Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Springtime , Family Photos , Daoism

Hey beautiful soul !

hope all is well at your corner of the world .
Our weather has been changed eventually. Yes It is spring season here and we are having some pretty smile of Nature in our Garden. Though this years our small garden could not smile as poignantly due to remained disturbed for months because of construction work.I never tried selfie due to lack of feeling urge. But first time felt desire to be photographed while holding book in hand .Sounds weird ? Bear with my dim wit lol .Sharing few images that go good with word spring i believe .And yes sharing a video of five minutes (couldn't found shorter) which reflects my feelings about life :)i am sure you are familiar to Daoism already though still a reminder .

   is this ok if one wants to see himself in photo ,after smile "book" is second thing i want to see in my own photo 

   February is known for spring here in southern part of country ,i see lots of love by Nature here as well:) 

                                         no matter how short the life is but it must be worth it 

                                  sorry for blur images ,i tried hard to take clear one still :(

simply Delightful 

  taken today morning ,this is law of Nature that after right ticking the peak things start to fall ,annoying ,mysterious ,rigid yet having all the beauty within it don't you think ?

     while i tried to capture from slightly different angle my youngest came to pick up something from block outside the kitchen wall 

 my younger son shared this from Karachi ,he celebrated his 20th birthday with his few friends as tough study routine does not allow to party .he treated himself with dinner pasta and nuggets   

                    His best friend Hassan ribbboned  him as an old farmer who would tie their head like this while ploughing ,as being from small city of Khairpur his friends called him farmer humorously   
                              later they went to enjoy lunch together in some Mall restaurant 
          See you soo friends! Health ,peace and joy to all of you !

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Photos From Bali Trip (last month) By My Son

My eldest son visited Bali last month .He was invited by his friend (same with whom he visited Turkey) .Dilawer his friend was staying in Bali for few months so my son joined him for a month because of privilege of working from home .He told that Bali is totally for visitors as due to all the warm and humid weather it was packed with visitors .My son was bit puzzled with currency of Indonesia as one has to pay huge amount for tiny item which makes Bali hardly cheaper than London for living. He told despite of constant rains he enjoyed warmer weather and rented a bike for whole month to take short trips of surroundings . He wanted to visit lizard island but Dilawer had some business so my son skipped the idea.
Sharing some photos hope you will enjoy the virtual tour. I specially found monkeys very interesting :)  

                                      i never rode on plane so i find such photos amazing 

                                                 have you seen  a "Cloud Fall" before 

                                               cloud ocean and cloud fall combined 

      there is abundance of intriguing statues which seem essential part of Indonesian architecture 

                                                               hope water is not poisonous 

                                                  ditties  feeding pretty fishes with life  how kind

                                                    trying to remember something 

                                         in the blessings of God including all children 

                            hardly different than times when i used to pick him in arms 

a monkey has snatched once ice cream from my hands (back in town) so i won't take the risk i think 

                                            don't make me angry  saying nature  probably 

                 guards need to eat more and be fat so intruders must think twice to get in  

water is life to soul as well 

See you soon dear friends!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Red Rose Series On Netflix Reminds me Real Life

We were watching first episode of "Red Rose" today on netflix. Story is about a lively teenage group among which Wren and Roch are best friend and love each other despite of social and economical difference . Misunderstandings take place between both when Roch horrified by her present condition accepts the offer of help from a dark online app. Once she joins the app distance between both friends is pushed further by replacement of wrong opposite messages to each other by app .

I realized strong similarities of this show with our real life and specially with our attitude we have towards everything.

According to science it is proven that we live within two kind of energy fields Positive and Negative which dominates everything from tiniest particles to largest bodies . 

Whoever left made and left us in this game ,left it totally up to our "choice " and "desire" what we choose to follow or adopt. 

As i mentioned many times that our brain is also made up of these two energies .The good and the bad angles both call for us ,But it is on our instinct what we choose to stay with . Without challenges progress is impossible so we should take challenges as "carrier" or "transformers" who push us upward further grow ,to reach above on higher or better place from where we can realize how things look exactly .

Once we are captured by the wrong side ,it pulls us down in doom from which getting out is out of question. Such fall make us look at things from hole that misinterpret reality completely .World despite of all it's beauty seems hell and everyone is enemy .The vanity inside us want to scratch every smile from the face of earth .

When nothing is happening outside, darkness resided within us show grim and disappointment everywhere because our eyes are covered by negative energy which use us as tool of her to destroy everything around us.

Our brains are like glass which should always remain full with positive thoughts or negative energy will take over it  because this how universe works . A first step is beginning to realize "what are you thinking " and sort out why . Many of "whys" have self made reasons behind, which can be avoid by keeping check on our "way of thinking" and eliminating reasons behind them that are caused by our lack of insight actually. 

With blink of eye one can choose good thought to inhabit in mind over bad one and making brain habitual to keep it doing so future, which can save us from so many complexities ahead that turn us into stranger soon if we start following whatever comes in mind randomly .Because energy in our brain keeps trying to cling with any shape naturally. What shape we want to give it is our hands. I mean in our genuine desire for one we want to be in life and will power to sustain our decision properly. 

 There was another thing that touched my heart deep down. A scene in which Roch is leaving for the party and asking her two younger sisters taking care. Not asking them together but 

"whispering in the ear of each separately to take care of her sister" 

A thought illuminated in my heart suddenly that this is how God has made us responsible to take care of each other. 

 Thanks for reading dear friends. I couldn't resist to speak my mind as show shake me little bit. 

Health peace and happiness to you all! 


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Reading, Shopping And Two valuable Photos


We are still having slightly cool temperatures from midnight to till early morning that are from 13 to 33c . Days have got quite longer i must say but still shorter to finish chores and due jobs.I try so hard to meet all the target i set for my day after rising but i miss something when day ends. After recovering from my short backache i have changed my yoga steps and following the exercise only that helped me to recover .It takes half time than previous one which i try to add in my reading time though because i am slow reader so i hardly read twenty pages in one hour at average. Once i hold book in my hand it hurts to put it back and get up to do anything else and this was the reason i could not read for long because i knew how badly i am into reading and i hate leaving it abruptly .But i am glad i could restart my reading once again because this is one of those things in my life that are really close to my heart and deliver true peace of mind. Reading now days "How The Mind Works" by  Steven Pinker an American cognitive scientist who tried to explain poorly understood function of how human mind works as computing machine and as consciousness. Enjoying thoroughly the easy and simple way of writer .One thing that seems so clear that human mind is most miraculous thing in the whole universe. An engine of our body who runs the body .The more we understand it the better we can use it for our benefits .

can anyone guide me how to add recent read section at sidebar because i tried to find how but couldn't

  if you remember i had mentioned that my younger sister has sent her elder children by her first husband to their father after thirteen years, they have wealthy father and studying at best academies now and living better life by the grace of God! they spent winter one month of their vacation  for the with their mom (my sister) she shared this family photo taken on the third birthday of my youngest niece holding by her father in orange ,on left second is elder son of my sister and on right is my eldest niece ,child in the lap of my sister is niece of her husband so is the right most  

   On Sunday we went to Sukkur for little shopping ,as you know i gifted some necessary things to our elder son living in Karachi for studies so we were lacking some things .Bought this pretty blue blanket ,prices of everything seems to jump so high and out of reach

 after buying very expensive blanket of full king size bed ,i quiet the idea to buy whole set of 12 plates so bought four only

                                                   blue is fav so another glimpse please 

my younger son has been breaking most of glass crockery glasses particularly during washing them ,it scares me when he offers help for dishwashing now,so for bought set of steel glasses as well and above  on left is pail a thing necessary in home 

   one of my cousin name Rukhsana pet name nano sent me her old  photograph ,i have mentioned nano in many of my old posts ,she was most clever ,most beautiful and always leader to our gang ,no need to say i was most stupid of all .many many years ago when i visited her on her invitation i praised this photograph so much because it was typical photo of married couple taken when they were newly married,i had no such photo though many others but not that particular one . okay friends it is 1:30 pm almost .

Keep being kind to yourself and to all around you ! blessings to all of you!!!  

Saturday, February 11, 2023

I am not fantasizing death i think ,some blooms


I can't say whether i am among those who like to fantasize everything including death . But i am sure that throughout my whole life i hardly could avoid thinking about death even during  happiest days of life when enjoying family gathering ,singing or dancing ,watching comedy laughing loud when i would got up for kitchen or bathroom for a while silence there would whisper in my years that such days won't last and i have to be alone one day leaving for my grave .The horror of being under the burden of tons of soil would catch me in millionth part of second so deep as deep that rejoining of the hustle and bustle seems to have power enough to pull me back .This is weird but despite of such intensity of thoughts i would smile ,laugh and sing along with all .Despite of this occasional grip of death thought i never felt a need to escape from it or sink myself into faces and noise to avoid it. Death remained a firm and dark  truth that stands at the back of all other facts that feel so real ,vibrate and compelling . Death stood at the back of all but tallest one so looking at them would kept me connected to death anyway and every effort to neglect it seemed impossible until my parents embraced death twelve years back and my instinct to avoid thinking about death disappeared silently. Seems that their death has  made me different person to much extent ,one of the most obvious change is fear of leaving all and everything behind and laying in a grave under the ground where no air comes has gone. I have acknowledged that air is no more needed once body stops functioning. Second fear of grave seems appealing now ,seems like if there will be any kind of senses alive in there i would like to mourn a lot for my parents who i could not say goodbye as i had though i would. For all those died suddenly in such natural disasters . I could not cry for some years now ,not because i did not want to but because i don't have to. So when i will lay there and if i could still feel something i will cry a lot..

Am i fantasizing death here ,i mean i love life though living until i am unable to move scares me. I am doing all what i can do to feel nice and fit mentally and physically but it hurts when i have to see so much suffering of people . There is lot on youtube about earthquake predicted in our part of land. Pakistan got earthquake of magnitude 5. something two days before it occurred in Turkey and still shocks of light magnitude are being reported everyday including today. But these are things that we cannot control . So all i can say that we should live to fullest everyday . Spread the light you got in you and sprinkle love and happiness around you .Rest leave on Nature and God. Before something worse happen i want to say you all it was pure joy to befriend with you all ,one among best things of my life ever happened to me!!! 

Among the odds beautiful attract more ,sharing some sweetness of nature from my small garden 

Hugs and blessings

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