Friday, December 16, 2016

Peeking In My Oldest Album


Hello    dear  friends ,

Today   I   am  sharing  with  you  some  old  photos  from  my  oldest  album .The  reason  behind it that  twenty  five  years   ago  tow  strangers  decided   to   live  together  forever  and  time  proved  that  their  decision  was  right .

Yes  though  we  don't  celebrate  but  it is our   25th  wedding  anniversary.  We  got  married  in 1991 . 
Sharing  with  you  guys  our  beautiful  journey  through   some  old  photos  which  i  selected  from  my  old  albums .[i got more  then fifty albums]. hope  you  like  them .                                                                                                                                        

                         This  is  my  father when he was 16  years old and joined police force .Later  when  my  one  elder  brother  died and my parents moved to my maternal  town  my  father  had to leave this job and earned fame and respect in the field of watch making he had owned his small shop near  Islamabad.

                                               Here  i am  three years  old  with  my  mother .i  was very close to her .After  marriage  i  used to  cry all the time because i missed  my  mom whom i had  to  leave  and  come  to  live  with  my in  laws  in another  city .

                                                       six years old with friends [on right]

                 sixteen years old with my class mate and best friend in school picnic [on left]

                                                       My  husband when he was in collage .
That time  in village arrange marriages were  common .My  heart  hopped  for  him among  five proposals and i said yes to my parents for him .He  was   a clerk in town planing department .After  marriage  he  did his masters and switch his job .Now  he is a shorthand instructor  in govt commercial collage. With  this  single job and limited earning he supports his mother .He  helped his younger brothers and sisters in studies and marriages .He  also supported  our  eldest son  for his studies until he got scholarship.He supported me in my B.A and masters.He  bought 5000 square feet land and made separate house  for us.He  is very responsible in his all belongings and relationships .
He brought me in his city but took  great care of my feelings.I love him so much.

Groom [my husband] on wedding day .He brought his parents and other family members for  this [on left my father in law][on right my father] our house was on hill top and they are siting outside the house here.[1991]

                                          Groom surrounded by both family members [The thing worn on head is part of  local  tradition ,it is called SEHRAA]

                                                               Bride [me] 

My  cousins and friends celebrating the moment by singing and beating drum which was also part of tradition.[1991]
             Behind me you can see my younger sister in pink dress [six years younger than me]

                   All of  these have grown up kids like me and living happily in different cities[so much memories of those beautiful times when we swung sung danced and played together] Life seems an illusion now.

This was taken when we arrived after 22 hour train journey and crowed was waiting to see bride from far city.i was so nervous and sad though my mom and sister came along and stayed for tow weeks with me. .[1991].
After six months my husband took me to my village to meet my mother as i was missing her so much[this time she was suffering with t.b from which she survived she is peeling corn to cook them in sand as in winters eating warm popcorn was common there.

This was my mom's garden area in huge front yard where she used to grow vegetables .my hubby insisted me to wear jewelry and sit there for shot as he used to complain about my carelessness about my appearance . 

                                      Our first trip to any other city as couple [1992]

                    My  first  child my eldest boy Ahsan is taking his first step here [1994]
After him for ten years we waited for our second child .finally [below]

              My  second son Asad came to finish the loneliness of his elder brother [2003] He is in 9th grade now and naughtiest kid in the house.this is our old house where i came after marriage and spent 16 years with in laws .

                 With my  mother in law.[she is tough loving though but moody][2007]

                            Here i am pregnant with my third child .it is our previous home [2006]

                       My  precious family .May God keep them always under his Blessings.amen.

hope you liked my old photos friends.
wishing you all a very beautiful life .take care .


  1. Happy 25th Anniversary! The "silver anniversary" is such a special milestone. I really enjoyed seeing all these photos. You were a beautiful bride! And you and your husband created a beautiful family.

  2. Enjoyed your photos. Our weddings are so dull.

  3. Such a beautiful family. Happy anniversary! You were a gorgeous bride. Such an incredible dress too!

  4. Beautiful photos! Family is everything.

  5. Beautiful photos and memories!

  6. Stunning and beautiful reflection. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy Anniversary

  7. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with us.

  8. Lovely photo journey of your marriage and life.

    Happy Anniversary to the two of you :-)

  9. It was so nice to see your photos - isn't it wonderful to have pictures to look through to help remember the details of special times? You have a beautiful family. Happy Anniversary!

  10. happy anniversary. I enjoyed seeing your old photographs.. very lovely.

  11. A life story in photos! Happy anniversary.

  12. Happy 25th anniversary. I enjoyed a lot this post full of emotion. You look beautiful on your wedding day, but sad too - one can see how much you felt homesick.

  13. such lovely photos, bet they're all evoking nostalgia in you!

  14. Happy anniversary! Lovely photos!

  15. Happy Anniversary, my Friend! I am so happy for you.:))
    Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful photos of you and your family...I now feel like I have known you forever!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  16. You have such a lovely family, thank you for sharing the photographs I feel as though I know you a little better now. Happy 25th wedding anniversary. My husband (Terry) and I have been married for forty six years, we have one wonderful son and four equally wonderful grandchildren.

  17. Happy anniversary! What an interesting story :)

  18. I read this entire post from top to bottom, loved seeing these old photos and learning more about you! How interesting to have an arranged marriage and I am sure it was hard to leave your mom behind after marriage! I guess now we have texting to make that easier! Beautiful photos, you were a beautiful bride!


  19. Happy Anniversary.
    What an amazing story you have told regarding the 'how' of things in your country, certainly enlightened me more. Thank you for sharing that with us plus the photos.
    It seems you were not physiology prepared to leave your mother behind when you married - it is common in your country?

    1. thank you for you kind words dear Margaret .
      in that era Yes it was common for bride to cry alot on the day of their departure and i was little special case due to be more CLOSE to my mother it is hard for me to describe that why was much annoying even when i was going to live with man who though was not completely stranger as his family had good relations with my father's family [grand parents] and both families visited each other occasionally .i heard and noticed lot's of good stuff about my would be husband then and this was the reason that among five proposal though he was weakest one financially but i said yes for him yet leaving my sick mom was heart crushing thing for me that time

    2. thanks for reply and explaination...:)

  20. Happy 25th wedding anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years together. Thank you for taking us on this journey with these wonderful photographs. I really enjoyed it! What a gorgeous bride you were. And you and your husband have created a beautiful and loving family. This is such a great love story.

  21. Happy 25th wedding anniversary :) Photos turned out to be magical from black&white to color. Nice photos...

  22. Hello, Baili! Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your lovely family photos. Thank you for sharing. Photos are a wonderful memory keeper. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week!

  23. Happy Anniversary. Just 25 more and you catch up with my fifty. I loved reading about your life and looking at your lovely old photographs.

  24. Happy 25th anniversary! I enjoyed your family photos and also your wedding photos. Its very interesting to read about your wedding and your traditions. You were so young and misses your family. You are blessed with happy family.

  25. I loved seeing your photos and reading about your family history. Happy anniversary! Pat

  26. What a beautiful post, I really enjoyed reading your story and it was so good to have photos alongside it, thank you xx

  27. I looked with admiration at these beautiful pictures foot.
    They are old but beautiful pictures :-)
    I want to also congratulate your 25 years of marriage although four will not.
    Cordial greetings,

  28. I LOVED your old photos. And what a beautiful bride (and woman) you were and are.

  29. How amazing that you married a stranger, and built a life together of love, through difficulties, sorrows, sadness and joy, you made it work. I really enjoyed the pictures of your life dear Baili, and am so thankful that you were blessed by marrying such a wonderful man, and what a beautiful family you have. May the Lord continue to bless and keep you my friend! Hugs and congratulations to you today :)

  30. Happy anniversary! Beautifull weddingseremony!
    I hope all the best to your family!

  31. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your story! How wonderful! I love old photos! Wishing you another 25 years of happiness!

  32. Happy Anniversary, my dear. And my, what a beautiful story! I enjoyed your photos and the tale of how you built a life of love and respect with your husband :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

  33. WOnderful family you have there. Happy Anniversary. :)

  34. I enjoyed this peek into your life. Happy Anniversary. May you be blessed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  35. A lovely post. I enjoyed all the photos and the story of your life. I love seeing the beautiful gowns of your culture. You have a beautiful family. God is good.

  36. Such beautiful and fascinating photos, Baili. Thank you for sharing your special events with us.
    Blessings and hugs!

  37. Baili this was beautiful, I loved reading your story and seeing all the pictures. This is a wonderful entry to have as a keepsake. I adore hearing about others helps me to know them more... I learned so much about you here xox ♡

  38. Happy Anniversary!! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing all your customs! You were such a beautiful bride!! Many blessings to your entire family! Big Hugs!

  39. I enjoyed your post very much. You were a beautiful bride, and you have a lovely family. My 25th wedding anniversary will be next year. :-)
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog.
    Have a nice week!

  40. How wonderful to learn more about you through these lovely photos. Happy Anniversary!

  41. Thank you for sharing your personal story and photos Baili!
    You were such a beautiful bride and I can imagine that it was not so easy for a girl in this traditional life! Your boys look wonderful!
    Happy Anniversary to you!
    So nice to come in touch with you and to learn from your life!
    oxo Susi
    Thank you for you lovely visits and comments at my blog!
    Greetings from Austria

  42. Parabéns pelos 25 anos de casamento. Gostei das fotografias. É uma família linda.
    Um Natal BOM e um Ano Novo MELHOR.

  43. Wishing all of your family's good health and happiness.

  44. gorgeous vintage family photos - there is nothing quite like family and the joy it brings!!

    happy anniversary to you my dear friend!!!

  45. Parabéns pelo aniver de casamento.


  46. Hi, Baili! I enjoyed every one of the precious photos you shared! You have a gorgeous family! Is that a third son? I can't imagine marrying a stranger and moving to a different city all at once. My palms were sweating with nervousness at the thought. It all worked out beautifully, and I'm not going to say that our system of marriage is any better because so many people end up unhappy and divorced here. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself. Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

    1. Hi again, Baili! I sat down this afternoon and read your story about the two sisters, Sara and Neela, from beginning to end. I had read parts of the story while traveling in recent months, but I wanted to enjoy it as a whole.

      It is an amazing story! You have such insight into the human heart, and you write with the words of a poet. Your story laugh me a great deal about your culture, and it was fascinating to see how the different female characters tried to find fulfillment in their lives. All of your characters were shaped by their experiences in life, some experiences of their own choosing and some beyond their control.

      I was really upset with Robin for changing his attitude toward Sara after their son was born, but I admired Sara for leaving and standing on her own two feet until he came to his senses. I loved their happy ending.

      How is it that two sisters can be so different? But that is one of life's mysteries. I have three sisters, and each of us is very different. None of us followed Neela's path, thank goodness! Each of us is a strong and successful woman.

      Thank you for sharing this poignant story. I bet that you could turn it into a book that would do very well, especially since you have a unique and powerful writing voice. Thank you for sharing this compelling story of two sisters and its other interesting characters.

      My condolences on your country's loss of Junaid Jumshed. It is difficult to understand why random tragic things like this happen to people. Our world can seem very cruel at times. That's why we must cherish those we love and never take them for granted. Thank you for reaching out to people around the world and sharing yourself.

    2. Oops! Your story taught me a great deal about your culture!

  47. Hello, Baili - after you visited my blog, I came to see yours and I was rewarded by this wonderful post. Happy Anniversary - I loved your photos!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  48. Hi friend!! Thanks for your comment.. Interesting and beautiful pictures.. Have a merry Christmas..

  49. Happy Anniversary and thank you for your visit. Your photos tell a lot of stories. Such nice stories.
    Have a Happy Day!
    Peace :)

  50. Baili, It is so nice to read of your life and story! Thank you ever so much for your dear, sweet comments left at my blog. They truly mean so much! I am so happy to meet you and visit with you. God bless you abundantly, my new friend. :)

  51. So true that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is such a treat. You were a beautiful bride. I'm surprised you did not have 5000 proposals just on looks alone. I'm so happy you married a good man. It does make life better.


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