Sunday, January 29, 2017

Moods Of Sky Above My Frontyard !

Hello  Dear  Friends!

Hope  and pray  that all  of you are enjoying your times though in different parts of land  and bearing various shades of weather .

Since  my  childhood i was most of the times lonely child who enjoyed  sitting or wandering alone more than being among friends and having fun [though i enjoyed it too but being alone for me unconsciously  was  a celebration and i used to  celebrate it while pondering upon nature around me with which my bonding was  as strong as sometimes my cousins ,friends or even family members  called me crazy for  looooong  stare at magical surroundings and smiling as those hills,trees and stream  were talking to me[only i was able to hear those talks] but i never  mind their laughter on me because i knew what i was blessed with.

When i got married i was only 19 and now i am 46 but still those memories of childhood are strength to my soul .Living in city after departing my  lovely village is still as hard as it was on first day i arrived here.My hubby will retire after 9 years and i am waiting eagerly for the time when he will be and we will go and settle in Islamabad .Yes we will not be staying in village but in city near it because there are lots of changes occurred  in everything in village  during these twenty five years including scenery  and people .I accepted that it is not same place any more not same people any more so it will be fine to settle in capital city which is  surrounded by hills and enriched with natural beauty.Islamabad is near to northern area and  hilly so  has pleasant climate throughout the year .

All  i said  above is just my thoughts that i found worth sharing with you  all friends,It  doesn't mean  that i am not  happy  here where i am living now . I am  blessed with contented nature  and can find joy in little things .I  am grateful to God for everything he has given  me and  stealing  happiness from each moment that come to me as i know  each emotion  has drawn out of life and precious to bear because life is sooo unpredictable and really shot .

Dear  friends  today  i am sharing  with you  the different  moods  sky above my frontyard .I used to take daily half  hour in my front yard and in recent season  sky looked  enchanting often  in evenings.I try  to capture  the magic with my phone for you ,hope you will enjoy them.

I  took   this  short [ some days ago when  it rained alot ] after  hubby  took  kids  to  the school ,beautiful  breezy environment said Good morning!

              within few hours  sky  hided it's blue charming face behind the grey dark clouds.

We  take this weather as blessing as our area  bears dry climate mostly with very less rains and long hottest summers[ 40 to 50 centigrade]

                   Sun  peeked out  through clouds before setting as  was saying how was day  without me people? See  you  soon1

              How beautiful !!! as somebody picked up a brush and draw  such a wonderful pattern !

                           My  heart leaped out  to dive in this marvelous world !

After sunset everything seems so silent so calm as  feeling the depth of this moment when both times dissolve in each other and form a new face of time Night!

Ahhh............. Can you  listen the silence ! Life  is so beautiful !  [it is saying]

                  Autumn moon brings gloomy  smiles ,related to the memories and imaginations!

        After  my evening prayer i came out and was mesmerized by this jewels of evening  !

                                                            My front yard after the rain 

                   Hubby planted many seasonal flowering plants which start blooming in January 

                                                Most  favorite flower of me with lovely fragrance !

                                                       another pretty smile of the season !

                                      While doing my chores my eyes absorb joy from them !

Waiting  for spring when my neem tree and small garden will look relived again [like this] [old photo of spring]

Hope  you enjoyed this post dear friends.will be sharing the more blooms later.
wishing you  all a very  happy ,healthy and positive life .
please stay calm ,relaxed and focused .
Grab joy from each moment and be grateful  for what you have along with struggle in right direction what you long for.
God Bless You all .


  1. This is a great post and the pictures are fantastic,

    I live in a superb that has a lot of woodland so I am fairly close to nature. I love cities but I do not think that I would ever want to live in one again.

    I also am looking forward to spring.

  2. Baili, your post is so wonderful and your photos are literally...heavenly.
    the flowers are beautiful and you have one of my favorites "cosmos" lovely and delicate.
    Thank you so much for sharing all of this beauty with us~


  3. wow what a great landscape . we have winter. Love from poland

  4. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  5. What a lovely post to read and look at.
    Those skies are lovely as are the flowers you've shared

    All the best Jan

  6. enjoyed your beautiful photos today! Love your heartfelt posts, how you are just yourself!

  7. I think it is good to have a goal as you do for retirement. It doesn't mean you are unhappy or ungrateful now. You are merely looking forward to the next stage of your life.

    We enjoyed life where we worked but we love our lives in retirement in another place.

    Your pictures are beautiful, Baili.

  8. We are in the hottest summer we had for some time all sitting around trying to catch a cool breeze.
    It is always sad to leave the past behind, but you never know what the future will bring.

  9. A lovely post :-)

    Beauty is always on your doorstep if you know how to look :-) There is no need to travel to travel far...

  10. Another grand post. I do so enjoy these Thank you for sharing a piece of your life.

  11. those photos are really magic! wow i love all of them:) follow;) now waiting for U:)

  12. Beautiful images. Like a lovely tale about a day of a piece of sky. :)
    Have a nice week!

  13. Very nice pictures. It is a bit sad you were alone the most time of your childhood. Hugs. Have a nice day!

  14. lovely photos and the clouds are amazing. do love your garden flowers and that is a beautiful rose.
    i too was married when 19 :)

  15. É bom ter uma infância mágica para recordar...
    Belíssimas fotografias e um excelente texto.
    Uma boa semana.

  16. Hello, I found your blog, thank you for visiting us! You have flowers in January, we have only snow. Your pictures of the clouds are beutiful! Have a nice week!

  17. Beautiful photographs, dreamy and mysterious clouds..and also love your gorgeous blooms and flowers! Thanks for sharing

  18. Great shots. Yeah, things sure do change throughout the years.

  19. These are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  20. We live so far from each other and yet we love exactly the same things, hills and trees, clouds and flowers (cosmos is one of my favourites too)...
    Wonderful text and images.
    Blessings and hugs to you!

  21. Thank you for commenting on my Fools Rush In by Granny Annie blog. I see bloggers we share such as ashok and christine and Jan. I am also on blog "by EAGHL" at and participate on Paint Party Friday. Your photos are wonderful!

  22. We certainly have much in common. When I was a young girl, I too enjoyed being by myself and taking in all things around me. Trees, grass, plants, and especially sky watching. I love looking up to see what beauty the clouds have brought. Your photos are beautiful and I loved the flowers, especially the rose. They smell so beautiful.

  23. I also love the things of nature and am fortunate to live outside the city and in the countryside. Your photographs are so beautiful. All of them. My favorite is the sky that looks like popcorn! May all your dreams come true. You seem to have a caring spirit. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  24. PS. I just read what you have posted in your sidebar: about me. Very beautiful thoughts. I agree.

  25. Wow!!! Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty, Baili! How gorgeous! :)

  26. You have the heart of a naturalist, Baili! You may be blessed with the gift of Naturalistic Intelligence, as described by Howard Gardner, a professor of Cognition and Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. He recently added "naturalistic" to his theory of multiple intelligences. Given what I've heard about your childhood and seeing the nature photos you enjoy sharing, I think you must have strengths in naturalistic intelligence. I love, love, love your sky photos! I've done a number of posts on clouds in the past, because I enjoy watching clouds so much. Roses are one of my favorite flowers too. I wish I could bottle the fragrance of wild roses along the misty Fundy shores and send it to you. Have a lovely day, my nature-loving friend!

  27. "Grab joy from each moment" is excellent advice, baili! I love your beautiful photos and I am amazed you took them with your phone. I love to watch the sky also. You have captured such beauty here. Have a good week!

  28. Thank you dear friend for your such sweet and kind words.To be honest i don't know much about the term you mentioned with the reference of a professor but in my simple words i can share that since i realize that i was able to think and observe nature attracted me more than anything ,even in this age when i sit on desk in yard ,near window of room or window of any vehicle i feel my eyes pulled by everything created by Creator .A small piece of stone on ground grabs my attention ,sometimes i feel my soul is restless and wandering to find a way to his Creator .
    What are we ?From where we Have come and To where we will go [soul wise]? all these questions never leave me alone .
    my mind and heart take LIFE in a very large extent rather than just some limited worldly meanings .
    I don't know how my soul travels in past and futur and can feel the shape of life of both times .

  29. Hello baili!
    You dropped in to my blog so I will pay you a visit, you had such a wonderful view on Gods creation and I honestly thought I was alone to smile at sceneries . I talk to the birds as well, like some St Francis!
    You live in a beautiful place, hope you are able to live in peace and harmony, so that you from time to time can catch a glimpse of life eternal! Keep shining!! God bless you!!!

  30. Bom dia, maravilhosa selecção de fotos, gostei muito as que mostram as nuvens.

  31. gorgeous images today, the clouds are amazing!! we were 19 when we got married, we are both 58 now. peeps ask me how we did it and i always say it was easy - we were committed and in love!!

    1. How lovely !
      all that needs this beautiful relationship is commitment and loyalty Dear Debbie !

  32. Gorgeous photos! Truly loved them all! Baili, I understand your connection with nature, I am the same way! Big Hugs!

  33. Beautiful post! We are most blessed when we pause every now and then and count our blessings, and the beauty of the world is a blessing for sure.

  34. What gorgeous photos! I loved the sky photos especially. Nature is wonderful indeed.


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