Sunday, November 29, 2015

Judgement Sunday

Day is running like a fast moving train and since morning i am floating like  a boat in a stormy ocean  of  business which is  treating me like a string though still i am enjoying its wild treatment by remembering this famous quote that God tests our capabilities according to our strength ,he never put burden on our shoulders which we are not able to carry

Since morning when i started my house chores things were randomly wandering in my mind while hands were busy in routine works like cleaning, cooking ,washing utensils and laundry until then my son called and informed that he is about to leave for his some kind of test and need my prays.we talked for quite a while and i wished him best of luck for his task.After this chat i felt better and more energetic,in my mind things took a pattern.

I remembered the time when my eldest son born and i took him in my arms ,i never thought  that one day that little baby will be as mature and  only friend of mine.He is the first person who told me lot of things about me which i found true and could relate to them easily.he told me that i am really a simple person who relate herself to everything and person such an easy way which is hard to trust and acceptable for people of today as when you relate yourself so honestly to others it becomes other's responsibility too that they respond to your emotions  with equal respect and honesty  and this thing fears them that they will not be able to carry such burden so they keep themselves away from you and in result you stay alone,

When he got scholarship he said  ami its all because of your great attention and care ,when he got job he said ami you are the reason that i am successful today, He always encouraged me for self grooming and everything that makes me happy such as to get more study,blogging and job.Instead of his father who always advises to be a diplomatic to achieve success in all kind of relationship my son always said me that i should not lose  my inner innocence and to always be myself .I feel myself so blessed to have such caring son.

While working house chore i remembered my school principal who was very first person after my mom who loved me and in my whole school time always gave me especial attention.She was inspired by my love and devotion for study and writing skills.She gave me great confidence by offering writing short plays , funny acts  and poetry for different occasions in school.It was her effort that i was able to write for Radio Pakistan,latter  after marriage and after many years when i went especially went to meet her She was promoted to be a head of many school ,she took no time to recognize me and offered government job with just my matriculation but then i could not manage to live away from my husband's city.But her love and affection is still in depth of my heart as a strength of confidence.

Meanwhile i remembered  my boss the principal of  my school where i teach now,she is nice Filipino lady who owns and supervise the school,i liked and respect her as she is successful career woman and wonderful mother to me.though few of my colleagues complains that she has no care and respect for her staff but still i think she has benefit of doubt such as may be her carelessness about her staff is due to her less socialization as like me even more then me she is stranger to people around her and cannot relate well to them,i often found her nice and kind and that is why inspite of being new employee of her i put some education related suggestion   before her which though did not seem to accept yet her attitude was encouraging,personally i think she need to think more widely and listen  to her staff patiently  as betterment is always needed everywhere.

It is almost dark outside and i missed my evening prayer too.Now i have to end this post and rejoin my chores again preparation of dinner and ironing are the remaining is beautiful and really short with no prediction of death warrant so everyone please be happy and spread happiness god bless.            

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  1. You sound like an extremely perceptive and loving woman. It is often, when our hands are in the soap and water of daily chores that women have their deepest thoughts. In the midst of the daily chores of life God speaks to us,


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