Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Humidity ,The Happy News And The Tea Beauty


Since more than three weeks our sky has got weird clouds which keep weather dull and confusing as they are not thick nor dark but weirdly thin and reflective that keep though sunshine blocked once in a while but heat is unbearable and dull light is  really frustrating .It feels like  these weird clouds  has banished the air too and for uncertain times  which saddens me most :( 

I have never experienced such weather for such  long period.It happens every summer in July hardly for one or two days and then clouds layer break off and gentle breeze blows .We experience much humidity in August and September mostly.But this year we are feeling completely locked in humid weather with no sign of air, so annoying.

China is neighboring country.According to news recent  rainfall has caused quite a damage to the people and property there which makes us feel sorry too. videos are quite disturbing .Hope and pray that rains and storms may not cause such misery to humanity on earth and hope science can help us to resolve such issues to some more extent so precautions can be taken before any natural disaster

Our city was hit by terrible huge thunderstorm  on the same night when  rainfall happened in China for four next days .We lost our power for two days and one night .Because of heavy rain which fall for an hour or bit more.Surprisingly even such tough storm could not vanish away the humidity and nor it allowed to air move around.Though  temperature  dropped little bit for few days, 40 C.

My son has gotten his visa issued finally and he will be leaving for London to join his new job.He called today and informed us about it.We were happy to hear that his three week wait was finished eventually and now he is completely assured to have new job.He will visit us before probably but that is when he will inform about it to his new employer and find out if it is okay to work from home while staying in Pakistan ,lets see we are hoping for the best with heart filled with prayers! My son also mentioned that if he could visit us  in August he would take us to visit northern areas which have Himalayas mountain range and are famous for their cool temps when whole Pakistan bears sweltering humid summers .But Hubby told that everything including schools and transportation is going to shut down completely for next whole month because government of Sindh is really annoyed with irresponsible behavior of the people here who are avoid to have vaccination. That was shocking news for us because we were happy to have restrictions lifted here but now that issue oh my!

When my son heard this he said it is okay then he will enjoy all the time at home with us.What else can make parents happy :)

  I could not visit blogs regularly due to routine disturbed by storm for previous two or three days,Though i tried to read at least one or two blogs in between via my phone.Last day when i was reading a dear friend Jan 's  blog ,one of her previous post made me think about Tea.I thought i will forget to write about it when i will post as i do always.But i still remember it so let me share few lines.

Having Tea is as essential here as three meals .Specially morning and evening teas are must and almost in each family here.Among families and friends Tea gatherings are great way to sit together and have conversations about topics of common interest.Tea parties are thrown to have fun time with loved ones and friends along with lots of refreshment.Tea is a lovely part of culture i think because it bring all together and help to forget bitterness of days for a while and adds beauty of sweet moments and cherishing smiles to them. 

My parents loved tea too (this is why i could not forget to write about it :)so did i.About forty five years ago when i was five or six may be, the milk we would buy was not much expensive nor it was  mixture of more water and little bit of milk unlike now days.It was cheap so we could afford it every day.Milk was pure so a half litre was enough to make tea few times in a day.My parents would take tea four to five cup in a day.I would do the same.My younger sister would not like tea much but she would like to eat morning bread with omelette and tea.My father was great tea drinker. At holidays he would ask tea all the time and to make it possible he would ask me to go down in the village and buy extra milk.Mom was busy woman and would hardly sit free.When my father will ask her to make tea so many times it would annoy her she would mumble bit but make it for him.My father was keen reader and cup of tea was huge support to him for this i think.Sometimes he would bring his some watch making work at home and do it  after lunch time.He would ask for tea before starting work.I saw how tiny and thin was stuff belong to watch those days .As tiny that i swallowed few of them few times.When father would remove his eyeglass from one of his eye and ask me to search the missing part of watch machinery i would see here and there innocently and meanwhile i would realize this was serious business and that tiny thing which traveled to my stomach  matters a lot ooops. Many many days or may be months latter i told told my father that i had swallowed  parts of watch machine and what a relief it was to see that he had  laughed gently  instead of scolding me.Though mom was too anxious if i got my stomach injured.   

Most beautiful memories of my early life belong to tea times when my parents had chatting over things of common interest.I remember when while leaning on my notebook and doing my homework i would pray secretly that may that time stretch into ages and they both never argue again.those happy voices and little laughter had added calcium to my bones i believe .

I am fond of warm eating just like my parents.To me having meal means eating warm bread taken off right from Tava (a plain iron pot upon which we cook traditional bread.And eating this warm bread with warm salan ( dish whether chicken or veggie).Unlike olden days if bread is ready to eat and hubby is not present i eat my meal without him.But i don't like to have tea without him at all.It's almost more than thirty years that we have morning and evening tea together.May be we run out of topic or energy sometime to chat over it but still it strengthen our bonding!and i like it this way.

Our tea times have squeezed since we both recovered our health issues.Our last tea time drop was night tea after dinner .We used to have it in winters but now we quit it because it disturbs sleep.

Our summer drink is lemon drink in which we add the pink salt ,little bit sugar and lemons.It keeps us energetic throughout the summer.

I think post got lengthy friends.

Wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in days ahead!

please stay blessed hope .Hope is boat which is rowed by the wind of the faith only so don't let it stop ever please!

blessings to all of you!


  1. There's nothing like a good cup of tea! Enjoy your upcoming visit with your son next month!

    1. So true about tea dear Debra :)

      Having cup tea is not a single physical act only but it is a spiritual event when heart is relived with so many beautiful memories

  2. I am sorry you are going to endure a month of lockdown but so happy for you that your son will be with you and possibly staying a whole month at your house!!! that's wonderful. Congratulations for him for getting his job in London - its a big place Baili (I lived and worked in London for 16 years, in the City working for a bank) most people live in the suburbs and get the tube train into central areas as surrounding areas are cheaper - If you tell me where his new job postcode will be, I could suggest some areas he could search for a room share in a house that might be good for his commute, I guess his employers will help him with that too and there are reputable agencies that will match him to something nice (at no cost to him) - you can email me or leave a comment on my blog. Interesting that China is experiencing floods (I do think the Bible warns us of much of the things we are seeing happening in today's world). Betty

    1. I don't know what is wrong with people who are against vaccination. GOVT is threatening with holding their salaries, forbidding their travelling and even blocking sim cards. It is getting scary for those who got their vaccination completely.

      Oh this is so Sweet of you to offer help dear Betty. I am really touched. My son told that he will stay in cheap hotel and then search for room.he said living privately is not possible at the moment so he will look for shared place. I will mention to him about your kind offer though.

      Oh I really didn't know that you believe that China was responsible for the the recent covid crisis?
      If so then all I can say that between the fighting of two bulls it's always ants that loose their life! How terrible

  3. Happy your son is doing so well! Thanks for sharing about the tea.

    1. He is happy and grateful with his progress in life dear Christine

      We pray May all sons and daughters gets success in their pursuits amen!

  4. What wonderful news! Your son will be home for a visit. I know you are overjoyed.
    I am a tea drinker. Most people in the US drink coffee but I don't like it. I like my tea plain with nothing added. Tea has such a clean fresh flavor.

    1. I am all eat to hear when he will knock at the door dear Emma :)
      It's been three years since we saw him closely! Let's see if it happens in real!

      Like you I like tea more.
      We live in hotter part of land so addition of milk is probably to make tea less dry .

  5. The tea looks good. Yes, weather is crazy everywhere. I am happy for your son.

    1. Weather is being totally strange dear Nichol. Despite they say the ozone layer has been fixed nothing in Weather seems normal like before

  6. Your post is lengthy but you have lots to say. the info in tea tells a lot about culture and habits. I drink tea but not as a social occasion. You have many kinds of tea where we have very few kinds of tea. Enjoy your son's visit.

    1. You can say I am talkative sometimes dear Red :)

      I wonder what people would have done without this special hot drink :)

  7. Our daughter lived in London for several years. It is an exciting city and country with much to see and enjoy. I hope you have the opportunity to visit when your son moves there, Baili.

    1. How nice your daughter liked the London too dear Marie

      London is indeed one of the biggest and most expensive city of the world still quite crowded I think.
      My son might stay there longer if he liked the weather specially. Though he mentioned his likening for the city when he visited with friends once may an year ago.
      I wish your hope becomes true someday in future :)

  8. Your weather is very hot indeed and no breeze makes it more difficult.
    It's good to read your eldest son has a job to go to in London and may come home to see his family at some point in time - that's good news Baili.
    Thanks for the link to the to watch now.
    Tea, yes only one cup a day here and that's at breakfast time. Once we or me had more cups of tea a day years ago, it's changed here now and so many people have coffee and no tea. I drink a lot of water and probably make one cup of coffee every second day.
    Take care...

    1. this year weather is behaving totally in a strange way dear Margaret ,kind of so disappointing .

      only one cup of tea daily wow you have won the game indeed ,actually i am also trying to reduce my tea which is twice a day already but not two cups but three actually ,in morning i have my bread with tea because fried egg is long gone dream ,then i take one cup tea so it is two cup in the morning and one in the evening ,after gallbladder surgery i realized my appetite for food and tea has lessen to some extent.
      i too drink lots of water specially in summer

  9. Hi, Baili! Your too-long-absent-friend has resurfaced. Terry and I are both doing well, but I'm still struggling to get into a normal routine. I enjoyed reading your long post. I'm sorry about your weird weather and the uncomfortable heat and humidity it is causing. And I'm sorry that your son can't take you up into the mountains because things are shutting down.

    We have many, many people who are refusing to get the Covid vaccine here as well. I'm getting pretty fed up with them. I think the people who spread bad information about the Covid vaccine should be held accountable, even criminally accountable. Most of the people here who are hospitalized and dying are the unvaccinated. This suffering and death are preventable which makes it truly tragic.

    I'm thrilled about your son's new job in London. I have a niece who lives there. Who knows ~ When we can travel again perhaps we can meet your son! That would be amazing, my friend! Maybe you and I could meet if you visit there!

    I enjoyed sharing your memories of tea with your parents. I laughed at your swallowing tiny parts from the watch, and I'm glad that you didn't have problems as a result. I'm not much of a tea drinker; I enjoy it on occasion, but I don't drink it regularly. I love coffee, and enjoy drinking it throughout the day. I also love to meet friends for coffee. And our home must never run out with Half andHalf, a blend of milk and cream that I use in my coffee! I'm like your father needing milk for his tea ~ LOL! Unfortunately, I can no longer drink coffee in the evening because it will keep me awake. *Sigh*

    I'm drinking coffee right now, and I'm going to catch up with your posts by reading backwards. Like your dad, coffee goes with reading. I am thrilled that you get to spend time with your son before he moves to London! I know you will have a wonderful and love-filled time when he comes home. Have a happy day, my friend! Hugs and much love to you!

    1. I try my best to reply all the comments but sometimes I get too tired and don't find energy to concentrate and reply. Sometimes I get guests and sometimes some sudden urgent piece of work appears.
      I kept visiting your blog and I was being updated that things were fine and specially about Terry that he was on his way to recovery and how you were trying to spend most your time with him.
      This is your generosity that you visited me and even read older posts! I can say you are captive of you good ,honest nature as always!

      This is bad that because of some irresponsible people whole province is shut down once again. Our second shot is in August most probably in mid.

      How amazing you have your niece living there in London :)

      Even reading about it that you can meet my son there makes me happy. If it is in destiny we will definitely meet someday my friend!

      I think adding milk in tea or coffee is positive thing to do :)

      We are waiting for the good news from our son .He will let us know when call on weekends hopefully.

  10. So good to read about your son. I do hope he will be able to get home and spend time with you.

    Many thanks for the link back to my post and very interesting to read the information you share about tea :)

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. thank you dear Jan and special thanks for the very informative sharing always

  11. Very exciting news about your son, Baili. I imagine how excited you are, eager to see him. And I always enjoy a good cup of tea. In fact, I'm drinking one now as I read your lovely posts!

  12. China is experiencing a series of weather related emergencies.
    Macau is helping with donations.
    Have a great week

    1. help is peak of humanity dear Pedro indeed!

  13. Deus permita que não haja inundações por aí. A humidade é terrível. Entranha-se nos ossos. Que possa beber muitas chávenas de cá com o seu filho. Eu adoro chá.
    Um bom fim de semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

    1. good to hear that your area is flood free dear Grace

      yes i too find humidity more terrible than summer itself specially disappearance of air hurts a lot

      so do you my friend!

  14. Yes, so sad to see all the devastation from floods worldwide.
    So many lives lost...😢
    I was so happy to hear about your son's visa though, and how great that you will get to see him for a while! Yay!!😊😊
    Such a shame you will all be closed down again in Pakistan, and all because of the irresponsible behaviour of some people. It is the same here. Infections are rising exponentially, due to so many refusing to have the vaccine or to wear face coverings in crowded places. I think we will also be closed down again by the end of the summer.🙄
    We have had a heatwave here last week, and Northern Ireland had the highest temperature since records began. Of course, it all ended with a huge thunderstorm! World climate is changing rapidly. I am just hoping and praying we haven't left it too late before modifying our behaviour. It is quite alarming, isn't it?!🙁
    Yes, tea does have almost magical qualities, doesn't it?! My Mom used to say a cup of tea made everything feel much better!😉 I do love my coffee too!! Lol
    Dearest Baili, here's hoping you are having a wonderful day, and are keeping cool and comfortable.😊😊
    Thank you so much for this fabulous post...I thoroughly enjoyed reading!
    Take care, my precious friend 🙏🙏🙏

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. oh this is sad that your part of land is either facing probability for lockdown dear Ygraine ! i hardly think of people as irresponsible as in our part of land because of the higher education they get and much exposure of knowledge they experience in life .but yes i have seen people who's ignorance is totally untouched by education and knowledge they possess about life which is embarrassing indeed.

      yes this is amazing how a hot cup of tea or coffee can change our mood :)

      i am sorry about the heat wave my friend ,i can relate and i feel for you and all other people who are going through such heat oh my! i wish and i hope we will understand how much harm we have caused to the atmosphere with our really selfish and ignorant behavior .it is time to avoid timely advantages and look for permanent solution for this issue that we have overlooking for long but now it is on edge and no way is further for more damage .
      you mom was so right about the cup of tea dear Ygraine ,it reminds me our family sittings when our moods transformed totally after having our cup of tea :)

      thank you sooo much for warming my heart always with your lovely words and sentiments my dear Ygraine !

  15. Precious Louise I am lacking words to appreciate your kindness and honesty how you always go through my old posts and read them and then leave such lovely and insightful comments. My laptop window was deleted by my younger son .I got it back today. I have been replying to some of your comments.
    I will reply to this one tomorrow hopefully as it's evening and Ali's tea time :)

    1. Thank You, Baili, but you don't have to reply to all my comments. There were a lot, LOL! Tea time with you hubby is really important, and I hope you had a lovely time!

  16. Heat and flooding have been in the news, worldwide, dear Baili, and glad to read the flooding in China did not affect you with a similar situation (I watched some news videos as well). You would think it would have been cooler after such rainstorms as you described, but it's not always true as you shared. It was interesting to see the Lipton tea advertisement as this brand is not one I usually buy here in the U.S.

    What great news about your son's visa finally coming through and hopefully he will reunite with his family in the coming months. I know you will happily keep us updated. And, if that reunion is at your home, it will be just as sweet.

    Reading about your enjoyment of tea came just as I was brewing a cup of peppermint tea. I admit to enjoying flavored fruit ones, especially raspberry-pomegranate and blueberry.

    1. Dear Dorothy i could smell the fragrance of your tea here :)

      we used to take green in winters ,lemon tea in summers as well but my favorite is tea that i grew up taking with my parents ,milk tea with really slight touch of sweetness of sugar :)

      actually we were experiencing really high temperatures from forty to fifty Celsius it dropped to from forty to thirty five which was quite relief though no sign of air at all except really hard to notice movement occurs during noon times once in a while but we can't say it is airy because such weak movement does not effect weather for better at all :(

      News about China is sad ,our country is having rains but i don't think situation is serious ,i will check the news anyway to check it out .

      yes it will be great pleasure to have my eldest son home after three years ,longest time of departure we have experienced because of covid ,thank God it's over almost

  17. Hi Baili :) I'm sure a nice trip to the mountains would feel so good, but if there are restrictions, you are probably safer at home. I'm actually getting vaccinated this week for the 1st shot. People can be very irresponsible! I hope you have a nice time with your son if he can make it in August! I've never been a tea lady...mostly decaf coffee, though I do like some herbal teas! Nice memories of your parents! ♥

    1. though northern areas are not quite facilitated for the tourists still in summer a great number of people visit there dear Rain.
      it was my dream from youth actually but i think i have to wait little longer for this .

      good news about your vaccination :)
      i like coffee too but coffee is too hot for climate we have here throughout the year

  18. Congrats to your son! So happy for him! I love tea! Thanks for sharing! Big Hugs!

  19. Exciting news! I am happy for you. It is hot and humid here as well but tea always helps.

    1. thank you dear Amalia
      yes tea helps to uplift mood instantly :)

  20. Dear Baili--I so enjoyed learning about your tea traditions. I'm wondering how many kinds of tea leaves you have in your kitchen to choose from when you want to share tea time with your husband and/or your children and/or your friends. My grandmother was a great tea drinker and the two of us would have "tea parties" together. She taught me to put milk in my tea--most of my friends didn't do that. We would have cookies and tea in the summer afternoons when I'd stay with her for a few days. It is truly a bonding experience. Take care. Peace.

    1. Dear Dee how nice to have such lovely memories about your grandma because of tea :)

      i think this is most beautiful thing about tea that whenever we sit to have sip of it ,there opens a magical window of such amazing memories which we have spent with our loved ones and friends and acquaintance :)

      tea is little part of my life yet the beauty belong to it is far powerful and deep :)

      i am not much experimental with my tea or even food to be honest ,my mom would like to have different herbal teas but i always go for milk tea well mostly ,tea without milk is also good but in winters only ,green tea available in market is one with name Jasmine tea we used to have it in winters but due to health issues we quit late night tea since years .

  21. Sad to have such weather nowadays!
    We had very heigh temperature while my son was here and now we are having rain, wind and cold weather.
    It is nice that you see your son and go out with him.
    Here, we drink more coffee than tea, but when I was living in England I use to drink a lot of tea..
    Hope the weather were you live improve!

  22. I am sure you are looking forward to your son's visit. Sad about the lockdown, so you can not travel to the higher cooler elevations. I love tea, I only use loose leaf tea, and buy it from many countries. Have a lovely visit with your son.

  23. These rotating lockdowns are a nightmare for all of us.

    It makes me smile that your son is able to visit you :-)

    We have been lucky to have the vaccination readily available to us. But unlucky to have conspiracy theorists that influence people to reject the offer of vaccination.

  24. Hello Baili, I enjoyed reading about your family's tea drinking and meals. I can just see you accidently swallowing the small part to your Father's watch! Small children will do things like that. It is good that he understood when you later told him about it. I hope you soon get a little relief from your very hot weather. It drains a person to have it so hot all the time. The weather everywhere has been changing quite a bit recently so that I hardly know what to expect any more. Enjoy the visit with your son when he comes home. I hope the rest of your week goes well.

  25. Adoro chá! Tomo diariamente, e gosto muitos dos chás da Lipton! Neste momento estou tomando de uma outra marca, à base de maça e canela, que também acho terem um sabor muito agradável! Estimo que o tempo, por esta altura já esteja por aí mais agradável, mas o tempo anda estranho e imprevisível, um pouco por todo o lado! Por cá ficámos estarrecidos, com o sucedido na Alemanha, Bélgica e Grécia!...
    Estimo que tudo corra o melhor possível, com o seu filho, no seu novo trabalho, e que qualquer dia, possa visitá-los.
    Aqui já estamos todos vacinados... com ambas as doses, e já se começa a considerar uma terceira dose, para as pessoas de saúde mais frágil...
    Faz-me imensa confusão como as pessoas podem recear mais a vacina, que representa uma cura, do que a doença, que têm feito tantas vitimas pelo mundo... espero que o bom senso impere, e todos se vacinem em breve, porque a variante Delta, tem feito muito estrago pelo mundo, e é a variante dominante, no momento...
    Um beijinho grande e votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor, por aí!...


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