Monday, January 30, 2023

A Little Review Of My Recent Read "The Book Of Why" By Judea Pearl

I am reading "the book of why" by Judea Pearl these days that i have bought from Karachi .Actually i was struck by it's name instantly and i think anyone with curious mind might have have reacted similarly who is interested to learn "what causes what and why?)  
But opposite to my expectation book had topic which i was less interested or you can say that i consider myself  a beginner for such complicated and intense topic which offers much technical details and terms. I know you must be thinking that i should have read the reviews page before buying it actually i did but i probably was led by own optimistic intuition while reading reviews on the back of last page and i could not ponder further than what words told ,i took the meaning what i wanted to hear. 

 But i can't say i found it complete " loss " of money and my time i give it to read . As a person who loves everything about life cannot disappoint with any kind of learning that "add" to her knowledge some how .

So despite the little shock i felt at the beginning i found this book worth reading specially for those who hardly liked math ,statistics and measurements of  various phenomena such as affects of pandemics , factors affecting human health like obesity of cholesterol etc.

Author explains expertly how old statistician used numbers and grids to measure and reveal causal effects in early 19th century. Scientists of that era wanted to understand heredity and genetics but they did know know how these things worked .Then statisticians like karl  Pearson  and Francis Galton concluded that it was not possible to determine causality with scientific means alone. They believed that as you collect data  come to rely   on data as  a way to get closer to the truth and interpret it correctly then we can answer the question science pose( that has no bias) In scientific research questions cannot be answered with data solely because questions have context along either .Causal inference is very helpful in such research because  it is higher level of human thinking. Human are capable of three level of thinking and reasoning which are sometimes called " ladder of causation "
 First level sees and observe changes in pattern and draw conclusions on the base of associations so do animals and artificial intelligence. 

The second level is to recognize the factors behind it and then draw conclusions that can interfere the process of usual function .

Third at level is " Imagination "what places modern human better than cavemen and other animals. Thinking of future ,creating alternate such as a prosecutor can say during preceding in the court room that without firing without firing a gun that man wouldn't be  not killed .

Though author has  shown  another example for third level of human intelligence  (which he settled as ladder of causation ) but I will use words and a photo from his book only that how human imagination can help science to figure out more precise conclusions. 

Sorry for the blurred photo as power is gone and battery does not provide bright light. This is the simplest form of the diagram that author has used to measure the casualty. According to him if z is Alarm why is alarm and y is smoke then fire is third variable though irrelevant to alarm directly but confounder of the fire. 
To solve more complicated scientific matters it is necessary to causal inference lead the science discoveries and walk along otherwise it will be impossible to traditional statisticians to analize alone.

To process through these three levels writer has used three ladders and each ladder or level to analyze data is discussed with coherent previous analyzation which did not feel burden once i tried to keep in mind previous points writer has been mentioning throughout chapters , yes i repeated what i could not get though i can't claim i learned fully the point writer made here but as whole i think i could extract bit of it.
Due to shortage of time for posting i had to take help from online summery so i can put my words in short and accurate way  so i must not bore you with my lame vocabulary and longer sentences lol 

Thank you soo much for bearing with me kind friends! 
health peace and joy to all of you and to all you love!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Sciatica ,The Horrible Backache

 As flowers come with thrones literally though simbolically sometimes memories of Mery times include some soar touch either sometimes.

When left for Karachi I was fine I mean flu free, fever free and any kind of ache free as well. But after two days I suddenly got worse backache from the mid area between both shoulders and ending where actual back is. It started in the morning when I was carrying breakfast try for everyone. I felt suddenly piercing pain and destination few steps away seemed impossible to reach. I stood still. Took some deep breaths and told my Brin it's not a big deal so behave (I do it when needed and it works thankfully).

Could be my brain's positive response probably that I received a weak urge to rise next step though task still seemed so difficult to achieve. I did not want everyone to notice my issue so I tried to look normal and reached where I had to be seated. That was another problem because attempt to sit with such a shocking pain was going to reveal what I wanted to keep secret. So I joined their humorous talk by adding a sentence smilingly. Handed try to hubby meanwhile and then leant to sit on floor bed(son ordered rack for bed later).

Oh dear will never forget how I managed to hide my suffering from audience so they cannot realize my misery. Still they noticed from my efforts that something is wrong.

Hubby saw with curious eyes and eldest asked is there something wrong? I replied that my back is aching little bit for no reason. 

Hubby suggested if pain does not go in sometime take brufin  (tablet for body pain) .Eldest son advised that if pain stays longer go to the doctor . But i somehow forgot to take both advises in hustle and bustle of days of reunion. That was worst backache i had after almost 18 years .Yes first backache i got after the birth of my elder son .It made me cry and kept from doing anything physically for a two weeks almost . But when no medicine worked back then i followed my own intuition and started exercise showed in a morning show that was new beginning for my inner growth i must say because the feeling of fitness and confidence i got by exercise changed me as whole person. 

But hard part that then i was younger and doing such intense workout in this part of age (51) feels hard. So i searched on google by writing "whole body pain" after long struggle i read term Sciatica and when i read reasons that can cause it specially by pressing the central nerve i felt bit relevant .I checked a site where i read all about the Sciatica and followed the movements done in picture by a Chinese lady. Believe it or not after doing it for first time i felt so light and alive . 

Sadly i now found so many pictures and sites but could not locate the similar one with specific movements that i wanted to share here . But you know it's one click away if (God forbid) if anyone need it. 

Why i suspected about pressing central nerve ?

Well i am doing certain type of yoga movements since some years and i doubted if one of them might have pressed the central nerve . It is right or wrong but my pain was gone in two days completely by the grace of kind God who shows the way when one is determined in real means. I am glad that i could feel better without visiting doctor or taking medicine thankfully!   

Thank you sooo much for bearing with me sweet people! 

Was away from blogging for two days due to some reasons.Back now will be visiting you all asap !

Keep taking great care and having faith in divine force an ocean in which we all are floating ! hugs and blessings!  

Monday, January 16, 2023

Sending Love And Healing To American Friends,, More Interesting Images From Zoo Trip

Hey lovely people, hope all is well at your corner. Though recent news about storm and extreme weather in America are heart breaking. This saddens my heart how bad weather conditions cause destruction to so many people and take innocent lives. My heart is with all who are suffering from difficulties because of the harsh weather. May everything be fix up for dear friends there and may life get back to normal soon amen! 

I am woman with weirdly sensitive heart and all my blogging friends are dear to me. When one or few of them goes absent my heart sink in worries like he or she my kin. Deep inside my heart I believe Noone is stranger but all belong to my Only Creator and therefore seem very close to my soul! I wish and pray that few of blogger friends who are probably too busy to blog are just fine and will return to this platform soon to reconnect with us. 
Our temperature is reaching to 2c at night and 13 to 17 at day so it is quite a cold for us. Though with warm clothing it is enjoyable when extreme summer are ahead. 
Sharing some happy moments we spent together as whole family in Bahria Town Karachi. 

        This is unbelievable how quickly joyous days pass. Sometimes it feels that only one thing is that actually holds the whole beauty and it is "wait" once the moment we wait arrive we get lost into it's whirlwind effect and when are e come dropped off to our reality it takes while to feel the present moment and then we realize that all magic was in the moments when we were "waiting"  for the actual day not even day itself. 

I remember when I first saw bird standing on one leg. I couldn't understand why I felt it was special. But later I made up a reason for that one leg stand and it was that may be bird has habit to contemplate a lot. But more later I realized that no intellectual, philosopher or scientist has been seen standing on one leg ever. Now I finally decided to ask Google about it. Sounds like fast progress 

                  Injustice was found In this cage actually. The bird wanted to enjoy his food but Mr Ostrich seemed to have hardly any manner or respect for the privacy of the bird. Each time when bird would try eat Ostrich would go closer and would rise his neck and try to eat from plate. Most interesting thing that held us there was aggressive and protesting behaviour of the bird. As humans we probably found it cute, interesting or amusing but as  Co creature I will not forget the courage of the bird who hardly let take any bite the mr big . This was inspiring somehow 

      It is beautiful when water mirror the sun. For a while feeling of having the sun so close comfort the heart. Tranquility and sooth unveil our thoughts and we try to find their reflection on the glittering surface 

                                                          May be they f the same way 


                     Majestic creatures that make us fall in love with Nature once again 
My precious younger son has promised me that that he will try his best to eat healthy which means he will have to cook his food on weekends that will feed him for all or few weekdays at least. He has joined gym too. Let's see. May Lord keep him in his Grace 

            On Sunday after video call he made his breakfast and shared image 

Thank you for bearing with me dear friends. See you soon!
Please take great care of yourself and keep faith in yourself and in divine creator! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Mustard Green Dish, Carrot Sweet Dish And An Invitation

Hey lovely people! 

Hope and pray that all is good at your end. 

Its been a while we have returned from Karachi. Though constant business keep mind and body occupied and short days make routine quite a task sometimes. Winter is season of mustard green here(sarson k saag, local term) which is very popular among all equally . image below is from google just to give you idea . i have made this dish twice until now which is quite time and energy consuming but turned out so well thankfully. 

                       and i cooked this very favorite sweet dish of the season too and each time i sent it to all in law family members living 20 minutes away which praised it thankfully . making gajar ks halwa is also very tiring ,from washing carrots to pealing and slicing them into thin tiny pieces and then cooking  which take one and half hour almost is quite a job but result is super delicious and rewarding indeed.
   this is family of  Anum (in yellow on right second) who is one of the best friends of eldest son since eight years. She also came from Germany to meet her family while our son and we were in karachi . She invited us at dinner which was remarkable . Actually it was second time they invited us. At first it was four years ago i think . it was nicer to meet her mother specially who was great company. despite of her challenging life (her husband married to another woman from whom he also has children) Anum's mom brought her children up by herself .though she has complete financial support from her  husband but she has been living an emotionally devastated life since one and half decade .but one can hardly notice from these shining faces and cheerful sweet smiles that they have complications around. i loved this positive spirit about this beautiful family .who does not have problems in life but when we learn to face these problems right from the face with understanding that every problems has solution along ,all we need to have faith and never give up . we had amazing time there and i think those laughter will echo for long in my memories bty Anum has two younger sisters and one brother ,brother lives in Japan since many years. She is strikingly mature ,brave and responsible daughter and sister.  

dear friends that is it for today. i am visiting you all and hope you are getting my comments too. looking for longer days when i can post the way i want to .
health peace and happiness to all of you and to all you love!

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Photos From Our Visit To Bahria Town Karachi

 On 30th of December 2022 our eldest son took us to Bahria Town Karachi. A new modern city building by group of investors who's chief organizer is Malik Riadh .He ,after the great success of this housing scheme in Islamabad ,Lahore decided to extend Karachi on advanced technology and highly developed project. We have had heard but never got chance to visit. So among other few choices for day trip in Karachi our eldest son chose this new tow near Karachi ,one hour drive away from main city . On arrival we again had many attractions to select and with all votes zoo was chosen . Zoo was really huge for strolling by feet so it too our all day . To exit from zoo we had to took help from google map in order to find out the shortest way so we can be on time on dancing fountain .Hope you will like the glimpse that i choose to share among so many images . 

dancing fountain opens for public only on Sundays so my son wanted us to show specially as it was going to be our first time to witness such fantastic show and i lack words how it just mesmerized me once it began . haha my eldest son peaked into my teary eyes and laughed that how much i liked it .  

 there were so many people in the park and continued to increase though park was huge and people seemed little before it's vastness 

                                    when during exploring park kids felt it is lunch time 

                                                                               after entrance   

                                 younger son asked me to stand and then i took his too 

 i loved the very broad and well maintained park ,neat ,beautifully managed and serene despite of people everywhere ,sky above seemed so close 

  and all animals looked peaceful may be was the weather or better care ,no unrest i found in them ,i even forgot to feel bad for their confinement which i face each time i visit Islamabad Ayobe park   

       we saw many people were using such rides to explore park and i think they were right 

  Majestic! isn't he , there were many in one place i think it was a big family ,same were the other tiger and lion whom's babies were playing joyously ,sorry could not found image of them ,later hopefully 

    what a coincidence when they both suddenly came close and i clicked ,lucky shot ,as they returned back asap

                              giraffe was our last friend to see as sun was leaving quickly 

    after sometime we realized that we are returning to same place again .this was when eldest son thought of using google map and we were out in minutes 

seems like heaven must look like this 

   another thing that we saw for the first time was watching a peacock dancing ,glorious scene indeed 

    a beautiful canal flowing in the heart of park look divinely beautiful specially in the evening ,no time to ride boat so we just took some quick shots  

   our eldest son left on the same night while leaving us with many more sweet memories . he is truly a gift to his family for which we can nver be enough grateful ! God bless him with all other sons of loving parents amen!

I am trying my best to visit all of you dear friends! thank you for being with me always! my thoughts and best wishes are always with you all! health ,peace and happiness to all of you! 


Sunday, January 1, 2023

Happy New year !

 Happy New Year to all of you my dear friends.  I know I am late but we are utterly busy with cleaning. Unpacking and guests  yes many family members are coming assuming that they can meet our eldest son who had left for London already before we left Karachi on 30th of December. 

Life is really short and unpredictable so I hope you guys are living every day to it's fullest. 

2022 will remain in our memories for many reasons among which recent torrential rain are on top that caused huge damage to Sindh province specially khairpur district where we live. Heard from so many that rains were weird and they never saw such such shower before that lasted for months and with such consistency and strength. The destruction rains left behind will take years to be fixed and life time for many even sadly.

On the other hand we will have some happy memories as well .

We are grateful that God gave us another opportunity to have some quality family time together  (I mean complete family)  

Learning that our kids are grown and hardly need us anymore feels painful at first but relaxing and joyous later.  It was proud moment for us as parents seeing our eldest son supported his younger brother in setting his home. Everything went well thankfully including shopping. Outing and spending time at home together. Each time my eldest son visit us I request him to record few of his favorite songs for me as he got such a nice voice. I am happy that despite his one office week and friends meetings he could sing for us.

Dancing of planets in the space curvature create "time" which cannot stop for anyone so it goes by quickly  though leave us entranced by sweet memories forever! 

Though i think such changes are the actual reason of the beauty we find in life probably. 

      at  3 am we accompanied our eldest son to airport ,my youngest son seemed much attached to his elder brother who gave him more attention throughout and bought him a laptop too one day before he left .

         eldest son bought his father a new phone too who took this last selfie of this year that night 

Next evening  when we were on train to return our eldest son informed that he has arrived London (by the grace of God)

Wishing everyone a beautiful happy new year full of grace of lord ,love of family and health peace and prosperity !amen!

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