Friday, November 20, 2020

These Extraordinary Days

I don't know whether  it rained somewhere near or what but when i looked at sky in the morning it was DIVINE .Just like sky who  washed away all his sins  (dust obviously)  with rain of faith  and regained his  genuine  beauty once again :)

i can't  convey the magic of this day to you but believe it is one of those rare ones who seems to  not returned ever again with such extra ordinary  enchantment ! Sky looked  looked extremely  blue as below in pics though these are my lees efficient  phone camera. 

light breeze  was smoothly blowing like modest girl in the garden ,no extra naughtiness but soothing flow that embrace  soul  softly and slowly open up the window from which we can see incredibly carved horizons of this universe or open up the golden chest of  beautiful memories ,both bring smile on our lips anyway and leave us in awe of the charm  of this magical spell called life 

when day is rich with such extraordinary beauty ordinary things wear new meaning for seeing eyes ,charm of views does not stay with  just eyedol but paves down within sleeping corners  of  soul and unfold new layers of serenity and joy gently ,to me such divine spiritual experience is familiar because of the meditation and yoga but in days like this, such  feelings are more evident , it seemed my eyes became like deep hollow glasses and were intaking  all the blueness in the sky and glory breathing in environment ,the connection  with what was at other end of the sky was  unbelievably strong ,like someone  touched my eyesight  there with  kindness and sent it back with  divine promise  love and care ,this  enlightened me always with joy that seems doesn't belong to this world 

i  thoughtlessly  picked up my phone and tried to capture those moments which is impossible indeed ,you will see the same old yard but my yard might have noticed the pleasure springing within my walking feet ,sunshine falling on garden  had warmth of the love that i felt when i used to put my head in the lap of my mom,i wondered why sun cannot be as kind always ,soothing rays were therapeutic for my aching body as last day i washed my grains and still felt tired , i realized  why  nature is called Healer 

i am grateful for this big yard that keeps me close  to nature and Lord,i never wanted a closed house where one will not be able to look at the sky the moment he will want to ,most of the people  like houses that are completely closed off  to avoid dust and for security ,thankfully we are not as rich so we have to live in hole ,as far as dust concerns  i try to take care of it as much i can  and i will until the last drop of my energy ,i prefer open sky on my head i know it keeps me alive and cheer up more ,can't imagine life within walls 24/7  ,i will be sick i am sure 


 our roses have started to smile back thankfully, i am waiting for seasonal flowers which seem late  this year 

old shade is torn so we removed it ,that was covering six feet ,hubby is planing to install new one that will cover 8 feet from the outer edge so it will prevent from extreme heat and harmful sun from May to August ,I loved this sight ,sunlight coming in the veranda sooth my heart in winters ,it warms the sitting area with natural heat and i find it very comforting ,,just like a village house 

i love how sun peaks through branches ,i smile whenever i look at this ,this small sight changes my whole mood within seconds ,reminds me rows of trees from my village where i used to run and swing as little girl ,glow of sun seems like smile or kiss of sweet mother nature to me :)

Government will announce whether school will be close or remain open .Our lockdown is mild at the moment .let's see what happens next . I personally don't like lockdown as it shutdown the living for so many in need .They should not starve for basic necessities i think. I think people of today have insight to take care of themselves and follow instruction by govt. Let the people grow up and be cautious and responsible for themselves what you think ?

Stay blessed  with kindness to yourself and all around you precious friends!
that kindness is like seed that will bloom for you sooner or later believe me :)
in my thoughts and prayers ,blessings to all of you!


  1. Beautiful photos what a lovely sky. The hope now is for these new vaccines Bill Gates thinks by summer we will be back to normal.

  2. In many places Covid is increasing. We are in a little Covid free bubble on this island now, but bubbles are fragile. We all live in fear but take every precaution we can. Take care, Baili.

  3. What a beautifully pink-tinged rose! Exquisite! Stay safe, you and your family.

  4. Such a glorious day. You beheld the beauty of it. We endure the lockdowns so that we can enjoy our lives to the fullest when this horrible disease is finally controlled. Stay safe and healthy.

  5. I'm loving all the sunshine and the wonderful photos! Be well and stay safe. Hopefully by next year, COVID won't be running our lives.

  6. It's lovely to read about your spiritual awareness, Baili, being outside for me too is what makes me feel closer to our Maker. I am worried here in the UK about how lockdown is causing so many people to lose their jobs and close their businesses, we hear about a vaccine and my hopes and prayers are that the World Health Organisation somehow coordinate this new knowledge and make it available Worldwide. Not sure what they have actually done throughout this Pandemic to be honest and had hoped they would bring knowledge and science together ....

  7. Dear Baili, I so loved your words "the sleeping corners of the soul." Have you ever thought of writing poetry? You write always what I call "poetic prose." You have been gifted with a grateful spirit and with such an appreciation for beauty. I believe you always look for and find good in your world. That's inspiring, and I thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Peace.

  8. Some are not able to be responsible for themselves. This is where our kindness comes so that we help them. On the other hand we have to wear masks and stay in so that we do not infect others with the covid virus,

  9. Baili, that rose if beautiful.
    How wonderful to be able to lookout side and see, then the sky, always a blessing to see. Thankfully we can see it from every window inside our house out.
    Dust, gosh that must be a big cleaning problem.
    Take care.

  10. Por cá têm estado uns dias muito luminosos. Até apetece pensar que tudo está normal. Mas, infelizmente os números da Covid continuam a aumentar e continua a morrer tanta gente. A esperança é agora a vacina. Oxalá venha depressa e com eficácia. Gostei das suas fotografias.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  11. Adorei as suas fotos, Baili! Quem me dera ter um quintal assim, onde pudesse estar com privacidade, e entre o verde do jardim... mas moro em apartamento... e apenas as varandas, proporcionam um pedacinho de espaço, para alguns vasos, ervas aromáticas, e poder apanhar um pouco de sol, nesta fase, em que por causa da pandemia, devemos ficar ao máximo em casa...
    Por aqui, os contágios continuam bem elevados... e muita gente, sem levar a sério tal, contribui para que os mesmos se mantenham... e por esse motivo... as medidas restritivas, que fecham actividades, e mandam todos para casa, para controlar a pandemia, pois os hospitais, já estão cheios assim mesmo... e se se perde o controlo dos surtos... então será bem pior para todos... se nem com assistência médica, pudermos contar...
    Esperemos que as vacinas em 2021, comecem a libertar-nos a todos de tudo isto...
    Um beijinho, estimando que todos estejam de saúde, aí desse lado!
    Votos de uma feliz semana!

  12. Baili, eu continuo te esperando
    no meu blog. Queria muito que
    você me seguisse.

  13. Baili, your appreciation of nature shines through in this post. We all need to make the best of what has become a very bad situation with the virus situation worldwide, and that is understandably hard for many missing the human contact of family and friends. Like yourself being outdoors is what also helps me to feel better. I smiled when over your comment about dust which is everywhere! We live in an apt in a former textile mill, higher than your home and it is a constant here too.

  14. Love reading you and those windows where the light is coming in - so nice.

  15. You have conveyed the beauty of the day and your love of that quite well. I am happy for you. To appreciate what you have is a beautiful thing.

  16. Lovely photographs and an uplifting feel to your blog post.

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  17. There is nothing like that fresh, clear feeling that rain leaves behind. I love it as well. And your yard looks sooo lovely, just perfect, love it as well.

  18. I really enjoy seeing your yard and surroundings. Enjoy your day.


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