Friday, April 24, 2020

Ah That One Fine Day ! And Questions

How  many  days  are there  when  we wake up  and  feel  that  ,

"oh  what  a beautiful  day "

When  we  open  our  eyes  and  realize  that some soothing flow  of energy is moving down in our veins  smoothly.In  very  first  sight  walls and roof  look  clearer  and  more connective to our  soul. Things  around  seem  more  familiar  rather than  bundle of  staring strangers  who are angry at you . Our being  seems to harmonize with  everything around  easily and fog that used to block our mind seems to vanish away.

 We  are  able  to "feel"  our  breath even. Our  lungs  appear  more  efficient  and  eyes  seems  to  observe  things  better. It  seems  that  they  suddenly  got  power  to  look  inside  the  objects and  discover  the  metaphorical  meaning  of   everything.
When  we  get  our  feet  down  ,floor  seems  to  embrace  our  feet wellcomingly .Our  feet feel empowered  and our each step  seems like kissing the  ground  joyfully .

When we go out and look at the sky our heart whispers cheerfully  ,
 "life is beautiful" 

Sky  looks as leaning  upon  while  showering his bluish  charm and grace. Sun  is someone kind with sweet friendly smile :)

It  seems  that  each  gentle  touch of breeze  is  unfolding some beautiful  mysteries of life to  our awaken  nerves. Views  look more fresh and  meaningful. Our  senses are  more  open  to  receive and understand message  of  Nature . Garden is not  just  area  where plant  exist  but  an inspiring  whimsical  spirit  inviting us to join  the choir that he is singing to tribute his Creator ! Connection between  us and nature electrify our mind and we  think  "everything  is going to be fine today "

Such  days  are  rare ,aren't  they ?

But still they are here to  make  us  feel alive and  happy  once  in  a while . Why can't all days  be  like  this ?

Just  few  years  ago  i  started  to  realize  that  not  everyday  is  same . Low  or  high  ,good  or  bad  ,happy or  sad we  encounter  all  kind of  days  in our routine  of life but  perfect days  like these
 " when  life  seems  larger  than  itself " are  truly less. When  i  started  to  detect  how  and  when  i  get  such  days i  tried  to  shape  them  often  with  all  possibilities . They  grew  little  bit  not up to  certain  limit .I  am  working  on  it  until i  find  the secret behind them  completely .
Living  such  days  makes  me  greedy  to  have such  more .It  provokes  me  to eliminate  everything  that  spoils the possibility to make them happen. 

I  am  learning  that  it  is  not  quantity  of   life that  matters  but Quality of  life ! Life is short and can end anytime .No matter how much i gather ,No matter how much   i win ,no matter  how much value i gain Noting can change this reality  that  Life is to live each moment to it's fullest instead of running all  meaningless things madly . This is waste of precious time that can be live and enjoy  with gratitude and peace! Because all this matters most when chain of breaths is cut out .When spirit leaves  the body  and  everybody will going to say "let's bury it before it gets stinky"

When  did you  started  to  realize  that  such  days  exist ? 

Did you  try  to  make  them  happen  intentionally ?



  1. Dearest Baili, what a beautiful and inspirational post!!😊😊
    I have always been aware that there were days like this, days that were so special and precious...and yet, I have so often struggled to find them in my life. It took me many long years to realise that I, myself, was preventing them from manifesting in my life by my worrying and striving endlessly for things that never really mattered.
    Now, I believe that a huge part of life on to learn to be mindful of our blessings, and to look - really LOOK - for the beauty in life...every single day we are given.😊😊

    Have a wonderful day, my beautiful friend!

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. Past few mornings have been great waking up to bright sunshine, giving a happy feeling. Today is overcast and it has been colder outside for this time of year.

  3. I'm not sure when I realized the difference in my days. It was long ago. Most of my days are happy ones but I get a clunker once in a while. I used to take walk with my children and then my grandchildren through our neighborhoods. Along the way we would point out the things we saw such as flowers, unusual rocks, pretty curtains in a window, or the smell of a freshly mowed lawn. Looking for the beauty helps to feel it.

  4. It is very important to live life to the fullest. I mystery would do well to remember this.

  5. There are tough days when life seems sad or empty. Thankfully these are few and reminders of all the good.

  6. I know what you're saying and it's different for ll people.I think it depends on our general outlook in life.Some of us are naturally more upbeat.

  7. The older I get, the more often I have these days. Wish I had slowed down sooner:)

  8. É bom quando logo pela manhã apreciamos tudo quanto a Natureza nos oferece. Deixo-me sempre deslumbrar com isso. Gostei do seu texto.
    Um bom fim de semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  9. I am an early riser and get the opportunity to see many sun rises. It is always welcoming, lovely and full of hope. I never want to lose the feeling of hope.

  10. Everyday is beautiful it's up to the individual to make it so, however, if the sun is shinning that makes it even better.
    Enjoy every second of the day no matter what you do, for tomorrow you maybe gone!

  11. Life is a game which makes us engage sometimes very interestingly and sometimes we get exhausted in its course of play. The referee above accounts there whether we win or lose. The day break and twilight both pull us towards them. Fetchingly penned, Bailie. I had a cup of pudding here in these Covid days.

  12. We make the days beautiful, baili.
    Try to make it beautiful everyday.
    Have a great week

  13. I try to begin each day in a positive and happy way. I doesn't always go according to plan :-)

  14. Being grateful for those beautiful days makes them seem all the better. The way we choose to spend them makes them more memorable too. Lovely words in this post, Baili.

  15. In these present times of Covid 19, I do my best to keep smiling and try to take something from each day.

    All the best Jan

  16. another promising post of joy - i'll be back to read it tomorrow.

  17. Most days I wake up filled with joy. But when it's sunny, it's even more so! Yesterday was gorgeous, and my husband and I spent time in the garden. It was amazing!

  18. I used to always have these days. But somehow I have been surrounded by people with negative thoughts. Maybe that is my current challenge.

  19. I have always known that these days exist, Baili. And I thank God for each one!


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