Friday, September 11, 2009

basics of creations

balance is main thing that hold the whole universe together from million years these uncountable . stars our sun and earth are moving in certain way on earth the circle of life is proof huge balance if we look at the world every thing basis on balance, magic, and love ,love creates things like someone with unimaginable power has created the universe .

but for us he did his best that no one can do for anyone ever first gradually he prepared the atmosphere for life then he made us happen he could have done this in a single moment but like a game designer he made every thing with reason and logic because he wants to see the biggest wonder ever "Human Brain" can explore it or not even thing like brain can not be used with all its capacity at a once ,its opening process has connected with discovering the universe in beginning men lived in jungle and caves with passage of time and finding the ways of survival and when he fulfilled his basic necessities and solved his early problems he was after facilities and now when he has invented a bit copy of his own mind "Computer" he is about to change his home which can now be mars or any other...

In my childhood when i sowed any seed and saw any plant coming out of it and then from plant evolute a tree was the biggest magic for me ,the shadow under which i sat is of a tiny seed which i hold in my hand once , is'nt it magic,i don't know about heaven but i heard that no thing is more pretty and comfortable than it ,but how ever this wonderland "earth" is really amazing because being a part of this great happening is a feel cant be expressed .I just cant stop of thinking about him who gave us chance of living, usually we thank the person who gives us just a glass of water but we dont think of that who made water and hand which we use to drink and fullness that we feel after drinking that water to end our thirst.

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