Monday, April 26, 2021

Science History Of Universe And Trip To Berlin By My Eldest Son


It is a  breezy day.Today  when hubby returned from office ,he told "today feels like first hot day of the extreme months ahead as while riding on motor bike air hit him like flame". Yes really hot winds blow here  throughout the May and June .Sun suddenly  start to behave like cruel  stranger and passing  through sunlight seems impossible and burning.Sweat and constant sweat accompany us until September .

No matter how irritatingly positive i sound ,summer make me wonder once in a while "why seasons have to change " Why weather can't stay on one pleasant point so we can live happily ever after .

But my dwelling upon such query doesn't last for long .My stupid positivity pulls me back on my genuine ground while whispering in my spiritual ear that change is need to grow.Season are displaying lessons of nature to teach us that" life goes on no matter what happens" Departure and renewal of versions of life tell that "there is no start nor ending only evolution traveling in circle " 

Another important lesson season teach is " joy and sorrow are part of this game .So keep trying to be part of better side.Add pleasure ,spread happiness,share smiles and share other's pain.This will create a Spring within your soul that would be impossible to touch by any autumn ever again.You will than cherish every season happily whether lovely one or annoying one .

My audio book Science History f Universe  has been continued. When i chose it i did not pay attention that it was volume seven of the same book. When i learned i wanted to go back and started from volume one but then i continued it with thought that if i leave it in middle i might forget and than listen from beginning.It will be waste of my time and energy.I am finding it enough interesting to look for all other volumes.This is exactly what i wanted to read with my passion to learn about evolution of life and universe.The connection that i used to feel with each single small and huge natural phenomena  feels so natural when i am learning that it is not just me who born with this thought that " we all are related " But scientific studies also prove that it is true .We all living or non living are born from one source and evolved (and will keep evolving ) with different shapes suitable to our way of survival.I am amazed with this realization that "Who put this thought or feeling to feel that connection with everything around me" ?

Was that just form of matter who's part i am or there is something else beyond understanding who does not give us just physical shape but install "a seed like " part of  Him.Let us grow and keeps eye whether  our curiosity nurture this seedling and turn it into vast tree that overshade our physical being and flourish our spirit in the light of "seeking divine truth" Who or what ever He is ,he surely wants us to look for Him and seek answers that nature provokes in our mind.Anyway i am serene that my longing was not invain completely !

I am also reading few pages of another book everyday Brain And Personality.It is also an amazing detailed book which i am so happy to read.But will share in next post hopefully.I had to leave writing this post in middle and visited to doctor to doctor .He did not say much except i should continue medicine for three more weeks.He said this after examining knee.

Sharing some cool images from my eldest son's trip to Berlin.He went with his close friends and they stayed there for one night and two days.Hope you like pics .I so enjoyed glimpse of Berlin that i knew most because of Berlin wall  long ago.I am glad the wall has been removed and i wish all such walls that divide us may fall.

           i don't know why the result is not good because my son has quite nice camera as his friends 

i was ashamed to mentioned this young lady in previous post mistakenly as she was other (probably resemblance of her to other friend of my son) she is on left here ,she came from America to spend holidays with her friends who live here in Munich including my son. 

on right a sweet newly married couple for whom i feel so happy ,love must triumph always :)

this made me smile and reminded when hubby used to put my head in his lap while i would sleep  (we were newly married then lol 

haha i  enjoy such spontaneous more than arranged photos  

                          i really liked this majestic building 

see you soon precious fellows,wishing you all healthy ,happy prosperous life ahead!amen!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Audio Books ,Weather And Few Blooms

I like cloudy weather and i am happy that it is cloudy here since two days. Though periodically but it is good to have clouds on our sky.Strong winds blow them away before they can shower some drop and while doing so they sprinkle quite amount of sand over the ground how annoying.I Hope this game of wind and clouds can hold extreme heat for more while .

I have finished  my first audio book "Alexander The Great "by Jacob Abbot through   though it was not my first choice. I started to listen Brain And Personality by William Hanna Thomson firstly  which was brief detail how human brain rules the body and makes our mind .I found it really interesting but i found it difficult to comprehend the technical terms  while listening so i  search to read it online .It is an amazing book for those who want to understand relations between brain and mind (count me on top of the list).I am enjoying it thoroughly .I manage to read it after evening prayer for at least half hour.I am in the middle of it now.

History comes after science when it comes to read books in this part of age.I was fond of romantic  and adventurer in my youth. So i liked knowing about Greek conqueror  who within 13 years changed course of history by invading and conquering the huge part of land including part of Asia .Though  all he did was wasted right after his death and today no one know where he is even buried.The last famous words  of Alexander were not included in the audio book but if he had said so he earned real victory because his last words reveal his regret and sorrow for his earlier doings.
"Bury my body ,don't build any monument,Leave my hands outside  so that the world knows the person who won the world has nothing in his hands when dying"

According to writer in his last years of life Alexander had became a heavy drinker and was totally lost in pride and luxury  while considering himself a son of Jupiter (god).  His wars could not harm him more than  his  lust for keeping himself within extremely luxurious environment that killed him eventually .Jacob  Abbot the writer  called Alexander a mere Robber at the end of this book. And i think he is right because if one has power and authority to invade others home ,kill and rob them ,he will stay robber no matter how big emperor  he was.

I know world has beard such cruel rulers for centuries  and in every nation.I am happy that strategy for the ruling the world  has changed since 19th century and life has opened her comforting arms for common people finally. Though nations with power and resources still have found ways to control  weaker nations.But i am positive that some day people will learn that their real victory is to walk towards betterment of life on this planet by holding each other's hand and embracing mutual respect and equality.Because not a single man has come to this world with stamp by God (nature) that he has right to rule or decide for others.I can understand that Freedom is proves to being a new toy for people and they are being experimental with it in extreme excitement.But i think within one or two centuries they will understand finally that freedom is not a toy to play with but  gift and blessing  to use it for better and  higher cause that can benefit humanity as a whole on earth.

I am listening another audio book now .It is Science History Of Universe by Francis Rolt Wheeler. I will talk about it when it is finished.
My knee pain is quite better now by the grace of lord! I  feel always thankful for the kindness you all friends show in your comments!Thank you for being my strength and support friends .Creator will be repaying you for this sweet gesture i believe!
some yard blooms and garden that has tremendous healing energy.Wishing for some rain that can wash it's lovely face .

            captured last noon when clouds  covered the sky and hope for rain made me happy  

first seasonal smile of our climber 

wire you see here belong to removable shade that we have fixed in front yard to lessen the heat effect as sun reflection on yard marble floor  increase heat ,shade covers area  of ten feet in yard that works fine

 Keep taking good care and keep being kind to you and to all you have around you !

Blessings to all of you!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Trip To Some Beautiful Lake In Munich Surroundings By My Son


We are on the edge of extremely hot weather now .Hardly one or two week probably and our heat will turn on like a heater on us .So we feel happy to have some more moments in hands when our senses are working properly though our temps are reaching to forty already.

We live duel life .One with physique in outside world and other with spirit or soul in inside world .If weather inside is cool ,outside heat can be beard .But if there is heat inside ,even snow in outside world will burn us.So since i have gotten the formula how to survive in world out side by calming your inner universe i feel better and more positive in such extreme season too.

My eldest son visited  some beautiful place with friends last week.He did not mention the name and i too forgot to ask.But it was not far from the Munich city as they went and returned withing single day.I asked many times to my son hat he should take break and visit so he can be out of routine for while.I am happy he did this after moving into new residence.I hope they will do this time to time as it is necessary for mental and physical health specially when they are away from their families for long.Sharing some images below hope you will like them.

my hearts feels deep gratitude and fills prays for these kids ,hope along with all others they find joy ,peace and happiness in life ahead amen!

       place looks really beautiful and worth visiting ,specially mountain are fascinating to me always

               how cool to find looking at the lovely display of Nature while sipping hot coffee :)

   i miss him terribly ,sometime i just want to hug and and nothing else then i comfort myself with thought that he is blessed to have opportunity to fulfill his dreams unlike me and many others and gratitude replaces the pain .I wish him best of luck and may lord make his all dreams come true amen! 

                       on left is one of his best friend ,married to her loving husband ,couple is sweet and kind to him.

                                         relaxation in the lap of Nature is therapeutic isn't it :) 

another best friend of my son ,i mentioned her  in few of my previous posts ,i have met her family when we went to Karachi to see off my son two years ago .One of 

One of his best friend Mubashir could not join them  as the newly married couple (on left) wanted to spend holiday together .

Okay precious people that is all for now ,see you soon .
Keep being kind to yourself and all around please as this is all that matters believe me :)

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Frontyard Garden Glimpse And Blah Blah Blah

Hey Kind  Hearts 

Hope having pleasant time while wandering in the garden of of life. It is peak of spring time  here and i hope you are cherishing the smiles of nature gratefully!

It's tenth of April and we are enjoying mild temps until now by the grace of Lord. Knowing that extreme hot months are about to start such delightful weather seems gift indeed. My eldest son called yesterday and told that he is busy in many things including arranging new residence .He said he is expecting friends and they are going to cook together and play video game for while .To enjoy games on big screen he has bought a new fifty fives inches t.v.He said he will send photos of the house once it is arranged according to his vision.

I revisited to orthopedist yesterday .First visit was  one and a half week ago .I had knee pain though not during walk but when i try to bend my leg when sit for meditation.He was same doctor who treated my arthritis few years back. I told him that i feel no ache anywhere in body except knee.He said it is normal to have such pain after fifty and that it is not disease but condition that follows aging .He advised to stop walk and exercise  until i feel better. He also prescribed some medicines that are making my thoughts and actions slow.I will have to visit him after fifteen days from now.
Despite of being slow i continued my newly adopted hobbies  listening audio books and learning algebra.With drugged mind algebra is being more challenging to me but i completed  the first level thankfully though after  watching  videos  at Khan Academy repeatedly after evening pray .I think it is best site for math learners as it's views and subscriptions are more than millions.Khan academy was great help to my eldest son during his school studies and now my both younger sons also take help from this.I never imagined  i too will take advantage of this site someday. My hear feel gratefulness for having this opportunity in this part of age! 

I felt difficult understanding the technical terms and phrases while listening audio book Brain and Personality by William Hanna Thomson so i looked for site i can read it and thankfully i found it  here.I am really enjoying learning about how this little weird looking bundle controls all our physical functions. I was astonished by this fact that According to author scientists have found no difference between brain of  of other species and human.And it is only Grey matter" that separates human brain from other animals. "Grey matter is only source that transforms energy into thoughts.The more grey matter our brain produce the better we are able to think.How to increase grey matter in our brains ? I found answer of this question on Lab Talk

Enough my boring talk dear friends .Sharing some glimpse of my latest garden delights .Hope you will like them as well :)


Take Good Care and keep blooming like flowers which deliver pleasure to each eye embrace them and preserve in our heart like pleasant memories forever !

God Bless You All! 

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