Thursday, December 30, 2010

happy new year a poem!

hello dear friends and happy new years to all of you hope and pray that we live each moment of new year with the deep sense of gratefulness to our creator ,and spread love and happiness to ourselves and our love ones ,god bless you all,

i am knocking , knocking at the door ,

please open it ,for me little more ,

want to step in ,in your beautiful world ,
let me fly , fly like a bird ,

its been life ,sticking with the nest ,

i did try ,almost gave my best ,

gathered strings and made it very strong ,

felt so tired ,but kept all along ,

wind was often hard on my wings ,

looked for cure ,that your love could bring ,

you been kind ,very nice indeed ,

but do you know ,its not all we need ,

thanks for blanket ,it is quiet warm ,

very warm but ,not like your arm ,

waiting for you under trembling roof ,

mend it for me ,will be enough proof ,

wont be leaving, it is my nest ,

i am founder, i am not a guest ,

time is running ,life is moving away

lets not waste the ,beauty of moment hey ,

we have many beautiful memories along ,

we can sit and share for very long ,

it is not must, that see each other 's eyes ,

but together, we can look at any side ,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

be a Santa

be a Santa ,be a lover ,

spread the love and joy all over ,

lets not be cruel ,lets not be fight ,
forget all the anger , and hug each other tight,

hello dear friends ,hope and pray that every one is having a wonderful and warm Christmas , spending it with the deep sense of gratefulness and enjoying it with love ones without forgetting whom who may we not love but we are bit responsible for taking care of them ,who don't have much to celebrate this beautiful day .if we are a normal human , as god made us we can see that on such a little home Earth we all are a family and family exist with care and respect not just sharing piece of land or material together.

i never met a Santa but i love him sooooooo much as he never gets tired of his giveaways,though
we never thank him or try to have as big heart .i believe that each single tiny thing on this earth is based on love ,we do have lots and lots of love in our hearts for each other and lots and lots of care for our home land but we just forgot that we have it ,it is just a thin weak layer of ice who freezed us for while ,ice of ego and little selfishness ,but trust me front of REAL US it is nothing,it need just little push of love and humanity which is still alive in all of us ,

life is very short ,passes like a dream which leaves no signs behind,

we live only one breath which is our last one ,it remind us all the especial moments of our whole life ,lets try that it must be only nice and peaceful and should not say bye with some regrets or shame ,
god bless you all.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


she was sitting in a ,with no door and window ,

looking at the wall clock ,which was not moving even slow ,

there was a calender on the wall, older then her prison ,

thick layer of dust, was lying on every season ,

she was away from the sun , from the fragrance ,

apart since centuries from the moon from the rainbows ,

cold veins of darkness , came over her all,

sat in the middle like a breathless white doll ,

crawling lizards on the walls ,creatures in the webs ,

but she was as fearless as blind or a deaf ,

with the long hard work of some ,hole appeared in the roof ,

so in her dark prison ,start sunlight coming through ,

she looked up at the hole ,and rays touched her frozen eyes ,

even sun received a wave of coldness ,had countless silent cries ,

sense of the life stepped in her ,deeeeep,

i want to feel it ,her heart gave a beep ,

she threw away all veins of dark ,and stood with the fight ,

accepted rescue of the sun ,and hold tight the robe of light ,

climbed on it and crawled out ,of dark room ,

blooming scenes all over ,took away her many gloom ,

life was here , full of beauty and joy ,

smiling flowers on the ground,flying birds on the sky,

hope all will turn her cries ,into smile ,

and she won't find that room better .......after while ,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

some time .................

some time pain crosses its limit, and becomes healing ,

some time we feel as much, that stop feeling ,

some time we show way to all, and teach them alot ,

some time we think as perfect, so ignore our fault ,

some time we are as close, cant see over all ,

then ego comes in between ,like a highest wall ,

some time we run very fast ,to win the race ,

and we leave ourselves behind and loose our grace ,

some time we try really hard and face quiet run ,

we win it then realize ,was not the one ,

some time we stay in the light for very long ,

and just forget the dark ,we really belong ,

some time we are very nice ,to every one ,

but cannot please them all ,and so got non.
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