Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Visit To Rural Area

Hey friends!

Hope everything is going smooth  in your wonderful worlds  and what  that  seems beyond  control  at the  moment  will  soon  be  resolved  by your  wisdom  and  confidence  that  is what i believe.

One week ago i  heard  about my aunt [ only sister of my late father] that she   wants to see us as she has  not been able to visit us unlike before since while due to her  illness and weakness. She  lives in a village almost one and half hour  drive away from our small city. Her  husband was a very noble  man  and  among  some  very important and rich  people  of  the village.  She  was  second wife to her husband and  17  year younger than him.  After the death of  his first wife  he married to my aunt and  loved her so  much because according to him she gave him an  owner of his all land and property after one year of  their  marriage ,i mean she gave birth to  a baby boy .

They loved him beyond limits as my uncle  had  no son from his first wife and he felt desperate  to have one since long  Many  yeas passed and when my uncle felt that  their unbalanced love had  spoiled  their  only son to a very large extent it was too late to correct his mistake .When  he  saw that everything that he had made with great hard work was being ruined  by his  son including  his  respect and honor . His  son  was  spoiled, uneducated and  rude man . He  had  developed many bad addictions . He was cruel  to his parents. 

Some  years ago one day my  uncle  got a heart attack and died .

 within  few  years  his son had  sold all the mangoes and dates garden ,fields and even the house where my aunt  lives to  fulfill  his addictions . Since she know  that even her house is sold she got  paralyzed . A villager  who has bought that house is  waiting  for the day when she dies so he can take over.

The  spoiled son lives in the same city on rent  and his young son who is in army as soldier is running the bread of the house .He  has  no  care for her mother or even for his own kids .

Meanwhile whenever  my aunt visited us i made her stay with me for long  so she could forget  her pains for  few days at least.But she used to say  "though  your house is heaven to me but i have to return to my hell because my daughters are there and  i have to be with them until i am alive" I saw  her crying like  no other .She  regretted  for  the  worse brought up of his son and accepted that she could not teach him the difference between right and wrong ,she  not make him a good person .If i would have stopped him on his bad actions in his childhood he would have been a better person but i just  laughed on his misbehaves and ignored his flaws that arose into  horrible  destruction.   

like my aunt my mother also did  not  get any school education but  it is huge blessing of God for us as kids that she was one of most wise woman with humble generous heart and warm personality.
Since beginning  she  trained us in good way to lead neat ,simple and healthy life. 

When i started this post i did not know i  will  write as much and this is biggest problem with me that i  can  never plan anything  i sit on keyboard with an empty mind and write whatever comes in the mind at the moment .So  i  went to meet  my sick aunt .We  chose  bike  ride as day was chilly and very pleasant .Kids were at school and we had to get back to pick them up within limited time .All  photos  i took  from  running bike so hope  you will enjoy  the look of our rural area here.

                          After  exiting  from our colony we passed near the A.S.P house 

                                          This park is under construction in our neighborhood 

                                       Bridge  over railway track near our colony 

                                      while crossing the bridge a naughty cloud covered the sun

                               Dates and bananas garden at  the edge of the city 

                           A  canal  flowing smoothly ,in summers  water comes up 

                      Next  to the canal  this is a under construction new housing society 

                                                    After  half hour we reached  at main road

   These yellow  flowers in the  wheat  field  are  of  mustard  that is popular dish here 

              Both side of the link  road were decorated with  date ,mango and banana gardens

                             Scenes  were delightful and hubby's driving was smooth 

                         i  found  this  full  of  some kind of grass truck interesting 

      Could  not capture the whole  donkey cart,his feet were making tik tok tik tok  sounds on road 

                On  link road  there were lots of cattle  resting  under the trees beside the canal 

                                                           Fields beside the  village 

                               This photo is old when she came to visit me and was well then

  Now  you can see how weak she has become [on right in black dress ] sitting with her daughter   [on left, in yellow] who lives in same village with her family.

I stayed  there  for tow  hours  and left before  sunset .

Dear  friends hope you liked  my simple sharing.
It is  almost 7pm of evening here and i am so tired after doing my laundry  .hubby just got  back and making me a coffee .After last night rain it is again cold here.
Wishing all of you a lovely weather and happy beautiful life each moment.
take good care.
God Bless You All.


  1. So sorry to hear about your aunt's illness and troubles.

    It is very interesting that you took your trip via bicycle. Here in the United States there is a lot of bike riding but very few use bicycle's for the purpose of travel. This is something that we should be doing. It would benefit bothy the environment as well as our own health.

  2. Interesting photos as always! Cattle are so smart -- they can always find a shady spot to rest! I hope your auntie's life gets easier. Being old and ill is so hard and unfair.

  3. Excellent post (as always) and lovely location! xx

  4. God Bless You. You have great heart and are no doubt a great comfort to her and to all in your family. " i sit on keyboard with an empty mind and write whatever comes in the mind at the moment." This is how the great work! You can revise or edit later. But let your inner genius tell your stories. I have even written a novel of Hawaii ["Aloha Where You Like Go?"] by organizing all the things I wrote when they came and poured out. Thank you for sharing. Please know that we in America, including our elected representatives are aware of the new presidents shortcomings. We have 2 other branches of government that are already standing up to his bad ideas. (Courts, Congress). Elections for many representatives (Senate + Congress I believe are up for reelection and must answer to the voters.

    1. dear friend ,you words are honor for me as you are an Amazing Writer!

      i wish i could read your spontaneous writing someday as i too love thing in their natural way of out come rather than artificial one.

      Last night in new it was relief to hear that judge went against the Trump and gave permission to Muslim visitor to visit America .
      I wish good for you country friend and hope things turn in to positive soon.

  5. What a wonderful story, a slice of your life that you share with us. The photos are really illustrate your area of the world and are fantastic. It is really sad about your aunt but I bet she was thrilled to have you visit her. Traveling by bike is wonderful and offers good exercise and another way to view things /places that we see everyday.
    Have a wonderful day and I hope your aunt's health improves.

  6. wow this sounds like one of your stories, so sad. Enjoyed the ride and photos.

  7. I love your simple sharing. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures. Love the date trees too. It is so nice to see the picture of ladies int the traditional Shalwar Khameez . Here in New York, we wear Shalwar Khameez only on special occasions. I will read other posts as well. You are a very good writer. Take care.

  8. Marvellous photos. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  9. I love your writing because it is straight from your heart, baili.

    I'm sorry to hear of your aunt's health problems and her son's behavior. It must be very hard on her mind.

    Do you use a bicycle or a motorbike? Your photos are lovely and give us a good idea of the surroundings.

    Have a good week!

    1. Thank you dear for you lovely words !

      we use often motorbike to visit surrounding if the weather is friendly otherwise car is for harsh seasons .

  10. What a sad story :( I feel so sorry for your aunt. May God bless her and make her feel better and I am glad you visited her.

    I love all the photos you took. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a blessed weekend. Liuba x

  11. You give us a good look at your life and culture.

  12. Thank you. It is so amazing to enter your world for a while. Nice of you to share your moments.

  13. Hello Baili, it is so wonderful that you spend time with your dear Aunt. I am so sorry to hear of her sadness. I am sure your visits brighten her days. Lovely scenes of the country you have shared. I would love to have mangoes and bananas growing nearby! Take care. Blessings xo Karen

  14. Beautiful photos. I enjoy seeing your area and learning about your family.

  15. I feel so sorry for your aunt.

    Interesting and beautiful photos!

  16. Beautiful photos and a very sad story. I hope your aunt finds some consolation in her daughters.
    Have a lovely week!

  17. I love reading your story. At your place landscape is nice and so inyeresting for me. Love from Poland..

  18. that is such a sad story of your Aunt and her naughty son, what a disappointment he has been to her, but as you say he was really spoilt.
    lovely to see all the photos..

  19. I really enjoy your posts and all the photos you share!
    I'm so sorry about your aunt. Her story is very heartbreaking.

  20. Your photos are lovely! I am very sorry about your aunt.

  21. It's such a sad story about your aunt and her son. Lovely that you went to visit her and the photos you took were beautiful. I didn't realize how many palm trees you have there. Thank you for posting these.

  22. Oh Baili, such a sad story about your Aunt, but so lovely to see all of your photo's. The scenes are very good, but especially nice to see your Aunt and her daughter in your last photo.

    Sending my good wishes to you

    All the best Jan

  23. I pray for your aunt...she hasn't had an easy life.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. It is incredibly different from mine and so very interesting!

    Jane x

  24. Your aunt is very unfortunate, good of you to visit her. Beautiful photos .

  25. Uma área rural muito bela que você mostrou em excelentes fotografias. É muito triste o caso da sua tia. A educação dos filhos é tão importante... Tudo de bom para toda a sua família.
    Uma boa semana.

  26. Boa tarde, a vida tem alegrias e tristezas, o que relata é triste, seu sentimento em visitar e apoiar é perfeito, assim como, as fotos do meio rural o são.

  27. hi madam nice view there, I hope someday I will be there :D, Best wishes For U n your family.

  28. Thanks so much for sharing your personal pains and trials. I will keep your aunt in my prayers.

    Lovely photos. I've never visited Pakistan so your photos allow me to have a small visit. Take care!

  29. Your writing comes from the heart and that is very special! I am so sorry for your Auntie! Sending her prayers! What beautiful scenery! Amazing to see another part of the world! Thank you! Big hugs!

  30. It is nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog. God bless your Aunt. I enjoyed the photos so much. I love the donkey and cart and can imagine the sound of his feet clicking along.

  31. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Very interesting post and nice photos too.

  32. I enjoyed reading about your family and your photos are nice. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment.

  33. Interesting sharing about the lives story of family and relatives. Feeling so sorry for your aunt.

  34. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I love your story though I am so sorry for your poor Aunt. The pictures so so beautiful and I love seeing the banana and the date palms. I love seeing all of you sitting and talking. Your bike ride was nice.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    My Field of Dreams

  35. The story about your aunt makes me feel very sad...

    Your photographs are beautiful :-)

  36. So wonderful landscapes in your photos.

  37. Hello Baili, when you write it is though you're sitting there talking quite naturally - as others above have said, it's straight from your heart.
    Such a sad story about your Aunt and how lovely when you had her stay with you. You gave her some peace and happiness.
    Thank you too for showing all the photos of the trip to your Aunt's home. The countryside, and animals are so interesting to see.
    Bye for now, take care 💐

  38. I enjoyed the "drive" with you seeing the things that you saw along the way, it was almost like being there!

  39. Your stories are well written. They are direct from your heart and I think readers can feel it. They are sometimes sad like this one, but I love your pictures, that one with canal the most.

  40. You have such a beautiful heart Baili, such a positive person.
    I really enjoy seeing your photos and reading your posts.

  41. Your aunt's story is very sad, but perhaps by sharing it, you may influence a young mother somewhere to be stricter and have a happier outcome, Baili. As an elementary teacher, I taught children mostly from 7-9. I observed many "helicopter moms" who would swoop in and rescue their children from their smallest mistakes in behavior. The other teachers and I would explain that it was better for the children to experience the consequences of their mistakes, because this was how the children learned; and the time to learn was now, when the consequences were small. But sadly, too many continued to indulge their children and shelter them from any difficulty or responsibility. Many of those children will have hard times ahead, just like your nephew.

    I enjoyed each of your photos. They provide a fascinating glimpse into another place and culture, so different from mine. But they also show how much humanity we have in common.

    Often when I sit down to write a post I have no idea what I will write; or, if I have an idea, I go off in a different direction. What you write comes from your heart, and it is very obvious in your posts.

    Have a lovely week, my friend. We are returning home in a few days. That will feel very good after all our traveling! Hugs and loves to you!


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