Monday, February 20, 2017

February Blooms In My Front Yard! and little poetry

 Hello   Dear  Friends !!!
Hope  and  pray  that  all  of  you  are  blooming  like  fragrant   flowers  in  your  marvelous  world  through  your  goodness  and  virtues .
Weather  has  took  little  dramatic  turn  here  and  winter  who  was  leaving  smoothly  has  looked  back  to  say  her  last  good  bye to  our  area.It  is  11am and 20c  today.   

After  last  few  days  cloudy  weather  sun  has  shown  his  sharp  shiny  face  though  but  cool  wind  is decreasing the  effect  of  sunshine.  In  my  yard  the  seasonal  flower  have  spread  their  lovely  colorful  smiles  all  around  me  and  i  am  overwhelmed  by  the  deep  sense  of  gratitude  a s  who  knows  in  next  winters  i  will  be  here  to  see  all  these  delightful  views  again  or  will  be  gone  to  the  world  next  to  the life [ every  moment becomes  special  and  priceless when you think it could be last  of  your's]

Today  i  am  sharing few  blooms  of  my  front  yard  and  little  effort  of  poetry.Hope  you  will  like  it.

                                             Pink rose my valentine gift from hubby!

It  rained  heavily  last   night 
wind   and  trees   had   great   fight

Sleepless,  as  wanted  to  talk 
On  window,  heard  branch's   knock

Land  harvested  water   crops! 
absorbed in  her  heart  the  showering  drops 

Very  thick  was  sheet  of  dark
Views  scared  under  lightening  spark

While  sitting  near  fire  place 
Many  thoughts  on  her  glowing  face 

That  spark  had  suddenly  brought 
World  of  joy  long  ago , she  lost 

In  the  past  those  cheerful   noise 
Made  teary  her  weak  old  eyes!

She   dropped  her  head  against  chair 
Heart   peeled  all  memories  layers 

Soul   called  for  mother's  lap 
who  gone  now  beyond  the gap 

Where  is  finger   of  father's  hand 
Holding  which  learnt  walking  on  land

                     [this is another building not my yard]

No  matter  how  much  tight  you hold  it  in  hand 

Time  slips  AWAY  like Smoky  Sand !

This  poem  is  quite  long but  i am  finishing it  here friends with  this  hope  that  you  will  like  it .

See  you  soon  .
take  good  care  and  stay  happy .God   Bless  you  All!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Art Talk

Hey  friends !

Hope  and  pray  that  all  of  you  are  living  your  precious  life  so  artistically  as  we  all  know

 that  living  in today's  world  naturally  is  truly  a  "WORK  OF  ART" .If  we  live  it  in  an

 unnatural  way  that  is quite  Normal  today .But  i  still  believe  that  if  99 percent  people  in   the

 room  are doing  Wrong  it  doesn't  mean  that  Wrong  becomes  the Right .I   adore  and honor  those

 who  do   not  follow  the  race  blindly   and  stick  to  their  values  firmly .Here  i  mean  with  word
 value  is Basic  Simple  Ways  of  Living  that  may  do  not  bring  much  materialistic   pleasure

 along  but   Peace  of  mind   for  which  we   all   strive  through  all out  lives.

When  i  was  living  with  my  in laws[16 years]  i  faced  many  epithets  like  a ' cruel'  or  ' mad'  mother  from  my  in laws including  my  mother  and  sisters  in law and  the brothers of my hubby  and even their  wives  who  found  my  attitude  strict  towards  my  kids .

The  reason  behind  it  was  that  i  tried  to  keep  my  kids to  be  busy  in  constructive  and  positive 

indoor  activities  rather than  wandering  in  streets with  kids  who   speak  bad  language and  loose 

 their  innocence   before  the  time  by  learning  so  many  adultery  things.Here  in  our  country 

 playgrounds  or  well  behaved   fellows  to  play  with  are  rare .Though   my  sons  both  eldest  and 
 elder  one  have  their  school  friends  who  visit  them or  go  for  bike  ride  or  play  some  games  like   cricket  or  football on  holidays.I  let  them  visit to  their  friends  too .

I  did  this  because  my  mom  did  this  to  us too  and  gave  us  freedom  with  limits  and  wisdom 

 so  we  can  learn everything   Gradually which  is  natural  way  of  learning. premature  learning  is  harmful  and  i  am  saying  this  with  my  observations.My  eldest  son  who  has  a  strong ,confident   and  friendly  personality has  appreciated  my  way  of  his  brought  up  and  often  said  that  if  every  mother  will  grow  her  kids  like  this  society  will  have  more  decent  and  good  human being .Please  don't  take  it  as  self  praising   i  am  just  sharing  a  truth  here that  gives  me  a  deep  satisfaction  and  gratitude for  my  God.

Friends!  today  i  am  sharing  with  you  some  art  work  of  my  both  younger  sons  that  they  used  to  do  since  years  specially  during  summer  vacations,hope  you  will  enjoy  their  efforts.They  also  made  me  beautiful  cards  for birthdays  and  anniversaries  .I  am  keeping  all  their  work  in  a  file  to  remember  their  precious  moments !

                                           this  is  name  of  God  in  native language by  younger  one 

                                                    he  made  this card  when  he  was  in  five 

                                         fruit basket  by  younger  one long ago 

it  was  difficult  one  to  make 

his  successful  effort isn't it ?

made  by  youngest  one he copied  it  from  story  book 

made  by  younger  

made  by  younger [he  wants  one  for  him  to  play!

younger  copied  it  from  atlas book 

superheros are inspirational 

youngest 's favorite 

youngest water world adventure 

younger's water world 

inspired by story book [by younger ]

travel  to  space through rocket by younger 

drawing  of his diary [younger]

This  is  very  first  art  by eldest son [on job now] made it when he was in seven grade .


Hope  you  guys  liked  my kids  spare  time  investment  of  their energy friend!
take  great  care  and  stay  positive .
wishing  each  of  you  a  very  Happy  and Blessed  life  ahead! Hugs !God  bless  you  all!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sunday Market Visit

Hello  Dear  Friends!

Hope  and pray  that  all  of  you  are  solving  the  puzzles  of  your  beautiful  lives  So  Well !
Puzzles  are  best  exercise  for  our  brain  as  according  to  scientists  while  solving  them  our brain  produce new  neurons.

Problems  that  we  face  until  our  last  breathe  are  puzzles  and  effort  to  solve  them  is  wonderful  resource  to  get  an  active  and  healthy  brain.

Having  everything  in  front  of  your   table  is  Blessing   but  only  then  when  you  worked  hard  to  get  it  there .

I   find  it  very  uninteresting  that  since  beginning   one  would  born  in  a  house  where  he  finds  all that  is  required  for  better  life  and  fells  that  there  is  no  need  to  struggle  for  something  in  life .Life  is  Struggle   for  progress  which   give  meaning  and  purpose  to  our  breathing   process.

When  i  finished  my  school  28  years  ago  there  were  many  rich  and established  families  who  asked  my parents  for  my  marriage  to  their  sons  and  it  was  blessing  that  each  time  my  parents  asked  for  my reply .But  i  said  yes  for  man [Hubby]  who  was  that  time  just  a  clerk in  small  office  yet  respected  and  admired  for  his  many  gentleman  qualities.

After  six  months  of  marriage  he  was  interviewed  and  selected  as  shorthand  instructor  in  govt  commercial  collage.We  both  knew  each  other  by  the  time  and  fall  in  love  in  coming  few  years  .Life  became  more  like  flight  over  the  clouds  and  along  with  our  love  developed  our  understanding  and respect  for  each  other.

We  both  took  decision  to  buy  new  plot  to  make  new  house  as  our  kids  were  not  allowed  to  wander  in  streets[we then did not have playground near by ] with  kids  who's activities and language was  not decent  and felt  need  for  bigger  house where  they  can  play.
In  limited monthly  income  it  was  hard  to  manage  but  we  by  the  grace  of  God  overcame  all  the  hardships  and   be  able  to  build  new  big  house    for  us within some years .  I  thoroughly  enjoyed  all  the  hard times  challenges and  felt  grateful  for  this  ability  to  face   such  difficulties  happily .

I  am  one  who  doesn't  enjoy  sudden  blast  of  pleasure [like lottery] in  life  .I  like  slow  progress  which  bears sweat  drops  of  my  own  hard work    and  makes  me  reach  to  a  desired  spot. That  is  why  i  did  not  accept  the   companionship  who  had  already  a  luxurious  life  because  i  wanted  to  test  my  abilities  for  survival  and  the depth  of  my  Faith  in  my  Creator  and  in  myself.

Dear  friends  today  i  am  sharing  with  you  some  photos  of  Karachi  Sunday  market where  i visited  in  my  recent  visit  to  meet  my  eldest  son  there. The  original  place  of  sunday  market  was  under construction  for  some  alterations   so  market  was  held  another place .
Hope  you  will  enjoy  the  look  of  this.

Market  was  held at  a  little  far  side  of city's main area ,it  was  not  the original  place where  it used to  be held [due  to construction work]

      Colorful  fabrics were  hanging so ladies can be  attract  towards  them immediately .

             I  tried  to  take  photo  where  people  were  less as  it  was  very  crowded 

                         I  stared  at  the  cute brown piggy [i think] how sad eyes he  has!

                                       I  loved  these  adorable  faces  with  lovely  looks!

                         Artificial  jewelry and Bengals were  huge  temptation  for  ladies 

                                   A  quick  blurred  shot  while  walking  fast 

 This  photo is from other shop out  of market just  to  give  you glimpse of  ladies  dresses  here .

                blurred  again but  gives  idea  of  dressing  on  events  here  by  ladies 

 There  was  also  a  bird  market where my  heart  felt  sorry  for  those  lovely  creatures  imprisoned  in  small  cages .How  selfish  we human are to  part  them away  from  their  natural right of  living! i  wish  i  could  set  them  all  free.My  son  told  if will do  so  it would be  beneficent for  their  owners  because  they  will catch them again.

            He  would  be  not  as  disturbed  and  angry  if  it  was  his  own  natural  habitat !

                                                                  Another  victim!!!

                                  An  old  building in  the  way  to  mobile  market.

                                     Ghanta Ghar [means Clock Wall] of  the  city 

               Front  look  of  mobile  market  Karachi  from  where  hubby  bought  mobile  for  himself.

                                               Front  view  of  the  mobile  market .

Hope  you  enjoyed  these  glimpse  of  our  markets  here  in  Karachi  friends!

since  three days  i am again caught  by  flue  and cold  and  was  busy  with  some  relatives  visit .I  will  be  visiting  your  blogs  from  today  evening as  it is almost 12 .30pm[noon]  here and i have to prepare lunch for kids.Hubby has  left  to attend a marriage  ceremony of his friend's son.He will be  back  till evening .

Today it is 13 centigrade cold windy day here.hope  your weather  is getting better and life  is going back on it's track.
see  you  soon ,please take good care and stay happy  and positive..God  Bless You  All!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When I Met My Friends !

Hey Friends!

Hope   In spite  of all ups and downs life still  seems  precious  and worth  living  through  not only your body but  your SOUL  too.

How interesting are  words  ups and downs ,ups when your heart leaps out with joy and down when you  feel low and want to be left alone for while .

But believe me  when you exist from [down]  the shell of  pessimism you discover the true value and definition of  [up] hope and  happiness.

Spring  is  stepping  onto   the white  cold heart  of earth  slowly,just  like one  true friend  who  left  for while  inevitably and came back   near  to  know  with  care  and  hold  the wrist of  ill with concern that  if    she  has  successfully survived  the  rude weather  that  she  encountered  in his absence or  gave up her  hope ?

And  earth is  happy  instead  of   being annoyed  because  she is  a true  optimist  a  strong  believer  of  her friend Spring .She  knew  that her  friend  left  for  the  reason  and  will be  back  to  her  no  matter  what  happen.  She  did  not  take  affect  of   hard  season  who  tried  to  shaken her  faith in her friend  and  her  strength  was  her  love  for  her  friend .She  believed  that  if   her  own  love  is true  and  deep  for  her  friend [Spring] God  will never  let  her[spring]  cheat  her  because  victory  is  always  for  truth  and  faith  not  for  lie  or  fake.

One  who  thinks that  he  is  successfully  won  against  truth  by  his  cheap  tricks  need  to  ponder  upon  his  success .Did  it  give  him  Peace ?  False  and  timely  success  cannot  deliver  Peace  to  one's  heart  because  it  is against the laws of nature.And  without  Peace  what  is  the benefit  of  so  called  success ???

Dear  friends  today  i  am  sharing  with  you  photos  of  my  friends from my school age. They  both  live in  my native  land not exactly  in  same village  but city  near  it. Whenever  i  go  to  visit  my  native  village  in  summer  vacations  i  meet  them  and  It  stays  most  pleasurable part  of  my  memories as  we meet  and  remember  our  old  days  of school and  all  fun  stuff  related  to  it .

First  Shazi   who  lives  in  another  town  came  to  meet  me  in  my  native  home and then we  both  went  to  our  another  friend  Khudija  who  lived  in a city  one hour drive away  from  us.

 Kudija  is  sitting between  us ,she  is  government school  teacher  and her husband  is general manger  of a  heavy  mechanical  industries .We  were  meeting  after  tow  years  and  were  so  happy .

Shazi  is  a  house  wife  and  has  tow  boys  school  going  one is in high school. She  was  forced  to  get  married  with  her  first  cousin  after  when  she  was 20 > Her  cousin  used  to  like   someone else  but  could  not resist  his parents will .Though  they  both had  tow  sons  but still live  like  strangers.I  really appreciate her strength  to make  her married life  work  like this just  for the sake of parents and kids.

Khudija  in  school  was  kind  of  different  girl who  beard LOT of pressure  for  taking good  grads  in each test and exam .Her  father  was  most  educated  man  among  common  people  .i mean there  were  some  landlords  who  were  almost rulers of the area  and it  was  seemed  only  their  right  to have good education and hold high position in  society [25 years back] So  Khudija's  father  was  kind of threat for  those  landlords because  they wanted people around them ignorant and illiterate to obey  and salute  them like  slaves.

In  short  her  father was MUCH  passionate about  his family education and he kept his kids under pressure  for good  grads .He  forced his elder  tow sons  to  be  doctor  and  due  to they did not have enough mental  capacity  they   became  psychological   patients .After  many years  they became little normal  to live  normal life.This  is biggest  tragedy  of the life my friend.She  still  regrets that  if her  father would stay normal with his kids they would be able to be something in life with their own choices.

                       If  we love  someone  we  give him  freedom of  choice!

Dear  friends  please stay happy and spread happiness  as  it is necessary  if you want to be Really  Happy in life!
Hugs and  best  wishes  for all of you .God  Bless  You  All!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Visit To Rural Area

Hey friends!

Hope everything is going smooth  in your wonderful worlds  and what  that  seems beyond  control  at the  moment  will  soon  be  resolved  by your  wisdom  and  confidence  that  is what i believe.

One week ago i  heard  about my aunt [ only sister of my late father] that she   wants to see us as she has  not been able to visit us unlike before since while due to her  illness and weakness. She  lives in a village almost one and half hour  drive away from our small city. Her  husband was a very noble  man  and  among  some  very important and rich  people  of  the village.  She  was  second wife to her husband and  17  year younger than him.  After the death of  his first wife  he married to my aunt and  loved her so  much because according to him she gave him an  owner of his all land and property after one year of  their  marriage ,i mean she gave birth to  a baby boy .

They loved him beyond limits as my uncle  had  no son from his first wife and he felt desperate  to have one since long  Many  yeas passed and when my uncle felt that  their unbalanced love had  spoiled  their  only son to a very large extent it was too late to correct his mistake .When  he  saw that everything that he had made with great hard work was being ruined  by his  son including  his  respect and honor . His  son  was  spoiled, uneducated and  rude man . He  had  developed many bad addictions . He was cruel  to his parents. 

Some  years ago one day my  uncle  got a heart attack and died .

 within  few  years  his son had  sold all the mangoes and dates garden ,fields and even the house where my aunt  lives to  fulfill  his addictions . Since she know  that even her house is sold she got  paralyzed . A villager  who has bought that house is  waiting  for the day when she dies so he can take over.

The  spoiled son lives in the same city on rent  and his young son who is in army as soldier is running the bread of the house .He  has  no  care for her mother or even for his own kids .

Meanwhile whenever  my aunt visited us i made her stay with me for long  so she could forget  her pains for  few days at least.But she used to say  "though  your house is heaven to me but i have to return to my hell because my daughters are there and  i have to be with them until i am alive" I saw  her crying like  no other .She  regretted  for  the  worse brought up of his son and accepted that she could not teach him the difference between right and wrong ,she  not make him a good person .If i would have stopped him on his bad actions in his childhood he would have been a better person but i just  laughed on his misbehaves and ignored his flaws that arose into  horrible  destruction.   

like my aunt my mother also did  not  get any school education but  it is huge blessing of God for us as kids that she was one of most wise woman with humble generous heart and warm personality.
Since beginning  she  trained us in good way to lead neat ,simple and healthy life. 

When i started this post i did not know i  will  write as much and this is biggest problem with me that i  can  never plan anything  i sit on keyboard with an empty mind and write whatever comes in the mind at the moment .So  i  went to meet  my sick aunt .We  chose  bike  ride as day was chilly and very pleasant .Kids were at school and we had to get back to pick them up within limited time .All  photos  i took  from  running bike so hope  you will enjoy  the look of our rural area here.

                          After  exiting  from our colony we passed near the A.S.P house 

                                          This park is under construction in our neighborhood 

                                       Bridge  over railway track near our colony 

                                      while crossing the bridge a naughty cloud covered the sun

                               Dates and bananas garden at  the edge of the city 

                           A  canal  flowing smoothly ,in summers  water comes up 

                      Next  to the canal  this is a under construction new housing society 

                                                    After  half hour we reached  at main road

   These yellow  flowers in the  wheat  field  are  of  mustard  that is popular dish here 

              Both side of the link  road were decorated with  date ,mango and banana gardens

                             Scenes  were delightful and hubby's driving was smooth 

                         i  found  this  full  of  some kind of grass truck interesting 

      Could  not capture the whole  donkey cart,his feet were making tik tok tik tok  sounds on road 

                On  link road  there were lots of cattle  resting  under the trees beside the canal 

                                                           Fields beside the  village 

                               This photo is old when she came to visit me and was well then

  Now  you can see how weak she has become [on right in black dress ] sitting with her daughter   [on left, in yellow] who lives in same village with her family.

I stayed  there  for tow  hours  and left before  sunset .

Dear  friends hope you liked  my simple sharing.
It is  almost 7pm of evening here and i am so tired after doing my laundry  .hubby just got  back and making me a coffee .After last night rain it is again cold here.
Wishing all of you a lovely weather and happy beautiful life each moment.
take good care.
God Bless You All.

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