Sunday, November 22, 2015

A peaceful Good Bye

Hey friends hope and pray that all is going wonderful in your amazing worlds and if there is some thing little is out of control you got guts to handle it  well.Here in my ears coming winter is singing cool breezy songs which we used to enjoy with hot cup of tea or coffee ,

Today's sundry did not start like normal sundrys ,instead of  getting up at almost 9 am we had to awake   early in the morning at 7 am and started getting ready for small journey which we were making to attend the funeral of   12 years old grand daughter of my sister in law  who died yesterday.Since her early age she suffered from blood cancer and after every one month blood was given to her for survival.I was expecting her family especially her mother much crying as usually in our culture people do.

But when i met her mother she seemed quite normal with positive thought as she told us that they were already informed by doctors that  child  will hardly manage to live after 12 or maximum 15,years. Inspite of being aware of this fact and being belong to a middle class family her parents tried hard to support their child and anyhow managed to purchase blood for her every month.

The attitude of her mother inspired  me alot because usually we dont see  such  broad way of thinking here ,often at such occasions people cry aloud and complain loudly to God that why did he do this to them and they go on and on with this unpleasant and negative way of thinking.

In our society i felt the exhibition of  emotions just to show others that how  sad they are feeling right now.I am not criticizing   the true sense of loss or sadness of close relations,but the overflowing of extra show off  of other relatives who  though dont have a single tear in eyes yet make loud noise to register their fake cries.

Ignorance is the base of all such nonsense and such nonsense is spread all around us in various shapes  now a days ,it has taken over the souls of people who spend all their lives to make others realize that how high status of life they occupied or how highly educated they are.
.Education in here is just having degrees in hand which  is way to get a job and that's all.Real awareness does not even touch their mind and soul. True awareness and know ledge which enlightens the heart and soul and brings revolutionary positive change in life and take us away from all such low standard thinking
.Then we able to think just for ourselves not in selfish way but in a way that it is important that what is our own value in our life and we have to make satisfy just ourselves not others.We dont have to put ourselves front of others for judgement but we should judge ourselves by our own.God bless you all    

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