Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Harmony Of Two Gardens! poem

Rose  and  Sela  living  in  a same  mansion  

Could  not save  their  soul's  separation 

Rose  as content  smile 

while  Sela like a desperate cry 

One  affix  with  warmth  and  ethics 

Other  denies  all such  basics 

Rose  can  connect to  everything  around 

Sela   is  free   such  chain  of  bound 

Despite  of  same  routine  and  play 

Both   get  "pleasure" from  different  ways 

One  knew  how  to win ,when loose 

One   felt  healed  by  giving  bruise 

For  one "mater"  mattered   most 

For  other   Love  is uttermost !

Sela  tempted by  what  is  seen

Rose  could  see behind  the  scene 

If we  say  that life  is  walk  

Both  had  totally  Opposite  path 

When  skin  melted  and  life  squeezed 

Sela  had  fun and  Rose  had  peace 

How  long  can last glacier of fun 

Moment  is  Off  and  remains  None 

Peace  is  tree  grown  out  of  seeds 

Sown  by  tiny  little  "Good  deeds" 

To  enjoy  all  gardens   outside 

Everyone  must have   one  "inside" 

Heart   is  beautiful  window  between 

Which  harmonize  both  "Greens" 

This  harmony is  birth  of  "peace"

Without  it  life  is least 


  1. You've chosen the perfect image to illustrate this post!

  2. Two paths in life...how does one choose or do we really choose at all?

  3. wow, beautifully said.... I always enjoy what you write.

  4. A lovely poem and image, Baili.

    Take care.

  5. It's an Asian tradition, baili.
    Getting the gardens in harmony, have a good feng shui even outside the house.

  6. as you know Baili, I can't understand poetry but I can see there's a message in here about conflict and peace.

  7. Image and words go so well together :)

    All the best Jan

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  9. I love good deeds metaphore you created, that truly plants the tree of peace in this world! You are very talented writer, love your poem. It is so open to interpretations. Have a lovely day abd stay safe and healthy everyone!☺

  10. Una preciosa reflexión, que nos puede ayudar a conseguir esa paz interior que todos ansiamos.
    Un cordial saludo.

    PD. Baili, respondiendo a tu comentario, en mi blog puedes encontrar el "traductor" en el mismo lugar que tu lo tienes puesto, arriba a la derecha, y tan solo le tienes que dar a traducir en español.

  11. This was a beautiful poem, Baili, which showed two differently chosen paths. Unfortunately, the words can perfectly describe many people in the world.

  12. Lovely poem and images, Baili. It is interesting how differently things turn out when a different path is chosen.


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