Friday, July 30, 2021

Rain Complain ,Laptop Issue And Story Of The Birth Of The Universe By Neil Degrasse Tyson

Monsoon  has been proven quite damging in Pakistan this Year of  2021.Heavey rainfalls in upper ,northern and central Pakistan has caused quite destruction and some death unfortunately. Even Capital city  and other urban areas are flooded and daily life is disturbed to some extent. Southern parts are receiving rains as well but no rain showered in our city .It sounds strange specially  when rains are reported from all surrounding areas.Though due to having rain around us our weather is being slightly bearable  thankfully.Hope and pray that weather take right turn soon and life be easy and accessible for all inhabitants my homeland and of planet, amen.

Few days back my younger son deleted and reinstalled window ten in his laptop successfully but when he did same to mine things went wrong as i had expected .My laptop was not responding to installation at all.I was little afraid as mine is one that my eldest son had bought as his very first laptop when he got scholarship in Fast University Karachi and almost ten years ago.When he left for the Germany he handed this to me.And when he visited us in 2019 he gifted his almost new laptop to his younger brother before heading back.He told he is creating a powerful computer for himself so he does not need a laptop.He added that he does his office work on laptop provided by company.

Back to my laptop .My laptop was dead suddenly and completely during our stay in Islamabad 2018 i guess. It recovered and allowed only window seven to install within after half month run to different shops.Nobody could figure out what was the issue except graphic. Same happened few days back when my younger son tried to install window ten.I warned him that it won't work but he said i should trust him.But history repeated itself though this time a  computer fixer could install window 8 after two days effort. I am glad i got it back for now.

When electricity was disappeared for two days and one night and since cloudy weather (cloudy since almost a month with no drop of rain) our solar battery was not getting charged properly hubby asked us to use it only when it is really necessary .My younger son has attached his laptop with big monitor screen which takes lots of voltage'so there was no chance to use laptop so i started to read a book bought by my younger son .It is written by Neil Degrasse Tyson an Astrophysicist with American Museum of Natural history, director of it's world famous Hayden Planetarium. Host of radio and tv show Star Talk .My younger son is huge fan of  him and watches his videos on YouTube fondly as he wants to be an astrophysicist in future .

I say this for every book i choose that this one was exactly what i wanted to read .But what to do that it is true well almost. Yes i wanted to learn about life ,How it began ,It's origin and what are it's basic principles upon which it works .I don't know if i am being lazy again and want to take a panoramic look instead of zooming into day to day problems of life like normal people do such as shortage of my summer clothes as hubby was asking me week ago to go and shop few more dresses for summer but i ward off the idea and showed him two old  summer dresses i found in suitcase which was placed on the closet .I put them there few years ago and forgot about them .Yes i not forget only dates but things too .It was nice surprise actually.

I said they look in better condition and may be i don't need new ones.Lets see if this works.Idea of going to market in such heat makes me dizzy.

Okay let me share  what i read in the book until now. Book has more than 200 pages and i am on 50th right now.Writer begins with the beginning the Big Bang. When Fourteen billion years ago due to Still  unknown reason all the space ,all the time and all the matter was contained in a volume less then one trillionth size of this dot you see at the end of this sentence . (Oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................)

At that point conditions were extremely Hot ,the basic Nature that collectively describes the universe were Unified.This pinpoint cosmos could only expand in what we called today the Big Bang.In 1916 Einstein's general theory of relativity gave us modern understanding of Gravity ,in which the presence of Matter and Energy Curves the Fabric of Space and Time surrounding it.In 1920 the quantum mechanics discovered and provided us modern account of all that is small,molecules ,atoms and subatomic particles .With help of these we don't reach the finish line but only can learn highlights. From the 0 time to One ten million ,trillion ,trillion  trillionth of second after the beginning universe grew to one hundred billion  ,trillion ,trillionths of meter  across.The German physicist Max Plank after whom these unimaginably small quantities are named ,introduced the idea of quantized energy in 1900 and generally is called father of quantum mechanics. 

Astrophysicists  apply the tenets and tools of general relativity and quantum mechanics to different classes of problems. They say In the very beginning ,during the Planck era the large were small  and we suspect that there must have been some shotgun wedding between two but vows exchanged during the ceremony and we cannot describe  certainly the behavior of universe over that time. Though we expect that at the end of Planck era Gravity wriggled loose from other still unified forces of Nature ,achieving an independent identity nicely described by our current theories .As the Universe aged through 10 power 35 second ( 10 with 35 zeros ) it continued to expend diluting all concentrations of energy .  What remained of the unified forces split into "electroweak" and "strong nuclear " forces.Later the " electroweak " split into electromagnetic and the "strong nuclear " split into four forces we know and love ,with with weak force controling radio active decay ,the strong force binding the atomic nucleus ,the electromegnatic force binding the molecules and gravity binding the bulk matter.


All the while the interplay of Matter in the form of subatomic particles ,and Energy in the form of Photons (massless vessels of light energy which are as much waves as  they are particles)was incessant. Universe was hot enough for these Photons to  Spontaneously convert into Matter  and Antimatter particle pairs,which immediately thereafter annihilate returning their energy back to photons.The physicist Gell Mann proposed the existence of "Quarks" in 1964.Quarks are quirky beasts and have fractional charges .It always be clutching other quarks near by.Infact the force that keeps two or more together grows actually stronger the more you separate them like a rubber band  snaps back ,and create  a new quark.Strong theoretical evidence suggests that an episode in early universe endowed universe with remarkable asymmetry, in which particles of   Matter barely outnumbered the particles of Antimatter,by about about a billion and one to a billion.That small difference would hardly get noticed amid continuous creation ,annihilation and recreation of quarks and antiquarks,Electrons and antielectrons ,and neutrinos and antineutrons. The Odd man Out had oodles opportunities to find somebody ti annihilate with,and so did everybody else.But not for long ,as the universe continued to expand and cool ,growing larger then our solar system,the temperature dropped rapidly below trillion degree kelvin.


The tepid universe was no longer Hot enough to cook quarks,so they all grabbed dance partners,creating heavy new particles Hadrons This transition soon resulted new emergence of   various particles and their combinations. Universe continued to cool ,amount of available energy dropped from spontaneous creation of basic particles.During this era ambient photons could no longer invoke energy to manufacture quark antiquark pairs.Photons that emerged from all the annihilations lost energy to ever expending universe,dropping below the threshold requried to create hadron antihadron pairs.For every billion annihilations ,leaving a billion photons in their wake ,a single Hadron survived .Those loners get to have all the fun,serving as the ultimate source of matter to create galaxies, Stars ,Planets and petunias.

Without the billion and one to a billion Imbalance between matter and antimatter ,all Mass in the Universe would have self annihilated ,leaving the Cosmos made of Photons and Nothing else.


To be continued ......

Dear friends i hope i did not bore you with passages from book as i really wanted to share how universe was born ,i hope you enjoyed it instead.

See you soon ,please keep smiling and stay blessed with faith in Creator and His laws which are for our good if followed properly.

Blessings to all of you!


Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Humidity ,The Happy News And The Tea Beauty


Since more than three weeks our sky has got weird clouds which keep weather dull and confusing as they are not thick nor dark but weirdly thin and reflective that keep though sunshine blocked once in a while but heat is unbearable and dull light is  really frustrating .It feels like  these weird clouds  has banished the air too and for uncertain times  which saddens me most :( 

I have never experienced such weather for such  long period.It happens every summer in July hardly for one or two days and then clouds layer break off and gentle breeze blows .We experience much humidity in August and September mostly.But this year we are feeling completely locked in humid weather with no sign of air, so annoying.

China is neighboring country.According to news recent  rainfall has caused quite a damage to the people and property there which makes us feel sorry too. videos are quite disturbing .Hope and pray that rains and storms may not cause such misery to humanity on earth and hope science can help us to resolve such issues to some more extent so precautions can be taken before any natural disaster

Our city was hit by terrible huge thunderstorm  on the same night when  rainfall happened in China for four next days .We lost our power for two days and one night .Because of heavy rain which fall for an hour or bit more.Surprisingly even such tough storm could not vanish away the humidity and nor it allowed to air move around.Though  temperature  dropped little bit for few days, 40 C.

My son has gotten his visa issued finally and he will be leaving for London to join his new job.He called today and informed us about it.We were happy to hear that his three week wait was finished eventually and now he is completely assured to have new job.He will visit us before probably but that is when he will inform about it to his new employer and find out if it is okay to work from home while staying in Pakistan ,lets see we are hoping for the best with heart filled with prayers! My son also mentioned that if he could visit us  in August he would take us to visit northern areas which have Himalayas mountain range and are famous for their cool temps when whole Pakistan bears sweltering humid summers .But Hubby told that everything including schools and transportation is going to shut down completely for next whole month because government of Sindh is really annoyed with irresponsible behavior of the people here who are avoid to have vaccination. That was shocking news for us because we were happy to have restrictions lifted here but now that issue oh my!

When my son heard this he said it is okay then he will enjoy all the time at home with us.What else can make parents happy :)

  I could not visit blogs regularly due to routine disturbed by storm for previous two or three days,Though i tried to read at least one or two blogs in between via my phone.Last day when i was reading a dear friend Jan 's  blog ,one of her previous post made me think about Tea.I thought i will forget to write about it when i will post as i do always.But i still remember it so let me share few lines.

Having Tea is as essential here as three meals .Specially morning and evening teas are must and almost in each family here.Among families and friends Tea gatherings are great way to sit together and have conversations about topics of common interest.Tea parties are thrown to have fun time with loved ones and friends along with lots of refreshment.Tea is a lovely part of culture i think because it bring all together and help to forget bitterness of days for a while and adds beauty of sweet moments and cherishing smiles to them. 

My parents loved tea too (this is why i could not forget to write about it :)so did i.About forty five years ago when i was five or six may be, the milk we would buy was not much expensive nor it was  mixture of more water and little bit of milk unlike now days.It was cheap so we could afford it every day.Milk was pure so a half litre was enough to make tea few times in a day.My parents would take tea four to five cup in a day.I would do the same.My younger sister would not like tea much but she would like to eat morning bread with omelette and tea.My father was great tea drinker. At holidays he would ask tea all the time and to make it possible he would ask me to go down in the village and buy extra milk.Mom was busy woman and would hardly sit free.When my father will ask her to make tea so many times it would annoy her she would mumble bit but make it for him.My father was keen reader and cup of tea was huge support to him for this i think.Sometimes he would bring his some watch making work at home and do it  after lunch time.He would ask for tea before starting work.I saw how tiny and thin was stuff belong to watch those days .As tiny that i swallowed few of them few times.When father would remove his eyeglass from one of his eye and ask me to search the missing part of watch machinery i would see here and there innocently and meanwhile i would realize this was serious business and that tiny thing which traveled to my stomach  matters a lot ooops. Many many days or may be months latter i told told my father that i had swallowed  parts of watch machine and what a relief it was to see that he had  laughed gently  instead of scolding me.Though mom was too anxious if i got my stomach injured.   

Most beautiful memories of my early life belong to tea times when my parents had chatting over things of common interest.I remember when while leaning on my notebook and doing my homework i would pray secretly that may that time stretch into ages and they both never argue again.those happy voices and little laughter had added calcium to my bones i believe .

I am fond of warm eating just like my parents.To me having meal means eating warm bread taken off right from Tava (a plain iron pot upon which we cook traditional bread.And eating this warm bread with warm salan ( dish whether chicken or veggie).Unlike olden days if bread is ready to eat and hubby is not present i eat my meal without him.But i don't like to have tea without him at all.It's almost more than thirty years that we have morning and evening tea together.May be we run out of topic or energy sometime to chat over it but still it strengthen our bonding!and i like it this way.

Our tea times have squeezed since we both recovered our health issues.Our last tea time drop was night tea after dinner .We used to have it in winters but now we quit it because it disturbs sleep.

Our summer drink is lemon drink in which we add the pink salt ,little bit sugar and lemons.It keeps us energetic throughout the summer.

I think post got lengthy friends.

Wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in days ahead!

please stay blessed hope .Hope is boat which is rowed by the wind of the faith only so don't let it stop ever please!

blessings to all of you!

Monday, July 19, 2021

Happy Eid Ul Adha (day after tomorrow)

It has been raining and i think almost every part of my country except my city .Still thought of people who had it pleases me .Our power  is still behaving like confused guest who does not know whether leave or stay .We had no electricity last day and for more than six hours .It came in the evening.Same was a day before yesterday.Internet is terribly slow and it took more than half hour to upload these images for this post.I just wanted to share the smiles of Nature blooming in my front yard this summer.Hubby brought few more plants and planted week ago lets see if they cheer up too.

We are busy in cleaning project that occurs before Eid .As you know (most probably) that we celebrate two Eids .One that follows month of Ramadan and second that comes  two months and ten days after it.This is called Eid Al Adha the sacrificial Eid which commemorate the sacrifice  of  prophet Abraham.I am not religious at all but i respect  such sacred festivals as part of our culture specially they make me relive my childhood and days when i spent them with my parents and sister.
My both sons at home are helping me in cleaning .Today we did laundry.Younger one assisted me in it .Youngest one who is fifteen now cleaned kitchen cabinets .He is fond of cleaning and often offers his help in dish washing and cleaning.I hardly allow but now when he is free after exams i let him to some extent.He also likes to cook his fav dishes with help of youtube videos like his elder brothers.He cooks so nice and his father adore and says he can be good chief .

Okay precious people that is all for now .Eid is day after tomorrow so see you then hopefully !
Please stay blessed with hope which rises like sun in the endless sky of faith and never let the darkness of  disappointment come near you no matter how long the nigh is .Dawn is waiting for you be sure of it because you have light of faith that can turn dark into to glow magilcally!
hugs and blessings!

Stay Well  !

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

My Eldest Son Sent Ac

Sorry for the absence dear Friends!

it all began when my eldest son called and informed that one of his friend has bought ac behalf of him which is ready for us to pick up.He said he sent money to him but his friend bought the product before receiving money.Dilawer the sweet best friend of my son from primary school is special in manner that they both share common interests and can have very long conversations because of this.Dilawer lives in same city here.

My eldest son told that he did this through friend this time because he was doubtful that like before we can spend money once again on other things we might consider more important than ac.He was right to some extent.Hubby invested money sent by him on plot previously.Actually hubby is incredibly foresighted person and i can easily see how this quality of his has brought him success.On the other hand my eldest son also has great insight.Yes i know that children are always special for parents so is my eldest son.His approach towards life is astonishingly sensible and mature. Sometimes when we get into conversations i feel as he is far older then us because of the wisdom and insight we find  in his thoughts and words!

His will power can be seen through the struggle he is making since years.My heart feel deeply for him and when i raise my hands for praying for him i feel as i my whole being has become a particle floating in the space within universe and all around me is Divine energy who has surrounded me and strengthening me with His ultimate love  and kindness !I feel energy around me is absorbing in my being and promising me that He will never leave my son (along all the children of mothers) alone and will continue supporting him in each step of his life ! amen!

I wonder how this happy incident in our life has disturbed the scenario that since ac has arrived ,

Our power has left ,it is appearing once in a while for little while.

Gas is doing the same .and we just received the call from phone company that our internet will remain disturbed because of some piece of work .

One more thing i have written this post fifth time (hope it work this time) and each time i hit publish button all i write disappears .

okay please take care i will be in touch if net stays.

blessings to all of you!

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Stuff Of My Life


Sometimes i feel that is it right to share with you what i read each time? 

Hope you are not getting bored with my posts about books i read friends. As you all know this blog is like online diary and i have shared always what i have in my mind at time when i sit to post .No preparations   before writing the post and this is why i call my posts a "simple sharing" without any necessary makeup that may be is must in order to give post a "mature look" .

I hope i can make it possible in future sooner or later though.I don't know if my return towards "reading" can help me to post better and in  meaningful way.But i think such careful way when i think about others more than myself. Deep down in my heart i still believe that each single being has unique way of thinking and has gift to share.There can be oceans of meaning in his simple words which he or she may cannot convey in impressive way and through appropriate words and analogies.

Like my self ,i know i have lot to say but don't have time to figure out how to say it effectively .I used to write a lot.When i was in class three i had three big paper registers filled with my thoughts and poetry.My big brother burnt them all.But i continue to write and i still have four r five of them with me. I don't know when i started to  share my heart with paper diaries but i remember the feeling i had.It would happen sometimes suddenly and sometimes gradually during few days that i would feel some particular idea or thought is keep hitting and nurturing itself within the walls of my head.Then at certain point i would feel compelled to leave what i was doing in the middle and get up ,go and take my pen ,open my diary and write mechanically. I never ever thought something purposefully or willingly and then write it down. I wonder why ,was i not capable to do this or i dumb enough to not realize that i had gift and i have to  adore it and polish it.May be or surely i was dumb .

The thing that restrained me from doing so ,now i can realize was my care for people around me ,my family whom i loved far more than myself. I thought giving time to my skill would be waste of precious time .I thought i can use my time in far better and beneficial way.To support those who need me knowingly or unknowingly.May be i thought that my time given to them can make me happier than time given to myself .

May be i thought i was born to be  a supporter .I don't earn and it has bothered me despite of custom that earning is good but not "must" for  women here .It still bothers me to some extent.May be this is the reason behind my attitude to give my sons all my attention so they can focus on their studies better.we all know that teenage is not easy to handle.Kids are mostly tough and offensive specially their last teenage period. They don't feel much obliged towards studies. Therefore task for a mother becomes more and more hard until they learn to open up their wings and fly!

I am a simplistic .I seek lessons  of life in the book of Nature .I feel Nature has all the answers to our quires.And most above i believe that Nature has simple rules to follow that bring simple  consequences so we can learn from our mistakes and grow for better.I learnt this attitude from my observations and experiences. If  it would have happened differently my attitude would have formed differently either.So like all others i too speak behalf of  what i saw and learnt throughout the life.

My belief in goodness and my faith in rules of Nature keeps me positive that end of the day i will get my reward .What it will be it is inexplicable yet i hope it will fulfill my dream to become a writer .Of one book may be lol but i think i will .

See how coming back to the reading has made me little sentimental.I think i will be out of it in sometime.

I kept my reading The Brain Story Of You by David Eagleman on hold  when i started to read The Sapiens.I found it something i have been looking for  since years so i felt compelled enough to finish it at once (as mentioned in previous post).  I began to read"The brain story of you" two days back again and finished it last evening. It was different than my first choice for same topic but had many things that were worth learning. Specially why scientists are unable to design artificial  intelligence that can  "think " by itself like human brain.

According to author who himself is neuroscientist  there are so many projects going on in different institutions and universities .The effort is to introduce AI that can act more near to human being specially regarding brain.But there is certain limit after which all efforts seems to fail until now. I cub is project in which many robots like human child going under process of learning.But one thing that show us our limit is part of brain that we are still unable to produce the "Conscious" brain.Human brain has trillions of neurons which are physical part of our brain .When these neurons interact in response to signals from world outside ,this interaction create our "Consciousness" which makes our personality and everything belong to it including our likes ,dislikes,choices and decisions.

We have copied human brain but it is part only that can figure out and find solutions.But he does it by doing without knowing actually what he is doing.Author exampled ants who do all their disciplined ,precise and cooperative jobs fantastically though they really don't know what they are doing.They just interact through code like language and do wonders of creating astonishing huge colonies ,store food and protect it .But they don't feel anything.They do everything mechanically .

The computers and AI can perform all jobs accurately but without  having feeling what they are doing.This is is really amazing that we can scan ,analyze and operate human brain today but consciousness is still far  away from our approach.What make us feel is still a question which is waiting for it's answer.The day we get this answer we will be able to create superhuman who will have supernatural qualities and those will help to reveal secrets of space and time.

There is lot that i can share from the book but this part i mentioned was most interesting one to me.I am really  desperately waiting for time when scientists can reveal what is feeling thing and how it happens ?

What do you  think friends does soul really exists and feeling belongs to soul only ? 

I think Creator is super magician .He did magic and out of this magic we all emerged .He is playing with us by unfolding gradually how all magic works .How a huge tree comes out of tiny seed ,science got the answer ,how coal becomes the diamond science can tell.But can science tell why the maker wanted us to see how things process and what is essential for their successful survival ? 

Science can tell what Creator want it to think ,observe ,experiment and tell.All this requires physical senses and knowledge.  What he want us to "feel" is unfolded by him because to unfold we need to "feel" not "think" To " feel  we need soul .do you agree ?

please be kind to yourself and all around you ,stay positive because positivity is plant grows in the land of faith !

blessings to you all!


Saturday, July 3, 2021

The Sapiens By Yuval Noah Harari


I finished The Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari finally .Since i began it on 19th of June i was giving it almost two hour per day except two days when guest came and one day when we went to Sukkur for shopping.yet it took fourteen days to finish . It was one of the best book i ever read .It's completeness is really impressive .Author has covered the huge ,complicated and challenging topic with amazing mastery which leave reader with great satisfaction and joy of learning. I really want to know if some of you have read it ,What you think about it and how it influenced your way of thinking about human history and his growth ?

I want to but cannot share the all topics that author has discussed in this book but i can say that all basic events of the human history are mentioned with great detail like evolution of humanity ,liberalism ,new approach for learning ,beginning of the use of money and how capitalism has got hold of whole global society today.Though i  have mentioned it in my previous  post here  and shared little about i had read in this book about cognitive revolution  and then later agricultural revolution that forced homo sapiens to form towns and create  societies and  socialize. Agricultural revolution  that began almost ten thousand years ago changed the life and perspective of sapiens completely. It ,like all other things has good and bad affect on human life .People left the free roaming life and made homes near their fields.According to author first time in human life time came when he started to think about "future " instead of only present day. The main reason for this was his concern about crops he grew. Henceforth he thought carefully about what he did and plan things. Such thinking burdens were new for his brain to digest and there began various new diseases.Another reason for  new diseases was sudden change of food type as he switched his diet from pure meat to plants and grains mostly.

Author writes when after medieval  man learnt that he know really nothing about world he lives in and about numerous other things new kind of learning started .By admitting ignorance men on earth started new struggle to learn and explore which proved endless till today.Numbers ,math ,chemistry ,physics ,statistics and art surpassed all other previous old scholarly in this era.  

Agricultural revolution provided strong platform for further and new kind of developments that took place time to time during ten thousand years among which the Industrial Revolution was Biggest and most prompting .It started three hundred years ago when machines started to replace men. Life got easier in so many ways and it is then when Time became really important to count and life became restricted in many schedules.

Scientific revolution began in 1945 when nuclear bomb was introduced .Science and technology revolutionized  human society completely and made it a global village.

Author mentions we can say that since centuries sapiens are moving towards a single community system and today it seems quite close to it .Accept it or not almost all people on planet share same European blood because in the past due to invasions and  mingling of races within newly formed empires most of the sapiens produced new generations of mixed blood .Our new biggest trust is money and biggest community is one combined social community .

He added that world of today is formed by capitalist who though has pilled so many new things around us and convinced us to buying them is must and essential.But in order to sell his stuff more he has broken the "family unit" by provoking individualism inside sapiens.Family who was everything for one throughout the whole history torn away by infusing people with ideas that everyone is unique and separate and has all rights over himself  .No one has right to tell him what to do or choose.Consequently today state and market are parents of an individual of today.They provide him all he needs except love and emotional support though such help is also offered that can bring him partner for while .But it is all on price of family who was most important unit of society .

Author talks about research about "Happiness" by scholars ,psychiatrists,scientists like biochemists that try to measure the happiness of  sapiens of modern era as compare to our ancestors. According to different written tests from human subjects happiness is hard to measure only through one mean like written tests .People mostly say they feel happy when they get what they want  and common theory is that people living in big houses and driving luxury cars are happier that people living in little huts and starving for two time meals.

But Biochemists see this differently .They put it like this .Some people are born with richness of special bio chemical that is responsible for pleasant sensation in our body.People who's bodies lack this chemical cannot be happy above certain point and for longer.If measure happiness from 1 to 10 one who is born with more quantity of this  biochemical his happiness leaps from 3 to 7 and never goes down from it even if he is being robbed or faced accident etc .He will feel low for certain time and then his level is up to it's normal point.On the other hand one with less quantity of such biochemical will  feel happiness from 2 to 5 and no matter how big lottery he wins he soon returns to his fixed routine feeling. (that was totally new information for me,now at least i can count my self  well and not weird or sick as my habit to saty happy all the time is not my fault)

According to psychological research people who are married and have lively partner with happy nature are happier than single people who have lot but not  true partner.

People who look after their children and see them growing up before their eyes are more happy than who don't have family.because they don't see taking care of children as headache or heavy responsibility but a way to stay close to nature and nurture life!

Noah the writer writes about one belief that inspired science most and it was creed of  Buddha. Buddha says that people don't feel sad because of poverty ,sickness or any other bad happening but they feel  sad because they always chase cheerfulness and joy.When people are happy they are afraid of loosing it sooner or later.When they are sad they try hard to avoid being sad and not accept what they feeling at the moment. This constant struggle for denial tires them out  and they feel broken and exhausted which leads to disappointment and depression.

If they sit ,relax and meditate .Contemplate about their current feelings ,accept and deal with them calmly it can help them to move out of the tunnel where light of wisdom and serenity is waiting for them. (i found this truly helpful i agree)

In the last chapters writer has said lot about how sapiens are trying to create totally new kind of  history with the help of modern science.Specially how genetic science is going beyond our imagination and engineering the genes to create superhuman which might best copy of even ourselves.They are trying to make medicine that match to one's DNA so can hit the target well during treatment.

Though he sums up  with words that sapiens before taking full advantages of this privilege should first be still and think what they really want as new scientific supper power has made them so blind and busy with numerous projects but it is better to sort out first what they want actually and is it really worth ?

i agree that power specially when it is new and  beyond limits can drive one mad dangerously .and madness can be harmful to himself too so being careful is always right thing to do.

thank you so much for bearing with me precious fellows !

i hope you will share your opinion if you too have read it.

Blessings and best wishes to all of you!!!


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