Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time Travelling Trough Old Gifts

Hey friends ,hope and pray that all  is going fine and smooth in your lovely worlds .Cup of life is filled with the hot tea of business and we all are sipping so quickly.Time seems like a huge Black Hole which is  sucking the each past moment very fast and all that is left in the empty basket of heart is just a clanking coins  of memories.

Today i am sharing with you some of my old gifts which were given to me on my wedding in 1991.As you know i belong to a village and in my village the parents of a daughter start preparing for her marriage from her birth.In those days girls were not allow to go to school and since their childhood they were trained to prepare their bed sheets  table and chair covers and so many other clothing stuff with embroidery, making different kinds of designs and pics of flowers and birds with colorful threads on sheets.

Whatever my dear mother gave me is still most precious to me as in the making of that stuff her love took the shape of hard work as to be honest i was quite a tom boy girl who never took any interest in such delicate artistic jobs.

This picture was taken before my birth ,these are my parents and two elder brothers ,on the right is eldest one who is eight years elder then me and lives in the same village with his six kids and wife , on the left was four years elder then me ,he died withT.B when he was only thirteen years old.He was as intelligent and full of life that he completed his studies till five grade while being hospitalized.

My corner study table where i usually spent my time with my diary and cup of tea ,This cup belongs to tea set which  was gift of my wedding from my mom.

This bed sheet prepared my mom with her amazing talent,there were three such sets including table and chair covers.

                             Beautiful peacock created by the beautiful hands of my  mom         

In one part of my kitchen  cupboard these are the old utensils given by mom to me as a gift of my wedding ,though time has reduced much of their shine still they to me a way of connection to mom 's memories  .

According to custom of that time gift giver tend to show their best wishes in the form of words of  prayers written on utensils 

Unfortunately most of crockery given by mom has broken,only few pieces are left. 

This doll belong to my brother who died and is more then forty years old.

This hand made crafty picture was given to me by one of my school friend Shaziya  on my wedding day.

                                    This old desk is also part of my beautiful memories 

This beautiful show piece gave our brother in law on our wedding day to express his best wishes for us.

Thank you dear friends for your kind visits and precious words ,have a joyful healthy and blessed week ahead.amen.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Village Within Me

Today while  having morning tea beside my small garden me and my hubby talked about our up coming visit to my native town .We  will go there in summer vacations.Though after  sometime we got busy in our chores but deep in my mind there were so many memories springing up related to my days of my childhood and youth spend in my beautiful village.

It was  the  time when the life of village and villagers was so simple and pure .All people  had  few ancestors  who were the founder of this village and were closely relative to each other .The days i spent in my village were so beautiful .The people of my village then just like one family.There were many traditions who showed the love and unity of the people of that time 

If  any family wanted to built its house the young men of village gathered and took part in the building of this house volunteerly without taking any payment for this job as then it was considered   their duty to help their villagers in the way of  brotherhood and unity.

If some family was not able to bear the expenditures of  marriage ceremony the all people would give charity for this .In the season of harvesting men and women used to help in each other's work. 

The most interesting custom of the women of village  was that every noon after lunch they used to  take their mats and gather in the huge garden  of  village which was close to the fields and stream.ON the both sides of the stream were trees of various fruits.

During such gatherings ladies were used to talk about things of common interest ,their personal matters ,fashion along with jokes and laughter.Such gathering would end little before then evenings and everybody get back to home to cook and to take care of their cattle. After dinner gathering were held in the houses of  close relative.

I was six when my mother decided to get back to her village.Now i think how blessed that decision was because if i would not have live in village my memories would never have as rich and precious .

When i think about the days i spent in my house with parents it relives my soul ,my eyes get wetness of joy and peace ,in that house on the top of the hill blowing air was so friendly touching the depth of my soul delivering joy to my heart.Moon was so down as i can touch it if i raise my finger sky was so familiar trees were so mine and stream used to tell her all secrets without any hesitation 

Now after twenty four years thins are not same .People of my village became prisoners of their own souls just like people of the city formal  and  well mannered .Living under one roof cannot bring them close even,though every year i visit there but hardly spend fifteen days there .Rest other days i spend in city near my village where we take house on rent.because i miss my previous way of living so much.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Blooms From My Garden

Hey dear friends ,hope and pray that all of you are having wonderful and blessed spring.In my garden spring is smiling with the depth of its heart and i am considering myself so lucky to see these smile with my eyes and feeling its loveliness  in my soul.Grateful to my Creator who is so kind and caring for his creations and blessed them with countless blessings to live happily and contently though we hardly find time to think about him or his blessing .I think that realization of having his blessings is most precious gift of God for his man.

I am sharing with you blooms of my small garden friends ,hope you all like it .

Closer view of my Neem tree which is  loaded with its tiny  flowers 

My font yard ,on right is the entrance of lounge  

While having tea in lounge  we can see our tree and garden which is so pleasurable  

Pretty yellow smiles of spring ,deliver joy to heart 

hi, in my short  life i  give you light of pleasure ,through it  can you see him who loves you most ?

This flowering creeper is in its full joyful mood 

Strangely it appears white before  but later it starts changing  its color and becomes lovely pink 

we  it Gul e Dopaher which means noon flower as it blooms when sun is on the sky 

Lovely white smile of spring with slight fragrance 

Rabail flower with so sweet fragrance 

Red rose ,smile of love  

Most tiny bloom in my garden

Have blessed week friends ,Thank you for taking your precious time and stopping by God bless you all.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Cut Pieces Of My Business

Hello dear friends hope and pray that each of you had a great holiday and enjoyed it with your love ones in a peaceful healthy  atmosphere.

                           This is our  basic part of our lunch  and it is called chapati    

Today was extremely busy day as previous tow Sundays i was out of home due to attend Marriage ceremony of my sister in law's daughter so couldn't do my laundry.

                                         We  keep  our grains  in  this huge  pot  called  gundee 

Toady i  did it after breakfast and then washed my grains too.We buy grains of wheat for whole year's use as we make bread with the flour of these grains  here bread means chapaati   which we eat with various kind of vegetables and chicken  salan daily.Before sending grains for grinding  i have to wash them to remove dust.


                     My washed  wheat  grains which took one and  and half hour to be washed 

We visited last week a city near our town to buy a wedding gift for my niece as being a big city it has nice crockery shops so we bought a dinner set for her.After shopping  we spent sometime along the bank of  river which had less water then it used to have normally.Here are some pics of  this short tiny picnic.  

This barrage was  built over the biggest  river of our country from 1923 to 1932  and was named Lloyd barrage.this pic is taken from other source 

    We spent some time in the park beside the river and i took this pic while sitting on the bench 

Though we were tired after long run of shopping but breezy cheerful environment  changed our mood,it was about to be evening and local families  started to come with their kids to enjoy .

                                               My kids enjoyed  some swing rids too

We had to get back before getting dark as it is almost fort minutes drive from our town and i had to do lots for next day also. 

Thank you for taking your precious time and stopping by.

Have blessed peaceful healthy life each  moment .God bless you all.
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