Friday, December 29, 2023

Trip To Bath By Eldest Son And Flowers

Hello  dear friends! 

Hope  your Christmas went awesome ❤
Every festival that make us close to each other and fill our heart with more love and compassion is special and beautiful! 
Wishing you all days ahead with same beauty and depth of emotions that make us human 😊
Our eldest son called on day after  Christmas  which was pleasant surprise for whole family because he hardly call now before one week. We had quite chat specially both brothers talked after long time as our younger son has really busy schedule during semester and even weekends are packed with number of due jobs related to studies. We were listening conversation between two most busy family members and I kind a wished if can attend such educational environment in some university that teach  about evolution of consciousness and how it created everything. 
Enough my silly talk, sharing some photos below.few blooms from garden and glimpse of  eldest son 's trip to  Bath a historical city 3 hours away from London. My son visited there with friends. 

      This is interesting how things leave their tracks behind. I captured this during recent trip a quick one ,only  few hours spent in native homeyard .a quick andcshort hike to hills that give breathtaking view of whole small town. Our stream shrank to a tiny flow near bank but looking from above it feels like water is still flowing abundantly. 

   This was view I could enjoy when got on roof top of  my cousin house. Hills standing elegantly all around would offer tranquillity and joy

     They are friends since two years and their common interest is board games and travel. 

    Seeing people having great time with family and friends makes me feel so happy 😍 what else matter more ???

   This is nice to observe festivities of the       season . Loved the historical city with fascinating buildings that offered bath facility to inhabitants and travellers as well 

  Since my son got his driving licence he often plan small tours to suburban areas. 

     All the  gesture of  mother Nature are to make us  grow while feeling grateful for what is present at the moment 

      When  nature smile it makes you realise          how special you are for her :)

Heartfelt Thanks for kind response to my previous post friends! This is honour and strength for me always ❤
Thinking of you all friends  with heart full of prays and best wishes ❤

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Sunlight ,Holidays And Advice Needed From Blogging Friends

 Hey amazing people! 

Hope walking on the bumpy yet lovely path of life beautifully. 

Our temperatures increased a little in the first week of December. It's spinning between 9 to 22 now days. That makes short but delightfully sunny days more enjoyable for all. This is gift to have front yard where we can sit under sunlight during daytimes and absorb some free vitamin D thankfully. The soothing sunlight of winters like this reminds me many lines read in novels that resemble sunlight with the touch of  loved one ,for me it is my mom's! and on second thought it is touch of Divine!

 My younger son has come home from Karachi to spend two week winter holidays with us. Hubby got ten off days as well so we are having some family time together . My eldest son could not visit this year due to some necessary work .We are missing him badly and hopeful he will be able to visit soon! 

Mentioning Vitamin also remind me  my recent increasing interest in different vitamins that i lack since beginning. This is nice how life unfold it's secrets  to us slowly and make us see our goods and bads eventually. Growth specially spiritual growth is one of the most astonishing and beautiful phenomena of life and I am truly thankful for the awareness we gradually gain through our various sources of learning.

Back to vitamin, i want to ask if any of you take certain vitamin and how it helped or not .

Actually in my country vitamin are least thing people think of so mostly vitamin are thought as unimportant or even bad for health .

I know unlike here vitamin are used by many in your part of land whether Europe or America or any other part around the world .So if  you  kindly share your valuable experience here  it will be greatly appreciated by your humble friend !

Thinking of you with heart full of best wishes and prays dear friends!

Wishing you all Happy Christmas full of love and warmth ,peace and joy  💗

Monday, December 18, 2023

As Crow Flies


Hey Kind People !

Hope and pray having lovely time while riding on the roller coaster of life .As tiny creature existing in the vast net of life i believe my life span is shorter and journey is unpredictable .Just like view change so quickly on roller coaster ,circumstances of  life keep changing throughout our life .How true they say change is only "realty" in the universe . Though i hardly forget this fact yet i believe that in my last breath this realization will be the only thing to farewell me. A quick reversal of main events of life before eyes will reveal how little i could stay here and rest will feel so trivial . God has chosen the theme of "constant change" for our universe so  everything is bond to follow it inevitably. 

God has implanted program in our DNA which keep us moving all the time to attain this state. Many of us who are more self aware and more open to accept challenges walk on this road of constant change fearlessly and most of the time despite the bumpiness, if their Faith is essence, Nature support them to move further regardless of any  destination as destination is not their goal but Learning is the target. 

For so many who don't like change much Nature has another plan. She stir the air around them in form of hard circumstances to kick them forward just like many moms motivate children for going school sometimes.  I consider them lucky who have farsightedness which broad their light of wisdom.

I am a content person in the words of smart people "dull" or "Lazy"   I really wonder if i have changed mentally or physically if circumstances were different. I still remember the day when i first realized what was going on .Being a lively person it was utterly sad and disappointing that to get out of that certain troubling situation i will have to work hard and harder regularly . Someday in possible future i will share the details hopefully what i mean by this but right now i can point out only to the fact slightly who pushed me towards the path of betterment . But it was for better i knew it only after more than one decade . Now i am grateful to God who showed me way to rise  above ashes (almost).

 Recommending  a trailer of a very hit Turkish drama  As Crow Flies

Story shows how people add good to others life by letting  themselves down .

Sending love and best wishes to all of you precious friends! Take great Care!!

Monday, December 11, 2023

Health Talk And Blooms

 Hey Sweet Hearts! Hope beating beautifully on the rhythm of life! I want to thank you all who commented on my previous post and shared their valuable thoughts and experiences .Your words mean lot to me because they put light on the topic from your perspective which shows another side of the view . I am finding such informative videos fascinating   Doctor Zee  that help to open eye of common people with details yet in very short way hardly five minutes or so. The site provides striking details that travel down in to cell level of body and reveal how  everything we eat acts within our metabolism. I loved it and i am thankful that the brevity and accuracy of the content had convinced  me finally to reduce the consumption of whole grain bread to large scale (hardly one bread instead three daily)  which seems to make me feel light by the grace of God! 
People probably feel Stuck when other opportunities such as physical pleasures eg travel etc lack in their life but for me case was different always .I would feel Stuck when i was unable to think freely and properly. I am happy that Nature is supporting me in my aim to "see clearly" through my spiritual eyes!  Sharing some pics hope you will enjoy.

 this one is old but it is my attribute to this seasonal plant who kept blooming until October this year that was unlikely which reminded me Madagascar Pewrinkle  whom i missed because it faded last year

    this one was captured during recent visit to Native home ,if the camera was more powerful this might have turned quite well although the shot was quick one 

 this is taken few days back from front yard ,the plant had closed flowers  which bloomed somedays after hubby planted them . Hubby is quite busy with new plantation in the garden these days. He has been  bringing many little plants from his huge office yard every year but since two years his office is  under renovation and seems to take more time so picking flowers from nursery was quite task in which his office gardeners helped  alot .

     i never liked wearing yellow but yellow flowers attract me most because of their delightful and mighty light they spread along :)which color of bloom is your most Favorite ?

     unlike natural roses these one bloom early and last long almost one month which seems quite long life for a rose .but their elegant beauty is soothing to eyes 

Keep being kind to yourself and to all around you dear friends because kindness is the only thing we leave behind !
Health <peace and Joy to you and to all you love!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Little Corrections But Big Surprise

 As you know i meditate daily in morning times for an hour almost and before this i do some yoga as well, just few easier steps which help me to feel fit physically and mentally and have me ready for new day's challenges .And i am doing this since 2o13.

Throughout the years i have realized how regular yoga and meditation can make one feel calm ,stronger and much focused.

But there is a little negative side of it too. I won't call it negative  actually ,not because in my perspective this particular "affect" becomes a way to add goodness in our life slowly, and if one can keep up with it for long results are awesomely positive. This Effect  kind of force us to pick healthier option of food and avoid spicy and oily ones and skip the fast food completely and don't think of the sugary at all . Honestly i don't know what other have say about it but i have felt that long term meditation and yoga make our inner physical system quite transparent and sensitive which make us less or not at all tolerant to unhealthy food.  I wonder if it happened to me only ?

Some years back i realized that the normal daily meals would make me feel slightly sick such as after eating meal i would get feeling of being fluish specially my throat will get scratchy, head heavy and vision little blurry .I would find it hard to concentrate whether on  conversation ,book or things i look at. At first i would take panadol a tablet which helps to make "feverish" feeling disappear for a day at least. But later when i started to ponder that taking pill can not be a permanent solution apart from sever side effects for long use. 

When we fail to find help outside we often inevitably turn inwardly to look for one .I wish we can develop this habit and look for help inside our head first where God has stored his "light" for us.

A little contemplation over this brought the issue under spot light. When i started to observe on daily bases i felt that each new day brings new feelings and emotions and it seemed deeply connected to what i had ate last day. I tried to look for proof to support my assumption and reading few articles related to topic confirmed that i was right about it .Then on the basis of my assumptions i started to eliminate food items form diet that i found to have negative effect. 

With long and constant struggle i could reach to better side of existence. It is nice to know that adjusting little things can bring big and pleasant changes in life thankfully .I know being much "careful" about eating is tough but believe me once you feel how amazing the  reward is for this sacrifice ,you love it most and never want to quit it.

During my recent visit to attend wedding ceremony of my cousin's children i became center of the attention for my cousin and her family members because i was denying to eat heavily oily and spicy foods at their home and at hotels as well where the major events took place.

My cousin looked concerned because she could not figure out what to do .She asked me what i would like to eat and when i told it seemed to disappoint her .I think this is because of a "host" mentality who wants to feel happier when feed her guests more and diversely.  She actually made few simple things for me which were quite normal for a patient in her opinion. On first day i ate a little and found that even their normal food was too hard for me to digest. I asked her not to bother as she is already busy with responsibilities of two children's marriage and let me cook for myself .But she could not agree as i was her guest . Next day she sent a young pretty girl in my room .She was Saman ,a daughter of her husband's brother. Saman looked pregnant with early few months but she insisted she will cook for me until i am there . 

I felt bit uncomfortable whether i made my cousin uncomfortable and she has to make special arrangements for me  which my cousin denied by hugging me many times but one thing ,she would tell everyone my story and series of question would start with eyes full of surprise and kindred smiles .

I would love to know if someone is having same experience .

Thanks for bearing with me precious friends .

Health ,peace and Joy to you and to all you love!

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