Wednesday, September 30, 2009

changes are every where ...

People like changes, we always want to feel better .and for that they make changes in their living , dressings and looks by time .People who can afford change their vehicles ,colors of their houses and furniture once or twice a year and they also change their hair style after a week or so . they also like to change their wardrobe, footwear collection.and people who can not afford they just feel better to change their wallpapers .most of the people get bored immediately.

These are the people who even don't know the reason their discontent , they think that by changing their contact lenses they can see the world with better colors .They spend money every year that could be enough to establish some factories.But inspite of all this when ever they face mirror they wish that they could replace any other head instead of theirs and this unsatisfaction makes them suffer in surgeries .
There is a big fever of changing all around ...every one feels unhappy ,black wants to be fair ,fair wants to be brown ,thin are getting thiner in worry of getting fat,fat are suffering with diets to be thin , similarly we see children coming in world and copy elders ,because they want to grow up fast ,elders are also not much happy with ages and wanna be a child again.
We are humans we spent our whole life dancing at the beat of our desires like puppets , but what to do... Change is a necessity it refreshes us when house wives get bored with their routine life and can not do and thing else to feel them better they just get up and change settings of their furnitures and cupboards.
After every fight that husband is not giving enough time to his family ,husband changes his old promises with his new ones that he will change him self .people who can change them selves after marriage they change their life partners, some youngsters change their boy/girl friends like a dress every day .when get sick doctor also recommends us some changes in our routine, Youngsters after 20 think that before 20 they just wasted their time now they change by avoiding wandering and flirting ,and they dont take a single week to forget it.

Around 40 some people think that they have not achieved and are a failure in every field.So this is the time to be serious and focus on life and with this at last they really make some nice changes in their life,but many of them still just pretend to change their lives because they are not loyal enough with their efforts . Some people want to get rich over one night and for this they struggle but never are satisfied so all the time they keep changing their plans and look for any shortcut to make it happen .

Scientists and criminals have also interesting race among them ,Scientists invent so many things to secure our houses and lockers but criminals every time find out the in this case is also a race of changing.

the action of changing will never end in world.Man who thinks of himself as strong , with little disorder of brain he becomes a living dead and depends on others .This space man changes in to a dead body when spirit leaves him.So he is got buried other wise he spoils and stinks .and there insects change him in to skeleton.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Women , an essay

universe is bundle of countless question and human brain is designed to solve it, its like a game where human brain comes with gradually better capacities indifferent eras and tries to solve it. men come and leave countless people live their lives in couples but before they go they leave their children like more brains . we know that there are several big peaces of earth floating on huge amount of water ,and on each of them live different peoples, living together from centuries ,makes a big gene pool about same basic thoughts which don't have considerable difference .

Nature created men and women with same brain but for putting attraction in women's beauty it gave a little less physical power to the women,from basic difference men always took advantage
of women and treated her like his private property , he always takes decisions on behalf of her ,from centuries women have to look after their home and family" i am not against it" .So like this a huge gene pool was created of brains which can do some specific jobs .we all know that any work of this world can't be perfect without continuous effort so like that men played openly in the various fields of life and women acted only in her bounded limits ,was broken when the first women of this word took decisions to get out of the house and proved her self by exploring this world and earned for her self .

After breaking a gene pool she always got hard time from the man she showed that she can be madam curi , Kelopatra and mother treesa ,its only about chance they find .finding chance in men ' s world is still hard for women
. we accept it or not that not only a house wife but working women also suffered lot because worse behavior and professional jealousy some times she has to sacrifice her self respect for her own true rights because she does not find any other way but the success which she gets at the cost of self respect makes her hollow from inside like after opening an owsome packing we find nothing inside it but personally i don't
think that this is not the only option to get success . if we believe in our selves and have strong faith in the law of the nature that every thing happens at a particular time in a specific way .

If we jump like a hare and get success quickly it does not gives us real means of success but continuous struggle in right way give us definitely one day what we deserve ,and from that we get true pleasure of achievement . mostly men earn so they are head of family but women are base of it because she is the one who will design the future of the family and built the physical and mantle health of it there is a saying that' if a man is a illiterate then is the only one but if a woman is illiterate then whole family will suffer although men took the responsibility to run the world , but women is responsible arranging it beautifully .
when i think world without woman i think of a rainbow without color or body without soul . from centuries woman is inspiration of great poets and painters , all of them put spirit in their creativity by expressing beauty and grace of woman i mean i cannot replace monalisa with man because it is about expression of pure feelings and woman is bounded with the feelings . emotions speaks difference between human and robot . the way a woman living her life since years she became very emotional . being a mother she passes through the greatest pain which becomes her strength
when she give birth a baby . this strength makes her more powerful and strong then man . one more emotion of woman which came under my observation that after marriage she is always sad and disappointing with her married life , always waiting for attention of her husband , some time this waiting becomes life time .

often she gets chance but avoid to talk first due to thinking is this the same man starving for my company why is he behaving like i do not exist any more . but now most of women came out from this painful situation because they are active for their career too.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

looking for my self

some time when i think of life i find it like a train running very fast leaving several stations behind as i can not see the scenes passing through time did not let me stay at one place for long time so that i can live it more .

often i get my head out of the window of the train and look back to the first station of my life "my childhood" .i can see that little girl still playing with her friends in fields full of greenery .she is not done with her swinging under tree yet with every swing her smile gets deeper , and brightness of her eyes gets brighter .she is still busy in building a house for her doll on the bank of shiny stream which is glittering after meeting sun . i can feel her confidence that she can take care of her things and nothing can fail her .

she is free like bird flying high and high absorbing fresh air in her wings .some time she looks in my eyes ,with out saying a word she seems pulls me towards her .slight wetness in her eyes is asking me to join her again .i also want to be with her but ... life took me wherever i could never got separate from her .

though train of life is running very fast ,and stations are leaving behind quickly ,i can see her calling me back with her moving hand istill have her in my soul pure drop of water over green leaf .

sitting along sea

Sometimes when business of life surrounded me as storm surround an alone boat baili takes me to the same glittering top of the green hill where we use to sit and watch the speaking scenes ,this time we were sitting on hill beside the sea.

it was a beautiful night moon was full that's why stars were quiet dim atmosphere was cold and breezy in the moon light sea was looking so silent and mysterious like he had millions of secrets in its deep its thought face was shining in the silky moon light .with my body i could have never done it but that time i was feeling like a floating cloud in the arms of breeze so i went in the deep heart of it there were some strong and naughty rays of moon light trying to tickle the darkness .

as i got deeper and deeper i found the heart of sea getting heavier with thick cover of pain allover when i got out i was all wet and cold and air made me even more freezy baili told me that heart of sea became like a treasure which occupies sparkling diamonds of goodness and ugly stones of evilness too there are beautiful shells of smile and lot of salt of tears .

and all these things are left by people which all is gathered and hold by it she said in spite of all this its love of people never ends .if its a crowdy day its shows its pretty smile and livelihood and give everyone nice company but when it is alone in the night it becomes so sad and lonely during the centuries when the pain overflewed he changed its places so we can see the great deserts he left over which show that when someone is alone and holds unbearable pain inside for very long time ,how empty and lifeless he becomes .

Friday, September 18, 2009


God created the humans left them on earth with great space so he is free in his all decisions he choose the path for himself weather its right or wrong but in such huge universe during this very short life for successful defense and survival how would he know that where he is right or where he is wrong i think nature has fixed a bell in every human's mind which rings when he does any negative act even when he knows that no one is watching him. its voice notices us that we did some wrong its unbelievable that no one can hear it actually we all here it avoid it or ignore it because it resists us to get taste of the moment that time it seems like a little stone in our way which can be thrown away easily with a kick very few people take it as a torch which prevents them falling in deep space .

when we hurt some one or be dishonest or even when break a signal on an empty road we here it ,some times i think when Hitler declared that world is a place for beautiful and healthy only and made a tower of Skulls would he have heard it (bell) or when farrow acclaimed himself as god and asked everybody to worship him i am not a thinker or a scholar but with little study of human nature i have observed that if any thing is more than balance it creates a rush in human mind like with extra economical strength man feels him self on top and every one to him like insect he thinks that whole world is only for him with this power he tires to overcome and rule on every thing he wants every one to obey him.

every bodies life , self respect and freedom is meaningless to him if we see history since this world is made there are thousands of people whole tried to rule this world alone and for this they killed millions of people cruelly but none of them was successful because we are very little part of this huge universe and the Creator doesn't wants it to happen. and we are for very short time in this world which is going to remain for a lot more time as compared to our lives,most of us hardly reach at 60 year of age but also their are so many who rest in peace immediately , with these kind of fools who ruined lives of others and their own such a bad way.

We have example of such people who understood the real law of nature and real mission of life and spent their whole life to serve the humanity .if we try to understand the difference between human natures we get that his nature depends upon his learning process and obtaining results every person has different view of life .Watching a painting different people get different opinions for it just like that if a bunch of people sitting around a statue to make its painting will draw different paintings this is due to reason that they all see different sides of it.So its also about a place from where we are looking at things .

Science gives us definition of a normal person as one who lives without harming any one else and has every next day better than previous one it shows that those people were mentally sick who tried to crush the humanity and had great complexes in their mind after getting authority they did those cruel activities .
so people who don't have strong wills , can not compose their positive energy and give it a right way they take economical strength take it as a short cut where they prove others weak then themselves.because proving himself is his natural desire.

people who have faith , inner confidence and who understand the life real way and relations with others they know that world is a beautiful place and they have to spend their lives in an aimful and positive way .Way is changed but world of billion people is being ruled by such people who think that only they have right to live. These rascals think that they are immortal ,they are dealer of darkness so they have become a black hole who sucks light and never completes its day will come when man whose getting wiser will start an era of development and happiness where every one will be equal as God created them .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Family To Us

Feeling Is a thing Which decides that how we are gonna spend our day today, effects of the previous day gets light but not erases completely so feeling low become our glasses we see through mostly when we are sad every thing seems meaning less happiness we see around makes us more painful laughter we listen puts tears in our eyes and we think what is so good about life and why is every one so happy even some one trying to make us light we Don't understand feelings about us and get angry with this we hurt some one who cares about us.

in today's world a true fiend is a treasure which should not be loose no matter how much we got advance or independent we are not made to live alone ,life is running so fast every one seems to be in great hurry on , roads ,parks ,offices ,even in homes people are so close but so far from each other they talk walk eat even live together only physically they don't share their souls and this not natural and healthy way of life world is full of people but relationship is a circle where we are bounded together love and care is material which changes border of circle into strong boundaries above all understanding is the roof which makes a building as complete so any harm can not get in .

we have to care and respect this building of a relationship if we follow all rules it gets stronger and we feel lucky to have it around us i saw people who love each other but don't express it in routine life this is not cool no body can read any ones mind sharing shelter eating , sleeping under one roof is not a true and real relation every relationship needs attention like very thing else in life,as our office work needs to be managed properly our vehicles need fuel and regular maintenance.

our houses need to be looked after care fully pictures on the wall and vases on the corners if are not get dusted even a single day we can see a thin layer of dust on them as not watering a plant properly makes it weak before and dead at last same way not giving attention to family daily emotional bases makes family weak and tour them in parts everyone screes in a shell andgathering becomes just formalities each one of us some time need fever some timeappreciationand unconsciously some time for having a bad day we wait for one nice sentence that how was the day or is there some thing wrong honey sporting each other in ups and downs of the life sharing laughter and tears together turns a family in a strong tree which can face anystormeasily in every part of the age from childhood to oldness when everyone leave us alone we need friend true friend is like a shady tree in desert in which shadow we sit relax and refresh ourselves for facing desert again if take true care of it with little water of love bit sense of touch it will remain green and shady forever

.our houses need to be looked after care fully pictures on the wall and vases on the corners if are not get dusted even a single day we can see a thin layer of dust on them as not watering a plant properly makes it weak before and dead at last same way not giving attention to family daily emotional bases makes family weak and tour them in parts everyone screes in a shell and gathering becomes just formalities each one of us some time need fever some time appreciation and unconsciously some time for having a bad day we wait for one nice sentence that how was the day or is there some thing wrong honey sporting each other in ups and downs of the life sharing laughter and tears together turns a family in a strong tree which can face any storm easily in every part of the age from childhood to oldness when everyone leave us alone we need friend true friend is like a shady tree in desert in which shadow we sit relax and refresh ourselves for facing desert again if take true care of it with little water of love bit sense of touch it will remain green and shady forever .

Friday, September 11, 2009

basics of creations

balance is main thing that hold the whole universe together from million years these uncountable . stars our sun and earth are moving in certain way on earth the circle of life is proof huge balance if we look at the world every thing basis on balance, magic, and love ,love creates things like someone with unimaginable power has created the universe .

but for us he did his best that no one can do for anyone ever first gradually he prepared the atmosphere for life then he made us happen he could have done this in a single moment but like a game designer he made every thing with reason and logic because he wants to see the biggest wonder ever "Human Brain" can explore it or not even thing like brain can not be used with all its capacity at a once ,its opening process has connected with discovering the universe in beginning men lived in jungle and caves with passage of time and finding the ways of survival and when he fulfilled his basic necessities and solved his early problems he was after facilities and now when he has invented a bit copy of his own mind "Computer" he is about to change his home which can now be mars or any other...

In my childhood when i sowed any seed and saw any plant coming out of it and then from plant evolute a tree was the biggest magic for me ,the shadow under which i sat is of a tiny seed which i hold in my hand once , is'nt it magic,i don't know about heaven but i heard that no thing is more pretty and comfortable than it ,but how ever this wonderland "earth" is really amazing because being a part of this great happening is a feel cant be expressed .I just cant stop of thinking about him who gave us chance of living, usually we thank the person who gives us just a glass of water but we dont think of that who made water and hand which we use to drink and fullness that we feel after drinking that water to end our thirst.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Previous Dreams

My village was full of life there was a true beauty and simplicity , people were also simple and loving , but not educates though , 2 or 3 people in whole village have studied just 10 grades including my father and grand father , Girls were not allowed to go to School When My Mother put me in school , her whole family went against her , First day of my school.

when i returned my uncle punished me but by my mothers support i stood against them to protect my rights from the beginning i thought that i would prove ,them that a School going Girl also have Good character and also supporter family .

My dream was to join Army because I always liked the discipline and organized routine of it .For that i took science subjects in metric,and there my first dream was broken when i had to loose my metric examination due to sickness and when i recovers it was late for conducting science and i had to choose subjects of arts group after metric i got a Government job of teacher but worse behavior of my elder brother and his wife put lot of pressure on my mother for my marriage .

i had to leave my job,my parents arranged my marriage and i came another city with my life partner, i left my dearest village behind who was so kind to me it has been about 20 years know but during my daily routine i still feel it around me its innocent beauty which made me write poetry in 3rd standard .Living with a body only is not the real life there must be balance between physical and spritual life,otherwise there would always some thing missing....

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Village...

baili is the only friend i got . she is with me since i started thinking and feeling she introduced the other side of life to me , she told me that sometimes we have to leave our body alone and just fly away its never possible that we find the perfect life or the complete world because what ever we get it becomes meaning less later to us no matter how impotent and precious it was before.about 40 years ago i became part of a family which was sat on poverty line not above not under it was a beautiful village like a part of heaven ,the whole village was like a small valley surrounded by green hills our house was on the hill ,a stream flowed near the village and its both banks were decorated by green fields which were used to change their colour twice a year some times green by corn and wheat and some times yellow by sarson hill that i can see from my house had laces of fruitful gardens whenever it was windy,lots of different fruits fell on the grounds and picked away by children , owner were used to get angry but there was never a single fight in every season beautiful diffrent birds were used to visit our village and then blue sky of valley and green trees were filled various pretty colors and sweet voices in nights when there was moonlight the cleen and cold water of river glittered like silver i feel in moonlight every single thing felt strange beauty everywhere every thing try to swim in it air blows carefully so no one gets started, branches and leaves of trees share their secrets with air quietly that moment we can breath the life inn...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


when ever i get up in the morning ,i see a new world ,a world that could be taken away any me , world is a wonderland full of surprises . universe is a question paper and human brain is answer sheet every day we get riddles from it and try to solve them life is a short break given by god to visit this wonder land .journey to death begins with ourvey 1st breath , what ever comes in this wonder and has very short period to live here some one made this amazing wonderland for us every bit part of this beautiful earth is showing that the maker has great great love and care for his creations . every single living being find its complete necessities here . Creator took care of physical and spiritual lives of ours he provides the space and opportunities so we can find out how much capacity we have to face and live alive.Life is a magic before it was not now it is and later it wont be .i just love to watch life running around .
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