Thursday, November 30, 2023

Story Of Broken Toes


A  splendid day out in my yard . Sky has shown it's true bright blue color after two weeks as dull thin layer of clouds kept it covered . It is always amazing to see dazzling sun showering it's gold over the tranquil views .

One of hubby's niece visited some days ago and told her younger sister was having soaring  foot thumb which does not seem to heal completely since more than an year . Doctor congratulate her after further tests including MRI that everything is fine and no serious issue is going on. But our niece mentioned that her sister is taking medicine and she has to take break when she feels that when the thumb heals certain mount of pain seems to rise in upper part of ankle though doctor said there is nothing absolutely to worry about.

I hope the doctor is perfectly correct!

This remind me that hubby also had suffered with slightly soaring foot thumb for more than thirteen years but it stayed mild by the grace of God and never improved further .Actually nothing was visible ,only a corner of one of his foot thumb would feel pain and bit of swelling  sometimes that is it .Hubby would take care of it regularly as precaution. It  left few years back finally.

Even such slight issue of hubby would terrify me because in past when i was in my native village ,a middle aged beautiful and rich woman died only because the wound appeared in her foot thumb spread in her whole body as cancer . This was shocking to learn one day that she was dead because of her foot thumb wound. 

In my life  it happened twice when my foot thumb nails were hit and broken completely .

First time when i was in native home .I was freshly out of school and mom was trying to make me learn basic household .

In those days mom had three stone mortars of different sizes .The biggest one was huge and weighed 6 to 8 kg most probably .

One day when i got up holding the biggest mortar in my hand it slipped from my hand suddenly and fell straight on my right foot thumb . I felt nothing for first few seconds as i was given anesthesia and felt unable to feel anything, but later piercing pain i felt and when i looked down my foot quite a blood was gather close to my foot. I sat down ground shakenly because i couldn't lift my foot to walk. When i tried to touch the thumb nail it fell on a side . I had strange habit not to shout or cry loud when something like this occurred so i hold trunk of tree near by and got up .When i was walking i could not feel i have thumb nail anymore. 

I assume mom could not hear due to tv was on and more because mortar hit my feet rather than ground which makes less sharp sound. When mom came out while i was trying to walk she shouted and hold me and took inside .long story short my thumbnail regrew within a month or two i guess and no one can tell it ever happened .

Second time when i was mopping floor with hand by sitting on feet after my marriage .I was in hurry and i pushed a huge box away hurriedly and mindlessly .It was old box gifted by hubby's grandma and i would keep grocery in it all the kitchen stuff we used for cooking. It was heavy and full .But i was also young and my arm had strength . With my push box slipped away so quickly .Only after few seconds when i saw my left thumbnail was broken completely and hanging aside  and little blood was flowing on wet floor. 

I had no one around as hubby was office . I tried to pull the hanging nail and with little effort and more terrible pain it separated from thumb ,later i applied betnovate on it after cleaning it though hubby attended it cautiously and regularly and it healed within a month  .

Both times my thumbnail came back without turning into bad by the grace of Allah! 

I wanted to share this because mostly i forgot such so so many happenings in daily routine but our niece reminded me .

thanks to all of you for showing kindness in comments on previous post ! 

i am though not much happy with me share things like this who let down any of my loved ones .

blessings to all of you and to all you love! 


Tuesday, November 28, 2023

From Sister's Heart


Our weather has been awesome during November after some shower on Sunday morning particularly. As our winters are short and mild which makes inhabitants happy because extremely cold weather can restrict life's routine which does extreme summer every year. So mild winter provide opportunity for flexible living and let people enjoy more outdoor times. Though if winters  stay more mild it effect seasonal plantation. Our garden is being planted now  ,little late than usual. 

It's been while I am back from Islamabad but memories belong to happy occasion still echo  in mind .

I have a sad memory as well actually. My younger sister was not invited by my cousin sadly even though I gave her phone to her so she can call her but my cousin apologised instead only because she was frightened that my sister can create some scene due to her excessive drinking habit sadly. This was unexpected and disappointing for me as an elder sister. I wanted to have a normal sister since always with whom I can have normal sister talk but it was not in my fate not from sister not from brother unfortunately. I can only wonder why?

The wife of my brother told that my sister blamed us for not being invited which was really unfair because we tried to convince my cousin and she said with such unlikely behaviour my sister doesn't suit such family gathering where everyone is looking for gossip  already. She said she cannot risk her reputation. Though she asked her kids to join and they did thankfully. 

My sister is not in touch since she asked for money for her surgery which never took place according to news I got later from people around her. I gave her half amount she asked because we had financed our nephew ' tour to Saudi Arabia then. She called last week of November 2022 and said she wants to visit me in December. My younger son had rented flat then and my eldest son wanted to stay with him so can help his little brother settle  . Have seen how during my recent trip how badly she was caught in drinking habit so I requested her if she want to visit she has to control her drinking for while she will stay here. She just hung up the  phone .

I could not think what else I could say .She completely vanished once  again  .

Her kids grew up seeing their mother always drunk and out of senses. When we met during wedding and anyone could see the barranness and sorrow of neglected children in their eyes!

My point was to giving her money was May I can make another attempt to change my sister 's lifefor better but I should have considered that one who can't change for kids cannot change for anything else.

Thanks for bearing with me dear friends! 

Writing this post from phone so forgive mistakes please. 

Blessings to all of you and to all you love ❤

Monday, November 20, 2023

Few more Words And Few More Wedding Photos

 Sharing some more photos from wedding ceremony I attended recently. Actually they hundreds of images and videos. As I told that it was my first chance after more than 30 years  to participate any wedding event on my material side so I tried to save each drop (almost) of this joyous opportunity :)

Me and my youngest son stayed at my cousin 'house for 11 days. As we travelled in bus we saved one extra day as bus takes 12 hours from Sukkur to Islamabad via new China motorway unlike train which takes 22 hours though train is more comfortable because it offers birth (long seats for laying and rest) .

We preferred bus this time because it felt easier option due to less time of travel. Bus seats had tv on back which provided nice collection of English and Urdu music ,movies ,shows and documentaries . Seats were quite comfortable at night as they would bend long so passengers can feel most restful . 

I was busy in household that missed me quite during my getaway but again thanks to my eldest son who bought me washing machine that hardly leaves any work for me except take out laundry and put for drying on wire :)

I wanted to share few more images that i received later and that give better look of both couples . hope you will find them nice as i loved them because of the joy they deliver to heart .Many best wishes for new couples who has just started their practical journey of life !

                              very first event celebrated at home yard on day i arrived 

                           my nieces daughter of my brother on left d of sister on right  

                                               went to spend sometime in native home 

                                   my cousin with both daughters and her dil in yellow during hina event 
          my cousin's son who is settled in Saudi Arabia since ten years almost ,with his bride 

                                          both brides n stage on final wedding dinner party 

             My cousin's daughter shared latest photo from her album ,she is standing with her husband  

Thanks for all the sweet words on previous post dear friends!
See you soon 
hugs and blessings

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Back After Attending Wedding Ceremony of My Cousin 's Children

Hey lovely souls! 
Hope all is well at your side by the grace of God! 
I am back from my special trip to my native  village to attend the wedding ceremony of my cousin's kids a daughter and a son. It was my first trip  without hubby in two decades. My youngest son accompanied me and it was pleasant surprise to see him doing things alone with  sense of responsibility. 

My cousin Rukhsana lives in village very close to mine,just across the stream. She was married to husband who was not much responsible. She led a life full of challenges but managed to make her children educated and smart.Both of her boys are settled in Saudi Arabia now mashallah! 
Her eldest boy came home after 9 years to get married with his cousin. His younger brother came to attend wedding ceremony of him after 4 years so this was quite touching time times for the family. It was emotional for me as well to attend such beautiful events in my native home  after more than 30 years. These 11 days that I spent there seemed to pass with blink of an eye. I felt such level of the joy after so long because of this family reunion ❤
Sharing some photos form hundreds I took during my stay.

 On right is beautiful daughter of my cousin and on left is her pretty daughter in law. Wedding had five major events that were held in halls in city except all dholki and dance parties held in the house during 10 days.  I loved all the hustle and bustle ceremonies despite of noise and very much crowd.

 It could have been better shot if I have captured  while couple was sitting on the stage but i missed because I was having conversation with friends. Bride (Daughter of my cousin)  is leaving with groom at final day.

 A sad elder sister is grieving for the departure  of younger Sister 

     The groom  and bride (On left) sitting for some wedding ritual groom is son of my cousin. 

  This was wedding  party thrown by the in laws of my cousin 'daughter who was looking Stunning in dazzling white dress. Event took place in city of Huripur near Abbotabad .

The daughter in law of my cousin during hina event

 My cousin is in pink with both daughters standing beside  and daughter in law on most left.
I am grateful and happy her children succeeded and made their mother proud and happy eventually by the grace of God! 

I will be visiting you asap friends! 
Keep taking good care of yourself in all possible ways please! 
blessings  to all!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Heartfelt Thanks to Debra For This Beautiful Gift !


Hello precious friends ❤

Hope  all is well at your corner of the globe! 

I am well and happy as well (just little bit fluish and feverish and thats it) by the grace of God!

One day back when we were leaving for Sukkur city for some urgent shopping  (actually me and my youngest going to attend two wedding ceremonies  this week at my cousin's house in my native village as she is marrying both of her kids a boy and girl in same days) someone knocked our door ,my youngest son returned with a parcel in hand which I thought was some office mail for hubby. But when hubby hold it he called me and handed it me .When i opened the envelope i could not believe that this pretty and gorgeous art sent by  Debra was actually in my hands .It came all the way from Canada and this was thrilling moment and touching as well ! Dear Debra heartfelt thanks for your sweetness! You are a gem !

Your art is spell casting ,each time i see you drawings i am always captivated by details Wow ! Loved this one .it is splendid !

Hubby said he will have it framed for me :)

Hugs and blessings to all you precious people ! 

you are believe it or not in my thoughts and prays always !

please keep me in yours as well! 

See you soon God Bless you all!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Truth Or Dare (poem written by me)


Hope you know me i am man 

playing this game of loss and gain 

Tickled by fanciful rituals it has 

Running madly within puzzle of maze

In the beginning when i saw 

World was rough and life was raw

I was born with curious heart 

Always after what i have not 

My restlessness made me grew 

Always chasing unknown "due"

I created explored and carved 

To change older things with new 

I opened up ground's crest 

To get all what it had pet 

Going through hardship so cruel 

I obtained raw forms of fuel 

I refined  and  distribute 

To lay  civilization root 

 Sea or desert or spooky caves

Always had something to gave

Some metals with value high 

As their prices reaching sky 

Some naive but of subtle rank

Delved into air as airoplane 

When i looked at water untamed 

Thought it's needed to be framed 

By overcoming it's speed and waste 

Controlled it to facilitate 

Beautified with bridges and dam 

Nothing could stood in my aim

My eyes when saw Forest dark 

Realized it's hidden spark 

Embellished world with wooden feature

Architecture and furniture 

Everything i saw unbaked 

Picked it up to trim and shape 

I am proud how i  advanced

On the rhythm of need when danced 

Don't mind if it looks like  brag

It has been exhausting drag 

Now i wanna feel good and free 

Leaving behind all the creeds

Untying humanity from all  chains

Unfamiliar of whining or blames

So everyone can follow his heart 

By overlooking but ,if ,what 

Some say what i did is cool 

Though there are some naive fools 

Who give preference to "rules"

Talking about "order" and "ques"

What the point in making all" plain"?

When i forgot what is main

They think like a everything else

My mind needs refinement as well 

Waking and strengthening  Soul

Can be way that lead to goal

Trimming down trees of wish and dream

That are too much wild and extreme 

Bringing order in the thoughts 

Can save me from hurting others lot

Reconsidering priorities 

Can bring earthers lots of ease

I would say it's easiest thing 

Teaching others how to sing 

But when it's to catch the tune 

Sending wild beast to saloon 

Conquering world is easier bask

Fighting one's ego is hardest task 

Acknowledging own's flaws 

Travelling against gravity laws

Can i make this happen ever 

Says conscience  now or never 

Starting war is difficult 

Fighting  against inner ugly cult 

Reigning my head since i am

Ruining the original gem 

In the body soul was sowed 

To sprout up and grow 

From the rock 's core doomed 

Gently appear innocent bloom

What i did to thing subtle ? 

Imprisoned behind the grill 

Grill made up of lust and greed 

Despair was her only feed

Can i make her live again ?

To sit on throne of my brain 

Making him realize that he 

Must understand reality 

That his thoughts are "energy"

Like branches out of tree

Growing fearlessly free

That's what energy meant to be ?

Always up to something true 

But Oblivious how to do!

It's on soul to show it path

What to choose and what to not

Because brain is body's slave

Captivated in it's cave 

Reacting to chemical flee

Carrying orders momentary 

Giving physical senses drive

So it's  master can survive

But soul is Divine light

To make our paths bright 

So we cane walk with care 

Balancing "truth" or "dare" 

sorry if it got bit long ,just hope you liked it friends !

thank you for bearing with me !

blessings to all of you and loved ones!




Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Days (poem written by me)


Days are like different doorways 

Each one  opening to new ablaze 

Heavy or light doesn't depend on season 

Good or bad without logic or reason 

One day you get up and world is mad 

Some craziness has turned all bad

You feel awful though things are right 

 With everyone you want to fight

Although all around is same 

Inevitably you want to blame 

For the things did not go well

Who is responsible ?hard to tell

 Moments come when you want to figure 

But today you are ridiculous digger

Like heavy rock you drag your day 

Leaving you with thoughts hard to sway .

One day you get up and feel top of the world 

Flying without wings all over like a bird

Overwhelmed by exciting pulse 

People seem patients and you are nurse 

Treating others with kindness and calm 

Gestures are sweet and words are balm 

Your kit is full of tools 

Those who worry ,you think are fools

No such thing with you can't deal 

Oldest wounds are going to heal 

Long awaited puzzles and question 

Miraculously today are done 

Such days are like winter's sunlight 

To end  them you don't want night 

Some days idle , dull and slow 

you don't want to get up and go 

All you want is stick to bed 

Scroll phone screen what is written or said 

Laying lazily between sleep and awake 

No thought cooking no dream baked 

Tons of coffee and tea taken by you 

Where is  mind? still no clue 

To motivate ,you try things 

Music or stretching but no bell ring 

Gossip on call or book to read 

Trying to focus is such "dread"

Priceless moments and hours of your day 

uselessly just wasted away 

But at night when you lay to rest 

Suddenly you feel you got back your best 

Some days Social full of cheerful mood

You forgot once you have been rude

Want to get out and meet everyone you know 

Hugging and kissing ,greeting and bow 

You think how you missed all this 

Relationships are such a bliss 

Aunts and uncles cousins and friends

Life at once seems colorful blend 

Beautiful rainbow encompassing your heart

Makes you feel strangely strong and vast

Some days are lone that isolate you  

You don't want see any old or new 

Self reflection is call of soul 

And meditation can lead to goal

You knew all now time to know you 

Work of "figuring" ,"mending" and "sew" 

Once you have rearranged the "self"

You can find your place in "shelf"

Just like roots grow into stem 

Days are how you look at them 

And your look is determined mostly by what you eat

So please beware of what you choose as meal

Can't say whether you believe it or not 

But what you eat makes "day you got" 

Sorry for ruining the poetic essence with last stanza ,along with all other reasons that influence our days what we eat is really important actually and i wanted to convey it because i am experiencing how correcting eating habits makes our days better.

thanks for bearing!

Friday, October 13, 2023

Israel And Gaza War Is Heartbreaking

  My heat feeling discomfort and sorrow for Israel and Gaza !

May God be merciful and may the man be wise to avoid such raw actions against humanity after learning so much in this new era .

this is so sad and embarrassing as God is watching us over all the time! 

Monday, October 9, 2023

With The Coin I Have

Hello Kind Souls  

Hope and pray that finding peace ,joy and purpose in whatever daily life brings you !

Life is constant struggle to survive through odds and be grateful for blessings it bring to us once in a while (though most of the time blessings are there but we can't notice due to our negligence sadly). A non stop struggle that is what life seems .that is what basic philosophy of all holy books reveal and what a coincidence that our observations and experiences make us agree to this  eventually sooner or later.

There is a line in detailed explanation of a verse in our holy book which says 

" Once You Intend to do something or to be someone, It is habit of God to make it happen no matter what and no one can change my law" 

Sounds familiar ?

Yes Science also reveals after hundreds of the years of research that ,

"World is made up as "Probabilistic "and each particle Contains  Large number of possibilities attached to it facilitating it with ability to take any desired form or position" (though rest depends on the strength of our urge and power of our effort to achieve it fully)

When i think back when i was unaware of Truth i think those were better days full of dreams and enthusiasm for life just like Alice in the wonder land . 

When i would feel how people become responsible for their own miseries ,there would rise a nurturing sense of coziness secretly within me making me hopeful that i won't be as careless and try to avoid mistakes that complicate or trouble life .

The heart of an innocent full of faith that life is easy and i will make it easier with my own input of "carefulness" sounded good back then.

I don't curse the day when i followed my heart and decided to learn(the wish to learn was there always as curse or gift whatever call it)  more about life and universe because i know it is not about "knowledge" but "attitude " we own to treat everything with including knowledge.

My speed to learn about certain aspects of life grew faster when i realized i need answers to some certain whats and whys urgently to face current challenges and improve quality of life.

That helped lot to be honest . With knowledge i was able to understand the causes of issues and how to uproot them .That was awesome revelation for me as an individual and quite a sense of achievement as woman rotating in certain routine of life as house wife and a mother .

Like everything else knowledge comes with responsibility and side effects .(can't be only my opinion i bet)

For a poor a coin hold greater value than Rich who holds empire .

This is economical fact read in books long time ago and personal opinion as well after realization of it.

With coin i can purchase bread to stay alive .With little knowledge i tried to improve my "mindset" which could revolutionize my life to some extent. This is could be possible only when  i applied this little knowledge in my practical living.

When i read or hear that " good things   belong to books or movies only" I don't believe it. Alive people write books ,alive not physically but spiritually as well . Balance between both existences makes them see behind visible reality which they try to convey through their writings to those who keep focus on physical facts only.

My quest for learning made me encounter with fact that i know nothing but really little because whatever i was planning to write i saw was wrote already and in very impressive and influential way. 

But One thing which i believe is also said already and very nicely i want to say it too in my simple way and this is that despite born with numerous probability we humans bear specific limits to conceive and share things .

Just like the languages spoken all over the world are possible because of certain types of (limited) air movement in our air box placed in mouth or neck ,Similarly ideas we approach are pre determined and limited ,they exist already like everything else .We have to explore them only through intuition or contemplation on our arrival . 

So Goodness presented in myths or in modern day stories is same and exists side by side with badness because both are twins .So believe in "Goodness " as part of reality even if you deny Higher divine force presence. Because it is mean you are taking the hidden underlying Goodness into Reality by believing in it. As your thoughts take shape of actions later .

Thanks for bearing with me sweet souls! 

Sending best wishes for health peace and joy of you and to all you love!



Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Hubby's Check up And A Short Review Of Book "God "By Reza Aslan

  A beautiful day here today . I want to be thankful for mild August ,September and for pleasant start of October as they allowed us easy and light days free of intense sweat and hard core struggle for survival. 

I also want to thank you all of you my sweet and kind beautiful blogging friends who strengthened me with their support when it was much needed. Hubby has recovered speedily by the grace of God and today he has gone to hospital for check up with same kind childhood friend if everything is fine and further medicine prescription.

I finished "God" by Reza Aslan . The internet issues gave me time to finish it soon and i am happy i could do it. 

I really liked the book .Writer has shared his research upon topic how people of paleolithic age (2.5 million years ago) also believed in presence of supernatural or divine force who run the world . They expressed their knowledge about Divine conceived by their senses  on walls of caves and trunk of trees etc. For them God was not one though but for everything and every emotion they had God who was invisible spirit .

Ten to twelve years ago when Neolithic period began and humans started agriculture and made houses  people made temples for God who can protect them and their colonies. 

According to Reza humans have always tried to see God in their own personal perspective and no one can elevate above it . There is very detailed talk over how the oldest religion of Jews worshiped Yahweh who's father in law was worshiper of El which in Bible is referred as God and In Quran as Allah . I will cut short and only few points  by Aslan that according to his research because of main role of a religious scholar Maricon of Sinop who set up the foundations of new testaments and prompted the new Sect of Christianity.After long period of differences between various sects they all finally settled on Trinity .

Aslan puts that unlike revived version of Islam that starts with Mouhammed who came down from Hira mountain and claimed God as sole Deity in whole universe 14000 years ago , ancient Arabs believed in personalized deities as God.  Although his declaration was not new nor offensive he made two innovations first he firmly embrace the connotations of monotheistic system ,it was not enough to worship sole Allah but they had to deny all other deities  .Second innovation was that Muhammed identified Allah Yahweh .

In short Muhammed was trying to dehumanized God with all the verses that supported the idea of Gad is unique and  has no image.

At the final section of the book Aslan mentions Sufism and the way they revitalized Islamic theology to reconcile God's unity with God's creative power .

This is good that Reza plays safely through his intense research work and takes no one's side . I like this most about the book because i myself also believe that Whoever has created this universe and put us here with his "light" to see and understand everything is want us to be one so we can be able to find One behind it all .

Reza ends his book by supporting the pantheism that Reality ,universe and everything within it is identical to " Divinity" which means God is one but and it means "Oneness" means everything is Him .

Just like science say this today after all it's research .

Thanks for bearing with me friends !

health peace and joy to all of you and to all you love!

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Internet , Youngest Son's good Job And Hubby "s Surgery

 Hey dear Friends !

Hope and pray all is good at your corner of the world . We are surprised by mild summer this year specially since August weather is pleasant and bearable and despite the exposure to sunlight is hard overall days are nice by the grace of good God !

I was unable to open blogger and my blog for few days (three i guess) as google would show a lock and content that "your connection is not private blah blah" I though it was because of bad internet that was slow since many days and our devices were unable to connect properly. The internet man visited and he checked the device and said device is okay because my phone is connecting perfectly . He left and internet started to work little bit. Though my blog and blogger were not opening . Today when my youngest son on my laptop to study he told that he has fixed the issue and i can open my blog now ,i ran to him and asked if the blogger is also opening and yes it was . I was happy for this recovery but honestly i was more happy for what my son was able to do for me . 

My youngest son is different than his elder brothers and little slow in studies not because he is naive but because of the lack of interest in proper studies and that has made us little concerned abut his future . He is in 12th grade and preparing for final exams next year . Sometimes such happy surprises encourage us to think positive  . I tried many times and i could not figure out what to do but he did it within some minutes this is nice indeed.

Today hubby is gone to Sukkur city for minor surgery .One of his friend (childhood friend) is accompanying him . He will stay in the hospital for one night and return tomorrow before lunch time hopefully!

I wanted to join him but he said no need because he has friend who can stay and that i have to be at home so our younger son should not miss his college or tuition . 

I am missing him already with little heavy heart . I think there is no day when i don't thank my kind God that he gave me such nice human being as life partner ! Once long ago my eldest son and i were having conversation about life partner and he asked what i think of hubby. And i think my response was spontaneous ,firm and happy that He is surely among some rare and best humans on planet with his heart really kind and caring . Relationship require labor of love and he has all that care and sense of responsibility that one can wish for . What above everything else  is that he is easy to live with just like a water who does not demand just nurture !

I have removed many weaknesses i had when i saw him how he handles delicate life matters with patience and sensibility!

I used to say my life has many miracle ,he is on top of all!

God bless you all! please take care and keep smiling 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

It Is Miracle In Your Hand

 It is a beautiful day out there breezy with enchanting sunlight that provokes to be grateful and smile for no reason . 

Did i say for no reason ? Hope does not sounds ungrateful . Of course we do have millions of reasons all the time for being grateful to Divine including life ,health ,family and so on ....

With age my love for sun and it's light is growing enormously and i am thankful i have ability to look at him and feel how precious it is for whole humanity and life on our planet !

I have not been feeling well since long time. As i have mentioned in old posts that i feel feverish and body ache once in a while for which i have been relying on Panadol for  long until few years back doctor asked me stop as it is bad for heart and increase uric acid as well . Now when i feel such issue i try to avoid taking pills but wait if it can go away with rest or so. If it does not i take only one tablet during daytime only and that is it . Though later few time fever was  diagnosed as typhoid or malaria when tested. So almost two weeks back when i felt same "feverish" feelings" i ran to doc but test showed up Negative.

You can think that i should wait for feeling feverish turn into to actual fever but it had not happen previously when i took one tablet daily for week because i just felt down and feverish ,my pulse was not showing any sign (hubby can tell by checking pulse whether it is fever or not "  

After negative result of test i took panadol inevitably  for some days again which gave rise to knee pain .It makes me feel tired which i hate.

 I was reading Louise 's latest post today in which she mentioned her inability to get out of the bed in the morning because of the lack of motivation . I think we all deal with such difficulties time to time with age. Health issues complicate things more .

What i want to point out here is that i have learnt from many books and videos throughout so many years (two decades almost) that we all need to overcome such problem which occurs because our brain gets weak and it's energy drops. It is scientifically proven that Meditation is only thing that helps us to take control of our  mind. Regular and consistent Meditation makes brain connection strong and keeps them reproduce well and strengthen their ability to focus.

I have seen this miracle happening in my own life when i was heartbroken badly after my father's death (which i wasn't informed by my sister) and then within six months or so i lost my mom too. 

In such dark times when i had stated to feel alienated ,broken and lost ,it was only meditation who pulled me out the well of despair and sorrow . It made me better and faster at learning ,reading and understanding anything .I was better wife ,mother and relative because i got energy to invest everywhere. The energy that belonged to me and was always there but was withered and not composed or useable .

Only regular and constant meditation did this to me .

There are millions of videos and books that offer teach how to meditate but believe me even shortest video will help if you are willing to do it. 

Opening Third eye is a way that help us to keep balance between mind and brain because both provide physical view of reality around us but Third eye provides middle way to link them both equally instead leaning at one side .

Sorry if post is long dear Friends . it hurts to see any friend dealing with depression which is handle able if we try correct option .

health ,peace and joy to you all and to all you love ! 

Monday, September 18, 2023

Some old photos and little chat

Hello beautiful hearts!
hope beating nicely on the rhythm of life . I am sorry if i am being bit late to blogging although i am trying to catch up  with your posts and commenting on them thankfully. My mother in law visited after more than one year and stayed for some days with us .It was pleasant experience having her here for some while . She is in her early eighties and doing good .This is shame i could not take photo when she was here. But this is really good that we had some good chats about may things going on in our extended family of in laws. She left yesterday ,i requested her genuinely to keep us visiting in future as well which she promised .She is known as introvert since beginning and hardly get out of her home in her life actually. 
After saying her goodbye i missed my mother more and my kids who left home (two elder sons living away from us) this was little sad feeling who kept my heart for a while and that made me stroll old photos from which i am sharing some here ,hope they will interest you too .

 while visiting to the malls or restaurants my kids would love to have spicy delicious food 

                                                 Jasmin flower with sweetest fragrance  

           old photos that i took when i felt captivated by the beauty of the view or moment 

                                                         missing children is natural right  

                                                    Marigold with their dazzling beauty 

              i feel compelled by the pattern of clouds ,here like painter waved the brush mindlessly 

               our visit to sukker river park on the bank of Indus river was fun together always 

                            seasonal blooms who added glory to our yard few years ago 

taken during our visit to Neelem valley Kashmir,it was one of the most beautiful thing to experience 

     the law of nature are hard despite of all the goodness they have for parents specially who live in the empty nest eventually with heart full of prayers for their children !

                             this is family photo of my sister which she shared on previous Eid 

        My younger son visited us in the first week of August and stayed for ten days with us ,it was such a satisfaction to have him close after an year almost !

Enough for now dear friends ,will be visiting you all regularly hopefully !
health ,peace and joy to all of you !

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Light And Mystery Of Challenges

  Hello Lovely Friends ,hope all is well at your corner,  everything  is fine here as well by the grace of kind God! Though i doubt you will be able to watch this  intriguing video which is longer than 17 minutes ,i still want to share it here because i loved the details it shares about "Light" the second most awesome thing in the universe after consciousness .In this video latest scientific research has been mentioned that how light behaves differently when observed by anything whether human eye or detector lens . Isn't this amazing ?

I am always touched by such scientific conclusions about universe. If you remember  as i had been mentioning continuously in my older posts that i was compelled by everything existing around me as child even tiny rocks laying on ground would appeal me as they were my friend .According to eastern philosophy universe is is a unified consciousness within which we all exist like wave that is part of huge ocean but still is separate wave at the same time. After latest research on quantum physics modern science seems to agree on this as well. 

Living as tiny drop in vast sea of consciousness is really a fulfilling thought for me . Everything is alive, connected and  interdependent. Despite this ocean has two forms of Energy mind and Matter  in other words Consciousness and Unconsciousness .

Like every single thing in the universe we human too are made up of  two energies

 Unconscious part is matter (body and physical brain with all it's material desires) 

Consciousness ,part that is aware of itself and strive to grow up to the spiritual state gradually. 

To Turn unconsciousness into Consciousness Nature kick us further with Challenges that if we face with Deepest faith and courage can make us grow stronger and better person eventually with more wisdom!

Health ,peace and joy to all of you and to all you love!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

What And Why (poem) by me


With first breath we start this  race 

Obstacles of life we have to face 

Full of wonder our curious souls 

Land here and set their  goals 

Whether it is just matter of food 

Or some toughest plans include 

We keep moving through all odds

No matter how much path are hard 

Everything "moving" whether dusk or dawn 

No "stillness" in Nature's plan 

Why all things are made this way ?

What they have to achieve anyway ?

Is this blessing or the curse ?

 After what is universe ?

Why can't things be at the rest ?

Why everyone is after "best"?

What if  being "best" is not the case ?

And we are trapped in delusional phase

What if "game " is not about win

Matter  most  "rules and discipline"?

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Taking It Slow To Enjoy More

 I am reading a book since more than a month and i am intentionally reading it slow because i found it very nice and i don't want it to end quickly .To support my intention i have started to read another book "God" by Reza Aslan and i am enjoying it too .

Do you feel something like this whether it's a book ,movie or show or anything else that you wanted to enjoy it's beauty more and for this you take slower pace with it ? 

i would love to hear your such experience dear friends 

health peace joy to all of you!

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Reality Is Created Only When Observed By Consciousness According to ..

 Yesterday i watched this interesting video about latest scientific research about Reality in which we are existing . I found it amazing as despite one the scientist says that "consequences points towards the  Consciousness which is creating reality in our universe, but we are not talking about spirituality or Religion here"

According to the consequence of long time research scientists think that "Consciousness is the only reason behind everything we experience as reality ,but Most Intriguing  part about  it is that "reality is created only when Observed " 

i will highly recommend this video dear friends and any thoughts you will share will be greatly appreciated !

Hugs and blessings!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Sadness ,Gratitude And Blooms

Hey Kind Friends 

Hope  solving the intriguing puzzle of life  wisely and carefully. 
We are trying our best as well here .Despite our August is quite airy unlike before surprisingly, heat of the season is still literally mind blowing.  
Last week when we were expecting our younger son from Karachi a horrible train accident took place near Karachi sadly. The unfortunate train left Karachi cant  station before the train, one in which our son was supposed to ride for home. The ten bogies of that train were derailed . More than 80 passengers lost their precious lives and one and 150 were injured. I think of mourners who lost their loved ones suddenly and my heart melts down .
Such sorrowful happenings stir so many questions in my mind but i know no one has the answer until yet.
Our younger son came through bus after two days of this accident. We were relieved to see him !

I keep prying for the safety and health for my children and for all who travel anywhere in the world!

Sharing some recent  flowers in our garden dear friends ,hope they will make you feel better after this sad sharing. And three photos from our recent trip to Islamabad when we had tea at popular restaurant La Terazza situated on the roof top of Centaurus Mall. 

                          our creeper loves summer heat and blooms densely

                                                                    most favorite one 

                              surprisingly these seasonal flowers survived till now which is unusual 

  they appear white with sensational fragrance at night and turn pink during sunlight, Nature is magical 

    we realized after finishing the tea that we di not take photo as it was our first visit to the restaurant 

Hubby had left some tea but i hold empty cup for the photo 

     the view was very enjoyable after exhausting walk and shopping in the mall ,it was breezy and beautiful and we liked the tea as well though it was quite expensive 

That is it for now friends!
Keep being kind to all around you including yourself!
God Bless You All! 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

A Poem For My Eldest Son On His 30th Birthday !

 This is strange how time flies by 

Just while ago you were a little boy 

Light and thin cuddling in my arms

Sometimes desperate sometimes calm

When you looked with cozy eyes

Whole universe seemed to smile !

Held my finger when with your hand

No joy on earth felt as grand !

In our little world you were the boss

Carrying your wishes was our purpose

Can't tell how it was to have you close 

For our souls you were energy source 

Absorbing "delight" through your giggles 

We had power to cross all obstacles

In our life you came like a "seed"

Tried to fulfill all your needs

With all what we had in  power thee

 Grace of God now you are Tree !

Independent on your own roots 

Bearing your own branches and fruits

Physically away from us though 

Which was essential in order to grow 

This departure hurt first huge! 

In "The Divine "we  took  refuge !

He says "if you love one so true"

"He is never away from you "

"Despite bodily distance seen"

"You are in touch with soul unseen"

As all matter is warped in "Soul"

"Which is matter's eternal goal" 

So with little gift of wisdom's bliss 

I could say to my sorrow "dismiss"

Feels my "existence" has got new bling

Like a bird who grew fresh wing

Do you see the miracle of love 

My heart follows you like a dove 

In the vastness of time and space 

Seems i  melted and joined Divine Grace

So i can stay close to you 

And my prayer keep surrounding you!

Oh my precious son and kindest soul!

How i give you a tribute as whole!

Thanks for the tears of gratitude !

Thanks for the smiles of peace and joy!

How you turned in a wonder man

 From a mischievous and lively boy

For the goodness you have shown always

I run out of words to praise !

Keep Walking on righteous path

Always with you be my dear God!

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