Friday, December 30, 2016

Trip to Karachi {Family Fun}

Hi Friends ,

Missed all of   you  so  much  though  was  having fun with my COMPLETE ! family  yet  missed my  blogging  friends and visiting their blogs  a lot.By  the grace of God all went  good  and last night we landed back to our small city home .After  cleaning ,cooking ,bathing i  just got time to sit with my keyboard though  it is getting time for my evening tea with hubby and then prayer but still managing to post  some photos  of my this recent trip to my son to whom we met after  quite long and it was beyond happiness  for us.
To spend time with us he took four leaves from his office and took us to some interesting places of the city though Karachi is  most  largest city and fifth  largest city in the world .It is  lied beside the Arabian sea and primer industrial center of Pakistan.More then  10 million  people live here and most of them are from other city who came to earn better living. Hope  you will enjoy this post .

                     This  photo is from another source just to show you glimpse of Karachi city

Building with blue windows (between}on right has office where my son works as soft ware engineer
{Image source}

Aladin Park is the one of the biggest park of Pakistan with 35 crazy rides some of which are quite dangerous.i took this pic while entering the main entrance. we spent almost five hours and had lots of fun.

                      It was our first time to explore this amazing park and kids were so excited

                 You can see the the track of train above that moves around the whole wide area.But my kids wanted  to ride on crazy  and scary  rides {for me} that i could not allow and we rode on simple rides

         Our first ride was one you can see on left  .Since my childhood i loved this ride specially when it goes on height and flows towards down  give thrill to senses !

            View  from above when round wheel ride  reached highest point .It was cool and breezy and i was glad that we all were in one cabin and enjoying our chat too.

After three rides we took break and sat on grass  .Hubby presented his favorite fruits refreshments while kids had chips .

My youngest  did boating and got all wet glad that my  sopping worked and i changed his dress later immediately .

Shortest ride which made me angry as they hardly drive for three minutes and time was over .Paying much for less is annoying .

                                          Day ended with really nice  traditional dinner.

i will share little more of this trip later .
from tomorrow i will try my best to visit my all friends till then take great care and have Blessed each day ahead  dear friends!
 God  Bless You All.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Few More Old Photos and Glimpse of Home Sweet Home

Hello  Dear  Friends .Hope  and pray  that  all  is  going  Pleasant  in  your  beautiful  world!
I   am   feeling   overwhelmed   by  your  very  kind  visits  and  very  lovely  words  for  my  last  post.
i  am  so  grateful  to  my  dear  God  who  Blessed  me with  such  wonderful  friends  like you  all!!!
i    want  to  say  THANK  YOU  to  all  of  you  from  bottom  of  my  heart  for  warm  words   for  my  family  photos  and  express  your  precious  feeling  about  them Thank  You  Friends.

today sharing  few  more  photos  and  little  story about them  so  you  can  know  me  even  better.
Giving  this  post  little  early  because  we  are  leaving  for Karachi  to  visit  our eldest  son  who  does  job  there  and  lives  in  a  rented  flat .We  will  stay  there  with  him  for  one  week  and  then  back  to  our  small  city as  schools  are  starting  from  2nd  January  after  only  ten  days  vacations.
Wishing  you  all   a  very  happy  New Year  and  wonderful  Christmas  ahead .

[2003]My  [late] mom in  her  favorite  place  kitchen. She  was  multi  talented woman .Her meals were famous in whole families  of relatives.She  used  to  do  lots  of  gardening .growing  lots  of  chickens  and  along with such  farming  she  was  expert  in  her needle work ,crochet  ,sewing .
Although  she  belonged  to  a  small  village  and her  parents  married  her  with  man  who  was fifteen  years  older  than  her   and extremest  in  religion  point of view . But   she  found  happiness  in  her  second  marriage  [my  father ] with  man  who  she  married  by  going  against  her  mother and brothers 's will .She  spent    fourteen years  with  him  happily  in  city  far  from her  village [i live in same city with my husband] but after  the death of  my  one  brother [with T.B] she went under deprassion and doctors advised my parents to change the environment .then she brought us to village [i was eight] We  both  sisters  were  first  from  our village  who  started to  go school and for this beard lot because my uncles [mom's brothers forced us to not go school]  but mom stood for our education and better brought up .

[2006] My  mom  had  this  pair of parrots  for  almost  seven  years ,she  said that after my both daughter are married and staying away i  feel  alone so i have adopted these tow kids .[my  brother who died also had a  pair of parrots for more then three years but after his death when mom was not in sane they were lost] Mom  taught  them  lots  of  talking .specially   they  used  to  say  [translation] "COME DEAR  SHABANA  MOM  MISSES  YOU"[this pic is taken in our previous house.and i was pregnant with my third child]

                                My  [late] father and  sister on my engagement day [1991] My  father  lived  in  mom's village  like  strangers  because  he  did not  belong  to  here  and my  maternal family never accepted him yet he loved mom and us and tried  his  best  to  give  us  standard life .

[2000] My  elder  and only brother[eight year older than me] He  was  the  most  strongest boy of the whole village then.He  was  annoyed  for  years  and  did  not  talk  to mom and us because  he  also  wanted  us  to  leave  school  and  marry at  early age  .His  wife  was  of  same  opinion so  life  was hard  on us until  after  our marriage  in 2007 he fell and broke his backbone  then both of  us  me and my sister  supported him financially and  things get little  better between us.He recovered but lost  his health  to great extent.

 My sister while she was  in  America [2004] Her  husband  lives in Virginia  Arlington and work in some private phone company.She  visits  her husband in summer  vacations and lives in Islamabad.[Character Neena was  told   to  me  by  her  then i went  to see other sister Sara who lives  in same  city [not their real names] 

                   [2009]My  sister  with  her   adorable  both kids ,celebrating her boy's birthday.

My  front yard though we live in city but my hubby made me house as i wanted typical village style here.we will renovate the floor after our son leaves for Germany  next year in October .In  summer  we  sleep   here under  the  glittering  stars  and flowing breeze .i never liked [for myself only] closed  and  whole  covered  house  because  my  soul  still wants  to  breath  in my  house back in my village where  all  the hills, flowing  stream ,blowing  air  and  waving trees around seemed  talkative friends.[Hope i do not sound wordsworthian  here] after entering you see this [below]on left

You  can  call  it our lounge .Due  to  much  hot weather  fridge is placed in ventilated area instead  of kitchen .you can see the study tables of my kids also

                                             Our  traditional  bed covers called Rilly 

on right  this is our living plus dining room and next to it is bed room with curtain 

Living plus dining room one side look 

other side look 

on left the other bedroom and between both  this is the corridor where i placed my iron table .

Tiny rose  for  you form my front yard friends !
Thank you again  .Have  a BLESSED  Christmas and new year .
God  Bless You  All.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Peeking In My Oldest Album


Hello    dear  friends ,

Today   I   am  sharing  with  you  some  old  photos  from  my  oldest  album .The  reason  behind it that  twenty  five  years   ago  tow  strangers  decided   to   live  together  forever  and  time  proved  that  their  decision  was  right .

Yes  though  we  don't  celebrate  but  it is our   25th  wedding  anniversary.  We  got  married  in 1991 . 
Sharing  with  you  guys  our  beautiful  journey  through   some  old  photos  which  i  selected  from  my  old  albums .[i got more  then fifty albums]. hope  you  like  them .                                                                                                                                        

                         This  is  my  father when he was 16  years old and joined police force .Later  when  my  one  elder  brother  died and my parents moved to my maternal  town  my  father  had to leave this job and earned fame and respect in the field of watch making he had owned his small shop near  Islamabad.

                                               Here  i am  three years  old  with  my  mother .i  was very close to her .After  marriage  i  used to  cry all the time because i missed  my  mom whom i had  to  leave  and  come  to  live  with  my in  laws  in another  city .

                                                       six years old with friends [on right]

                 sixteen years old with my class mate and best friend in school picnic [on left]

                                                       My  husband when he was in collage .
That time  in village arrange marriages were  common .My  heart  hopped  for  him among  five proposals and i said yes to my parents for him .He  was   a clerk in town planing department .After  marriage  he  did his masters and switch his job .Now  he is a shorthand instructor  in govt commercial collage. With  this  single job and limited earning he supports his mother .He  helped his younger brothers and sisters in studies and marriages .He  also supported  our  eldest son  for his studies until he got scholarship.He supported me in my B.A and masters.He  bought 5000 square feet land and made separate house  for us.He  is very responsible in his all belongings and relationships .
He brought me in his city but took  great care of my feelings.I love him so much.

Groom [my husband] on wedding day .He brought his parents and other family members for  this [on left my father in law][on right my father] our house was on hill top and they are siting outside the house here.[1991]

                                          Groom surrounded by both family members [The thing worn on head is part of  local  tradition ,it is called SEHRAA]

                                                               Bride [me] 

My  cousins and friends celebrating the moment by singing and beating drum which was also part of tradition.[1991]
             Behind me you can see my younger sister in pink dress [six years younger than me]

                   All of  these have grown up kids like me and living happily in different cities[so much memories of those beautiful times when we swung sung danced and played together] Life seems an illusion now.

This was taken when we arrived after 22 hour train journey and crowed was waiting to see bride from far city.i was so nervous and sad though my mom and sister came along and stayed for tow weeks with me. .[1991].
After six months my husband took me to my village to meet my mother as i was missing her so much[this time she was suffering with t.b from which she survived she is peeling corn to cook them in sand as in winters eating warm popcorn was common there.

This was my mom's garden area in huge front yard where she used to grow vegetables .my hubby insisted me to wear jewelry and sit there for shot as he used to complain about my carelessness about my appearance . 

                                      Our first trip to any other city as couple [1992]

                    My  first  child my eldest boy Ahsan is taking his first step here [1994]
After him for ten years we waited for our second child .finally [below]

              My  second son Asad came to finish the loneliness of his elder brother [2003] He is in 9th grade now and naughtiest kid in the house.this is our old house where i came after marriage and spent 16 years with in laws .

                 With my  mother in law.[she is tough loving though but moody][2007]

                            Here i am pregnant with my third child .it is our previous home [2006]

                       My  precious family .May God keep them always under his Blessings.amen.

hope you liked my old photos friends.
wishing you all a very beautiful life .take care .

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Last part of the Story of Tow Sisters

Sara  worked as care taker for almost tow  years until  lady Rebecca 's  sudden  death  by  heart attack Sara  felt  as    she   lost  her  own  mother  because   lady  Rebecca  had  given  her  so   much  love  and  affection   during  all  these   time . Beside  the  sorrow  Sara  had  new  problem  to  face .She  had  to  find   a  new  job  .But  meanwhile   when  she  visited   her   mother's   house   she  was  shocked  to see  that  her  mother  was  quite  sick  and  broken  with  the  rude  and  cruel   behavior  of  her  younger  daughter  Neena .Her   mother  told  her   everything  that  how  Neena  has  become  so  wild  and   offensive .Amanda  told  her  that   now  when  she  is  old  and  sick  and unable  to look  after  house  Neena  want  her  out  of  her  sight  and  wanted  to  sell  this  house  too.

Along with     all   worse   her  mother  told  one  thing  that  gave  her  life  back  that  Robin   came  to  take  her   and  cried  for  her  and  Paras  badly  as  he  misses  them  so  much  and  felling  lost  and  unwell without  them. Sara   's  happiness  brought    tears   in  her  eyes  and  her  heart  filled  with  gratitude  and  peace  for  this     kindness  of  God  . she  cried   until  her  heart  and  soul  felt  light   and  free from  all   illusions  and  worries .Next    day   she   wrote  letter   to  robin  that  Paras  misses  him  .On   third   day  of  her  letter  sending  Robin   was  there   to  see  them .

Though  weather was  stormy   and  was  raining  heavily   but  world  seemed   so   beautiful  and  perfect  when  she   opened     gate   and  found  Robin   all  wet  .Under   the  falling   countless  drops  of  water  they   stared  at  each  other  for  long  as   searching  themselves  in  each  other's eyes  eyes  that  are  called  windows  of   soul.And  may  be  they  found  the  glimpse  of   their  beautiful  past  together  and  bright  future  too.They  hugged  each  other  as  will  never   apart  again .Sky  saw  this  with  deep  sense  of  peace  and  joy.And  his  eyes   showered   tears  of   happiness  over  the  both  lovers  .

Robin   and  Sara  are  living  happily   with   their  three  children  two  sons  and  one  daughter.Robin   realized  his  fault  and   express  his  love  and  care   for  her  every day  through  his  moves. He  became  mature   enough  to  understand  that   to   live  a  happy  and   perfect  life  we   have  to  invest   our   emotional  energy  along  with    physical  and  financial  strength.


Neena    married   to   Harry   and  stayed  in  the  marriage  until   she   gave   birth   to  very  beautiful   girl   and  then  a boy .During   these  three years  she  went  twice  America  to   give  birth  to  children  because   in  this  way  children  would  get   citizenship  of   America  .Meanwhile  in  America   during  pregnancies  she  got  her  driving   license  cancelled  three  time   for  being  drunk  and  hit cases .Now  she  was  not  allowed  to  have  license .In  same  times   once   she  beat  badly  to  bleed  a  three  year  old  boy  during  baby sitting    and  sued  by  parents  .I  don't  know  how  did  she  manage   to   escape  and   now  live  in  her  own  country  with  her  two  kids .She  divorced  Harry   inspite   of   all   his  begging   because  he  was  of  no  use  to  her.

She   sold  the  house   after   the   death   of  her  mother   and  within  tow  months  spent  all  money  on    drinkings  and  luxurious  visits  with  various  boys .She   is   heard  to  be   so   cruel  to  her  kids  .Now  days    she  is  living  with  her  new  target  to  whom  she  is  using  to  have  shelter  and  bread  running .She  promised  him  she  will  take  him  to  America .He  is  a  shop  owner  and  younger  twelve  years  than  her .I  heard   that  she   gave  birth  to  a  boy  last  year  who  died  in  weird  circumstances   after  a  month .I  hope   it  is  not  her  who   killed  him  because  he  was  an  ugly  child  like  his  father. I  am  saying  this  because  i  heard  that  her  mother  death  seems  also  on   her  shoulders..


Dear   friends   i  shared   this  true   story  with  you  because  i  found  it  worth  sharing  due  to  the  difference  between  both   sisters    who   lived  life  so  differently .story  of  their  life  is   continued  and  we  can  imagine  the  end  i  think.All   we  can  pray  for  their  well  being  because  no  one  can  change  anyone's  destiny .


I  ended   this  story  though  it  could  go  little  longer  but  day  before  yesterday  we  got  an  airplane  crash  in  which  48   people   died   .Their  bodies  are  unidentified  due  to  burring .Among  all  passengers  there  was  a  man  who  was  very  well  known  and  respected  for  his  social  work  in  the  society  His  name  was  Junaid Jumshaid . The  death   of   such  a  pious  and  gracious man  put  nation  in  shock  and  sorrow .And  most  painful  thing  is to  know  that  airplane   was  registered   as  defected   one  before  they  let  it  flew  with  precious  lives  of   people .

I  don't  know  what  to  say  but  my  heart  aches  and  i  wish  people  who  are  responsible  can  feel  the   hotness  of  burning  they  caused  to  innocents .
may  all rest in peace in heaven amen.
God  Bless  You  All .
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