Thursday, December 8, 2016

Last part of the Story of Tow Sisters

Sara  worked as care taker for almost tow  years until  lady Rebecca 's  sudden  death  by  heart attack Sara  felt  as    she   lost  her  own  mother  because   lady  Rebecca  had  given  her  so   much  love  and  affection   during  all  these   time . Beside  the  sorrow  Sara  had  new  problem  to  face .She  had  to  find   a  new  job  .But  meanwhile   when  she  visited   her   mother's   house   she  was  shocked  to see  that  her  mother  was  quite  sick  and  broken  with  the  rude  and  cruel   behavior  of  her  younger  daughter  Neena .Her   mother  told  her   everything  that  how  Neena  has  become  so  wild  and   offensive .Amanda  told  her  that   now  when  she  is  old  and  sick  and unable  to look  after  house  Neena  want  her  out  of  her  sight  and  wanted  to  sell  this  house  too.

Along with     all   worse   her  mother  told  one  thing  that  gave  her  life  back  that  Robin   came  to  take  her   and  cried  for  her  and  Paras  badly  as  he  misses  them  so  much  and  felling  lost  and  unwell without  them. Sara   's  happiness  brought    tears   in  her  eyes  and  her  heart  filled  with  gratitude  and  peace  for  this     kindness  of  God  . she  cried   until  her  heart  and  soul  felt  light   and  free from  all   illusions  and  worries .Next    day   she   wrote  letter   to  robin  that  Paras  misses  him  .On   third   day  of  her  letter  sending  Robin   was  there   to  see  them .

Though  weather was  stormy   and  was  raining  heavily   but  world  seemed   so   beautiful  and  perfect  when  she   opened     gate   and  found  Robin   all  wet  .Under   the  falling   countless  drops  of  water  they   stared  at  each  other  for  long  as   searching  themselves  in  each  other's eyes  eyes  that  are  called  windows  of   soul.And  may  be  they  found  the  glimpse  of   their  beautiful  past  together  and  bright  future  too.They  hugged  each  other  as  will  never   apart  again .Sky  saw  this  with  deep  sense  of  peace  and  joy.And  his  eyes   showered   tears  of   happiness  over  the  both  lovers  .

Robin   and  Sara  are  living  happily   with   their  three  children  two  sons  and  one  daughter.Robin   realized  his  fault  and   express  his  love  and  care   for  her  every day  through  his  moves. He  became  mature   enough  to  understand  that   to   live  a  happy  and   perfect  life  we   have  to  invest   our   emotional  energy  along  with    physical  and  financial  strength.


Neena    married   to   Harry   and  stayed  in  the  marriage  until   she   gave   birth   to  very  beautiful   girl   and  then  a boy .During   these  three years  she  went  twice  America  to   give  birth  to  children  because   in  this  way  children  would  get   citizenship  of   America  .Meanwhile  in  America   during  pregnancies  she  got  her  driving   license  cancelled  three  time   for  being  drunk  and  hit cases .Now  she  was  not  allowed  to  have  license .In  same  times   once   she  beat  badly  to  bleed  a  three  year  old  boy  during  baby sitting    and  sued  by  parents  .I  don't  know  how  did  she  manage   to   escape  and   now  live  in  her  own  country  with  her  two  kids .She  divorced  Harry   inspite   of   all   his  begging   because  he  was  of  no  use  to  her.

She   sold  the  house   after   the   death   of  her  mother   and  within  tow  months  spent  all  money  on    drinkings  and  luxurious  visits  with  various  boys .She   is   heard  to  be   so   cruel  to  her  kids  .Now  days    she  is  living  with  her  new  target  to  whom  she  is  using  to  have  shelter  and  bread  running .She  promised  him  she  will  take  him  to  America .He  is  a  shop  owner  and  younger  twelve  years  than  her .I  heard   that  she   gave  birth  to  a  boy  last  year  who  died  in  weird  circumstances   after  a  month .I  hope   it  is  not  her  who   killed  him  because  he  was  an  ugly  child  like  his  father. I  am  saying  this  because  i  heard  that  her  mother  death  seems  also  on   her  shoulders..


Dear   friends   i  shared   this  true   story  with  you  because  i  found  it  worth  sharing  due  to  the  difference  between  both   sisters    who   lived  life  so  differently .story  of  their  life  is   continued  and  we  can  imagine  the  end  i  think.All   we  can  pray  for  their  well  being  because  no  one  can  change  anyone's  destiny .


I  ended   this  story  though  it  could  go  little  longer  but  day  before  yesterday  we  got  an  airplane  crash  in  which  48   people   died   .Their  bodies  are  unidentified  due  to  burring .Among  all  passengers  there  was  a  man  who  was  very  well  known  and  respected  for  his  social  work  in  the  society  His  name  was  Junaid Jumshaid . The  death   of   such  a  pious  and  gracious man  put  nation  in  shock  and  sorrow .And  most  painful  thing  is to  know  that  airplane   was  registered   as  defected   one  before  they  let  it  flew  with  precious  lives  of   people .

I  don't  know  what  to  say  but  my  heart  aches  and  i  wish  people  who  are  responsible  can  feel  the   hotness  of  burning  they  caused  to  innocents .
may  all rest in peace in heaven amen.
God  Bless  You  All .


  1. She sure did waste the money.
    Enjoyed the last chapter as I did the previous ones.

    Dreadful regarding the plane crash, may they all RIP
    Didn't know that the airplane was defective....glad you mentioned that. The plane should have been grounded in that case and fixed...

  2. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  3. I always love to read to your stories. But so sad....

  4. Oh yes, I heard about this plane crash.Wasn't Junaid Jumshaid also a singer back in the 1980's?

    1. yes Erika he was singer in his youth and vocalist for famous band 'VITAL SIGNS" .he got fame in singing throughout the coutry and in abroad also.
      in 2014 he was accused for blasphemy after which soon he apologized and

      in short time later he became a scholar and gained huge appreciation for his religious speeches and depth of wisdom .
      he also was included in 500 most influential Muslim personalities .he was also part of an big organization who help needy and poor .

  5. Well, at least Sara had a happy ending. And what a terrible plane crash. My heart goes out to all the families who are grieving today.

  6. very good story. But, yes I read of the plane crash - always so horrible.

  7. I am glad the story came to a happy ending with Sara and Robin getting back together again. So sad about the plane crash.

  8. I am glad the one sister had a happy ending. We can only hope the other sister eventually sees the error of her ways.

    I am so sorry to hear about the plane crash and the loss all those lives in such tragic circumstances. My heart goes out to their families and friends.

  9. Hi Baili, Your story reminds me of the old saying, "All's well that end's well." That you for that story! It is so sad to hear about the plane crash. I share your disappointment with those who let the plane fly when they knew it should not! And I share your kind sympathy with those families involved. I am sending you very best regards from Seattle!

  10. I enjoyed your story but am sad to hear of the plane crash that could had been avoided if only it was grounded until fixed.
    Greetings from Ireland!

  11. <3
    my heart goes out to all who suffered in the plane crash...
    beautiful writing as always..

    be blessed!

  12. My sympathies to all the families who lost loved ones in the crash.

  13. I enjoyed the story. My sympathy about the plane crash.

  14. Wow, what a story! Thank you for sharing it! My heart goes out to all the people who were lost in the plane crash! I am so sorry!

  15. Interesting story, I really enjoyed it :-) Happy weekend :-)

  16. Oh that is so sad, and my heart truly goes out to all those families who lost their loved ones in the crash.:(
    In spite of the sadness, though, this is still an incredibly beautiful story...and I'm really glad Sara had a happy ending.:)

    Wishing You a Magical Weekend!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  17. I have enjoyed reading your writing and story these past few posts, thank you.

    I was so sorry to learn of the plane crash, and my condolences go to all families who lost loved ones, and who are grieving.

    All the best Jan

  18. Absolutely amazing story. Im sorry about the plane crash
    Was so sad.

  19. I have enjoyed the entire story. I'm so happy that Sara and Robin are happily together. It's very sad about Neena but she has chosen her path.

    I'm sorry about the plane crash. It is so tragic and heartbreaking. My deepest condolences to all the loved ones who are grieving.

  20. Interesting story!

    Sorry to hear about the crash

  21. Thank you for the interesting story!

    I too extend my condolences to all those who have been affected by this tragedy.

  22. Each person has a destiny, we can do it better or worse. Ourselves.
    Great story.
    I'm very sorry for the plane crash. Much encouragement to families
    Besos desde Béjar. Salamanca.

  23. How sad about the plane crash... I believe in karma... it always comes around.

    As for the two sisters, isn't it crazy how 2 people could be so different... one with a heart the other without... I feel for the children the most.. it may take years but the sister who has no empathy will pay in someway..

  24. It is most tragic! More so when many lives were lost. And among them good people like Junaid Jumshaid!


  25. We reap what we sow, as the saying goes.

    And, I am always sorry to hear of good people dying of anything but old age. Especially those who are doing good work in the world.

  26. Sorry to hear about the plane crash. May their sould rest in peace.

  27. Un bel racconto... peccato della caduta

  28. Very sad to read this.
    First, the story about the daughter and her sick mother.
    Also eht plane crash waarvij many people have died hate to make meoten it.
    I wish all surviving much strength with the loss of their loved ones can.


  29. That's very sad. I always feel so bad hearing when people re mean to children.

  30. I'm sorry for the loss! I wish you a Happy Christmas, and best wishes for 2017!

  31. Horrible with the plane crash indeed.

    Two can be as one and yet so different indeed, the sisters prove that.

  32. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment so I could visit yours. That plane crash was very bad. My heart breaks for those who are left behind to mourn the passing of those who died. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless, Jackie

  33. I don't know where to begin - so many emotions in this story. You're right - life happens to all of us - the good, the bad and the ugly - we get to choose our reaction to it. I'm sorry for the loss of this man. Hope your year ends on a happier note.

  34. I think things happen mostly according to the principle of cause and effect, so I can imagine the future of the two sisters. But at the same time, things happen random like the death of Junaid Jumshaid, who is respected for his social works. Sometimes life can be unfair. Anyway, thanks for the interesting story.


  35. What an incredible story you have shared, indeed the lives of two people who have chosen such different paths. I'm glad that Sarah and Robin married, and so sad about the other sister! And oh how awful about that plane crash, that is just so tragic. My heart goes out to all the people who are mourning those who died. Hugs to you today my friend!


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