Friday, July 9, 2010

Raining All Day :) (poem)

it was raining all the day,

kids were busy in the play ,
they were plying in the rain,

as much happy ,as in sane ,

birds were singing happy song,

trees were dancing all around,
earth was seeming full of joy,

like ,baby found his favorite toy,

i was working with the smile ,

thinking about when i was a child,

used to play with friends on hills,

feeling all the time so thrilled ,

jumping on rocks,or climbing up the trees,

playing,come on catch, or hide and seek,

time is running very fast,

some thing found and some thing lost.


  1. yes so we must take advantage the time with the best as possible, tq 4 remind about that :)

  2. Your page shines with peace and beauty - puts me under a charm. Wow, Thank you. I imagined myself knocking on your door - visualized myself as one of your happy family... that's above my potency to put these emotions into the plain words. Thank you for the unforgettable pictures- for the dream.
    Best wishes from Butterfly in the Plaster

  3. How true tiem seems to slip by, but on cwertain occasons the memroies flood back and it's as if time freezes for a moment.

  4. This was beautiful. Loved your writing. Hope you have a great day....:)

  5. Kind of remind my of my childhood days too. Lovely post and nice photos

  6. "Feeling all the time so thrilled" - so true about childhood - seems we should not lose that in adulthood, but most of us do!

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