Thursday, September 24, 2009

looking for my self

some time when i think of life i find it like a train running very fast leaving several stations behind as i can not see the scenes passing through time did not let me stay at one place for long time so that i can live it more .

often i get my head out of the window of the train and look back to the first station of my life "my childhood" .i can see that little girl still playing with her friends in fields full of greenery .she is not done with her swinging under tree yet with every swing her smile gets deeper , and brightness of her eyes gets brighter .she is still busy in building a house for her doll on the bank of shiny stream which is glittering after meeting sun . i can feel her confidence that she can take care of her things and nothing can fail her .

she is free like bird flying high and high absorbing fresh air in her wings .some time she looks in my eyes ,with out saying a word she seems pulls me towards her .slight wetness in her eyes is asking me to join her again .i also want to be with her but ... life took me wherever i could never got separate from her .

though train of life is running very fast ,and stations are leaving behind quickly ,i can see her calling me back with her moving hand istill have her in my soul pure drop of water over green leaf .


  1. in this life, that important for always make use of the time with the best :)


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