Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris We Love You

whenever i think about this huge universe i realize that world existing on earth is really  a tiny piece of  this whole huge on this wonderful planet is a blessed experience as it is full of countless beautiful natural phenomenon  which not only fulfill our physical needs but deliver peace to our soul's desires. 

being human  i can feel the blessing spread around me which showered our creator upon us, i  really really cant understand that why we all people live this beautiful peacefully and why cant we people share this earth happily ,since the beginning time has proven that no matter how hard we try we cannot live forever and no matter how crucially we crush others for our timely benefits we cannot prevent ourselves  from horrible damage  and destructive result.

Last night heard in news about terrorists's  attack on world's most beautiful and famous city  Paris which always fascinated  me as a city of love and fashion.I saw it only in movies and it always attracted me towards it .I wished to visit it at least once   in life time.that news shocked me as it was my own homeland and as people belong to it were belong to me and so close to my heart.

I cried  because the pain of loosing our love ones hurts a lot.whatever is happening is condemn able ,today  almost we all know the new strategy owned by new leadership of the world who is playing like a puppet in the hands of world's strong business men ,They are ordering everything according to their own advantages. World has appeared for them just their market where they create situations to sell their stuff  well. Humanity has no meaning for them and their love ,life and religion is just one thing Money ,And to achieve this end they can cross the all limits of humanity and act like a bloody monster  who can crush everything under his huge powerful feet to secure his lust of power and position .

They brainwash  innocent minds and use them to  kill innocent people ,though some do such terror for the sake of  money or luxurious life,and at other hand some do it for the sake of heaven, though they dont deserve even God's hell but even worse then that.

I  am just a housewife who just started a teaching job to explore my inner energies and to make
myself happy with this revelation but when such accidents  encounter i become very sad ,though try not to lose hope in humanity and faith in creator and rules of nature but it hurts a lot as if heart will stop for while and as if i will not be interested  in taking  one more breath ,It happens when i replace them who were suddenly dragged out of their joyful worlds and were shot without knowing that what did they do to deserve it.

Don't know i will be able to see pairs my dream city or not but my heart wishes best for it and my prays  ask for peace and happiness from god amen.

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