Monday, January 29, 2024

Sun And Power Issues And Recent Blooms From Yard Garden

Hello Sweet Hearts !

Hope beating beautifully on the rhythm of life and spreading your light around delightfully!
We missed our sun for more than three weeks almost .It seemed to appear slightly once in a while but went behind the cover of clouds again. Despite our winters are not that extreme it still hurts a little when sun is absent during colder days. Though we had slightly cooler winter this year and wore sweater after three years i believe .The next biggest challenge remained the disappearance of power absolutely . We tried to figure out on  google because it was without any announcement at all but there was no clue except some kind of maintenance in the system. Having power and sun both absent together made me think if our country power depends on solar system completely.
  Sharing few glimpse of recent winter yard below .This is nice to see how hubby's involvement in the garden is being rewarding by the grace of God!

    for me this is soulful view because sunrise and sunset display most awesome portrait of reality as whole which fills heart with awe and serenity at the same time. image taken ten day back when sky cleared from the fog and sun smiled calmly on the earthers . Within a moment the whole universe seems to be evident and vibrant wiht all it's splendor  ! gift of life more belongs to feeling astonishingly :)

    it was interesting to see  fresh plant surpassing the older plant bloom lot higher than it , made us wonder whether it will keep rising or show it's bud , not here but after some days few buds appeared eventually 
                            Nature hold joy for heart who look at it with an eye of awe 

                  the new planting available in nursery blooms faster ,hope will last longer as well 

                                              new leafy plant hubby brought few days back 

                                                               rose for all the blooming roses 

Keep being kind to yourself and all around you friends because this is going to follow you in all the worlds you will go through  because this is how nature works!

Monday, January 22, 2024

Is This A Lame Justification ?

 Sometimes things just happen and leave you think about something particular instantly .Thoughts related to it immediately stir surface under which you might have hid some important "longing " of your life. Mine was earning for myself  since early teens .This longing was rooted basically in desire to support my mother so she can stop worrying about basic necesities of life. It stayed with me for my whole life till now. Meanwhile whether before or after my marriage i tried to do job but succeeded to do so only for while periodically  (like one ,two or three years) and i had to quit each time for only one reason that my kids and house needed me more.

I slowly made peace with situation and convinced myself that there will be some day for me either when children won't be needing me more and i will be free to do what i want to do in my life .

But once in a while when i encounter a women with career or hear some line in dramas like " money that one earn himself tastes better " makes me feel bad for a while .

After dealing with such feeling for so long i think i have found some justification to knock down this negativity. 

I have concluded that even though i don't have paid profession yet i am doing hardest job than any other working woman .How ? because taking care of household and doing each single chore without any domestic help and raising the children as well is one of the toughest job in the world i believe . 

A housewife has multiple tasks to perform from as wife to mother or as in other rolls that she has to play as daughter or sister in law and so much else because problems of her family are more her' s than their's . She has to go through various pressures throughout the life so things can stay in order whether in her innate world or in the world she has charge of . 

So since some years my mindset has changed a little. Now when i take bite of food i know firmly how much i have done to reach this bite . So i feel strong and positive instead down or confused. 

Although I think and i hope  there are less chances that i will die without fulfilling my dream of earning for myself .

If you find my justification lame please let me know .

keep spreading your light dear friends as this is best gift you can give away .

Health ,peace and joy to all of you and to all you love 

thanks for bearing with me kind people!

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

What Makes This Possible ?

 It's 1pm . Weather is little breezy and cold ,14centigrade .Sun has managed to peak through fog finally which was covering him completely in the morning. I find such occurrence magical sometimes, when sun appears behind the thick layers of fog or clouds it seems wisdom has enlightened the the heart of hearth suddenly. As line spoken in movies " you just opened my eyes" Sun and wisdom do the same to our outer and inner world . 

I was reading Red's post in which he mentioned current temperature in his area that was minus 42 . I felt cold shiver in my bones because i am sure i won't survive such extreme cold because o grew up between aired(desert on one side) and tropical Sea on other side )types of climate .

I know after Antarctica some Russian parts are coldest places on earth ,specially Russian towns with minus 60 c almost . But finding that some blogger friends also live in such tough weather conditions reminds me how curious i had been (some years back) about how and why people choose to stay on places where weather is utterly unbearable ???

That question was raised in my mind first when i watched a drama on national tv channel in which story was about people who live in desert where weather is extremely hot and life resources are non almost .

Before that i had a story in mind that i had heard from my all time favorite Ahsan uncle who himself was from desert village . I won't go in details but story was from famous Urdu literature and told that how a girl living in desert town prefers to marry a guy who managed water storage in his house instead to her lover who had no resources to provide her this luxury . I was 17 hardy but that story never vanished from my memory slate. 

I wanted to share my curiosity with you all that if some of you at least like to share what makes it happen to live in extreme weather conditions .Is this just love of nativity or something else ??? 

Health peace and happiness to you and to all you love  kind friends ❤

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Mustard Oil And Grandmas Of Pakistan

Hey beautiful souls!

Hope rising and shining everyday because of the Faith you have in Goodness. 

Thank you so much for responding warmly on previous post. You guys are so generous and your support for me is incredibly strengthening. 

One of my blogging friends Emma  asked particularly if mustard oil massage is beneficial.  This question stimulated some good memories actually and i wanted to share with you today . I don't knw about other houses or places but being from lower middle class family i observed that my mom would try her best to take advantage of natural resources available to support health of her family. We had no lotion at home so  Mustard oil was frequently used instead .We would apply it on head and skin regularly specially after bath (once a week in winter twice in summer) and after washing face or hands daily before leaving for school .Mom would apply it on our head and then would make very tight braid and she would apply  on it our faces as well but in lesser amount then she would apply on hair.

Like everything else mustard oil back then was on it's quite original course and smell great. The use of mustard oil would increase in winters when mom would ask us to sit in yard under sunlight we would feel annoy that now she will come with her irritating tools for ear cleaning ,nail cutting and mustard oil to massage our head. But i think massage was fun part at certain point honestly ,we would feel cozy and comfy and eyes would start to close as feeling sleepy. My mom was very hardworking woman and her hands were quite tough and this makes me say that she had most beautiful hands that ay not look perfect but the comfort and peace they delivered to her loved ones that was  divine! I often imagine her hands in mine and feel the warmth and love she had shifted to her kids. God will love her for her deepest involvement in her family  i believe!

After my marriage  when i moved here in small city  of southern Pakistan i saw mustard oil is popular here as well. I never saw my mother in law doing things that mom would do with us because the lotion was in house for winter dryness and her all kids were grownup too . 

But i witnessed another interesting tradition here .When my eldest son born my mother in law would give him bath and then massage him with slightly warm mustard oil. But watching how intense was her way to do this was terrifying for new mom like me. I was far from healthy woman so my kids born skinny and hardly with accurate weight. Eldest son was tall but very skinny and was avid Cryer already. When  mil would lay him on floor and massage him with all her power his whole body would get radish and his cries would get so loud and would make me cry as well. Mil would laugh at me that i was so stupid. But because my mom could understand she requested mil to take over and do it by herself . Honestly mom was not exception only little gentler . After massaging kids with mustard oil mom would give him bath and hand over to mil who would apply lotion  on whole body including face and powder between legs ,under arms, Kohl in eyes .After all this makeup the child was wrapped in shawl tightly and laid down on bed for soem nice long sleep. 

I was lucky to have mom and mother in law who could show how to look after babies. Mom was present for long period each time i gave birth to children and she would take all the responsibilities for one month completely or more sometimes. 

This is sad things has been ups and down and grandparents are no longer needed for help in basic upbringing of children .Some years back grandparents would not  just look after their grandchildren physically  but would nurture their mental health by sharing their wisdom earned in long journey of life .Apart from difference in human nature overall it was beauty of life that made life better and less stressed back then i think.

  For learning more about the mustard oil you can visit here

Getting late to lunch sweet friends . 

we are out of power for week almost and it is today i got chance to post through laptop because  we got power i don't know till when though .

Keep treating yourself and all around you with kindness because this is best gift you leave in other hearts here .

health ,peace and happiness to you and to all you you love!

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Flowers and Needle work with Few Words

 Hey kind people ! hope i am not much late to read your blog or responding any sweet comment of yours. 

My younger son left last night . He informed in the morning today that he arrived safely in his hostel by the grace of God!

We had two weeks to spend together and i tried to take good care of him meanwhile . We had sunlight in abundance in front yard so i took advantage of it and massaged his head regularly with mustard oil just like my late mom would do to us all during weekends or holidays . By doing so i feel to live dual life ,one the present as mom and one as daughter who revisit moment of warmth and love .

Thanks again for bearing with me and leaving most kind words always ! Your words give me power to share more ,

Our sun went behind fog week ago and no sign until now .if you find him please ask him to visit us soon as missing him terribly :(

Sharing one new (up most) and some old flower pics that i have not shared before most probably .Few images of hand work by the daughters of my sister in law (hubby's sister) i really loved it and it reminded me how girls of my village were brilliant at this as well except me lol. Was hardly interested in any girl kind of thing and that would annoy mom lot .Hope she forgave me for not being perfect in things that were Must for all other girls back then . But still she loved me thankfully. 

                                        three photos taken in Jinnah Park Islamabad (this and 7th and 8th)

  despite i eat them i still love them to have around ,it's comforting to look at and to peal them ,weird ? 

            aging of this plant looks more appealing because of the density of leaf probably 

 sorry blurred ,captured by my younger son when he visited village two years back with us ,here he was with his cousin and it was very windy 

    few years ago in home town ,passing through the fields with cousins i found this tree where many nest of birds were hanging ,not good shot i know sorry

                                                    waiting for the spring ,it is from last year 

                                          longing for time when sun is out .from last year 

                  smiles of nature encourage us to be kind and generous because life is short 

                                                                   needle work of nieces 

  everything eventually display the pattern of universe with center in it's core ,in our core consciousness lives desperate to evolve all the time  

                                          do they look like love birds ?,impressive i believe 

  again a pattern with intense family system just like universe and family theme existing everywhere ,i am amazed how Creator has installed wisdom in humans that they create his words even when they draw without considering Him 

  summer blooms give feel of summer warmth ,our temps have dropped from 20 to 6 and such cold weather happened after few years so it feels cold specially during eve and morn times 

   Gorgeous bloom hm ! i am getting late for dinner so i have to say good bye friends! 
Take great care , will be visiting soon inshallah 

may God keep showering his grace upon you all always!!!

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