Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Rain , Images Of Fresh Look And Winter Vacation


It  rained  here last day and everything  became more visible and delightful to eyes :) Specially my small garden and Neem tree looked divine after shower which lasted for whole day until evening. Sun 's smile seems more charming and soothing today:) which is comforting indeed .Temps are dropped to 17.

hope you will not be bored with constant photos from my yard ,i felt compelled when plants and tree looked totally refined after rain :) i can't explain my joy that i feel when i see such sights ,rain cleansed everything and brought back it's original beauty which is rare case in area where it rains so less 

this rose lasts for weeks unlike the one that is not grafted though it has very lesser fragrance than natural one ,things like this make me wonder if human can produce fragrance or soul as perfect as Nature does ?
my younger son did me favor by capturing these images through his cell phone quickly though yet purity within views is enough to sooth my heart 

same pomegranates but with glow of freshness :) what we have done without water ,it not erase our thirst or wash physical beings but has appeal tranquility that soul need to be refined    

my younger son took this from the window in the room on upper portion ,defines my gratitude perfectly as i feel inside my heart all the time while stepping in the yard :) ,never asked for much from Lord just a kind family whom i can love and feel grateful for as i think love we find on earth from loved one is tiny part of the gift of His own love for us :) 

We  lost power because of the rain that came one hour ago today.Best part of loosing light was that after  finishing my all chores after dinner i could read for more than two hours .It was such a deep pleasure to have book in hands and to read it peacefully without worrying about due duties :) Though that made me miss more such opportunities .If power would have stayed i would have watched t.v with hubby instead. I do so to accompany ,Reading makes one lost within it i don't want to do so when hubby is around .I feel more comfortable sharing his pleasures .I too enjoy shows though the one we like ends soon lol .

Actually may be i am weird that long for peaceful break for reading and may be other people don't think the same but that is me.When you have to get up once in while for taking care of your doings it feels more easy to watch just t.v that does not pull you in much and is fine to quit anytime .

Winter vacations  are announced finally by the authorities  and school will remain closed from 26th of November to 26th of January .I wonder what will happen with academic years as my youngest son who is in grade nine has hardly studied  this year .Anyway things we don't have control can be left upon the Lord eventu,ally after doing our best indeed. 

My eldest son has returned from London to Germany this Sunday Eve.I asked him to share some images so i can share them with my blogging friends .He said he will when he finds free time as office work take over him since he got back.

I  say goodbye now so i can eat my lunch which is traditional bread with yummy cauliflower :) Last day i made soup which was not chicken soup but i used whatever i found at home ,Cabbage ,spinach chicken powder from noodles packet to make it tasty for kids lol .I also added three boiled crushed eggs .It turned out good .I was happy when kids liked it a lot.I also made tomato sauce and fish fry that was delicious by the grace of Lord!

Okay precious fellows saty blessed with wings of faith that keeps you fly on the endless sky of Hope :)

much love and best wishes for you all for days ahead! 

Friday, November 20, 2020

These Extraordinary Days

I don't know whether  it rained somewhere near or what but when i looked at sky in the morning it was DIVINE .Just like sky who  washed away all his sins  (dust obviously)  with rain of faith  and regained his  genuine  beauty once again :)

i can't  convey the magic of this day to you but believe it is one of those rare ones who seems to  not returned ever again with such extra ordinary  enchantment ! Sky looked  looked extremely  blue as below in pics though these are my lees efficient  phone camera. 

light breeze  was smoothly blowing like modest girl in the garden ,no extra naughtiness but soothing flow that embrace  soul  softly and slowly open up the window from which we can see incredibly carved horizons of this universe or open up the golden chest of  beautiful memories ,both bring smile on our lips anyway and leave us in awe of the charm  of this magical spell called life 

when day is rich with such extraordinary beauty ordinary things wear new meaning for seeing eyes ,charm of views does not stay with  just eyedol but paves down within sleeping corners  of  soul and unfold new layers of serenity and joy gently ,to me such divine spiritual experience is familiar because of the meditation and yoga but in days like this, such  feelings are more evident , it seemed my eyes became like deep hollow glasses and were intaking  all the blueness in the sky and glory breathing in environment ,the connection  with what was at other end of the sky was  unbelievably strong ,like someone  touched my eyesight  there with  kindness and sent it back with  divine promise  love and care ,this  enlightened me always with joy that seems doesn't belong to this world 

i  thoughtlessly  picked up my phone and tried to capture those moments which is impossible indeed ,you will see the same old yard but my yard might have noticed the pleasure springing within my walking feet ,sunshine falling on garden  had warmth of the love that i felt when i used to put my head in the lap of my mom,i wondered why sun cannot be as kind always ,soothing rays were therapeutic for my aching body as last day i washed my grains and still felt tired , i realized  why  nature is called Healer 

i am grateful for this big yard that keeps me close  to nature and Lord,i never wanted a closed house where one will not be able to look at the sky the moment he will want to ,most of the people  like houses that are completely closed off  to avoid dust and for security ,thankfully we are not as rich so we have to live in hole ,as far as dust concerns  i try to take care of it as much i can  and i will until the last drop of my energy ,i prefer open sky on my head i know it keeps me alive and cheer up more ,can't imagine life within walls 24/7  ,i will be sick i am sure 


 our roses have started to smile back thankfully, i am waiting for seasonal flowers which seem late  this year 

old shade is torn so we removed it ,that was covering six feet ,hubby is planing to install new one that will cover 8 feet from the outer edge so it will prevent from extreme heat and harmful sun from May to August ,I loved this sight ,sunlight coming in the veranda sooth my heart in winters ,it warms the sitting area with natural heat and i find it very comforting ,,just like a village house 

i love how sun peaks through branches ,i smile whenever i look at this ,this small sight changes my whole mood within seconds ,reminds me rows of trees from my village where i used to run and swing as little girl ,glow of sun seems like smile or kiss of sweet mother nature to me :)

Government will announce whether school will be close or remain open .Our lockdown is mild at the moment .let's see what happens next . I personally don't like lockdown as it shutdown the living for so many in need .They should not starve for basic necessities i think. I think people of today have insight to take care of themselves and follow instruction by govt. Let the people grow up and be cautious and responsible for themselves what you think ?

Stay blessed  with kindness to yourself and all around you precious friends!
that kindness is like seed that will bloom for you sooner or later believe me :)
in my thoughts and prayers ,blessings to all of you!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Weather , Family Event Photos And Divine Happiness


Precious  Fellows !

Hope inhaling grace of Lord each breath with gratitude and positivism because i bet you too know that no matter how big this mess of life sounds ,it is still a short play of single breath that may come or not next time :)

A windy day here today . Strong winds are blowing outside so temperature is dropping to 20.Rains have stated to pour down in various areas of the country.We too had little shower yesterday that transformed  the environment immediately thank goodness .

We are expecting complete lockdown here within few days.I am concerned how long it will last as my younger son has Sat test date in first week of December .I am worried about kids who might have completed their first semester if have chance to admit in university on right time >they missed it because of lockdown and it's again here .All we can do is have faith and keep praying for better days ! 

I want to thank you all of you for kind visits and words !Your kindness keeps me going on blogosphere and fills me with gratitude that i have amazing generous friends who keep me in thoughts. Despite all the distance we have between us we are connected to each other by the robe of humanity ,love and respect.This completes me as an individual ! Let me tell you that i cannot find time always to respond to your comments often though i want to each time.I do so whenever i find time despite of knowing that you will not be reading them now probably because they are late :( I still do as it makes me happy :)

We  are out of  the circle of constant rush hours finally after almost two weeks .

Family gatherings consumes lots of energy and time but bless us with treasures of small pleasurable moments indeed.This time we met with bunch of friends and relatives we had not have chance to meet for quite a while ,so joy was doubled .One of my sister in law (wife of hubby's brother) comes from my (late) aunt's (father's sister)  family .

She celebrated the khatna ceremony of her two sons.Event  took place in their newly built( but incomplete) house because they did not book the hall due to they saving mode as they need money to complete it .Big  yard of new house was suitable for huge crowd.

I attended all parts of the event during three days except that took place during late nights. Reason behind late night events is that ladies feel free from all responsibilities including looking after children and so they can dance and sing freely until daybreak .Such parties start after midnight and i can't afford to participate because of the lack of energy,so i ask them to excuse .And it is also a quite hard ask believe me :)

photos belong to last  day of the event when party was ended after whole night celebration ,some close relatives and friends were also about to leave after lunch  when we entered ,i am with on of my husband's niece ,(eldest brother of hubby) ,she is teacher ,a very active girl who took step for her children and convinced her husband to move into this city from village so kids can find better study environments, she sent her  boys for tuition to me for few months so they can prepare for admission in primary classes here in city .they were smart  children ,i am amazed how children vary just because their mothers have better approach to life  

some young girls were still cheering up the crowd with their performances ,this reminded me my village weddings strongly ,it is rare to celebrate in yards now ,everyone goes straight to halls and sits tight while watching girls on stage performing ,i more like old way when connection with each other is more and easy 

girl standing is younger sister of my sister in law married to a lawyer that belongs to one of the richest families in our city but poor girl lives under lot of pressure caused by her in law parents though husband is caring when alone but ignores her front of parents sadly ,i wonder how people can be so heartless and make life hard for their own children .Girl in green is granddaughter of my late aunt ,lives in Karachi with her husband ,both girls grew up front of me and it seems not long ago they were playing in my old house with my sons 

It was joy to meet people of the village where my  late aunt used to live ,small village where everybody is in blood relation and deeply connected to each other ,it seems amazing when people recognize you from times when they saw you little with parents ,i stopped visiting that village since my aunt died few years back as her all children lives in various village and cities now 

This sadden me when i hear or read that distance between people is increasing since world got so called global village .My eldest son shares that in many countries child birth is getting so less and most of the young people avoid life time commitment which seems scary. I think relationship bring meaning ,beauty and flavor to life without them we are scattered dots ,spread within universe alone ,circling around meaninglessly .Worst part of this loneliness is that we live barren colorless life and stay unaware of divine happiness.Only love can connect us and make us feel the true joy of living that comes with "Sharing" only !
Stay blessed with faith and hope precious friends!
both are wings that makes you keep fly no matter how strong the wind is :) they lead you your divine destination eventually !
In my thoughts and prayers ,all of you !

Saturday, November 7, 2020

About My Days And Heart


It  is 1 pm noon almost.I just  got break from kitchen  while cooking biryani (chicken rice) . Chicken is being ready in my slow cooker .I have put water to boil so i can add rice and let it boil for few minutes. It is nice to cook in kitchen painted by my favorite colors .

 I washed my three blankets two days ago .It was "must" job of the season though not as urgent. We don't need blankets until now yet weather  is  something  less trustworthy so i thought i better do it now instead of delaying .You can call me a work hunter .I like when i find something to do which keeps me not just busy but for better reason :) I realize  that physical  hard work  makes me feel better despite of tiredness .It makes blood flow quick in my veins and brain seems bit awaken too .

I try to put my brain exercise once in a while by attempting to solve puzzles  or joining dots but i confess i am not good at it at all :( Last day i gave an i q test for the first time and result was embarrassing.I gave three tests.Each had ten questions .I got 7 out of ten in first ,6 in second and 3 in third .

Website i used asked for my study level and age and then encouraged me with polite words i was waiting for and those were "may be you just had lunch " Or you have never gave this test before and trying for the first time " third phrase slipped away my mind which means my mind  is slow that's it .I wanted to type answer that "i did not have my evening tea because worker is painting wall ,but i did not find option so left quietly .I will try probably later .Now i can understand why my eldest son doesn't like coffee or tea most of the year but only during winters when he finds it necessary .He says taking it often makes body addicted to it and addiction makes one slave of thing he is addicted .If you cannot find it at  "time" you will starve for it . This is not good thing .

I  have realized that my longing for tea or coffee has decreased since i started to do my meditation and some yoga steps regularly .I take tea hardly twice a day now unless it is too cold ,then i go for third cup .I am happy about this change as i think it has influenced my eyesight for better .

I just took off my biryani from stove.It looks good hope my younger son will like it as it was his request for today .It is 2 pm now .Time seems to fly so quickly since i am old .I remember length of days was annoyingly unbearable sometimes when i was young .I don't know the reason.May be i  have never contemplated on the topic before. May be time we had  then seemed endless like space sooo vast that needed to be fulfilled with things of likening  But it was impossible task indeed .Now i know i have some years left (if have) only.Fog of illusions that  youth creates  has disappeared  so things ahead can be seen clearly.I want to be slow and enjoy them. The ability to taste the beauty of present days and blessings is late gift so i want to unwrap  it smoothly .I don't know if it is possible either or not yet i am enjoying moment i have right now  because that is all i can do to live happily :)

We will go to another city 50 km away from our city .One of my husband's niece is celebrating the khatna ceremony of her sons so family and friends are invited.It will take whole day so i thought to post today .Below few images to share my world with you ,

my eldest son went to London for two weeks ,he preferred to go there despite of lockdown as he said it was needed to change environment for some days ,he will keep working from home though .his updated visa will arrive in December probably so he can visit us probably eventually  in January ,with heart filled with prays i am we all are waiting for that day ! he sent this a week ago when he checked in his hotel in London ,i feel i was there walking on the clouds ,peaking down the earth bathing with sunlight ,looked soothing and hopeful from there ,spending sometime up there refreshes the whole perspective of life believe me 

finally kitchen is mine ,wall above cabinets is painted and green and blue are filling my heart with pleasure :) i did not want this yellow or brown though but painter found it must for the contrast of design but it is bearable thankfully as green and blue dominate them well 

                                                               my green blanket :) 

                                     other both you see are hubby's pick though 

this one was prettiest blanket of all 6 we have but now has spoiled color because it was given to market laundry few times ,they used some extra powerful detergent probably ,i never sent any of my blanket for laundry again .

Okay dear Friends enough for today .Time for my younger one to go for tuition .there are news that school can be closed if cases increase but not until now .Hopping for good for all in this world!
Sending best wishes for days ahead for all of you !
keep being kind to you and all around friends ,this is all we leave behind when quit life !

Monday, November 2, 2020

Honor Killing In My Home Town And Some Heart Sharing


Hey  Sweet Hearts 

Hope beating with  gratitude and hope and embracing each moment  as most precious gift :) Needless to say that life is too short for wasting in negative  ways .No matter how advanced we the human become yet easiest way to true happiness and peace is simplicity.The more we are stick to simple pattern of life the better life we can have here :) Talking through personal experience .Complexities may   make us interesting characters who can earn  fame and other  worldly timely pleasures but if our  goal is inner serenity it is impossible to achieve by going through it.Because  all  methods of living that we try by breaking "LAWS  OF NATURE"  leave us shallow and lost .That is what i learnt from my observations and experiences during 50 years of my life.

I  am loving the days of  current season sooo much :) Staying  not wet with sweat all the time is quite an opportunity we get from October to March .April start to warn with slight sweat that summers are approaching near.Despite of this weathers remains magical until lat week of April.May takes it's start with sudden attack of horrible heat that stays with us until September. So present season is reason for keeping me happy all the time .Sun above my neem tree has glorious friendly sweet smile :))) and gentle breeze is having pleasant conversation with my garden inhabitants .Life is beautiful when we are focused on moment we have in hands isn't it :)

Our kitchen wall is being painted since three days and still incomplete. It might have taken two days only if painter would have done it regularly.Actually i liked the color and design of the wall in the house of my youngest brother in law . I mentioned this to hubby so we can have different but same quality of art on our wall. Hubby asked his brother to send same person for the job .Man was busy somewhere else yet he did not mentioned and agreed he that he will do it within two days. Though he could not which annoyed hubby little bit.He asked painter he must come one day and finish it at once and instead doing it during breaks he takes from other job .So let's see if he comes tomorrow after finishing his job somewhere else .

I did not want to talk about murder that took place in my native town until things were clear to me.It is second time that honor killing was being done in my home town.First time it happened when i was in seventh or eighth grade probably. A ruthless  man burnt his wife brutally. It  was  horrible accident that had kept our small village in terror and sorrow for so long.The man who did this to his wife had gone completely mad within months and committed suicide .

This time a brother has shot is younger sister thrice in chest. He said that it did because she was not making him lunch.Though story that neighbors ,relatives tell is different.According to wife of my brother young girl was being sexually abused by her own father who was homosexual too and was inviting boys at home who were friend of his daughter. Story was hard to digest so i went for second opinion  from others specially relatives of the victim. That cleared things and i have to believe that  even such sinful things can happen in my dear home town now.It is heart breaking for me as i grew up there.People were so pure ,honest and innocent.All connected and helpful  to each other including even those who were considered enemies.Murdered girl is the granddaughter of the aunt(sister of father) of my brother's wife.They are second richest family in village now as aunt of my brother's wife has 13 children and nine of them are boys.Her husband was dishonest brother who betrayed his step brother for property and took all what he had in village .The poor brother left village disappointingly .He had down to earth nature and honest nature .He got job as clerk in government  office and spent his whole life in Islamabad with his wife ,three sons and one daughter.Today he is dead though but his family have peaceful living because they have good kids who love and respect each other thoroughly and are model for others that honesty is the best policy in life.Here step brother who robbed him had nine sons but none of them is who can be appreciated or respected for their actions.His daughters are modest and fine ladies though.

Long story short his eldest son who has been snatching lands from people and selling drugs in village is trying to destroy all the young boys in village.Unfortunately he has succeeded to make most of village boys habitual to drugs .His worker boys become friends of good ones and distract them from studies and drag them into mud of misdeed they themselves are doing.It is acknowledged that "we share what we have " so they are trying to poison others as they are themselves.

My brother's son was one of those unfortunate who got trapped in their net.He was not flawless or clean himself either so he became easy target . Son of my boy claims that he was only friend of the boy who was boyfriend of the victim girl .He said that father of the girl told me to rent a house in village so near and invite the boy who wanted to marry his girl.The boyfriend is also grandson of one of my uncle(mom's side).He came all the way from Dubai where he lived with her elder step sister who brought them up like a mother.He came came and stayed at house rented by my brother's son .After just two days they were raided by police .Boyfriend ran away but my nephew was arrested .He is in jail since more than a month. The eldest brother of girl's father is highly criminal mind and he has sued almost every man and many women of the village  for silly reasons .He does so because he has black money and lots of it.

He has accused  my nephew and few other boys that they were threatening the girl's father that if he does not pay them five lac they will upload photos on social media .And he adds that a brother had to kill his sister because boys walking in streets were showing inappropriate photos of her to him .

My nephew says that his friend betrayed him and used his sim card to upload photos .Boyfriend clears that he was invited for modest cause and then they tried to arrest him .He says that they turned girl against him too so he was heart broken and he did so.Despite of his confess my nephew is still inside .His mother and i exchange daily voice messages .I try to clam her down and keep hopeful. We are waiting for further reports that are being charged against girl's father on the basis of  F.I .R written by brother's wife .The biggest restrain is money of brother of victim girls uncle who is don who runs kind of mafia in the area and has contacts that save him from consequences of his illegal actions .I think Nature is doing is justice already as his all children are harvesting what he has sowed for them .Details will be too lengthy so i will only say that the eldest son who is criminal and cruel to people of village is not leading an ideal life in any aspect . Man had numerous accidents,so many fractures and cannot walk straight even.He has involved his sons into his dark business .His girls are also not in good book of village .In short their huge villas are unable to hide their sins.The whole family seems to face embarrassment and infamy because of the actions of boys of this family.

Here  are some photos of my village that will hold special place in my heart for eternity ,i found myself  compelled to share them with you today s recent circumstances there make my heart  heavy yet i feel better when i look at these ,

cor fields where i used to run and play with my cousins girl friends still do not look stranger to me ,part of me still wanders on patios laying within these fields and  recall and observe that little girl running and laughing care freely ,she  still exist within me  becomes dominant  in few lone moments ,i learnt from her how to live life without making your conscience burdened   

 some new paths that modified by  new walkers ,even they seem so close to my heart as land below them is mine too ,no one can change this "is "into was 

Some paths where we ran and played together now witnessed how calmly we can wander on the them with more understandable attitude and different perspective for looking at things on left is wife of my brother ,on right is her step younger sister and in the middle her cousin (sister of victim girl's father)

each time i look at this front yard of my native home my eyes become teary for various reasons ,love for the place ,gratitude that i was able to spent part of my life there and memories about time when i lived here with my parents and sister ,i don't know why those memories  have such power to overcome all the thoughts of present or future ,i am one who lives in a moment but i believe it is possible because i have such beautiful past and in such lovely village !

Progress in the house is slow since my elder brother has broken his leg and fractured his backbone after falling form roof during his construction work as mason almost eight years back ,after six months treatment he was able to stand and walk .he was known for his good work so he still gets some work though not often .Wife of my brother is little difficult person to make understand so my all efforts are invain to convince her that she should let her boys go cities near (Islamabad ,Rawalpindi) therefore boys are often off job and spend time doing nothing,Eldest has truck who earns bread and necessities hardly ,younger  knwos driving and gets once in while job as loader operator ,he is high school passed and could get some private job in office and study further along but due to stubbornness of my brother's wife he has also became lazy and spend time in wander with friends in various areas of country .youngest  goes college but not fondly .my advice falls of deaf ears though i still not give up and this is why i talk to her so may be i can help her  understand things but all she want is easy  help which is not possible for me .i can help her within limits and i do this when i think she really needs it but i cannot do more than this because i don't earn and i can't force hubby to do it regularly ,she has one daughter who has passed tenth grade and quit study 

i am sure no other view in this whole world will make me feel as serene as this one ,the place where i stood and sat for  numerous times and stared at these hills and garden and fields below ,they nurtured my soul and  opened my window of soul (imagination) this where i met him first (Lord) who spoke to me through his creation though my ability to hear and understand this was not at it's best then ! What i feel about this place ,i can write a short book on it :) it somehow completes me !

Precious fellows sorry for long post again. Hope you will be able to read it ,if you can't it's okay ,let me share what you felt about it anyway :) as your opinions are always wellcome and strengthen me!

Signing off for now with lots of prayers and good wishes for you and your world my friends! 
May you find joy within days and peace within mind each moment !

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