Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our [Asian] Traditional Meals [some of them]

Hey Friends!

Hope  everybody  is dealing so brilliantly with everything is coming up to challenge your capacity and skills for beautifying  your life.

I  am Happy  because weather is  changing smoothly and i can hear  the footsteps of spring through the freshness of breeze  and blooming colorful lights in my front yard!

Though  i know from May  the real HOT weather will attack suddenly and rule til October  but it  doesn't mean that these three prettiest months of spring can not be enjoyed.
Variety is something MOST special and important thing in life .Spring is  delightful because it comes after the break and after the Barren Grey season. This is actually Autumn  that highlights the Value of  spring!

I just came from my kitchen after washing my utensils and arranging everything back to it's place .While doing all this i was thinking about the time [few months back]  when  i got  sprain in my wrist  of right hand and was unable to do my basic daily  chores . I felt so helpless in those  few days and realized that there are countless blessings  that we take granted and do not pay gratitude for them to our Creator. After recover i felt overwhelmed by the sense of deep gratefulness to God who made me able to look after my home and family again .It is human nature that often he realize the importance of something when it is gone.I think this should be change we must be thankful for everything we have in life and should not think that we have it so what is the big deal?

Dear friends! Today i am sharing with you some winter dishes of our country and province . After me and my husband  

survived from our stomach problems there  came  huge change in our food .We try to make our food 

light and digestible so unlike before [mutton,beef, much spicy fried stuff] we rely on 

seasonal vegetables and chicken mostly .Here are some  dishes that i used to make these days .Let 

me  tell you that almost each dish of our includes  the cooking oil ,red chilies,salt,black 

pepper ,tomatoes ,green chilies ,coriander and ginger. 

                                                                  Spinach   with  potatoes .

                                                                     Chicken curry .

                                           gram pulse is my younger son's favorite.

          I  don't know what is the name of this vegetable in English so here is si pic of dish below .

                       we call it "tenda",kids don't like it so fried potatoes for them.

                             Again Pulse with  boiled eggs ajinomoto  salt which gives special flavor

                                                                 Fried  chicken .

                                             Rice with chicken [we call it chicken polao]

  It is made with mashed  potatoes and other stuff including cornflore [we call it" aaloo kabab "]

In rainy cold days i almost daily make this ,they taste delicious and are best in winters we call this "Pakory" these we make from Gram flour.

                                                                       Rice with chick peas .

                                                          cauliflower with pears

                                                           Chicken with turnip and pears  

                                                                Rice with pears

Here  in our country we prefer  to eat all theses vegetable and chicken dishes warm and with warm chapatti[below pic]

I  have some more photos of cauliflower and cabbage dishes in my phone but due to some problem my laptop is not connecting with phone so i can transfer to share but it's okay i will share them with you when i will be sharing our summer dishes .
Hope you liked my post friends.
Please take great care,stay Happy and positive in life .love yourself  so you can love the all around you!

God bless You All!


  1. I love Asian food. I would like to taste everything. xoxo

  2. Hello Baili, it was really interesting to see some of your traditional meals. You use pulses and peas in a lot of meals - very healthy! I like your rice dishes too. The english name for that vegetable is "squash" - that's what we'd know it as in Australia.
    I do understand what you mean when you spoke about not being able to do everyday tasks when your wrist was sprained and how we can take countless things for granted. I am finding that out a lot lately.
    Cheerio for now and thank you for sharing some more of your family life :D)

  3. Wow! Those dishes look so good.

    It is only 5 AM in the morning here but your photographs are making me so hungry that I am ready for a full dinner.

  4. You have very different food and it looks delicious.

  5. Isn't it frustrating when you have an injury, or perhaps have been unwell, and you can't get on as normal in life. We do sometimes have to be patient with ourselves and be thankful.

    It's nice to see the pictures of your meals, thank you for sharing them here.

    All the best Jan

  6. Thank you for the blessing of this delicious look into your world. I do so appreciate it.

  7. wow your food dishes look so good!

  8. Your food looks so delicious, satisfying and healthy.

    I have not seen those little green vegetables in England so I can't help you with an English name for them.

  9. Everything looks so delicious! I would try all of them! YUMMY

  10. The food looks lovely.
    Some of it eaten here but so different, but that's why we like to try other foods from different countries - we are lucky.

  11. All your food look yummy! We also cook some of these dishes. Chapati- which we call roti. Pakora- which we call bhajia...

  12. Your food looks delicious! I have made chapati many times, and it's so good :)

  13. I love seeing the beautiful scenes - and terrific food! - that are part of your life in a land so far away from my own (USA). I love spring, too, and am waiting patiently for it after quite a bit of cold weather. Ours won't begin until late March or April. Your food dishes look so healthy and delicious!

  14. It’s time for me to go to bed (23:36) but I got hungry while looking at these wholesome and delicious-looking (and must be really delicious) dishes. I don’t use ajinomoto. Do many people use it in your country? Wish you and your family a happy, healthy, peaceful, and delicious year 2017.


    1. thank you for your kind word dear friend!
      ajinomoto is common in upper and middle classes as much i know .
      but people with less knowledge of food [mostly poor families] don't use it .
      I have it along with other basic spices in my kitchen but use occasionally when i wanted to add special flavor to my dish.

  15. Food! It is one of my favorite things especially the food I haven't tasted yet. This all looks so delicious! I shouldn't look at this before lunch.

  16. Every dish look so delicious! Thank your for sharing your photos.

  17. Looking at those beautiful delicious dishes, I feel hungry now. Thanks for sharing!

  18. You are right my friend, we have to be thankful and grateful!
    All these dishes look wonderful! Cauliflower with pears I have never heard of! I would like to try that!
    Big Hugs!

  19. I love fresh vegetables, and everything here looks delicious! THanks for sharing the great photos.

  20. Great photos and all the food looks yummy. I love pakory and the chicken polao!

  21. Your food look very interesting and I can recognize some of your food especially the chapatti which I love to eat. I don't use ajinomoto in my home cooking. Yes, it is good and right to be grateful in all things, big and small, especially things that we all take for granted. Have a beautiful day!

  22. Beautiful looking food - would love to try them, especially the rice dishes.

  23. I do love me spinach, although I like to blend it fully so that it turns into purée

  24. These look very delicious.
    Some of them can be found over here.
    And I to eat.

  25. I like chapatti and the long shape rice.

  26. These dishes look very delicious! Spinach is one of our favourites, we eat it with sunny-side up eggs, and we like cauliflower and chickpeas as well. Your rice meals and those "Pakory" seem yummy too. I think, those round vegetables might be a kind of zucchini ... we usually eat the oblong-shaped version. :)
    Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week ahead!

  27. Delicious looking meals! And very nicely presented, which makes them look even more yummy :)

  28. Meals look healthy and very nicely presented.

  29. I love this kind of food and always like to eat it in restaurants but I am sure it is even nicer when made at home!

  30. Your dishes look delicious and healthy, Baili! Perhaps you will share a recipe or two! Take care, my friend!


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