Monday, April 5, 2021

Guests ,Ac And Little Joys Added To Life

 It 's a windy day today .I can see my front yard through the window and it is getting dusty more with each gust of wind .I cleaned yard floor in the morning as usual but now i think i have to wait for after noon until wind disappears hopefully .

We  had invited newly married couple (hubby's nephew and his wife) on lunch so yesterday they visited us.My sister in law and two of her sister in laws were along .They informed us before thankfully so i prepared meals before their arrival .Therefore i got plenty of time to spend with them instead of kitchen. WE had pleasant time together.They left after dinner time around 10 :30 .

My eldest son moved into a new house that he rented week ago .He showed us during what'sup chat and we all just liked it so much.House is on higher floor and has road passing both sides.t has glasses all around instead of walls .To be honest i saw such house only in movies.I asked my son to send few images but he  is quite the perfectionist so said he will when house is arranged properly.Rent seems high (1000 euro) but still house justifies it somehow.i liked the kitchen most which has view like balcony .My son 's all friends visited him during Easter holidays .He talked for almost an hour with his father as i was busy in kitchen preparing food for expected guests .I could chat with him hardly for fifteen minutes .He said that he is expecting friends and they will make dishes together .He also told that he may not visit us for few more months as he has to sort out some issues first regarding his career .I felt sad inside but i did not express except he knows better what is best for him.My son told that he has ordered an conditioner for us that will arrive within two weeks.We though suffer during crucial temperatures in summers still not me nor hubby likes to sit in room with air conditioning system.My reason is that i feel sick if i have to sit i such cool place.I like coolness or winters but my body resist it i don't know why.I feel better if i am sweating and i can't help it.Hubby's reason for not wanting ac is that he thinks if i won't stay with them in cool room they will be uneasy .Kids say the same .But now ac is is coming eventually and let's see what happens .

I have brought little changes in my way to use my time.I have satrted to hear audio books and i am really happy i did this .I was angry with myself that why it took so long to me .I should have thought about it earlier .I finished listening The story O f Aristotle 'Philosophy in two days .It was written by Will Durant  .I so enjoyed learning about one of  the pioneer  philosopher and scientist.Now i am listening Brain And Personalty by William Hanna Thomson .I listen audio book while i am cooking in kitchen.Such a pleasure i found .

I have been really bad in my mathematics during my school days.In my matriculation exam i got 33 marks (passing marks) .If one was less i could have been fail.I feel embarrassed now that i disliked math specially hated algebra .I felt annoyed with Muhammad Ibe Musa who invented it what the hell he was thinking ,i thought.I can understand now that it was my weak brain probably who descended when i attempted to understand algebra .I would get migraine immediately .But now in my fifties i am attracted to this subject and reason you may find funny. Actually i find a vigorous desire within me  to understand how we humans can make our thought system better.I genuinely believe that we can train our brains to think better which is core thing to create healthy and successful life as super specie on earth . I think if we can learn how math is involved in our every day life .And we can think how to apply it more properly and effectively in our thinking .

So i have started to learn math .I satrted it from basics and i found it appealing.I repeat if i can't pick it correctly .This practice reminds me often one of our math teacher who would say that 

"don't long for right answer ,Stick with Right procedure ,you will get right answer eventually"

I think same formula applies on our life .If we stick to the Right procedure we find answer that is satisfying mostly.

I look at furniture and roof bricks and floor bricks ,pattern in everything .I find that if every single piece is made finely it is fitted into it's place with perfection .Just like diamond in the ring.Petals in the flowers and nodes in the music book .

Math is in everything to keep it working properly.It demands great thoughtfulness"care  and balance" in each step while solving sum of life.Non living things obey rules of math so they turn into beauty and harmony .But as humans we are mostly illusioned  with the freedom choice.We do experiment and become complex as simplicity seems boring to us. But the complexity created by this irresponsible behavior make us "misfit" in pattern of nature. I am afraid if answer is wrong while solving sum of life. 

thank you for bearing with me precious friends!

Thank you for always encouraging comments ,they make great deal to me!

In my thoughts and prayers all of you!

blessings to all of you!


  1. Gostei de ler o que escreveu contando como ocupa algum do seu tempo. Ler é muito bom. Cozinhar para os amigos é excelente. Deus permita que o seu filho se dê bem na sua nova casa. Desejo o melhor para todos.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  2. I have a grudge against Muhammad Ibe Musa because of algebra too, LOL! This was such a funny line from you!

  3. I admire your ambition to learn!

  4. Dearest Baili, I have missed you so much since I became unwell, so it has been such a great pleasure to visit you here today!😊
    As always, I found this post really interesting. Maths has always been my biggest stumbling block, I just can't grasp it's equations, especially algebra.
    Maybe that is the reason my life is often so disorganized! I can see exactly what you are saying, how everything in life is connected to mathematics. You have inspired me to try harder, my dear friend. Them you so, so much.😊😊
    I am currently in and out of hospitals quite a lot, but will visit you as often as I can. You are always in my thoughts...
    Oh, and I meant to say...your son's new home sounds wonderful!!

    Take care and stay safe!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  5. You are smart, Baili. I don't like math :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Your son is so good to all of you. You raised him well. As far as algebra Most people don't realize they use it every day. For instance say you are comparing prices of cans of corn and you wish to find the cost per ounce. This is algebra. I think the name frightens people.

  7. How thoughtful of your son to send you the gift of ac. I hope you find it helpful in those high temperatures you have. It is too bad you won’t see him for a few months though.

  8. A wonderful Son what else do you need?

  9. I agree with you on the air conditioning/. I find that going back and forth from air conditioning to non air conditioning makes both uncomfortable. I find that math gives us more skill in using reasoning so it is worthwhile to learn math.

  10. That is wonderful that your son is doing well, Baili, and he got a new house! That is so thoughtful of him to order you a new AC. I also need to get one, and am using a heater, which works well during the Winter months. His kitchen sounds charming with a view of the balcony. I know you miss him, as I miss the girls, but they are always in our hearts, aren't they?


  11. Enjoyed reading you and catching up with what your son is up to and your thoughts on mathematic. I, failed pre-algebra in school and some how I slipped through the system and never had to take an advanced math course again ...even algebra.... not sure how that happened. Patterns are so intriguing to me - I love looking at images of the fibonacci sequence as it shows up in flower petals, etc. I am like you i really don't care for air conditioning unless absolutely necessary. We have a swamp cooler and that works fine .

  12. Math is for my daughters.
    Me and the mother?
    No, thank you :)))

  13. Hello, Baili. You sound always happy about your son’s news - I'm listening to you smiling. I can’t bear my summer without air conditioning as Japan’s summer is so humid. I don’t like too cool room, but don’t worry, you can set temperature as you like. Listening to a book read by someone reminds me of my mother’s voice when I shared books with her in my childhood. Talking of mathematics, it is everywhere in our daily life. People would think of accounting and the likes, but in a nutshell, it is logical thinking. Answer is only one (different from human emotion), but there are different ways to reach it, and each way is respected. Thank you for your comments on my blog even for the past post. Have happy days ahead. Take care.


  14. A matemática, ajuda-nos a pensar com mais clareza... também em muitas outras áreas!
    É uma disciplina muito trabalhosa, mas quando se gosta dá-nos imenso prazer! Eu gostava imenso de matemática, quando andava na escola!
    Adorei saber como tem ocupado o seu tempo, Baili! E que tudo corra muito bem, nesta nova etapa do seu filho, numa casa nova! Mudanças, trazem sempre uma boa energia, com elas...
    Deixo um beijinho, e votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor, com muita saúde para todos!
    Continuação de uma boa semana!

  15. Your sons new home sounds very nice.
    I think it is very thoughtful of him to arrange for the AC gift.
    A shame you will not be seeing him for a few months but hopefully the time will pass quickly.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  16. Like you, Baili, I have been enjoying audio books, more so since the pandemic started and I also listen to them while cooking, folding clothes, house work, etc. It is so nice to have someone read to me. I also enjoy e-books and all are downloaded from the local library website. The family visit sounded like it was very nice and hopefully you didn't have to spend too much time in the kitchen. Your son's new place soundsvery nice and we will look forward to seeing any photos he sends you in the future. Math was not my best subject in school and I have no interest in re-visiting it.

  17. I was never good at math either1 LOL! You have a good son! Big Hugs!


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