Monday, April 26, 2021

Science History Of Universe And Trip To Berlin By My Eldest Son


It is a  breezy day.Today  when hubby returned from office ,he told "today feels like first hot day of the extreme months ahead as while riding on motor bike air hit him like flame". Yes really hot winds blow here  throughout the May and June .Sun suddenly  start to behave like cruel  stranger and passing  through sunlight seems impossible and burning.Sweat and constant sweat accompany us until September .

No matter how irritatingly positive i sound ,summer make me wonder once in a while "why seasons have to change " Why weather can't stay on one pleasant point so we can live happily ever after .

But my dwelling upon such query doesn't last for long .My stupid positivity pulls me back on my genuine ground while whispering in my spiritual ear that change is need to grow.Season are displaying lessons of nature to teach us that" life goes on no matter what happens" Departure and renewal of versions of life tell that "there is no start nor ending only evolution traveling in circle " 

Another important lesson season teach is " joy and sorrow are part of this game .So keep trying to be part of better side.Add pleasure ,spread happiness,share smiles and share other's pain.This will create a Spring within your soul that would be impossible to touch by any autumn ever again.You will than cherish every season happily whether lovely one or annoying one .

My audio book Science History f Universe  has been continued. When i chose it i did not pay attention that it was volume seven of the same book. When i learned i wanted to go back and started from volume one but then i continued it with thought that if i leave it in middle i might forget and than listen from beginning.It will be waste of my time and energy.I am finding it enough interesting to look for all other volumes.This is exactly what i wanted to read with my passion to learn about evolution of life and universe.The connection that i used to feel with each single small and huge natural phenomena  feels so natural when i am learning that it is not just me who born with this thought that " we all are related " But scientific studies also prove that it is true .We all living or non living are born from one source and evolved (and will keep evolving ) with different shapes suitable to our way of survival.I am amazed with this realization that "Who put this thought or feeling to feel that connection with everything around me" ?

Was that just form of matter who's part i am or there is something else beyond understanding who does not give us just physical shape but install "a seed like " part of  Him.Let us grow and keeps eye whether  our curiosity nurture this seedling and turn it into vast tree that overshade our physical being and flourish our spirit in the light of "seeking divine truth" Who or what ever He is ,he surely wants us to look for Him and seek answers that nature provokes in our mind.Anyway i am serene that my longing was not invain completely !

I am also reading few pages of another book everyday Brain And Personality.It is also an amazing detailed book which i am so happy to read.But will share in next post hopefully.I had to leave writing this post in middle and visited to doctor to doctor .He did not say much except i should continue medicine for three more weeks.He said this after examining knee.

Sharing some cool images from my eldest son's trip to Berlin.He went with his close friends and they stayed there for one night and two days.Hope you like pics .I so enjoyed glimpse of Berlin that i knew most because of Berlin wall  long ago.I am glad the wall has been removed and i wish all such walls that divide us may fall.

           i don't know why the result is not good because my son has quite nice camera as his friends 

i was ashamed to mentioned this young lady in previous post mistakenly as she was other (probably resemblance of her to other friend of my son) she is on left here ,she came from America to spend holidays with her friends who live here in Munich including my son. 

on right a sweet newly married couple for whom i feel so happy ,love must triumph always :)

this made me smile and reminded when hubby used to put my head in his lap while i would sleep  (we were newly married then lol 

haha i  enjoy such spontaneous more than arranged photos  

                          i really liked this majestic building 

see you soon precious fellows,wishing you all healthy ,happy prosperous life ahead!amen!


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely pics of Berlin!

  2. I've never been to Berlin so I enjoyed seeing your son's photos. And I love the sentiment you wrote -- "i wish all such walls that divide us may fall." Wouldn't the world be a better place if that came true!

  3. So nice to see your son's lovely photographs.

    Sending lots of good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  4. I continue to be impressed by your quest for knowledge.

  5. Your summers are so hot, I can understand your feelings about the seasons.

  6. Distinct seasons of the year give us some change so that we get a variety. I feel sorry for those who dislike a season for whatever reason.

  7. These are moments that he will never forget, baili.
    Our effort is rewarded every time we see this happiness.

  8. The building in the last photo is gorgeous.

  9. Nice to see all the photos - such a beautiful place and your son and friends look so happy! You are reading some interesting subjects, Baili. It's nice to keep learning new things and keeping an active and interested mind to stay young! I don't like the summer heat, either. Early mornings and evenings are nice, though. - sending hugs and blessings xo Karen

  10. Lovely collection of photos and the young ones looking around. Nice photos.
    Take care.

  11. Grata por estas partilhas tão especiais, Baili! Esta será certamente uma viagem inesquecível, para o seu filho! Munique é uma cidade grandiosa, como as imagens tão bem o dão a perceber!
    E que bom vê-la tão empenhada em continuar a alargar os seus conhecimentos, através da leitura, Baili! Confesso que em tempos de pandemia, o meu tempo livre diminuiu bastante... por isso não tenho conseguido ler, o que gostaria! Espero que tudo melhore o quanto antes, para voltarmos às anteriores rotinas...
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana, com saúde, para si e todos os seus!

  12. Great photos of your son! I'm so impressed by your constant reading and learning.

  13. Loving all the photos! They are great! I hope you are well and keeping safe! I agree, may all walls that divide us fall down! Big Hugs!

  14. Dearest Baili, oh thank you so much for another fabulous post!
    I guess it is only human to long for the best and most comfortable temperatures, but you are absolutely right...if we can find that inner spiritual balance, then we can learn to see beyond the physical comfort and can begin to understand how all discomfort can be endured, as it has deeper meaning in our lives...and helps make us better human beings, through developing compassion for others.
    Oh I do so hope your knee is much better soon. I really really do feel for your pain, my wonderful friend. Sending my sincerest prayers for your total recovery!!🙏🙏🙏
    WOW, those photos of your son and Germany are stunning. I have never been to Germany, but I'd love to go there and see for myself those wonderful sights.
    Thank you so, so much for sharing...😊😊

    Have a wonderful day, my beautiful friend.

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. I hope the medicine has been making you feel less knee pain, Baili. A friend here has been going through similar issues and she does not want any surgeries so is trying injections now. Your son always send wonderful images of his adventures and nice that he has such a great group of friends as well. We are all more prosperous by those in our life with whom we can share good times.

  16. Your audio books sound interesting.

    Lovely photos of you son and Berlin :-)

  17. Lovely pictures from your son, Baili, and wonderful thoughts on life and evolution.


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