Sunday, July 4, 2010

vacation work

hello dear friends ,hope and pray that each of you is having a great fun in life ,fun has different definition for different people ,for me its about work,about my duties and having quality time with with my kids,but it is also about ,i mean if i cannot have some moments for baili it means that i am having incomplete day,

during vacation kids get more freedom and time to celebrate their naughtiness ,but to be very honest i think kids learn more when they are out of class room,and it is my duty to make a comfortable atmosphere so they can learn interesting but useful things which should be according to their interest otherwise its impossible to attract them towards such acts,

and for all these kind of arrangement we have to replace them for while so we can understand their nature batter, most of my surroundings thinks that i spoil my kids with extra space and freedom but i think it is right to let an individual use its own mind and must not pressurize until he goes wrong or can harm himself,

its extremely hot now days but thank god due to have big airy house we are not much effected by short fall of light in our area ,i cannot wait for ending my work so i can attend my kids , i have to get along with both and now i got pretty use to it,while doing it i dive into deep sea of memories of my childhood ,closeness to my mother and playing on hills with my sis and friends,

my evenings are for my baili and wonderful destinations which make my soul refresh,

sorry for late attendance friends, i hope you will forgive me for that,keep smiling and take care

god bless ,


  1. Fun for me is spending time with my kids and being able to do all my duties too.

    It's fine Shabana. Everyone gets a little busy from time to time. What matters is, you enjoy what you've been doing.

    Good day dear!

  2. While reading your blog I wanted to be your kid - It would be so fine to learn to talk so eloquently as the peace radiates from your blog.
    While looking at your page, my Butterfly in the Plaster got a sip of fresh air. Thank you

  3. Great to see you back in the blogsphere. Good luck to you and enjoy the time with your kids :)

  4. creativity is such a gift from God!! lovely post

  5. I agree with Tomas. You are wonderful mother Baili and I so enjoy your writing. My kids are all grown and I was so busy working and surviving that I never savored those moments and now they're gone. You are a wise woman.

    Paula aka paulawannacracker

  6. Salaam sister,

    I appreciate your thoughts particularly, I love the way you defined fun in this post.
    God bless you too, amen.

  7. Yes it is so true that we must give our children space and freedom from time to time. Have a nice day

  8. Hi, I can totally relate to you. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than spending time with my daughter.

    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. I hope that we can exchange links.


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