do we should give it our  100 percent and then rest should leave upon God .since beginning of my life i tried to follow this rule  and found it fruitful and effective.
In today's life we often see people complaining about problems they are facing in their daily lives but when we dig it little we find that most of our problems are created by our own attitude towards life  and towards people around us .We  mostly  cannot dare to imagine ourselves at other's place and most problems starts from here,
To me to make life beautiful and enjoyable are  required few really simple rules and first of all is to live a  simple life, choose a simple way of living ,a straight path which gives you sense of  gratefulness and    leads you towards the experience of  being successful  creature .
To live a simple life Honesty is the Best policy .if you are honest with yourself  and have respect for your existence then obviously you will have to be honest in your all relationships and respect their obligations .
Second rule is truth ,though i know it is a hard part for those who listen brain more then their heart  yet this fact cannot be denied that people who listen their heart more are happier then whom who prefer their brain.Being truthful in your all kinds of relations makes your life easy and simple and these both qualities creates beauty and peace  in life.
Before hurting anyone if you replace him or her in your imagination you will never dare to even think of hurting is true that we cannot like everyone and cannot be liked by all but it does not mean that one who is not a friend is an enemy ,treating all on humanity basis is a best quality of a modest person.
without having a sense of love for humanity and love of our creator we cannot be able to follow such rules which are essences of Blessed life ,my god give all of us dare to follow these rules and live a happy life amen, take great care friends and stay positive and blessed.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

window's new opening

hey friends ,hope and pray that in spite of  all side affects of life you guys are facing the all ups and dons of  it with great courage and by a brave smile on your face as life is all about having problems and finding their solutions ,

after along time i got chance be in touch with all of you again and it is making me feel like opening a window of  of tightly closed room after very long and breathing in a fresh air with a sense of  joy and gratefulness ,

the first month of my job is almost going to be complete ,sometime being busy gets  one out of  feeling hanging in space and having strange emptiness deep inside the heart,now i filled the glass of my day completely with business  and left no time for such negativity which had start tore me after the death my parents,

i getup early in the morning and at 7 30 leave for school ,where teaching kids and watching them playing and moving carefree makes me happy and full of life ,when they learn something new with my effort it gives me sense of  achievement and pleasure ,as Aristotle said that learning is a only source of pleasure so i learn life from my job,

after getting back  home lots of  house chore keeps me away from any kind of lowness and when in the evening i get sometime to sit and relax it brings me relief and revelation of  my own self,

want to share more but don't want you guys to get bore with the length of it,so please take great care of yourselves  and stay positive  in every mean,have a nice and productive day,god bless you all.

window 's new opening

Friday, June 5, 2015

Wellcome Back

Hey friends, hope and pray that all of you are in the blessings of God. After quite a long time got opportunity to share few words with you. I have finished my masters.

Life is running very fast towards death which itself is a beginning.

With  all its ups n down life did not lose its attraction to me. By the grace of god my son has also completed his bachelor and got a good job too... yet he plans to do master.. I want to do a job but house duties and health issue is giving my husband reason to stop me to do so.

Hoping for the time when I will be able to share with and view all of you guys regularly. Kindly take good care.. Keep struggling along with beautiful and hopeful smile. Hope that keeps us moving in hard times and keeps our faith alive and strong in God.

See you all soon. Have a blessed positive day. God bless you all.

Can  your sad eyes count the hopes on glass.

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