Saturday, April 10, 2021

Frontyard Garden Glimpse And Blah Blah Blah

Hey Kind  Hearts 

Hope having pleasant time while wandering in the garden of of life. It is peak of spring time  here and i hope you are cherishing the smiles of nature gratefully!

It's tenth of April and we are enjoying mild temps until now by the grace of Lord. Knowing that extreme hot months are about to start such delightful weather seems gift indeed. My eldest son called yesterday and told that he is busy in many things including arranging new residence .He said he is expecting friends and they are going to cook together and play video game for while .To enjoy games on big screen he has bought a new fifty fives inches t.v.He said he will send photos of the house once it is arranged according to his vision.

I revisited to orthopedist yesterday .First visit was  one and a half week ago .I had knee pain though not during walk but when i try to bend my leg when sit for meditation.He was same doctor who treated my arthritis few years back. I told him that i feel no ache anywhere in body except knee.He said it is normal to have such pain after fifty and that it is not disease but condition that follows aging .He advised to stop walk and exercise  until i feel better. He also prescribed some medicines that are making my thoughts and actions slow.I will have to visit him after fifteen days from now.
Despite of being slow i continued my newly adopted hobbies  listening audio books and learning algebra.With drugged mind algebra is being more challenging to me but i completed  the first level thankfully though after  watching  videos  at Khan Academy repeatedly after evening pray .I think it is best site for math learners as it's views and subscriptions are more than millions.Khan academy was great help to my eldest son during his school studies and now my both younger sons also take help from this.I never imagined  i too will take advantage of this site someday. My hear feel gratefulness for having this opportunity in this part of age! 

I felt difficult understanding the technical terms and phrases while listening audio book Brain and Personality by William Hanna Thomson so i looked for site i can read it and thankfully i found it  here.I am really enjoying learning about how this little weird looking bundle controls all our physical functions. I was astonished by this fact that According to author scientists have found no difference between brain of  of other species and human.And it is only Grey matter" that separates human brain from other animals. "Grey matter is only source that transforms energy into thoughts.The more grey matter our brain produce the better we are able to think.How to increase grey matter in our brains ? I found answer of this question on Lab Talk

Enough my boring talk dear friends .Sharing some glimpse of my latest garden delights .Hope you will like them as well :)


Take Good Care and keep blooming like flowers which deliver pleasure to each eye embrace them and preserve in our heart like pleasant memories forever !

God Bless You All! 


  1. Бейли, здравствуйте! Какое цветочное великолепие? Вы выращиваете цветы? Я очень люблю цветы. В России, где я живу, ещё не растаял снег. Тогда я поеду в свой сад.
    Пусть Ваше колено будет здоровым. Берегите себя!

  2. I hope by the next time you. Is it the doctor you knee is feeling much better, Baili.

    The blooms are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful flowers, I love that you are always learning! TV's have come down in price a lot over the years, good to have new ones.

  4. I love your floral photos as always. Sorry to hear about your knee pain -- yes, it is common as one ages -- I know so many people with knee and joint pain. I hope it decreases so you can enjoy moving about again.

  5. I also have trouble with my knees. I find that Asperecreme or Icy Hot help. You can just rub it on and wait a couple of seconds until the pain eases. I take no pills for it. As usual the pictures are lovely. I really like the flower with one drop of water right on the edge of the center.

  6. Those flowers are beautiful. There are a few that I have never seen around here. Good for you - learning lots of new things about the brain, algebra, all that. Take care of that knee!

  7. Wow learning algebra, good for you. Glad your son is doing well. These flowers are amazing especially the white with the orange ring. I have never seen that before. What is it?

  8. Your flowers are lovely, such a variety of colour.

    Hope your knee starts to feel a little better soon.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  9. I firmly believe in keeping active. I go to a physiotherapist and do what they tell me. Today I'm upset because I haven't been for my walk. I walk over three miles a day.

  10. My dearest Baili, you are never EVER fact it is because your posts are so interesting, that it is always such a pleasure to visit!😊😊
    Oh I do feel for you...and am hoping and praying that your knee is less painful really soon. Sending you a healing hug!
    I feel a kind of close kinship with you, we are so similar in many ways. You are almost the sister I never had, but always longed for!
    WOW, these flowers are SO beautiful! Just gazing at then makes my heart sing!!
    Oh thank you so much for being you 😊😊

    Stay safe and happy, my beautiful friend!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. I hope your knee recovers soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the flowers, they are beautiful.

  12. Flowers give us happiness, baili.
    Always have inside and outside (balcony) in my house.
    Have a great week

  13. Quando o corpo exige descanso, o melhor mesmo é ocupar a cabeça, como você faz com a álgebra.. E que lindas flores tem o seu jardim.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  14. I hope your knee getting much better, Baili.
    I also learn some concepts from Khan Academy, and all about our brain are very interesting.
    Love your wonderful flowers :)

    Take care!

  15. Your flowers are lovely Baili! So colourful. And I hope that your knee heals soon. I have trouble with my right knee and have to take it easy sometimes - RELUCTANTLY lol...your talk about learning is NOT boring. I think it's amazing that you are continuing to learn and educate your mind! I plan on doing the same thing in the next year or so, I want to go back to university to get my psychology degree. I just have to plan it out in the budget! :)

  16. wow, love your beautiful garden. Seems you have all, or most of my favorite flowers. :)
    The trees are amazing too :)

  17. I hope your knee heals, and good for you for studying algebra. They say learning keeps us young, I hope so. I keep learning too, this year I am reading many biographies about Winston Churchill, his family and his leadership in World War II.

  18. I wonder WHY medical professionals seem quick to prescribe medications, especially those that seem to dull your mind and make you feel slow. I hope that rest will make your knee less painful, Baili. I commend you for teaching yourself algebra as learning is good the mind. Audio books are a favorite of mine and I have found many good ones downloaded from the local library.

  19. I'm sorry about your knee pain! Please take care! Love your flower pictures! Big Hugs!

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  21. Que lindas flores, tem o seu jardim! De facto, quando os nosso movimentos estão mais limitados, nada como ocupar a mente, com enriquecedoras leituras!
    As varandas do meu apartamento são pequenas... e não há muita sombra, pelo que a minha variedade de flores é reduzida...
    Estimo que melhore rapidamente, Baili. A minha mãe esta semana, também se começou a queixar de um joelho... algum jeito que ela deu a caminhar, ou a levantar-se... estas coisas surgem tão de repente... mas depois demoram a passar... mas ela tem bem mais idade, e muitos problemas de ossos... os remédios fazem bem a uma coisa, e mal a outra. Não posso dar medicação que deixe a minha mãe sonolenta, pois se ela tropeça e cai, ainda será pior no caso dela... como tudo na vida... temos de procurar um equilíbrio ...
    Beijinhos! E que tudo corra pelo melhor, estimando a continuação das suas boas melhoras!


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