Thursday, April 30, 2020

Reopening And Cooking Glimpse

Hey  precious  Friends !

Hope   wining your fight against  odds brought  by Covid 19 .I  think  like all other challenges we faced in history this disease  is also going to leave us with much more awareness  and maturity about life ,environment and human behavior . All is well if end is well  right ,i know talking about end is too early yet it is reliving to hear that some countries have started to reopen their system slowly which  points out towards "hope" hidden somewhere .

Our government is seriously thinking about this too as since Ramadan month has started from 25th April people need to earn and shop as well because Eid  our biggest yearly festival is hardly 25 days away and people seems desperate to g out and move normally . Despite of all fear and concern their longing for preparing  for Eid is inspiring and appreciable. Following what is necessary to stay healthy and not giving up to the pandemic is positive thing to me at least. Life must go on with cations pandemic has taught us to adopt .This is beauty and need of life .
More then 15,500 people are hit by virus in Pakistan till today  343 deaths and 34,25 recovered .Heartfelt pray that may people strictly follow instruction if state is opening on Saturday .

Last day for no reason while cooking i picked up my phone and start to take photos of my cooking process ,so i can share with you (see how unpredictable i am ) because it was totally sudden and unplanned  so avoid my rough kitchen glimpse 

found the colors of vegetable appealing , since few months i cook for hubby separately as he prefers completely spice less  food but for kids i  have to add some spices so they can find meal attractive 

 when onion were slightly golden i added paste of garlic and ginger ,stir it for a minute

 then added tomatoes ,green chilies and other ingredients such as coriander powder ,bit of red chili ,salt ,cumin ,i add black paper in last minute 

when in five minutes everything was melted and mixed i added okra or lady finger ,after cooking in lowest  flame  for 20 minutes i  turned off stove 

 meanwhile  i was cooking same vegetable for hubby in frying pan , he prefers less cooked food so you can see onion and tomato are not disappeared

 this is how we extract oil from cooked  dishes and waste it away

this is one for me and kids ,i prefer  onion and tomato disappear ,my mom used to do same though she would some veggies less cooked like spinach ,cauliflower which my mother in law and hubby like differently ,they grind the spinach after boiling and then add ingredients and cooking oil   , prepared dish dish looks  like paste and i find it hard to eat though when i did i found it tasty yet i love the way mom used to cook :)

 no more oranges ,carrots or apples ,Melon and watermelon  are available  now days  and both are our favorite luckily

 this image is taken by my younger son's phone ,details are great i think ,but when we  ask him to have fruit he puts condition that he will eat some fried things as well ,he is fasting so we cannot say no to him

 since he is at home due to virus vacation ,sometimes he himself get into kitchen and cook for himself ,few days back when he was making Samosas i asked him to take few photos for me ,above it is mashed  boiled and mashed potato sausage 

he made all seasonal flour dough and  formed round tortilla ,then cut them out into triangular ,turned them into bowl like he hold in hand in photo above,he filled the sausage in 

 and result was like these one ,impressive to me as mom .he learnt this recipe  from online but it is not always as successful specially when we do it for the first time

i tasted it and it was  delicious beyond my imagination ,i wish i could eat this but i have to stay careful due  to my poor stomach condition ,i can see how nice it feels when stomach is on ease ,so it is okay to miss fast food like this :) i wonder why  all things that get us taste and fun cause harm :(

I  hope you are taking good care of yourself friends!

Stay positive ,strong and blessed!
all of you in my thoughts and prayers!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Sunlight ,Shadows And Mad Me

when  i  was  child  i used  to  stare  nature before my eyes. Unknowingly i was trying to figure out what is the connection between nature and me i guess . I often mentioned my excitement about my "state of being alive"  i knew i was different because i had different way to look at things  and totally different way to look at life.
i know it sounds fool but let me admit again that i could not get rid of that feeling of excitement until now. When  i look at myself i can see how swiftly painting of my presence has started to melt (aging indeed) but when i peek into my inner world i still find that stupid carefree girl  wandering joyously among the phenomena of nature .
I as child wanted to knew everything about life and place (earth) where i was sent to. Every single thing such as even tiniest pebble grabbed my attention for long . Somehow i felt i am not apart from all around me .
I remember i would sit in our yard and stare at very slowly moving edge of shadow with wonder .I would feel more connected to sun and earth while doing so .I would place my finger bit away from it and when the edge of shadow would hit my finger i would feel as i just figured out how fast earth is moving around sun. I still  feel compelled by such sights . Hope it is not embarrassing :)

 last day i captured  edge of moving light (or shadow) on our eastern wall of front yard , i wonder if it is as mesmerizing for others as it is for me , it was almost 5:30 almost evening as sunsets around 6:50 now days. when i get out in my yard for walking i find last words of sunlight on wall so fascinating . Sky seems enchanting with divine glow of light. an enlightened promise seems to be made by sunlight to the sky that she will reappear tomorrow with more surprises and adventures .serenity and overwhelming peace  take charge of whole world .silence speaks to souls that seek for eternity within the heart of life . this is weird but i feel i turn into ray and roaming within the space and places smoothly . with uncertainty of  having this view again i take deep breath of gratitude for life and for this connection

 taken this on same time last day,shadows of branches over water tank seemed to tell story of their day beautifully ,i could feel how fondly water tank was listening to tree ,their friendship  added more joy to my day as i love "love" .where ever it exists it fulfills the meaning of life with peace and glory

 i woke up in morning almost 8 am today and first thing that hold my heart was delightful sunlight embracing to yard's western wall :)  my heart filled with gratitude and eyes got bit wet with tears of joy, i felt grace of  Lord was showering soothingly and my yard seemed to share my gratitude as well.shadows were creating cheerfulness with gently moving breeze .I do few steps of my stretching and yoga while absorbing this glory everyday :) with uncertainty of  being able to see this again my heart  floats in the ocean of peace and gratefulness ,deep in my heart i keep praying for all including my family and myself. biggest prayer is may Lord continue to keep me connected to my "whole "

 seasonal flower are gone ,summer charm is springing it's magic around , delightful  sunflowers and our climber has taken over the garden , i cannot think of  home without soul (garden) ,looking at him strengthen me always ,i can feel how his beauty and tranquility flows into my veins ,most of all having him kept my native home much alive within me , memories spring like loving friends and  lighten my moments ,realizing that i can  connect to those precious times makes my present happier

 sunflowers  have mightiest presence to eyes i think ,it is almost impossible to ignore the cherishing smile they offer to us :)

in winters we used to take our morning tea here on this desk ,but now sun rises early and we move it  under the shade of tree but when it is morning we put it back here to enjoy evening tea after walk ,hubby goes out for walk unlike me ,kids work out meanwhile ,they also  took their walk in yard before workout ,hubby hardly allows them out unless it is extremely necessary

 our climber is loaded with flowers now ,flowers start  to appear as white in night and spread soothing slight fragrance that one can feel if stands close ,they start to tun pink slowly when sunrises ,leaves are gorgeously pink if temp is below forty ,but when it is 40 plus like 45 or above color is not as dark ,just pinkish ,this is amazing to observe how everything is having influence on other things  directly or indirectly, wheat tank on left is empty ,last year's grain is consumed ,Hubby has bought more for this year but haven't put it in this yet 

 while ago after having my laundry finished i took these few shots ,i found shadows so intriguing ,how amazing that light not just  reveal our presence but it discovers mass hidden within us ,i think these shadow are some kind of x rays taken by sun

 not good capture i know ,still reading story written by shadows leaves me speechless

 starting point of today's post is this one :) reminded me  moving edge of shadow that i used to stare back in my native home , my passion for the connectivity with all existent  universe has grown stronger, sometimes  i feel i am turning into ray and roaming within phenomena of universe ,as i am looking for him who created us ,sometimes this feel is astonishingly strong ,i know it's weird and i am may be mad

Leaving you with heartfelt prayers dear friends !
keep taking great care ,stay well ,strong blessed and healthy!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Ah That One Fine Day ! And Questions

How  many  days  are there  when  we wake up  and  feel  that  ,

"oh  what  a beautiful  day "

When  we  open  our  eyes  and  realize  that some soothing flow  of energy is moving down in our veins  smoothly.In  very  first  sight  walls and roof  look  clearer  and  more connective to our  soul. Things  around  seem  more  familiar  rather than  bundle of  staring strangers  who are angry at you . Our being  seems to harmonize with  everything around  easily and fog that used to block our mind seems to vanish away.

 We  are  able  to "feel"  our  breath even. Our  lungs  appear  more  efficient  and  eyes  seems  to  observe  things  better. It  seems  that  they  suddenly  got  power  to  look  inside  the  objects and  discover  the  metaphorical  meaning  of   everything.
When  we  get  our  feet  down  ,floor  seems  to  embrace  our  feet wellcomingly .Our  feet feel empowered  and our each step  seems like kissing the  ground  joyfully .

When we go out and look at the sky our heart whispers cheerfully  ,
 "life is beautiful" 

Sky  looks as leaning  upon  while  showering his bluish  charm and grace. Sun  is someone kind with sweet friendly smile :)

It  seems  that  each  gentle  touch of breeze  is  unfolding some beautiful  mysteries of life to  our awaken  nerves. Views  look more fresh and  meaningful. Our  senses are  more  open  to  receive and understand message  of  Nature . Garden is not  just  area  where plant  exist  but  an inspiring  whimsical  spirit  inviting us to join  the choir that he is singing to tribute his Creator ! Connection between  us and nature electrify our mind and we  think  "everything  is going to be fine today "

Such  days  are  rare ,aren't  they ?

But still they are here to  make  us  feel alive and  happy  once  in  a while . Why can't all days  be  like  this ?

Just  few  years  ago  i  started  to  realize  that  not  everyday  is  same . Low  or  high  ,good  or  bad  ,happy or  sad we  encounter  all  kind of  days  in our routine  of life but  perfect days  like these
 " when  life  seems  larger  than  itself " are  truly less. When  i  started  to  detect  how  and  when  i  get  such  days i  tried  to  shape  them  often  with  all  possibilities . They  grew  little  bit  not up to  certain  limit .I  am  working  on  it  until i  find  the secret behind them  completely .
Living  such  days  makes  me  greedy  to  have such  more .It  provokes  me  to eliminate  everything  that  spoils the possibility to make them happen. 

I  am  learning  that  it  is  not  quantity  of   life that  matters  but Quality of  life ! Life is short and can end anytime .No matter how much i gather ,No matter how much   i win ,no matter  how much value i gain Noting can change this reality  that  Life is to live each moment to it's fullest instead of running all  meaningless things madly . This is waste of precious time that can be live and enjoy  with gratitude and peace! Because all this matters most when chain of breaths is cut out .When spirit leaves  the body  and  everybody will going to say "let's bury it before it gets stinky"

When  did you  started  to  realize  that  such  days  exist ? 

Did you  try  to  make  them  happen  intentionally ?


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Harmony Of Two Gardens! poem

Rose  and  Sela  living  in  a same  mansion  

Could  not save  their  soul's  separation 

Rose  as content  smile 

while  Sela like a desperate cry 

One  affix  with  warmth  and  ethics 

Other  denies  all such  basics 

Rose  can  connect to  everything  around 

Sela   is  free   such  chain  of  bound 

Despite  of  same  routine  and  play 

Both   get  "pleasure" from  different  ways 

One  knew  how  to win ,when loose 

One   felt  healed  by  giving  bruise 

For  one "mater"  mattered   most 

For  other   Love  is uttermost !

Sela  tempted by  what  is  seen

Rose  could  see behind  the  scene 

If we  say  that life  is  walk  

Both  had  totally  Opposite  path 

When  skin  melted  and  life  squeezed 

Sela  had  fun and  Rose  had  peace 

How  long  can last glacier of fun 

Moment  is  Off  and  remains  None 

Peace  is  tree  grown  out  of  seeds 

Sown  by  tiny  little  "Good  deeds" 

To  enjoy  all  gardens   outside 

Everyone  must have   one  "inside" 

Heart   is  beautiful  window  between 

Which  harmonize  both  "Greens" 

This  harmony is  birth  of  "peace"

Without  it  life  is least 

Saturday, April 18, 2020

My Late Weird Eating Habits And Taste Hunting

When in past i used  to think of  Taste all  the  crispy  fast  food  and spicy dishes  would jump into my mind . I  think  our  appetite for  taste  is far stronger  than  our hunger  for  food  itself .Being  from  an  Asian country  i can say  that  "we love food  that  shake  our head  before landing  into  our  stomach " which  simply  means  that  we  prefer  tasty food  over  healthy  ones. I  think   this  wish  is  linked  somehow  to  bring Fun in our day rather  than  have light diet .

Despite of all my stomach trouble as  child  i liked  such  exciting  foods .As  teenager  i developed little likeness for  fruits but i was irritatingly selective . I hated vegetables . When  we  would  see mom and  dad  to  eat vegetables fondly it was puzzle impossible to solve .How can people eat these yakees  with such  delight. Mom  was great cook and i heard this by  each person who ate her food. Sometimes she would try  to  make us eat vegetable with tricks .She would cook them by adding some pieces of chicken  so we could find taste good.But  fooling  us was a tough jab .Inevitably i would try poorly to eat just to make her happy but my younger sister would push away the plate .

Among all vegetables cauliflower was bit bearable to me during my early  teens. I  loved peas though and potato yes.Most  favorite  on earth  was  red lentil . I  was  madly madly in love with red lentil since then until two  years back after surgery when it was forbidden by doctor. I would like to have it in lunch with bread and in dinner  with  rice. My passion for red lentil was hit by all who knew me closely . Will  you believe that Masi bibi jan (the one i mentioned in post former than previous  as humorous lady) had  made  song  describe my love  for it and she would sing it in gathering to tease me .It was annoying as teenager but now i know it was love :)

Along  with this i was excessive eater.I  mean i would  need  to  keep  my  mouth  full ,chewing something and sending it to belly .I now can say it was psychological problem.But  then it was never ending want for something to eat.I would keep my pockets (winter jacket ,in summers  just paper packets) full with peanuts or dried baked chickpeas.
They would keep my mouth circling .My mom would find it annoying and would  say "stop moving your mouth like a cow"  

I  would take small portions of meal between the main meals. During  all  this unconscious struggle target was only to keep my tongue attached to Taste . I  had  some weird psychological allergies with red  meat .We  would  get  lots mutton and beef on Eid ul Azha . My  parents and both  sibling big brother and younger sister were fond of meat. But i would  find  smell coming from meat unbearable. Once when i was almost 12 mom handed me a plate full of cooked meat and asked to give it to my elder brother who was sitting few meters away in yard. I hardly carried it to him and ran to washroom .I vomited  badly  and then felt better .

I remember i ate first bite of mutton when i was 17 .I did it to prove my cousin and friend Nano wrong. She had bet that i could not eat meat. I was surprised to see that i felt normal later. I never  liked  milk  and  i will always remain embarrassed  that mom had to scold me to have glass of milk specially when i was sick most of the times.

My only  healthy habit i can remember was having tomato during school break. But even this was found weird by friends. Why i would choose tomato instead of chips ,ice cream or other crunchy things would make them wonder. When i say i never did anything with planning in my single day or life ,they would never believe that i was being health conscious . I still wonder why i had tomatoes back then .I would go to straight to cart standing beside the  shop where all girls would go to buy fast food or other tasty stuff . I would buy one or two tomatoes and bring them back in school .Wash them and would eat. All girls would see my face as i am clown .Thinking of it makes me feel stupid but this is truth.
I  saw  people how they like spicy food. Red chili ,green chili both  are main ingredients to bring spice in dishes . I noticed mom had decreased  it's use after her surgeries. But my many aunts including many my in law  sisters and mom in law has not changed their habits with the time . When i go somewhere as guest and see how chili their food is makes me wonder how their health survives with this .
After marriage i always tried to learn ways which can help us stay healthy and i am still learning .Since years we are eating food which other people find  "Tasteless " To them taste is spices . I am glad  that i have found out eating is drama going on within your stomach more than making your taste buds exciting . If it is totally upto me i will choose happily fruits and vegetables but as i am responsible to cook for  whole family so i have to be little bit experimental and verity of  food is good to please them.

I  like to eat all vegetables and fruits since almost  25 years .I  have changed  my eating habits and it has been good for my health. Grains are almost out of my routine . i take bread but it is hardly forth of one i used to take before. Taste has  only meaning to me , a food that can cause me trouble is not tasty no matter how appealing it is for eyes tongue . What is good for  my metabolism  looks most tasty .

You can say my brain has moved in my stomach now lol

We  do  same  with  our  life .To  adopt  taste of timely  flavor we fill stomach of our life with unhealthy habits and get sick.
This is good to have foresightedness  and  avoid unhealthy choices. Being selective in positive manner is blessing inded!
Stay  Healthy and strong dear  friends!

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Photos Of Countryside Trip In Munich By My Son( Nostalgia)

  Hope  enjoying  the  each  sip  from  cup  of  life  dear  friends !

Add some sweetness of hope ,stir it with spoon of positivity ,take it with  a deep breath of Faith :)

I  was  missing my eldest son more these days ,since world is closed  and we will not be seeing him any near  future months so despite of my  all optimism i feel bit low sometimes . He  did not call for two days  and i felt sad. So  i was  looking at his old images and those that he sent us since he left to feel close to him. Today he called  and we talked by video call for almost hour .That was reliving .I pray for all who are forced to stay away from their loved ones due to this virus crisis .I know it is hard test for nerves .May Lord help us to pass it.

He told today that previous two days he spent with friends who visited him one by one and one of his friend cooked for him ,he sent while she was cooking and it was pleasant to know that in foreign friends from same country  feel more close specially in circumstances like this.

He lives in Munich one of the most beautiful and tidiest city and he enjoys his cycling with friends  now days.Images below are from hiking in 2018 April .I loved the scenery and tranquility of countryside  ,sharing some with you all

 nobody knew that time will take such dramatic turn and hiking will be  dream for sometime ,it is nice to see people walking around and counting blessings of nature ,i think next time when i will go out i will not be fearing from crowed as much as i used to ,this locked down seems to change my views about outings specially

 i don't know the name of place but you can see how perfect it is for spending some peaceful happy times and absorb beauty of nature around

 reflections are always so appealing , this is amazing how water has ability to show sky his genuine grace and divinity

 nature invite us to look and observe and to listen the whisper of silence which unveils  our inner horizons so  we can create harmony between both worlds internal and external ,yes balance is everything

 even seeing it now after two years it give me joy that my son explored the splendor of nature with some friends ,such time  always shine in our memories like  stars in dark sky

 i find train treks so fascinating ,they make me think of  unseen places  where they travel so quietly and seem to invite us to :)

 depth is language of water  where peace speaks  wordlessly yet loudly ,one can stare it for long and when you will stop and get back you will feel  as lake has given you some  more of yourself ,the newer ,fresher

 very first  path on earth must be created by human feet i think ,it is amazing how our choices  personify to ground , each step  that we take regularly in particular order carves our will power as path on land ,it somehow is linked to our identity

 i think we all should experience both ways of life once in while ,riddles that  keep poking our head can solve the peace of town like this ,where sky is well coming and views are so friendly

  i wish i could tell what is this sign about ,i think some park instruction about local animals

 i hope world become a normal accessible place soon for all wanderers ,being almost always at home makes me realizes how important it is to be out

water travels in circle like life itself ,this is beautiful how calmly and smoothly he makes his way to his destination  ,destination ?  i think this word is debatable ,this whole universe in constant journey ,few days back we watched a video about how ,when this universe will end  ,within minutes they showed how after few million year life on earth will vanish and how after billions of years stars will die etc it was sad to see the end of this mesmerizing place called universe ,i felt like i saw how my house will collapse and all i felt and did will go wasted ,terrible

 before leaving the city area my son visited to this place (church i think)

 image belong to 2019 January when we visited karachi to see off our son for Munich ,i wish i can see him soon with us again  asap,amen!

being mother my biggest joy is to caring for my children ,when he visited us back in December 2018 ,the month he spent with us was happiest time of my life ,i was happy he allowed me to treat him as i wanted to  as i was expecting that he will find my older ways of care annoying , Hope lord will bless me with such joy again soon!

Stay blessed and healthy guys!
take good care!
blessings to all of you!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Sense Of Humor

Where  i  belonged  laughing  was  bad  for  girls ,specially laughing aloud was forbidden for young  girls so  people  who  would come  to  ask for  their  hand  cannot  find any objection  in  their  behavior .

Fortunately unlike  others my  family was  different . Despite  of  all  opposition between  my  parents  there were  certain times  when  they  brought  out  their  lighter, happier  side  out  and  shared  laughter with  us .Those  are  treasured memories and i am proud to have them. When  such  fun times happened   we  felt  better and  peaceful as daughters . All is  fine  between  parents  matters  is most to  kids no matter  which  age group  they belong i believe .

Both of my parents had good sense of humor .Specially  my  father  would  bring  out funny aspect  out of serious words or sentences which will make us laugh at sudden for long.We  inherited  it from them more or less though ,but  most  of it was  added  in my younger sister .

She was popular for her humorous  conversations and discussions  among  her  girlfriends.She had skill to turn  tense environment into light and chilled  one with her  words and laughter. I  remember how she would  distract mom  from actual topic when she would make some serious mistake or mess . She  would expertly  start  with  joke or funny story about someone and make mom would forget  why she was upset or angry and smile eventually. It  would  save her from punishment  often .I  was  far  away from such  insight.

Those  are  treasured memories and i am proud to have them. When  such  fun times happened   we  felt  better as daughters . All is  fine  between  parents  matters  most to  kids no matter  which  age group  they belong i believe .

There  were few characters back during  my village life  who  still twinkle like pearls  in my memory box .I grew  up  seeing  them  how amazingly  they enlighten  dark times  and unburdened  heavy hearts when life  felt more like test . They had gift. Those were women  who led simple life loaded with common problems  and limited knowledge but  still they  had power to inspire  with  their  cheerfulness and optimism . 

One  of them  was patient of epilepsy. She had seven kids  and unfortunately a lazy husband  who would hardly support his family. Still she  was  active and one of the best social person in the village. She  would  keep  collection of money which group of women would give monthly so there a handsome amount of money could be gathered and  was given  to one of participant  each month. I don't know it happens in your part of land or not but it was and is a popular way to make small life improvement specially in lower middle class and middle class.
She would keep money and she was wise enough to lend part of it to other needy . She would attend each big or small event and visit each home almost daily. Everyone would trust her and many would prefer her suggestions while deciding something important in their life. Masi Bibi Jan was  a social worker of our tiny village.

But what made her unforgettable was her funny side . During celebrations she would mimic famous comedy actors . Specially when she would mimic to live characters from the village everybody  would seem  as will fell from chair with laughter .

Events will pass but her performances would remain center of  conversation for months . Nobody could say that energetic middle aged lady was ill or  stuck in so many issues of her private life. She  had magic to turn bitterness of her life into sweet cherishing smiles and make people around her feel better .That charity  of love and kindness was rewarded by Lord so she surpassed all the obstacles bravely and touched many hearts.

Today  when  i  was reading an article about humor she was the first came to my mind.

I had read many established writers from my school library.I was one of those students who never stopped borrowing books from library . My favorite books were that had tone of humor .Luckily i read writers who were famous for their humorous and ironic writing. They  had privilege to say bitter things with coating of sweetness .That was remarkable and wonderful art. Humor inspires me  and i found people fascinating who have ability to touch hearts without breaking them . 

I  am not good at it but i can understand humor quickly which makes me enjoy stuff which many people i met seem unable to get and sees if  there is something wrong with me. If i had to watch  such shows or movie with such person who is not catching the humor laying under neath made me feel guilty sometimes.

I  love witty type of humor  not superficial kind .I think very healthy brains produce humor .Somehow they are blessed with sixth or may be seventh sense that gives them exit from all kind of walls and frustration . Or may be they have ability to live multi dimensional life ,so each time when they feel congested they can jump to another to feel better .

I  think like all other fine arts that spring from fertile minds humor is also a form of art. Unknowingly it can influence  and effect people's  behavior  and life to great extent.It  is not necessary that every person  with good sense of humor can write a book but it is obvious that life is lot  easier and happier where lives and people around him are happy to have him.And i am saying this due to personal experience .In early  years of my marriage  many times possible  wars (between us) turned into embarrassing smiles and then  apology (from me) And it happened because of Hubby's sense of humor. I   took  time  to  develop mine though :)

Can  you think of world without sense of humor ?
Were you popular for you sense of humor ?
Do you have memory of someone special with brilliant sense of humor ?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Something Good About This Virus ! Prime Minister Announces Help To Effected

I believe that everything that happens  has reason  and two kind of effects  on us negative and positive .

Corona  virus has caused  many problems to people of the world  certainly , but one thing is clear that for the first time all people of the world are doing same thing at same time .This  harmony of feeling brings them closer as human .

I bet it never happened before .Although  during many natural disasters  and  pandemics  large number of people  have  helped each other  in different parts of land but this is first time that earth seemed truly a small planet . We  have  learnt  unconsciously these days  that how closely we are related to each other and our attitude and actions can affect whole humanity  so quickly .

This learning  is good  ,even best for all of us . Knowing that we are responsible for each other creates more  space in our hearts for other people .  May  be this pandemic  can  change  our  perspective  as citizens of this glob. May  be  Brains of the world  turn to think  that eventually that ,


Because to rule over and to process  his commands a  brain still needs set of organs and other parts . It  is essential for the healthy flow of  interdependence.

  Despite of all my positivity  i  could  not  stop  thinking about  people  around the world and in my own country Pakistan  whom families  used to depend on earning they brought home at the end of the evening Daily. We  know  that  this  situation  have  hurt  those  most  who  worked  for daily  wages .

It  was  such  a relief  to  watch  news clip online where Our  Prime Minister  announced  that  they  have  finalized  more  that  Ten  million  people  who  are  miserably affected  by   virus .He  said  They  will  be  paying  12000 per family from 9th April .
It  was  so nice to hear this news as a week  back  when we found that there  was  10,000 cut from hubby's salary as govt employee  first  thought came in my head that may they reach to deserving  hands!

It  always uplift my  spirit to know that there still exist so much goodness in this  world and difficult times  reveal it  more . While  strolling  internet i was happy to learn that many organizations  in my country are  helping  people  who are  suffering with  crisis . So  many  young people are active as groups and trying to support stuck families on individual basis . You  can  know about kindness of people by clicking the link below

                          gulf news

I  think  Our  creator  is  smiling  upon  us to see that  his men  have  not  lost  their souls  yet !

No  matter  how  advanced and  modern we become and no matter how  complicated human being we be ahead  this will remain still an undeniable reality  that  Morality  Matters  Most, Good  values  bring  beauty  and  soul  to  digitally  evolved  society ,otherwise  we are  just  selfish  robots and nothing else.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Even Applied Negative Energy Can Make You Stronger

We  are  different from  each other and react to the same situation  differently most of the times.

Our  brain  works  like sponge from very first moment and absorb knowledge from surroundings which help us to learn how to survive.  

Our different reaction depends on our  learning through our experiences different than  each other  and genetic difference.

 As  we  have always heard that 

"Good or Bad we both have inside us"

I  think this phrase depicts that our attitudes  shape our lives as whole . 

How  we  deal  with  negative energy within us depends totally  how we see it.

If  we  are  failed  to  understand  that  it is a " Pull  to  keep  us  down"  and  if we don't  detect  it  as silent  enemy  growing  within  us  ,it gets dangerous and harmful day by day.

First  mistake  we  make  is to take it as " Swing of Mood" and  wait  for when it leaves by itself  to make us feel better, It hardly happens . Our  carelessness  let it grow strong and get control of our nerves.

First  of all we have to  sense and admit that we have negative energy trapped  within us.

Next  thing is to sort  out how we are going to deal with it. 

I  know  it  can be  one the most  difficult  task  to  fight against your own  intuition because  this negative energy  plays with  your brain  and it takes  really  a long  constant  effort  to  detect ,analyze  and  defeat  it  . It  requires a  keen  sharp observant  eye (nerve) to keep check  on tricks it plays upon  you.

It  is  certain  that  no one  will ever  try  to let himself  down or let  his  weaknesses  take over  him .

We  all  want  happiness ,peace and  prosperity  and  we struggle  to have it throughout life.

How  it  is  possible that  despite  of  all  normalities regarding  physical and mental  health we still  feel  low  ,ill  or  lost .

Time  to  realize  what  does not  belong to  you but  is  in  you to  destroy you. It  is  not  you ,it  cannot be you ,it  is  negative  energy  centered  right  within  your  brain .

Third  step  is  to  decide  ways  to  deal  with  it .
It  is  not  easy indeed  as  you will  feel  as  you are  mistreating  yourself  at beginning .

But  once  you  will  try  hard  and  get  your  first  victory  over  it ,you  will  be  surprise  to  feel  amazingly Free and  Peaceful afterwards .

Burning  down  the  dark  destructive thoughts  and  rising  high  from  their  ashes  will  make  you  realize  that,

You  can  do it and that ,

How  strong  you  are !

Sometimes  you  don't have  any  negativity  but  it  is  applied  from  outside  by someone  who  wants to  hurt you badly .He  wants  you  to  feel  as  trapped as he does ,feel  pain  as much  he  is in.It  is  not  your  fault but  still  you have  to find way out.

Since  previous  15  years  i  am  dealing  with  such  negative   energy  which  is not  mine  but  is  applied . I  thought  i  will  talk  about  it   in  my  final  years  of life but  it  seems  there  is  no  certainty for  such  future.

How  that  negative  energy  caused  problems to  my  life  specially to  me is  long  story . If  i  will stay  here  i  will write  it as  book  some day because  it  is  my personal  proud and  honorable  victory  over  that dark energy .Otherwise  i  would  have  gone mad or  died long ago.

It  is  miracle  that  i  found  way  out but  still i cannot  understand How ?  because  each  attack  was  painful and  to make me suffer and die  until  i was  able to  cross  the  pain  and  started  to  overcome it. Since  15  years  i  am dealing  with  such  terrifying  energy . And  with  each day  someone  mysteriously  making  me  stronger ,wiser ,patient and  calmer.

Once  again  in my  life  a  miracle  has happened and  an  attempt  that  was meant  to  perish  me  added  life and strength to me ,How ?
 I will  share later for sure 
right  now  all  i  want  to  say  is that  if someone  has  such  problem please DON'T GIVE UP BEFORE TRYING!

I  had  no  skill  or  insight  to  fight  back .
All i  had  was  my  unshaken  faith on  my  Creator  who  has always  guarded  me and  faith  in  myself as  person  who  is  on  Right  side where  God  stands beside  his  man !

I  assure  you  that  you  will  win this  war against  Negative  energy because negative  energy is darkness which is not more than  an  illusion, a trick that can be successful  if your faith and will power  is weak.
  To  kill darkness one  ray  of light is enough .
Your  strength springing from  your faith  is enough  to  push it away believe me! 

This  fight  can  make  you  stronger as  person  because it gives  you  constant  struggle  to  stay  attend   and  keep  fighting !
"Practice  makes  perfect " we know it .

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