Thursday, September 28, 2023

Internet , Youngest Son's good Job And Hubby "s Surgery

 Hey dear Friends !

Hope and pray all is good at your corner of the world . We are surprised by mild summer this year specially since August weather is pleasant and bearable and despite the exposure to sunlight is hard overall days are nice by the grace of good God !

I was unable to open blogger and my blog for few days (three i guess) as google would show a lock and content that "your connection is not private blah blah" I though it was because of bad internet that was slow since many days and our devices were unable to connect properly. The internet man visited and he checked the device and said device is okay because my phone is connecting perfectly . He left and internet started to work little bit. Though my blog and blogger were not opening . Today when my youngest son on my laptop to study he told that he has fixed the issue and i can open my blog now ,i ran to him and asked if the blogger is also opening and yes it was . I was happy for this recovery but honestly i was more happy for what my son was able to do for me . 

My youngest son is different than his elder brothers and little slow in studies not because he is naive but because of the lack of interest in proper studies and that has made us little concerned abut his future . He is in 12th grade and preparing for final exams next year . Sometimes such happy surprises encourage us to think positive  . I tried many times and i could not figure out what to do but he did it within some minutes this is nice indeed.

Today hubby is gone to Sukkur city for minor surgery .One of his friend (childhood friend) is accompanying him . He will stay in the hospital for one night and return tomorrow before lunch time hopefully!

I wanted to join him but he said no need because he has friend who can stay and that i have to be at home so our younger son should not miss his college or tuition . 

I am missing him already with little heavy heart . I think there is no day when i don't thank my kind God that he gave me such nice human being as life partner ! Once long ago my eldest son and i were having conversation about life partner and he asked what i think of hubby. And i think my response was spontaneous ,firm and happy that He is surely among some rare and best humans on planet with his heart really kind and caring . Relationship require labor of love and he has all that care and sense of responsibility that one can wish for . What above everything else  is that he is easy to live with just like a water who does not demand just nurture !

I have removed many weaknesses i had when i saw him how he handles delicate life matters with patience and sensibility!

I used to say my life has many miracle ,he is on top of all!

God bless you all! please take care and keep smiling 

Thursday, September 21, 2023

It Is Miracle In Your Hand

 It is a beautiful day out there breezy with enchanting sunlight that provokes to be grateful and smile for no reason . 

Did i say for no reason ? Hope does not sounds ungrateful . Of course we do have millions of reasons all the time for being grateful to Divine including life ,health ,family and so on ....

With age my love for sun and it's light is growing enormously and i am thankful i have ability to look at him and feel how precious it is for whole humanity and life on our planet !

I have not been feeling well since long time. As i have mentioned in old posts that i feel feverish and body ache once in a while for which i have been relying on Panadol for  long until few years back doctor asked me stop as it is bad for heart and increase uric acid as well . Now when i feel such issue i try to avoid taking pills but wait if it can go away with rest or so. If it does not i take only one tablet during daytime only and that is it . Though later few time fever was  diagnosed as typhoid or malaria when tested. So almost two weeks back when i felt same "feverish" feelings" i ran to doc but test showed up Negative.

You can think that i should wait for feeling feverish turn into to actual fever but it had not happen previously when i took one tablet daily for week because i just felt down and feverish ,my pulse was not showing any sign (hubby can tell by checking pulse whether it is fever or not "  

After negative result of test i took panadol inevitably  for some days again which gave rise to knee pain .It makes me feel tired which i hate.

 I was reading Louise 's latest post today in which she mentioned her inability to get out of the bed in the morning because of the lack of motivation . I think we all deal with such difficulties time to time with age. Health issues complicate things more .

What i want to point out here is that i have learnt from many books and videos throughout so many years (two decades almost) that we all need to overcome such problem which occurs because our brain gets weak and it's energy drops. It is scientifically proven that Meditation is only thing that helps us to take control of our  mind. Regular and consistent Meditation makes brain connection strong and keeps them reproduce well and strengthen their ability to focus.

I have seen this miracle happening in my own life when i was heartbroken badly after my father's death (which i wasn't informed by my sister) and then within six months or so i lost my mom too. 

In such dark times when i had stated to feel alienated ,broken and lost ,it was only meditation who pulled me out the well of despair and sorrow . It made me better and faster at learning ,reading and understanding anything .I was better wife ,mother and relative because i got energy to invest everywhere. The energy that belonged to me and was always there but was withered and not composed or useable .

Only regular and constant meditation did this to me .

There are millions of videos and books that offer teach how to meditate but believe me even shortest video will help if you are willing to do it. 

Opening Third eye is a way that help us to keep balance between mind and brain because both provide physical view of reality around us but Third eye provides middle way to link them both equally instead leaning at one side .

Sorry if post is long dear Friends . it hurts to see any friend dealing with depression which is handle able if we try correct option .

health ,peace and joy to you all and to all you love ! 

Monday, September 18, 2023

Some old photos and little chat

Hello beautiful hearts!
hope beating nicely on the rhythm of life . I am sorry if i am being bit late to blogging although i am trying to catch up  with your posts and commenting on them thankfully. My mother in law visited after more than one year and stayed for some days with us .It was pleasant experience having her here for some while . She is in her early eighties and doing good .This is shame i could not take photo when she was here. But this is really good that we had some good chats about may things going on in our extended family of in laws. She left yesterday ,i requested her genuinely to keep us visiting in future as well which she promised .She is known as introvert since beginning and hardly get out of her home in her life actually. 
After saying her goodbye i missed my mother more and my kids who left home (two elder sons living away from us) this was little sad feeling who kept my heart for a while and that made me stroll old photos from which i am sharing some here ,hope they will interest you too .

 while visiting to the malls or restaurants my kids would love to have spicy delicious food 

                                                 Jasmin flower with sweetest fragrance  

           old photos that i took when i felt captivated by the beauty of the view or moment 

                                                         missing children is natural right  

                                                    Marigold with their dazzling beauty 

              i feel compelled by the pattern of clouds ,here like painter waved the brush mindlessly 

               our visit to sukker river park on the bank of Indus river was fun together always 

                            seasonal blooms who added glory to our yard few years ago 

taken during our visit to Neelem valley Kashmir,it was one of the most beautiful thing to experience 

     the law of nature are hard despite of all the goodness they have for parents specially who live in the empty nest eventually with heart full of prayers for their children !

                             this is family photo of my sister which she shared on previous Eid 

        My younger son visited us in the first week of August and stayed for ten days with us ,it was such a satisfaction to have him close after an year almost !

Enough for now dear friends ,will be visiting you all regularly hopefully !
health ,peace and joy to all of you !

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Light And Mystery Of Challenges

  Hello Lovely Friends ,hope all is well at your corner,  everything  is fine here as well by the grace of kind God! Though i doubt you will be able to watch this  intriguing video which is longer than 17 minutes ,i still want to share it here because i loved the details it shares about "Light" the second most awesome thing in the universe after consciousness .In this video latest scientific research has been mentioned that how light behaves differently when observed by anything whether human eye or detector lens . Isn't this amazing ?

I am always touched by such scientific conclusions about universe. If you remember  as i had been mentioning continuously in my older posts that i was compelled by everything existing around me as child even tiny rocks laying on ground would appeal me as they were my friend .According to eastern philosophy universe is is a unified consciousness within which we all exist like wave that is part of huge ocean but still is separate wave at the same time. After latest research on quantum physics modern science seems to agree on this as well. 

Living as tiny drop in vast sea of consciousness is really a fulfilling thought for me . Everything is alive, connected and  interdependent. Despite this ocean has two forms of Energy mind and Matter  in other words Consciousness and Unconsciousness .

Like every single thing in the universe we human too are made up of  two energies

 Unconscious part is matter (body and physical brain with all it's material desires) 

Consciousness ,part that is aware of itself and strive to grow up to the spiritual state gradually. 

To Turn unconsciousness into Consciousness Nature kick us further with Challenges that if we face with Deepest faith and courage can make us grow stronger and better person eventually with more wisdom!

Health ,peace and joy to all of you and to all you love!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

What And Why (poem) by me


With first breath we start this  race 

Obstacles of life we have to face 

Full of wonder our curious souls 

Land here and set their  goals 

Whether it is just matter of food 

Or some toughest plans include 

We keep moving through all odds

No matter how much path are hard 

Everything "moving" whether dusk or dawn 

No "stillness" in Nature's plan 

Why all things are made this way ?

What they have to achieve anyway ?

Is this blessing or the curse ?

 After what is universe ?

Why can't things be at the rest ?

Why everyone is after "best"?

What if  being "best" is not the case ?

And we are trapped in delusional phase

What if "game " is not about win

Matter  most  "rules and discipline"?

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