Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Rain , Images Of Fresh Look And Winter Vacation


It  rained  here last day and everything  became more visible and delightful to eyes :) Specially my small garden and Neem tree looked divine after shower which lasted for whole day until evening. Sun 's smile seems more charming and soothing today:) which is comforting indeed .Temps are dropped to 17.

hope you will not be bored with constant photos from my yard ,i felt compelled when plants and tree looked totally refined after rain :) i can't explain my joy that i feel when i see such sights ,rain cleansed everything and brought back it's original beauty which is rare case in area where it rains so less 

this rose lasts for weeks unlike the one that is not grafted though it has very lesser fragrance than natural one ,things like this make me wonder if human can produce fragrance or soul as perfect as Nature does ?
my younger son did me favor by capturing these images through his cell phone quickly though yet purity within views is enough to sooth my heart 

same pomegranates but with glow of freshness :) what we have done without water ,it not erase our thirst or wash physical beings but has appeal tranquility that soul need to be refined    

my younger son took this from the window in the room on upper portion ,defines my gratitude perfectly as i feel inside my heart all the time while stepping in the yard :) ,never asked for much from Lord just a kind family whom i can love and feel grateful for as i think love we find on earth from loved one is tiny part of the gift of His own love for us :) 

We  lost power because of the rain that came one hour ago today.Best part of loosing light was that after  finishing my all chores after dinner i could read for more than two hours .It was such a deep pleasure to have book in hands and to read it peacefully without worrying about due duties :) Though that made me miss more such opportunities .If power would have stayed i would have watched t.v with hubby instead. I do so to accompany ,Reading makes one lost within it i don't want to do so when hubby is around .I feel more comfortable sharing his pleasures .I too enjoy shows though the one we like ends soon lol .

Actually may be i am weird that long for peaceful break for reading and may be other people don't think the same but that is me.When you have to get up once in while for taking care of your doings it feels more easy to watch just t.v that does not pull you in much and is fine to quit anytime .

Winter vacations  are announced finally by the authorities  and school will remain closed from 26th of November to 26th of January .I wonder what will happen with academic years as my youngest son who is in grade nine has hardly studied  this year .Anyway things we don't have control can be left upon the Lord eventu,ally after doing our best indeed. 

My eldest son has returned from London to Germany this Sunday Eve.I asked him to share some images so i can share them with my blogging friends .He said he will when he finds free time as office work take over him since he got back.

I  say goodbye now so i can eat my lunch which is traditional bread with yummy cauliflower :) Last day i made soup which was not chicken soup but i used whatever i found at home ,Cabbage ,spinach chicken powder from noodles packet to make it tasty for kids lol .I also added three boiled crushed eggs .It turned out good .I was happy when kids liked it a lot.I also made tomato sauce and fish fry that was delicious by the grace of Lord!

Okay precious fellows saty blessed with wings of faith that keeps you fly on the endless sky of Hope :)

much love and best wishes for you all for days ahead! 


  1. The plants look refreshed and the soup sounds good!

  2. I know what you mean about getting engrossed in reading. Sometimes I tune everything out, including my husband too. Reading is one of the great pleasures in life. I am happy to see my grandchildren learning the joy of books as well.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the clean smells after rain? We must keep hoping that things will get better soon. There are finally some signs that it is coming.

  4. Lovely to see all of your photographs, I do like the one of you in the garden.

    Your soup sounds delicious, hope you enjoyed it :)

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  5. You come up with some very interesting metaphors such as in the last paragraph " fly on the endless sky of hope."

  6. Your pictures are very nice. I enjoy seeing them.

    Covid is unfortunately ramping up here too.

    Sometimes it is nice to relax and just watch television.

    Have a great week and stay safe.

  7. Your garden looks green and fresh. Pomegranate fruits are fascinating, and their smooth red skin is stunning.
    Your cooking sound great, I like cauliflower.

    Your eldest son must be very busy at work, he is a wonderful son.

    Take care, Baili.

  8. Our lockdown in the UK is ending on Tuesday and there will be an opportunity in my area to go to the gym/swim - so looking forward to it. Your yard is just bursting with beauty, pomegranates are interesting, we wouldn't be able to grow them in the UK without a heated glasshouse! You are very calm about powercuts, one of the things I do in my job is send help when someones power cuts out - people get very stressed and angry here and we have to send someone to fix within 6 hours! Betty x

  9. Nice post Baili and that rose if lovely.
    Good to see a photo from the second floor of your home, the garden is looking good.
    17deg C is rather cool for your temperature hope you wasn't too cold.
    Take care.

  10. Dear Baili - Neem tree really looks divine in the sunlight after healing rain. The photos from your garden is comforting when things are tight and hard due to the plague. I have the similar rose named “Cherry Parfait”. In my country, school won’t be closed, but must be so difficult for the leaders steering a country, keeping balance between protecting people’s health/lives and protecting workers from losing jobs economy-wise. Take care.


  11. I always enjoy the photos you share! That is such a lovely image from the upper level.

  12. I will never get tired of seeing photos of your garden. It is so pretty. Ah the power went out here a week ago too from the wind and rain. Enjoy your day.

  13. i enjoyed reading you and the photos. We use to watch TV together but our tastes have changed so we go our own way after dinner to watch what we like. But it's been 50 years together so a little space is kind of welcome, (laughing just a little)... I don't think we could ever go back watching the same things on TV. He always has loved cooking shows, Shark Tank, some other ones and I like shows i can binge on and get lost in them. But we always go out everyday hiking or walking some where and then every night we playl a game - either gin or rummicube.

  14. I don't get tired of your garden photos ever! I love your rose!! And the photo that your son took, that's very nice!! :)

  15. São lindas as fotos do seu jardim. A chuva foi uma bênção que você soube bem apreciar e aproveitar. Gosto da fotografia que o seu filho lhe tirou.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  16. Just came back from a period of rest.
    Simple but nice to recharge.
    Have a great week

  17. What a pretty rose, Baili. The colors are stunning. I smiled when I saw the pomegranates because I used to put a pomegranate in Nel's stocking every year when she was growing up. Your chicken soup sounds delicious. It's always nice seeing your yard and garden. I know you appreciate it too, as it brings many lovely flowers.

    Have a beautiful week, dear Baili.


  18. maravilhosas rosas !
    wonderful roses !

  19. Adorei o seu jardim, Baili! Sempre um gosto imenso, apreciar o seu cantinho verdejante, com tão lindas rosas! E adoro romãs! É uma fruta que consumo baastante nesta altura, em salada de frutas. Aqui em casa, também tenho uma romãzeira na minha varanda... em vaso... pelo que tem muito pouca altura. É mais decorativa... mas ainda assim costuma dar 2 ou 3 romãs pequeninas por ano.
    Gostei imenso da foto, tirada do andar de cima! Tem uma área ótima no seu jardim, e com muita privacidade. E adorei o pavimento colocado... com um efeito muito bonito, que ainda não me tinha apercebido!
    Beijinhos! Bom fim de semana!


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