Thursday, February 23, 2023

Photos From Bali Trip (last month) By My Son

My eldest son visited Bali last month .He was invited by his friend (same with whom he visited Turkey) .Dilawer his friend was staying in Bali for few months so my son joined him for a month because of privilege of working from home .He told that Bali is totally for visitors as due to all the warm and humid weather it was packed with visitors .My son was bit puzzled with currency of Indonesia as one has to pay huge amount for tiny item which makes Bali hardly cheaper than London for living. He told despite of constant rains he enjoyed warmer weather and rented a bike for whole month to take short trips of surroundings . He wanted to visit lizard island but Dilawer had some business so my son skipped the idea.
Sharing some photos hope you will enjoy the virtual tour. I specially found monkeys very interesting :)  

                                      i never rode on plane so i find such photos amazing 

                                                 have you seen  a "Cloud Fall" before 

                                               cloud ocean and cloud fall combined 

      there is abundance of intriguing statues which seem essential part of Indonesian architecture 

                                                               hope water is not poisonous 

                                                  ditties  feeding pretty fishes with life  how kind

                                                    trying to remember something 

                                         in the blessings of God including all children 

                            hardly different than times when i used to pick him in arms 

a monkey has snatched once ice cream from my hands (back in town) so i won't take the risk i think 

                                            don't make me angry  saying nature  probably 

                 guards need to eat more and be fat so intruders must think twice to get in  

water is life to soul as well 

See you soon dear friends!


  1. Your son is lucky to travel to so many interesting places! Bali would be much too hot and humid for me. Those monkeys are fascinating -- both the real ones and the statues!

  2. as parents we too are happy that he is able to change the view once in a while .it is healthy thing to do indeed specially when one is living alone away from the family .
    for me either seeing monkeys in action is amazing ,actually they are in abundance in Margalla hills Islamabad if travel upwardly but they are shy mostly as crowed has grew now and so the number of "teaser is"
    otherwise we had many monkeys wandering around in our native village hills which a re extreme foothills of Margalla halls .monkeys back then were friendly but not much threat because people back than were more modest and well mannered i think .
    once during break time i was heading back to school building while carrying ice cream and with blink of eye a monkey out of blue appeared and snatched it away .i remember my first reaction was anger rather than fear i think i was around twelve or something .with time as population grew like all other animals monkeys moved upward to the hills

  3. What a nice trip. Excellent photos and the food looks so good. Have a wonderful day today.

  4. and about temperature ,he said he experienced temps below 30c till during his stay

  5. Your son is a world traveler. How wonderful he can share his adventures with you, and through you, us!

    1. as a family we all love traveling once in a while and this is grace of God that he can travel on broader level dear Marie

  6. What a wonderful trip your son is so lucky!

  7. The pictures are wonderful. You know how I enjoy seeing other places.

    1. i am glad you enjoyed the photos my dear Emma . i believe looking at various places even makes our brain feel good :) hugs and blessings

  8. This must be a fascinating place to visit as it's so different from where we live.

    1. exactly dear Red Indonesia is completely different from one you or we live due to being group of so many big and small tropical islands. this makes it more appealing for people like us who dwell one one big continent .i wonder how people living on different island can harmonize culturally or socially ? or how the body of management works

  9. My children travel way more than I do as well. I suppose we were good moms to give our kids such strong wings! You have a very handsome son. I agree children are our biggest blessing in life.

    1. thank you dear Elizabeth !
      thanks for coming by and sharing your kind views ,this means lot to me
      i remained over protected i confess until my kids reached in high school .i would not let them out and if they had i would get anxious if few minutes difference occur . my in laws and even my own family would call me crazy as they thought this way i will turn them too shy to deal with world outside they will have to face as adults . but somewhere inside i had faith that once the "base" is laid strong enough rest can be fine .i am deeply grateful that bot of my kids proved my faith right by the grace of God !
      i did not come a house wife or a mom deliberately i admit but one habit of mine played great roll in the upbringing of my children that whatever i am aligned to do i do it with complete faith and focus by the grace of Creator !

  10. Bali is great, baili.
    He got the rainy season.
    But a wonderful place nevertheless.
    Have a great weekend

    1. he told that he enjoyed warmer temps though sun appears occasionally and because of nice routs rains don't cause as such problem

  11. Oh how I enjoyed seeing these photos your eldest son took. Monkey's are fascinating creatures. How fortunate your son is being able to see so many places on this earth...good luck to him and may he see many more.

  12. amen dear Margaret !
    don't we all to explore this beautiful world :) though many of us are restricted by various conditions of life whether health issues or economical .
    i always wanted to travel different parts of the land historic places specially and architectural wonders ,railways paths ,amazingly made bridges .i know i won't be able to do so but still i feel happy that my heart is capable to carry the wishes and dreams that are symbol of being "alive" :)

  13. Oh it was so fun to "armchair travel" with your son and his friend! My, lots of beautiful water, fish and so much good food. The monkeys were very intriguing! I loved the picture of your son on the hike. We love to hike, so much to see in God's beautiful world! So glad that your son is able to enjoy a vacation, while working at home! What a blessing! Enjoyed your post very much, sending much love to you dear friend!

  14. Great travel photos by your son. I have to visit Bali ...long due

  15. thank you so much dear Marilyn !
    i am happy you enjoyed the virtual tour my friend . i know it is always so nice to see different parts of the world though the eyes of loved ones or friends . i keep reminding my eldest son to share his adventure with us too so we can see the places he visited .also a way to feel connected to our baby .
    oh i too love dearly hiking and we do it despite of summer season during our visit to Islamabad and then our native village near by . i agree that after the lap of our mothers Nature is major and most important source of learning about our kind lord !
    as all the creations reflect their creator . in our holly book too kind God asks us to "

    "look up and around and wherever you will look you will find me "
    i had this habit to observe nature since i was little and it seemed everything spoke to me strongly .with time i am getting able to these phrases more clearly and i am thankful for this!
    hugs and blessings

  16. Obrigada por partilhar estas belas fotografias. Gostei de ver o seu filho. Que seja um homem feliz.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

    1. heartfelt thanks for kind words dear Grace !
      we love his positive approach towards life !

  17. Que partilha maravilhosa, Baili! Terão sido umas férias inesquecíveis para o seu filho!
    Bali é um verdadeiro paraíso que apetece descobrir! Adorei poder viajar nas vossas imagens!
    Tenho andado muito ausente nos últimos tempos! A minha cozinha precisou de que alguns equipamentos fossem substituídos... e entre escolher os novos e até tudo ficar operacional de novo, passaram-se bastantes semanas... também porque tudo tem que ir sendo feito com calma, para não alterar muito as rotinas da minha mãe... que se apoquenta com qualquer coisa... e depois foram semanas, até que ela se habituasse às novidades, e soubesse lidar com elas...
    Deixo um beijinho! Amanhã conto vir por aqui, com mais tempo, para espreitar o que mais recentemente por aqui se me escapou!
    Estimo que se encontre bem, assim como todos os seus, Baili!
    Tudo de bom!

  18. thanks for coming along dear Ana ,it is always joy to hear from you :)
    congratulations for the new kitchen appliances ,how nice to replace older ones that start to create issue with time .
    you are such a darling loving daughter my friend ! Grace is lucky mother to have a wonderful caring daughter like you :)
    wishing you all the best in life ahead

  19. Looks like your son enjoyed his Bali trip and holiday with his friend.

  20. That looks a wonderful trip your son had, he is so fortunate to be able to travel.
    Lovely photographs.

    All the best Jan

  21. What an amazing trip your son went on! He reminds me of my younger daughter who enjoys travelling and seeing the world. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us. Wishing you and your family well!

  22. It was fun to share your son's adventures in Bail! Thanks for sharing them, and thanks to your son too for his willingness to share. t's wonderful that he is able to travel! I would dearly love to see Bali. I laughed when I heard about the monkey stealing your ice cream (Sorry!). Monkeys can be brazen. I was in Kalimantan, Borneo, and monkeys were snatching food from peoples' plates in a cafe. I remember taking a photo of a monkey and he was so angry with me. He bared his big teeth. I thought he was going to attack me. The cloud and water photos were great. You know me. I love Cloud Land. I hope you have a chance to fly sometime, Baili. I think you would be fascinated! Enjoy the weekend with your family! xoxox

  23. Thank you dear Louise!
    I think Bali is a pu
    Quite popular and dream destination for tourists though it is probably very far from America but if you got chance to visit it you will definitely enjoy the place.
    I too am very thankful to my son as he takes time from his strict routine and share his adventures with me. This is a big deal for me indeed.
    Hope you and Terry are back home safely by now my dear kind friend.
    Hugs and blessings to you

  24. Thank you, Baili, for sharing these photos from your son's visit to Bali, which is a country I may never visit in person. I have heard it is a beautiful country and your son certainly has been able to see and share so many places. I would have to be careful that a monkey didn't snatch my ice cream!


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