Thursday, December 23, 2010

be a Santa

be a Santa ,be a lover ,

spread the love and joy all over ,

lets not be cruel ,lets not be fight ,
forget all the anger , and hug each other tight,

hello dear friends ,hope and pray that every one is having a wonderful and warm Christmas , spending it with the deep sense of gratefulness and enjoying it with love ones without forgetting whom who may we not love but we are bit responsible for taking care of them ,who don't have much to celebrate this beautiful day .if we are a normal human , as god made us we can see that on such a little home Earth we all are a family and family exist with care and respect not just sharing piece of land or material together.

i never met a Santa but i love him sooooooo much as he never gets tired of his giveaways,though
we never thank him or try to have as big heart .i believe that each single tiny thing on this earth is based on love ,we do have lots and lots of love in our hearts for each other and lots and lots of care for our home land but we just forgot that we have it ,it is just a thin weak layer of ice who freezed us for while ,ice of ego and little selfishness ,but trust me front of REAL US it is nothing,it need just little push of love and humanity which is still alive in all of us ,

life is very short ,passes like a dream which leaves no signs behind,

we live only one breath which is our last one ,it remind us all the especial moments of our whole life ,lets try that it must be only nice and peaceful and should not say bye with some regrets or shame ,
god bless you all.


  1. Merry Christmas to you are yours and here's to a wonderful New Year

  2. Happy celebrate christmas for u :) n nice poem tq 4 share :)

  3. Nice poem and have a blessed Christmas to you.

  4. merry christmas too u...u have wonderfiul log with a lot of nice posts..glad to folloe u!

  5. Such a beautiful thought Baili ! :)
    So true each and every thing on this earth is made of love :)

  6. Merry Christmas Baili!! I want to meet Santa too :-) God Bless!!

  7. Have a Happy New Year Baili and thanks for commenting on my post. I appreciate it! :)


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