Wednesday, September 30, 2009

changes are every where ...

People like changes, we always want to feel better .and for that they make changes in their living , dressings and looks by time .People who can afford change their vehicles ,colors of their houses and furniture once or twice a year and they also change their hair style after a week or so . they also like to change their wardrobe, footwear collection.and people who can not afford they just feel better to change their wallpapers .most of the people get bored immediately.

These are the people who even don't know the reason their discontent , they think that by changing their contact lenses they can see the world with better colors .They spend money every year that could be enough to establish some factories.But inspite of all this when ever they face mirror they wish that they could replace any other head instead of theirs and this unsatisfaction makes them suffer in surgeries .
There is a big fever of changing all around ...every one feels unhappy ,black wants to be fair ,fair wants to be brown ,thin are getting thiner in worry of getting fat,fat are suffering with diets to be thin , similarly we see children coming in world and copy elders ,because they want to grow up fast ,elders are also not much happy with ages and wanna be a child again.
We are humans we spent our whole life dancing at the beat of our desires like puppets , but what to do... Change is a necessity it refreshes us when house wives get bored with their routine life and can not do and thing else to feel them better they just get up and change settings of their furnitures and cupboards.
After every fight that husband is not giving enough time to his family ,husband changes his old promises with his new ones that he will change him self .people who can change them selves after marriage they change their life partners, some youngsters change their boy/girl friends like a dress every day .when get sick doctor also recommends us some changes in our routine, Youngsters after 20 think that before 20 they just wasted their time now they change by avoiding wandering and flirting ,and they dont take a single week to forget it.

Around 40 some people think that they have not achieved and are a failure in every field.So this is the time to be serious and focus on life and with this at last they really make some nice changes in their life,but many of them still just pretend to change their lives because they are not loyal enough with their efforts . Some people want to get rich over one night and for this they struggle but never are satisfied so all the time they keep changing their plans and look for any shortcut to make it happen .

Scientists and criminals have also interesting race among them ,Scientists invent so many things to secure our houses and lockers but criminals every time find out the in this case is also a race of changing.

the action of changing will never end in world.Man who thinks of himself as strong , with little disorder of brain he becomes a living dead and depends on others .This space man changes in to a dead body when spirit leaves him.So he is got buried other wise he spoils and stinks .and there insects change him in to skeleton.

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