Friday, June 5, 2015

Wellcome Back

Hey friends, hope and pray that all of you are in the blessings of God. After quite a long time got opportunity to share few words with you. I have finished my masters.

Life is running very fast towards death which itself is a beginning.

With  all its ups n down life did not lose its attraction to me. By the grace of god my son has also completed his bachelor and got a good job too... yet he plans to do master.. I want to do a job but house duties and health issue is giving my husband reason to stop me to do so.

Hoping for the time when I will be able to share with and view all of you guys regularly. Kindly take good care.. Keep struggling along with beautiful and hopeful smile. Hope that keeps us moving in hard times and keeps our faith alive and strong in God.

See you all soon. Have a blessed positive day. God bless you all.

Can  your sad eyes count the hopes on glass.

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