Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unforgettable experience

hello dear friends i hope and pray that all of you are in great blessings of dear god and enjoying your each single breath ,i used to be happy in all my life but today 's happiness seems really describable ,yesterday i went to my in laws where wife of my nephew gave birth to a baby boy who decided to come in outer world so early i mean he stayed inside his mom only for seven month .after coming in world he was dangerously weak so kept him in a machine ,after two weeks parents brought him home so i went to see him and his proud mom
,there were other guests too who came to congratulate parents ,when i saw baby i was surprised cause it was my first experience to see such small baby ,he was very small and weak and felt not much active like two week older babies used to be normally, her mom seemed worried and sad too i tried to feel her better with some positive talk and examples and suggest her that dont put him in much warm clothes and give him bath too as he can feel better cause it is too hot here but she said that he is so weak i have to keep him warm etc, after spending some time with mom and baby i went to another room where my friend was waiting for me,in our talk time ran away fast ,we had tea and then i got up to get back my home ,before leaving i again went to baby's room his mom was lying and baby was wrapped in clothing covered with extra cloth ,she said it is more then hour that he is sleeping ,i got strange uncomfortable feeling and insisted to unwrapped the child ,she opened his clothing and people in room saw that baby was completely move less his color was white and body became like a tiny stone her grand mother and i checked his heart and breath but he was gone all women started crying and his mother was louder then others ,i was like shocked and thinking that what has the new mother done to her first baby,suddenly i put my two fingers on his tin chest and pressed it slightly but nothing happened then i send small amount of air in his lungs through mouth and pressed again and this time he just chocked and start breathing it was unbelievable for me i did it almost 25 time and each time he felt bit better ,then after while i cleaned him with wet cotton he became active with it ,whole family was so much happy and surprised too because in our area nobody knows or believe in C P R thing,from some days i am trying to learn it with help of you tube videos ,and paying many thanks to dear god that he made my first attempt successful ,i wrote lot today,thanks for letting me sharing my heart with all of you such great friends god bless you all,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

evening star

hello dear friends hope and pray that each of you is living a life with its true meanings ,i am really sorry that i am not much attentive these days but what to do when life gets busier with sudden changes ,we have to fill colors in whole painting of life we cannot choose only our favorite corner,
today is a beautiful day after quiet long hot period ,sky of this city got some huge dark clouds which are trying to deiced that should they pour some drops of fresh rain on burning heart of earth or they should avoid it like a rich man mostly avoid a beggar often,i water my small garden regularly so plants are getting quiet happier now,whenever i look at them i feel fresh and alive ,i take my tea in their company cause usually my husband cannot get along now days,meanwhile my kids go out for evening outing,when i take a sip i look at the sky and find a star standing alone,we both stare at each other for a moment and i think we exchange smiles which held some secret whispering.take care friends have a lovely life god bless you all.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Raining All Day :) (poem)

it was raining all the day,

kids were busy in the play ,
they were plying in the rain,

as much happy ,as in sane ,

birds were singing happy song,

trees were dancing all around,
earth was seeming full of joy,

like ,baby found his favorite toy,

i was working with the smile ,

thinking about when i was a child,

used to play with friends on hills,

feeling all the time so thrilled ,

jumping on rocks,or climbing up the trees,

playing,come on catch, or hide and seek,

time is running very fast,

some thing found and some thing lost.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

vacation work

hello dear friends ,hope and pray that each of you is having a great fun in life ,fun has different definition for different people ,for me its about work,about my duties and having quality time with with my kids,but it is also about ,i mean if i cannot have some moments for baili it means that i am having incomplete day,

during vacation kids get more freedom and time to celebrate their naughtiness ,but to be very honest i think kids learn more when they are out of class room,and it is my duty to make a comfortable atmosphere so they can learn interesting but useful things which should be according to their interest otherwise its impossible to attract them towards such acts,

and for all these kind of arrangement we have to replace them for while so we can understand their nature batter, most of my surroundings thinks that i spoil my kids with extra space and freedom but i think it is right to let an individual use its own mind and must not pressurize until he goes wrong or can harm himself,

its extremely hot now days but thank god due to have big airy house we are not much effected by short fall of light in our area ,i cannot wait for ending my work so i can attend my kids , i have to get along with both and now i got pretty use to it,while doing it i dive into deep sea of memories of my childhood ,closeness to my mother and playing on hills with my sis and friends,

my evenings are for my baili and wonderful destinations which make my soul refresh,

sorry for late attendance friends, i hope you will forgive me for that,keep smiling and take care

god bless ,

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