Friday, July 30, 2021

Rain Complain ,Laptop Issue And Story Of The Birth Of The Universe By Neil Degrasse Tyson

Monsoon  has been proven quite damging in Pakistan this Year of  2021.Heavey rainfalls in upper ,northern and central Pakistan has caused quite destruction and some death unfortunately. Even Capital city  and other urban areas are flooded and daily life is disturbed to some extent. Southern parts are receiving rains as well but no rain showered in our city .It sounds strange specially  when rains are reported from all surrounding areas.Though due to having rain around us our weather is being slightly bearable  thankfully.Hope and pray that weather take right turn soon and life be easy and accessible for all inhabitants my homeland and of planet, amen.

Few days back my younger son deleted and reinstalled window ten in his laptop successfully but when he did same to mine things went wrong as i had expected .My laptop was not responding to installation at all.I was little afraid as mine is one that my eldest son had bought as his very first laptop when he got scholarship in Fast University Karachi and almost ten years ago.When he left for the Germany he handed this to me.And when he visited us in 2019 he gifted his almost new laptop to his younger brother before heading back.He told he is creating a powerful computer for himself so he does not need a laptop.He added that he does his office work on laptop provided by company.

Back to my laptop .My laptop was dead suddenly and completely during our stay in Islamabad 2018 i guess. It recovered and allowed only window seven to install within after half month run to different shops.Nobody could figure out what was the issue except graphic. Same happened few days back when my younger son tried to install window ten.I warned him that it won't work but he said i should trust him.But history repeated itself though this time a  computer fixer could install window 8 after two days effort. I am glad i got it back for now.

When electricity was disappeared for two days and one night and since cloudy weather (cloudy since almost a month with no drop of rain) our solar battery was not getting charged properly hubby asked us to use it only when it is really necessary .My younger son has attached his laptop with big monitor screen which takes lots of voltage'so there was no chance to use laptop so i started to read a book bought by my younger son .It is written by Neil Degrasse Tyson an Astrophysicist with American Museum of Natural history, director of it's world famous Hayden Planetarium. Host of radio and tv show Star Talk .My younger son is huge fan of  him and watches his videos on YouTube fondly as he wants to be an astrophysicist in future .

I say this for every book i choose that this one was exactly what i wanted to read .But what to do that it is true well almost. Yes i wanted to learn about life ,How it began ,It's origin and what are it's basic principles upon which it works .I don't know if i am being lazy again and want to take a panoramic look instead of zooming into day to day problems of life like normal people do such as shortage of my summer clothes as hubby was asking me week ago to go and shop few more dresses for summer but i ward off the idea and showed him two old  summer dresses i found in suitcase which was placed on the closet .I put them there few years ago and forgot about them .Yes i not forget only dates but things too .It was nice surprise actually.

I said they look in better condition and may be i don't need new ones.Lets see if this works.Idea of going to market in such heat makes me dizzy.

Okay let me share  what i read in the book until now. Book has more than 200 pages and i am on 50th right now.Writer begins with the beginning the Big Bang. When Fourteen billion years ago due to Still  unknown reason all the space ,all the time and all the matter was contained in a volume less then one trillionth size of this dot you see at the end of this sentence . (Oh my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....................)

At that point conditions were extremely Hot ,the basic Nature that collectively describes the universe were Unified.This pinpoint cosmos could only expand in what we called today the Big Bang.In 1916 Einstein's general theory of relativity gave us modern understanding of Gravity ,in which the presence of Matter and Energy Curves the Fabric of Space and Time surrounding it.In 1920 the quantum mechanics discovered and provided us modern account of all that is small,molecules ,atoms and subatomic particles .With help of these we don't reach the finish line but only can learn highlights. From the 0 time to One ten million ,trillion ,trillion  trillionth of second after the beginning universe grew to one hundred billion  ,trillion ,trillionths of meter  across.The German physicist Max Plank after whom these unimaginably small quantities are named ,introduced the idea of quantized energy in 1900 and generally is called father of quantum mechanics. 

Astrophysicists  apply the tenets and tools of general relativity and quantum mechanics to different classes of problems. They say In the very beginning ,during the Planck era the large were small  and we suspect that there must have been some shotgun wedding between two but vows exchanged during the ceremony and we cannot describe  certainly the behavior of universe over that time. Though we expect that at the end of Planck era Gravity wriggled loose from other still unified forces of Nature ,achieving an independent identity nicely described by our current theories .As the Universe aged through 10 power 35 second ( 10 with 35 zeros ) it continued to expend diluting all concentrations of energy .  What remained of the unified forces split into "electroweak" and "strong nuclear " forces.Later the " electroweak " split into electromagnetic and the "strong nuclear " split into four forces we know and love ,with with weak force controling radio active decay ,the strong force binding the atomic nucleus ,the electromegnatic force binding the molecules and gravity binding the bulk matter.


All the while the interplay of Matter in the form of subatomic particles ,and Energy in the form of Photons (massless vessels of light energy which are as much waves as  they are particles)was incessant. Universe was hot enough for these Photons to  Spontaneously convert into Matter  and Antimatter particle pairs,which immediately thereafter annihilate returning their energy back to photons.The physicist Gell Mann proposed the existence of "Quarks" in 1964.Quarks are quirky beasts and have fractional charges .It always be clutching other quarks near by.Infact the force that keeps two or more together grows actually stronger the more you separate them like a rubber band  snaps back ,and create  a new quark.Strong theoretical evidence suggests that an episode in early universe endowed universe with remarkable asymmetry, in which particles of   Matter barely outnumbered the particles of Antimatter,by about about a billion and one to a billion.That small difference would hardly get noticed amid continuous creation ,annihilation and recreation of quarks and antiquarks,Electrons and antielectrons ,and neutrinos and antineutrons. The Odd man Out had oodles opportunities to find somebody ti annihilate with,and so did everybody else.But not for long ,as the universe continued to expand and cool ,growing larger then our solar system,the temperature dropped rapidly below trillion degree kelvin.


The tepid universe was no longer Hot enough to cook quarks,so they all grabbed dance partners,creating heavy new particles Hadrons This transition soon resulted new emergence of   various particles and their combinations. Universe continued to cool ,amount of available energy dropped from spontaneous creation of basic particles.During this era ambient photons could no longer invoke energy to manufacture quark antiquark pairs.Photons that emerged from all the annihilations lost energy to ever expending universe,dropping below the threshold requried to create hadron antihadron pairs.For every billion annihilations ,leaving a billion photons in their wake ,a single Hadron survived .Those loners get to have all the fun,serving as the ultimate source of matter to create galaxies, Stars ,Planets and petunias.

Without the billion and one to a billion Imbalance between matter and antimatter ,all Mass in the Universe would have self annihilated ,leaving the Cosmos made of Photons and Nothing else.


To be continued ......

Dear friends i hope i did not bore you with passages from book as i really wanted to share how universe was born ,i hope you enjoyed it instead.

See you soon ,please keep smiling and stay blessed with faith in Creator and His laws which are for our good if followed properly.

Blessings to all of you!



  1. Monsoon season should be over soon won't it? Neil Degrasse Tyson is fun to listen to.

  2. I like books like this thanks for sharing thus far. Glad you got your laptop running more or less.

  3. The book sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hope your PC is fixed now. Have a wonderful day.

  4. The book sounds good and your laptop well, it's working that's the main thing,
    Didn't hear about the floods in your country, it's sad when people lose their possessions - take care.

  5. I am glad your computer problem is resolved. I wish you some cooling rain though not monsoons! Take care. Enjoy the book. It sounds like you are already!

  6. I am also a fan of Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He is quite an interesting person. The flooding in your country sounds awful, I am so sorry to hear about it. I'm happy to hear your computer is now working again. Every time they upgrade Windows it seems to cause trouble with computers. They will soon release Windows 11 but I always hate to change when I feel I've just gotten used to the current one! I hope you and your family are well and happy!

  7. We have heard about the monsoons on our news.
    It seems to me wherever you live the weather had caused damage and concern.
    Even in parts of the UK this weekend we have a storm alert!

    Many thanks for sharing this book with us.

    As we pass from July into August, I hope the 8th month of the year will be a good one for you and your family.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  8. You could never bore me with details about the origin of the universe, Baili! It's almost beyond my comprehension. Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of my heroes. I used to share him with my students. I think it is awesome that your son wants to be an astrophysicist. In my mind there is no more an exciting field. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Argh, computers! XOXOX

  9. Computer problems can be so annoying! I hope yours are completely over and done with. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is pretty amazing!

  10. Your book sounds interesting.

    Computer problems are a nightmare. I am always filled with dread when my computer has a problem.

  11. The weather is also completely crazy in Macau, baili.
    Climate change is real.
    Have a great week

  12. wow, what an interesting post - i love it when someone speaks Quantum Physics to me .lol. I love it ... i need to read this over again when I'm not so tired. Long warm day. I'm ready to turn of laptop... oh and I hope whatever issues u are having with yours gets figured out or maybe you can get a new one! Happy August to you and the family.

  13. So exciting that your son wants to be an astrophysicist! The book sounds so interesting. There is always so much to learn... I am sorry to hear about the flooding and the heat. This has been a terrible summer for so many. I am glad that you were able to get your computer working again. Mine is old, too, and can't take the new upgrades. Computers are a mystery to me. I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. It has been very hot and very dry here. I will be happy when summer is over. Sending hugs xo Karen

  14. There is so much to learn about in this world, starting of course, when it started. Admittedly, dear Baili, this book is not on my "to read" list, but I found your post very interesting for the reason that I would not be reading it and am learning through your reading it. Now, I will have to go and look up Neil deGrasse Tyson and watch a couple of YouTube videos to learn more. Good for you son in setting his career goal as an astrophysicist.
    Sorry to read about the computer woes and hopefully it will keep working awhile longer.

  15. Sempre temáticas muito interessantes e enriquecedoras, nas suas leituras, Baili! Grata por partilhar!!!
    Espero que tudo se resolva pelo melhor com seu computador! O tempo tem estado bastante problemático, também em vários pontos da Europa... picos de calor, cheias... o clima está acusando os efeitos das alterações climáticas! Aqui onde moro, as noites de Verão, foram substituídas por noites de vento! E tais condições, foram agravadas, desde 2017, quando no nosso país, houve uma vasta área de vegetação ardida, na região centro do nosso país... agora o vento forte de Nortada, sente-se bem mais presente...
    mas dou Graças a Deus, pelas temperaturas terem estado amenas. Com a pandemia, não posso ir com a minha mãe, para a frescura da habitual zona de praia, para onde costumávamos ir... é um sítio muito frequentado, pelo turismo, e a saúde frágil da minha mãe, não permite correr riscos, com esta variante Delta, que é muito agressiva, para os mais fragilizados... que como ela têm problemas cardíacos e respiratórios.
    Deixo um beijinho e votos de um excelente fim de semana, para si e todos os seus!

  16. oh please forgive my ignorance that i had no clue your country went through such horrible burnt out ,this makes me sad when such terrible things happen and i wish authorities can reduce possibilities of such terror which bring deep damage to environment .

    i am sorry about the health issues of dear Grace my dear Ana !

    beach is a serene place and water has magical healing effect for soul indeed but yes crowded beach is of no use for patient like your precious mother .
    i pray for her health from the bottom of my heart!


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