Thursday, April 30, 2020

Reopening And Cooking Glimpse

Hey  precious  Friends !

Hope   wining your fight against  odds brought  by Covid 19 .I  think  like all other challenges we faced in history this disease  is also going to leave us with much more awareness  and maturity about life ,environment and human behavior . All is well if end is well  right ,i know talking about end is too early yet it is reliving to hear that some countries have started to reopen their system slowly which  points out towards "hope" hidden somewhere .

Our government is seriously thinking about this too as since Ramadan month has started from 25th April people need to earn and shop as well because Eid  our biggest yearly festival is hardly 25 days away and people seems desperate to g out and move normally . Despite of all fear and concern their longing for preparing  for Eid is inspiring and appreciable. Following what is necessary to stay healthy and not giving up to the pandemic is positive thing to me at least. Life must go on with cations pandemic has taught us to adopt .This is beauty and need of life .
More then 15,500 people are hit by virus in Pakistan till today  343 deaths and 34,25 recovered .Heartfelt pray that may people strictly follow instruction if state is opening on Saturday .

Last day for no reason while cooking i picked up my phone and start to take photos of my cooking process ,so i can share with you (see how unpredictable i am ) because it was totally sudden and unplanned  so avoid my rough kitchen glimpse 

found the colors of vegetable appealing , since few months i cook for hubby separately as he prefers completely spice less  food but for kids i  have to add some spices so they can find meal attractive 

 when onion were slightly golden i added paste of garlic and ginger ,stir it for a minute

 then added tomatoes ,green chilies and other ingredients such as coriander powder ,bit of red chili ,salt ,cumin ,i add black paper in last minute 

when in five minutes everything was melted and mixed i added okra or lady finger ,after cooking in lowest  flame  for 20 minutes i  turned off stove 

 meanwhile  i was cooking same vegetable for hubby in frying pan , he prefers less cooked food so you can see onion and tomato are not disappeared

 this is how we extract oil from cooked  dishes and waste it away

this is one for me and kids ,i prefer  onion and tomato disappear ,my mom used to do same though she would some veggies less cooked like spinach ,cauliflower which my mother in law and hubby like differently ,they grind the spinach after boiling and then add ingredients and cooking oil   , prepared dish dish looks  like paste and i find it hard to eat though when i did i found it tasty yet i love the way mom used to cook :)

 no more oranges ,carrots or apples ,Melon and watermelon  are available  now days  and both are our favorite luckily

 this image is taken by my younger son's phone ,details are great i think ,but when we  ask him to have fruit he puts condition that he will eat some fried things as well ,he is fasting so we cannot say no to him

 since he is at home due to virus vacation ,sometimes he himself get into kitchen and cook for himself ,few days back when he was making Samosas i asked him to take few photos for me ,above it is mashed  boiled and mashed potato sausage 

he made all seasonal flour dough and  formed round tortilla ,then cut them out into triangular ,turned them into bowl like he hold in hand in photo above,he filled the sausage in 

 and result was like these one ,impressive to me as mom .he learnt this recipe  from online but it is not always as successful specially when we do it for the first time

i tasted it and it was  delicious beyond my imagination ,i wish i could eat this but i have to stay careful due  to my poor stomach condition ,i can see how nice it feels when stomach is on ease ,so it is okay to miss fast food like this :) i wonder why  all things that get us taste and fun cause harm :(

I  hope you are taking good care of yourself friends!

Stay positive ,strong and blessed!
all of you in my thoughts and prayers!


  1. Dearest Baili, oh please promise me that you will take care when the restrictions are are so precious, my dear friend...and I do worry about your safety.
    We have been told here that our restrictions won't be lifted for the foreseeable future, as we are on course to become the worst affected country in the world.🙁
    Oh how I enjoyed watching you cook that wonderful meal...I would love to make it myself. When I can find the ingredients in the stores again, I will give it a go! Thank you so much for this fabulous post.😊😊

    Please stay safe and happy, my beautiful friend.

    Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. I so enjoyed your cooking post today! Your son is amazing too.

  3. I left a comment here this morning, I wasn't properly signed in but I said I loved your food post so delicious. It may show up as from 'unknown'.

  4. It looks like my kind of meal. I prefer some of my vegetables a little less cooked too.

  5. Mmmm, yum! Especially that beautiful red watermelon -- so ripe and gorgeous!

  6. Baili, I do hope that you and others will be able to participate and enjoy Eid, but realize that precautions are still necessary. Spmetimes, I wonder when and if they will ever end so that people can celebrate and enjoy one another again. Thanks for the food pics. Your son did very well with his time in the kitchen!

  7. THis will pass, things will be fine, I just want to be around when it is over. I had to skip over the food pictures, I am trying to lose weight pictures of food do not help.

    Stay safe!

  8. Everything looks delicious Baili. I’ve never eaten okra.

  9. Your food looks delicious.

    Some people in my country are not respecting the social distancing measures. So coming out of semi lock-down might be a problem.

  10. Thank you for a glimpse into your kitchen! This would become a great regular feature on your blog. It is so nice to see how people on the other side of the world prepare food:) Trusting that you and your family will continue to stay safe and healthy!

  11. wow, i would love a dinner invitation to your house - i just imagine all the flavors that food has - looks delicious!! i prefer cooked vegetables. really enjoyed your post (again).

  12. How lovely to see what you are cooking then eating.
    Great son there with his cooking, he's doing very well and his pictures a nice.
    Take care..

  13. Oh wow, you are such a good cook! Everything looks so pretty and delicious, I bet it is so aromatic too, would love to try all of these! I find food around the world so fascinating and inspiring. Have a blessed Ramadan and stay safe and healthy everyone!

  14. A covid 19 alterou muito os nossos hábitos, mas tornou-nos melhores cozinheiras? Tudo isto tem um aspecto delicioso…
    Um bom fim de semana.
    Um beijo.

  15. Loving the glimpse of your kitchen. I can almost smell those delicious aromas (and would definitely prefer the version with spice). You are such a devoted wife and parent to regularly prepare two meals to cater for different tastes. We have two meals here too (I am vegetarian but my partner is not) and I sometimes struggle with the constant prep.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  16. Lovely post, my friend! I enjoy seeing cooking that other people do. I am often cooking two meals also, as I can't eat spicy food and my husband does not enjoy bland food. I'm glad to hear your son is safely home with you. A silver lining to a dark cloud :)

  17. Everything looks so delicious! And I can never resist watermelon. That is my favourite fruit. Countries around the world are planning on how to take the next step, some of them allowing some businesses to open up. We'll see how that goes.

  18. They are opening some places here, but many are still closed, and we have many restrictions. I enjoyed your cooking post. I agree that the foods that taste delicious to us and that we want the most are often ones that aren't as good for our health.

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Your food looks great. Especially the samosas, which look as good as the ones at the Middle Eastern market close to my house. Now you have me craving one, but the prepared food section of the market is closed.

  20. So nice to see these food pictures, and that watermelon looks extremely delicious.

    All the best Jan

  21. This was so much fun to read, Baili! I enjoyed your cooking photos and your son's. Thanks for sharing!


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